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blasting curse of party spirit! The profligates A NoticE.—We cut the following little scrap "want to buy the Irish vote," "and they can of acidity from America's Own, of Aug. 7th: buy it." But, thank Heaven, the purchase cannot yet number of this monthly, and upon looking over its

“The REPUBLIC.-We have received the August be made to be available without the consent of pages noticed several articles intended to create a interested parties, without the consent of the paltry, bigoted feeling against General Scott The children of the soil. Let all honest-minded

course this magazine pursues towards America's

great General reminds us very much of the chap Americans lay down their party preferences, that was straining at the gate and trying to swal and at once join their fellow-countrymen in low the saw-mill. Now if the chap had succeeded creating a national balance of power to silence in his endeavors, the saw-mill, if in full operation,

would not have more seriously disarranged the for ever the impudent arrogance of strangers harmony and welfare of his indards' than would in the land, who proclaim an Irish vote for the intolerant, canting, religious doctrines of this sale. The time has truly come for action; magazine, if put in practice, disturb the prosperity

of these United States. As for politics, we do not even “that Sun which shines for all," the

care a straw; but we cannot be quiet when we see Beaches as well as the brambles, have de- men, claiming to be Americans, thus endeavor to clared that

sully the honor of America's gifted son. But per“No Irish power, German power, French power,

haps the Republic has done, or intends to do, the or any other but American Republicanism, can be

country a greater service than that which Winfield

Scott rendered to the land of his birth. tolerated in this Union. Let any race or creed

“If Mr. Whitney does not mean to pervert truth, attempt to be supreme, and a speedy end will be

and use such perversions for base purposes; or if put to its infernal pretensions."

he has a disposition to deal justly with all subjects And for this much we give the Sun credit; and all men, why does he not correct the slander nay more, also, for the following outburst of

which he propagated concerning General Scott, or

controvert the truths which our own statement and honest indignation :

the statements of many others have given him Profligate politicians, hear how you are to be upon the subject? His course smacks' decidedly used! Not for the country's bonor; not to protect of persccution-right or wrong.” its rights and interests; not to humble a wicked rival, the oppressors of our fathers and still the The only article that we have seen in enemy of American liberty; but to serve the America's Own relating to what Mr. Childs is 'purposes' of men who made common cause with the perjured, vice stained, and cruel despots of pleased to characterize as a “slander" conEurope. To perdition sink such purposes." cerning General Scott we did reply to, and, as

A hearty amen, say we. But, Americans, of we thought, in a manner to acquit us of any what weight is to be the denunciation coming intentional wrong. Moreover, we are not yet from “men who make common cause with

convinced that we told any thing more than the perjured;" from men whose villainous

the truth on that occasion, and respectfully shafts are aimed directly at the heads of our

refer our contemporary to a communication in most able statesmen, “our Websters and men

this number of the Republic on the subject of of this kind,” those whose most noble deeds

General Scott's course and the motives of his have been performed to the salvation of their

course while in Mexico. Whatever we may country (not the Irish Catholics) from war's

have said of General Scott as a candidate for bloody strife? Are such-their noble deeds

the Presidency, has had no relation to his to be termed “the stains of concession and

character as a General or as a man; and there dishonor" by those whose foreign tongue has

are none living who place a higher estimate not yet been taught decency in language ?

upon his military services than we do. But Once for all, let those who have become Ameri

there are three good reasons for opposing his cans by adoption, be Americans; let those who

election to the Presidency; and if we employ have been born to the soil be true to their

his own words in that opposition, we must not nativity, Republicans all; and let those who be stigmatized as “bigoted." The Republic have neither been born nor sworn to the land,

is political, not religious, in its character; and hold their peace and cease their Jesuitical

when any candidate for public office proposes jargon.

to make citizens of the worst class of emigrants

in one year, or who would make one year's OUR ENGRAVING for this month is unavoid- service in the army or navy a qualification for ably omitted, not being ready in time for the citizenship, we will politically oppose that printer. It will appear next month, with an man with all our might, as one not safe to be excellent popular tale.

intrusted with the affairs of our country-as one, in fact, who seeks office solely for the worth a thousand theories, we consider the gratification of his own ambition, and who argument opposed to us as refuted by the one would, if possible, attain it at any cost. fact that those foreigners who hold the largest We oppose

