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in form of votes, from the Irish and Romanist addition to the company of artillery then here, esportion of the community, in support of those

tablished an effective military police to aid the

civil authorities, and placed out strong guards, who, by thus sanctioning the preservation of which have, for the time being, restored quiet, foreign prejudices and clanship, prove them- and, to some extent, confidence that with this aid selves unfit to be called Americans.

the civil government may be maintained. It is high time for the community to decide

“All that has been done here in arresting the

operations of the civil government is justly atwhether this cultivation of foreign attachment tributable to the enmity and prejudice of the Mexiis to be made a matter of merit in the party cans against us, and a firm determination on their to be chosen to the greatest executive trust.

part to throw off our government. Since the es

tablishment of the Territorial Government for Are we to be Pierced, Scotted, or Sewarded

New Mexico, every Mexican influence has been by such extraneous nonsense? Again, look cast against its successful operation. Murders at the titles of many of our (?) military corps.

have been committed on American citizens, and • What can the sensible, or rather senseless,

the grand jury have failed to present indict

ments. aims of our Governor be in suffering the organ- "In a word, Congress must, if she would sustain ization of bodies under foreign titles, keeping her dignity and protect American citizens, adopt alive sectional bonds holding no relation to

some other system for governing this country. The

Territorial scheme has emphatically failed, and our country? Witness the title of Irish will continue to do so until the Mexicans shall have Guards.

become a more learned and civilized people." Is it not reprehensible in the executive of Here are some of the results of making citithe State to grant organization to bodies under zens by annexation and treaty. With this such titles? We trust that a rebuke may yet kind of material in New-Mexico, and a governbe dealt by the community, and sincerely we ment in Utah founded on infidelity, tolerating regret the necessity of speaking of the matter polygamy, setting the authority of the United at this time in connection with the Democratic States at defiance, and refusing to recognize nominee for the White House.

its judicial officers, Uncle Sam is in a fair way

to have his hands full. So much for annexaTHE EFFECTS OF ANNEXATION.-New-Mex- tion. 100 IN REBELLION.- We copy the following important communication from the St. Louis

Image WORSHIP.-A writer who signs himRepublican:

self "Anti-humbug,” in a communication to

the Freeman's Journal, inakes, for the pur“Santa Fe, New-Mexico, April 25th. “DEAR SIRS :- The tale is told, the secret is

pose of comment, the following quotation solved. The great effort to make free American

from a recent speech of the Hon. Daniel Webcitizens of the Mexicans has exploded. The civil ster, who, at Faneuil Hall, alluding to the government is at an end, and but for the military portraits of the patriots, said: force stationed here, all would be in anarchy. Previous to the arrival of Colonel Sumner, the military “These images which surround Faneuil Hall are commandant of this department, as you are aware,

pictures of the immortal defenders of our liberty. the troops were stationed within the towns, and No man of propriety and sentiment can stand here up to that time no considerable demonstrations without revering them.” since the war had been made against the civil government. Colonel Sumner, in accordance with

And thereupon remarks that, for the views of the Administration, and better to se.

“Revering the image of Christ and his blessed cure the country from Indian depredations, changed the posts, and placed a large portion of the troops

mother, he [the Romanist] has been and is de

nounced as guilty of the grossest superstition; and in the Indian country. This was seized on by the yet Daniel Webster is applauded for pronouncing Mexicans as a fit time to disregard the civil authori.

that no man can stand in Faneuil Hall without reties, and put at naught all law and order. Disaf

vering the pictures of inen confessedly of doubtful fection, and a determination to resist every thing

morality; of men, some of whom were the inreAmerican, became apparent. The American citi

lenting advocates and upholders of religious persezens became alarmed, and the greatest excitement

cution and political exclusion." prevailed, particularly at this place.

" In this condition of things, Governor Calhoun, We should imagine that no man of proproperly feeling himself wholly unable to adminis

priety and sentiment conld object to "honor ter the government without military aid, called on Colonel Sumner, who promptly repaired to the

in estimation" the images of those who on city, and finding an entire abandonment of all law

earth have proved themselves defenders of and order, and a dangerous disregard by many of the inhabitants of all principles of right, and an

our liberty, spiritual or temporal. And we inability of the civil authorities to maintain the

can at once realize the serpent hiss issuing peace, ordered in a strong company of infantry, in from the foreign tongue of those who would

hug the chains of a temporal despotism, and his determination to enjoy that freedoin madly strive to blast the honored name of wherewith God has endowed him. Let us our country's sires. Since to the communi- have an American Catholic Church without cation the editor of the Catholic paper has fear of the Pope or the other old gentlemon.

added approving notes with

an “all right,” we


have thought it would be all right to bring to

PARTISAN LOGIO AND REPUBLICAN GRATIsight the cloven foot; and especially as there TUDE.—The following we take from the Pennis to be no humbugging in the matter, we at sylvania Whig ratification resolutions: once present the "old gentleman's" pedal ex

Resolved, That the official career of Millard tremity. The correspondent triumphantly Fillmore bas vindicated the confidence of his party, inquires :

and won the approbation and applause of his “But what infatuation has bewitched the God

country; that the justice, dignity, and firmness of like? While he thus papistically held forth image American interests and character abroad; and that

bis foreign policy have advanced and elevated worship-"

his devotion to the Constitution, and the purity and That will do. Image worship, says Web- elevation of his administration at home, have conster, (not the immortal Dan, but the lexicogra

tributed largely to disarm the violence of faction, pher,) is “the worship of images," "idolatry.

and to secure the permanence and prosperity of

the Union." Mr. Anti-humbug admits it to be papistical, all of which, otherwise expressed, (although

Therefore we will turn him out of office

and vote for Scott. in no plainer English,) is a Popish practice of idolatry.

Resolved, That we gratefully appreciate the It would appear that through force of pa

lofty genius and profound wisdom of Daniel Web

that we have the most entire confidence in pistical education Anti-humbug has been led his patriotism and public virtue; and that the deto look upon the terms revere and worship

votion of his extraordinary abilities, throughout a as synonyms, and has thus imagined that

long and illustrious life, to the service of his conthe words of our talented statesman sanc

try, and especially his gigantic exertions in the

cause of the Constitution and of the Union, are tioned an idolatrous practice condemned by worthy of the gratitude of the present and all the better sense of the people.

succeeding generations.”

Therefore we pronounce him unavailable, THE MONSTER's OLOVEN Foot.-The Free

and will vote for Scott. man's Journal advises us that

" Resolved, That we consider no occasion inap

propriate to an expression of our continued love “ The continuous efforts of society for the past and veneration for that great and good man, Henry eighteen centuries against the unbridled licentious. Clay, whose morning and meridian power was ness (practical liberty) of men who wished to in devoted to his country, and whose declining orb troduce that sort of religious liberty after which now sheds glory upon the loftiest pinnacles of her our modern libertines so ardently pant and pray, destiny; that his principles shall guide, his courage proves that effectual measures were taken always to sustain, and his patriotism inspire us in the apcrush the mönster as soon as the cloven foot ap- proaching struggle.” peared;"

Therefore we will reject his counsel, and and remarks that

vote for Scott. "We are heartily disgusted with the modern cant and slang about civil and religious liberty, and

MR. WEBSTER.–What are the friends of Mr. sorry to see some craven Catholics afraid to stand Webster doing ? Not long ago, there was a by the eternal principles of their faith.”

great flourish of trumpets in the direction of Who took those "effectual measures" to an independent nomination, and it was genercheck practical liberty on earth? Surely ally understood that we should have “ three there is no mistaking the beast now. The Richmonds in the field.” Has their courage cloven foot is shown too plainly. Yet, Ame- oozed out, like that of Bob Acres, from the ricans, do not “crush the monster;" parturi- ends of their fingers ? Where are the men tion is the remedy. Divide, Republicanize, whose names carry an influence, and who have Americanize the Roman Church; then its professed to favor the nomination of Mr. Webpolitics will cease to be, and our happy land ster? Are they too timid to come up to the be made truly free. We can express no sor- work, and do they intend to abandon it; or row for the Journal's fears, but trust that are they waiting for men of lesser note to take every Catholic calling himself republican will the initiative, while they sit quietly on the stand out boldly, and prove in noble courage fence, ready for a spring when the game is

fairly started? This much we can tell you, in the minds of the Mexican government and gentlemen, you have not displayed sufficient people, during the three months preceding the fall energy. Hundreds of thousands of Mr. Web of the capital; and all the army knows that they ster's friends have waited and are yet waiting were the direct instigators of the hostilities which for you to move in the matter, and they are

re-commenced on the 7th of September, 1847, on determined to get up an electoral ticket on

account of the Mexicans having broken the terms their own hook merely for the satisfaction of

of the armistice concluded after the battle of voting for “the great expounder," unless you

Churubusco, an act to which they (the Mexicans) choose to take the matter in hand, and give

were incited by the clergy. Nor is this all.