General Scott's election–First, amount of personal property amongst us, and because of his utter unfitness for the office; are subject to taxation, generally remain aliens Second, on account of the disorganizing, radi- from choice, preferring to leave their affairs in cal influences which secured his nomination, the custody of the same laws which Ameriand which must, to a great extent, control his cans make to govern themselves and their own administration, if elected; and, Third, because property. We all know, also, that there are we are opposed to the growing habit of choos- numerous aliens who now hold real estate ing our Presidents from the army, by which a through citizen agents, yet who ever heard warlike spirit is cultivated, and demagogues them complain of “taxation without repreare encouraged to foment discord with other sentation?” They are but too happy in the nations, for no other purpose than to make privilege of accumulating fortunes here, even "available” candidates. We have not the by indirect means, without forswearing their space to dilate upon the frightful evils of such country, and without grumbling about the a spirit, but history is open before us all, and ordinary taxation necessary for the protection to history we refer the editor of America's which themselves, their fortunes, and their Own for information on that head.

property find under our generous and hospitable laws. The way to “representation” is

easy to them; they have only to become natSocial Rights versus POLITICAL Riguits.— uralized; but they prefer to remain as they We have more than once put forth the doc- are, in the full enjoyment of the just repretrine that Europeans coming amongst us sentation which they find in the co-ordinate should be treated with civility, and that they interests of the Americans themselves. should be invested by law with all the social rights of our own citizens, including that of holding and conveying real estate, but that they JUDGE EDMONDS AND HIS SPIRITUAL EXPEshould not be invested with the right of voting RIENCE.—The Shekinah for July contains at our political elections. But as all men who another article from the pen of Judge Edhold property, real or personal, are subject to monds, purporting to be a continuation of his taxation, our proposition is met with the personal experience in the spirit world. The argument that it is unjust to impose taxation Judge has, by the publication of these papers, where the party taxed is denied representa- laid himself open to, and received from the tion.

press far and near, the unstinted meed of cenThis is placing the old principle upon false sure and satire ; nor in private circles have grounds. When the American colonies re- his name and his spiritual pretensions been fused to submit to taxation without represen- less severely handled, and on all hands the tation in the body that imposed the tax, it most christianlike conclusion arrived at has was because they were singled out for a been that his Honor is either insane or monospecial taxation, in which their fellow-subjects maniac. That Judge Edmonds is not insane in England were not required to participate. is proven in the fact that, in the responsible Special laws were enacted by the British Par- duties of his high and delicate office, no deviliament, which operated oppressively upon theation, either mental or moral, is visible. The colonists, and they demanded to be heard in entire routine of his judicial functions is peropposition to these sumptuary enactments. formed with the marked distinctness and This being denied, they resisted, firmly re- punctuality of a clear-minded and studious fusing to submit to special taxation without man, and his decisions are said to be as felicidirect representation. And they were right. tous, sagacious, and profound as at any period

There is no analogy in the two theories. of his judicial career. And if the Judge is The property of alien residents under our monomaniac, or, in other words, crazy on a plan would be subject to no special laws, but single idea or theme, there is certainly great amenable only to the same restrictions and "method in his madness;" and we shall be taxations as are imposed by Americans upon mistaken if it does not turn out that, under the ir own possessions; and, as a single fact is cover of a fictitious spirituality or figure of

mentality, the Judge has taken occasion to freedom is really, or at least measurably, enread us a series of good moral lessons. joyed by the people, it becomes us to criticise

There is not a picture presented in these closely the aim and declarations of any power pretended revelations, or spiritual allegories, having the least control over the mechanism of that does not convey some good moral with man, whether through faith or force, to direct which Christendom has always been familiar, its movements to the evil purpose of enslaving and in their phraseology there is nothing that the entire race; and especially should we looks like hallucination or novelty; all is dis- watch the designs of despotic Europe towards cussed philosophically, the story of each is the British empire, as now being directed by managed with almost mechanical nicety, and the Church of Rome and its servile tools. We the literature of the whole matter is critically are here told by the Freeman's Joarnal that and evidently studiously managed. In a word, “England is mad, and that there are tens of milthere is nothing about them that appears like lions who long for her speedy destruction." inspiration ; they are the simple common

The same Christian Catholic sheet (?) says: place offerings of a mind concentrated at will