Every sensible man who understands the Papal the project the influence of your names, albeit

doctring in all its bearings, must know, as well that may be all you have to give that is of any

| as I know from personal experience, that this Papal value. Let us hear from you. What do you

clergy were the sworn enemies of our army, our intend to do?

country and its institutions; and an experienced

soldier must laugh at the credulity of any man, CORRESPONDENCE.

acquainted with the facts, who could for a moment

imagine that General Scott, with all his military GENERAL SCOTT IN MEXICO.

sagacity and foresight, would dream of any other To the Editor of the Republic:

means of conciliating men who bad displayed such SIR:- I have been for several years past a firm inveterate hatred towards us—who had not scrubeliever in the doctrine of American Republican- | pled, in the name of the Pope, to absolve, not only ism, as set forth in your valuable periodical, and their government from the sworn conditions imbelieve it to be time for Americans to bestir in posed upon them by an armistice, but had also the matter, if ever, before too late. There having enticed, and were then enticing, our Irish and been several representations and mis-representa German Catholic soldiers to desert, and join the tions concerning the conduct of General Scott while Mexican ranks, promising them all manner of rein command of the army in Mexico, I have con wards, and absolving them from their most solemn cluded to set some matters to rights with which I oaths of allegiance with the “heretical United am personally acquainted, having served under States of North America”—except by the only both Taylor and Scott, from the commencement of available means, the bomb-shell and sabre. hostilities until the surrender of the last stronghold I had the honor to be stationed in the city of to the Mexican authorities, subsequent to the Mexico, and quartered in the balls of Montezuma, general peace. At the time of the “ Jalapa pro during the entire stay of the army in that city, cession" Colonel Childs, though nominally civil and was a member of the martial city police a governor of that city, was fully and entirely in- | period of more than six months, (under General structed in his duties by the commander-in-chief, | Smith ;) and I can appeal for evidence as to the who was then quartered in said city. Nor could truth of what I here state to several of my comthe comparative weakness of the American gar- | rades, now resident in this city, that the aforesaid rison be pleaded as an excuse, when we take into police, of which I was a member, were in the freconsideration that all the strongholds of the place quent habit of discovering plots laid by the clergy were held by the American troops, numbering in the city, among which were, enticing soldiers to about 4,000,(Twiggs' division and part of Pillow's,) desert, buying their arms, storing up arms and and there was not any considerable armed Mexi ammunition in churches, inciting the citizens to can force within two hundred miles of the place ; poison and assassinate our troops, &c.; showing a besides which, the Americans always had it in premeditated coolness and diabolical hatred and their power, if overcome by the populace, (num. treachery unparalleled; so that the idea of concilibering 10,000 or 12,000,) to betake themselves to ation, in the light in which some writers have exthe invulnerable post of Cerre Gordo, only pine pressed it, will at once appear equally absurd and miles distant from the city.

ridiculous. And notwithstanding that the treachAfter we had entered the city of Mexico, the erous character of these clerical gentry was early first general order published to the army related discovered, even prior to this, by the proclamations to the churches and clergy of the city, and it was which they circulated among our soldiers, and therein inculcated that the soldiers should pay the posted on the walls of every capitulated city, utmost deference and respect to both, with the promising rewards, and absolution in the name of view of conciliating the same, although it was the Pope from their allegiance to our government, well known that it was through their fatal, un and was a matter of daily comment by the army, christian, intolerant, and deceitful influence and and the American journal which followed it, we sophistry, that the war spirit had been kept alive / were required to salute these brazen-faced enemies

of our country, and to show them more respect wonderful performances, prior to the opening of than our own officers, on pain of death, or such the dramatic season. punishment as a court-martial saw fit to inflict. THE NATIONAL THEATRE has been well attended

Being conversant with facts, I merely cite them during the month, and Mr. W. G. Jones has made to the public that they may judge for themselves

a decided bit in the new historical drama, " Kenwhether it was the desire to “ conciliate," or a feel- neth.” The piece has been well received, and is ing of kindred sympathy towards the parties in now having a successful run. Professor Honey question, on the part of General Scott, which in and his son, the celebrated equilibrists, are now duced that officer to pursue the course which he performing an engagement at the National, enterdid in and throughout the Mexican war. Please taining large audiences with their surprising feats to enlighten the public on this subject by giving of strength and agility. these few remarks a. place in your valuable

Barnum's MUSEUM.—The lecture room of this columns.


popular place of amusement has been given up to White's black serenaders for several nights past,

from whose performances the audiences have exAMUSEMENTS.

tracted a fair share of sport during the warm

weather. This band of Ethiopian nightingales bas The Broadway Theatre has been given up for acquired a good reputation in its line. That curious the month to the diablerie of Profeseor Anderson, and interesting congregation of living birds and

beasts, called “The Happy Family,” is still to be who seems literally to perform

seen in the upper saloon of the Museum. more wonders than a man,"

CASTLE GARDEN.—Here the seekers after cool to the astonishment of crowds of men, women, and amusement will find a strong attraction, in the children unversed in the lore of a natural magic." performances of the French Opera Comique There is an air of elegance blended with the per- Vaudeville Company and the charming Rousset fection of art, pervading the soirées of the Profes. Family, who are again engaged at the Castle. The sor, which commend his entertainments to the con- Rousset Family, taking their number in considerasideration of the most refined and intelligent. tion, comprises probably the best ballet corps in the How long he will remain we know not; but the United States, and their tableaux and evolutions public have yet an opportunity to witness his are truly artistic and beautiful.


city of New

York, reported favorably, and a charter was granted under the number 61.

A charter was also granted to Milton B. Tryon and others, for a Chapter to be located at Little Falls, Herkimer county, in this State, and a Committee appointed to organize the



The Committee on the application to form Metamora Chapter again reported adverse to the application, and the report was adopted.

The Committee appointed to make arrangements for uniting in the obsequies of the late

Henry Clay made a final report, which was En Chancery.

received, and an appropriation made for the

expenses. We make the following extract New CHAPTERS. — The Committee having from the report, as an appropriate testimonial charge of the application for Henry Clay Chap- to the Chapter of which it speaks : ter, to be located in the Eighth Ward of the "At a moment when the attainment of music

JULY 26.

was almost an impossibility, except at exorbitant necessity of a more intelligent and independprices, your Committee was peculiarly fortunate in

ent exercise of the suffrage as essential to the obtaining a good band at the usual price. They cannot fail, however, to return their thanks to

perpetuity of our institutions. The address Washington Chapter for the very courteous offer was handsomely delivered, and throughout of their band for the use of the Committee, in case elicited from the audience the warmest demthe Committee had not been able to procure one, This act on the part of Washington Chapter evinces

onstrations of approval. a spirit of neighborly and fraternal concession and Chancellor Whitney, of Franklin Chapter, kindness which entitles the Chapter to our warmest was then invited to the rostrum, and, in a regard and gratitude."

brief extemporaneous address, glanced at the

causes which called the Order into existence, THE CELEBRATION OF WASHINGTON CHAPTER

the objects for which it was created, and the AT ORANGE, N. J.-On Monday, August 2d,

work that it is expected to perform. He the members of Washington Chapter No. 7,

urged his hearers to take its principles home

to their hearts, and there calmly, deliberately, of Orange, N. J., assisted by a large number of their brethren from various portions of the

and dispassionately examine them, and, if State and a few from New-York, celebrated

approved, to unite with the Order in its the occasion of their anniversary by a public

efforts to carry them out to a successful issue.

He complimented the ladies present for their procession and an address. The Committee

firmness during the shower, and expressed of Arrangements had very appropriately se

his satisfaction at finding so many of his lected a beautiful grove in the bosom of one

countrywomen engaged in cultivating the true of the primal forests in the vicinity of the

American sentiment. This brought down three village as a suitable place for the exercises of the day. Here a platform was erected for the

hearty cheers for the ladies. The ode was speakers and the officers, over which the flag again sung, after which the procession was of our country was spread, forming a brilliant

re-formed, and the whole company marched

back to dinner. canopy, the red, white, and blue of which contrasted beautifully with the dark green of

The procession was formed in the following the sylvan recess of the forest. In front of order, and presented a beautiful appearance: the stand, upon a gentle slope, which, rising

GRAND MARSHAL AND Aids. gradually among the trees, formed a beautiful

Orange Brass Band. natural amphitheatre, were gathered about Escort - Washington Continentals of Newark. five hundred of the villagers, including a large The Clergy and Orator in Carriages. number of the rural beauties of New-Jersey; Washington Chapter No. 7, of Orange. and of these, notwithstanding the pelting of

Paterson Brass Band. an untimely shower, which fell during the

American Eagle Chapter of Paterson. delivery of the address, not one retreated or Temple and Goddess of Liberty, drawn by four

white Horses. exhibited the least sign of impatience.

Shelton's Brass Band No. 2. At this spot, after having passed through

Charter Oak Chapter of New York. the various avenues of the village, the pro

Shelton's American Brass Band No. 1. cession arrived about 12 o'clock, when the

City Rifles of Newark, exercises were opened with an eloquent and

escorting the patriotic prayer by the Rev. Mr. Reid, pastor Delegation from the Newark Chapters. of the Presbyterian church at Orange. The

Citizens of Orange. Welcome Ode was then sung; after which

The whole affair was beautifully arranged the Sachem introduced the orator of the day,

and conducted, and we think the result cannot Bro. J. W. Bryce, Esq., of Franklin Chapter,

fail to be beneficial to our cause. New-York. In the course of his address, the speaker dwelt with peculiar force and eloquence on the corrupting and dangerous evils HENRY CLAY CHAPTER was organized on of the "spirit of party," as opening the door Thursday evening, July 29th, by the Committo foreign and demagogue influence, quoting tee appointed by Chancery for that purpose; on that subject the Farewell Address of and we have every assurance, from present Washington, illustrating his views with con- appearances, that it will become one of the temporaneous facts, and urging the absolute most thriving and patriotic Chapters in the

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