"Oh, it is time for Europe to think and to feel upon a given object. That any intelligent that England is no longer human. Sbe is posmind is capable of concentrating itself upon a sessed bodily by the devil; and, as she insanely particular train of thought, to the exclusion

rages against every thing good and boly, in THE

NAME OF God and of man, it is the duty ihe world of external objects, nay, that such aberra

owes to put her dowon ! tions are often involuntary, even with the

How sublime the teaching! " put her down," commonest minds, is no problem, it is an

| “root her out," "make war upon her," when every-day occurrence : but few have as yet

compared with the wise foolishness of Christ, ventured to dress these day-dreams for the

who says, “ Resist not evil ;" or of St. Paul, public gaze; and if authors have at any time

| who proclaims, “Be not overcome of evil, but made them the subjects of their writings, they

overcome evil with good.” have always, or generally at least, softened |

Truly things have come to a pretty pass the romance of the thing, and placed them,

when the Political Church calls upon us in the not only internally but externally, in the garb

"name of God" to make coercive war upon a of common sense, and adapted them to com

| nation whose essential crime is a resolve to mon comprehension. Judge Edmonds is the

enjoy the blessings of a reformation that libfirst to present them as ethereal realities; but!

1 erated man from the thraldom of a Papal deswhether he really believes them to be so, or

potism. If the “old gentleman" who regulates merely places them in that light for a supposable

subterranean caloric has really got hold of any effect, is yet to be seen. We have the charity,

thing bodilyexcept live coals, we should and certainly the wish, to believe the latter :

truly think that that body must be other than if we are mistaken, it will not be difficult for

| Britannia ware; but charity forbids our calling the community to decide that he has become

| it a Roman material. utterly disqualified for the execution or adju

Upon its proposition of blood, the Freedication of mere human laws.

man's Journal appeals thus to

THE CATHOLICS. ENGLAND AND THE PAPAL CURSE. —The Govel “What say the millions of French Catholics! ernment of Great Britain has extended to the What tbinkš Catholic Au-tria? What think the subjects of the crown practical liberty in a millions of Catholics in Northern Germany and in degree but little short of that enjoyed by the the Lowla

hy the the Lowlands? What thinks Catholic Spain ?" self-governing people of these United States ; Well, what think the Catholic powers at yet from a simple untoward act (?)—one pro- large--that they have buried liberty throughhibiting ecclesiastical politicians from perform- out their respective domains; that they have ing Papistic ceremonies on the Queen's high- buried their own souls in blind submission to way, to the scandal of the country and to the a would-be religious despotism; that now, establishing of their own foolishness-appears through fear of priests, temporal devils, and to have fallen under the displeasure of the hobgoblins, they will do penance for their Political Church, and to have invoked its blindness in carrying out “violence" and "all curse. From the fact that there are mainly uncharitableness” towards men and nations, but two great countries in the world where and thus crush liberty in the land which it has


pleased God to give to man as an inheritance? sway; the debauchee, whose life of licentious We can make nothing more of it. But, for- lewdness has so far diseased his body and untunately, there are two far more potent ques- dermined his constitution, as to call forth the tions to be asked: What says England ? and solemn rebuke of medical advisers, who have what say the people of these United States ? proclaimed that they will not be responsible It is useless for the pious Freeman's Journal for his life without a change in moral conduct. to send forth its appeals thus to

What can the world think of this mass of liv

ing physical, moral, and mental rottenness “Yes, Irishmen in America! as you teach your being lauded by a Christian (?) Church, and sons their religion, as you teach them their duties proclaimed as one of “extraordinary power," in this world, teach them, and tell them to teach "called to perform a high mission "? There their sons, if the end be not sooner accomplished, that the English are the Turks and Infidels of

can be but one thought, and that is, that the modern times ; to abridge whose power, or to root | Political Church would praise even the demons out whose dominions, is the best service a stout of Pandemonium itself, if thereby it could but heart, a strong hand, or a heavy purse, can help to obtain absolute sway on earth. But the truth accomplish in this world."

must occasionally turn up, and here we have What villainous teaching this would be ! it in the words of the Journal: Surely the Journal forgets that the voice of

"If Louis Napoleon wishes to rule in the hearts freedom cannot be silenced in the land of

of another nation as he rules over the minds and liberty's children. It forgets that those born bodies of the Frencb, let him strike a bold blow at here, even of Irish parentage, cose to be Irish; the very heart of England, and the Irish through

out the world will bless him." that with the breath of life they receive an innate conception of their duties—the duties Louis Napoleon struck a blow at the very heart of all who, under the blessing of Providence, of France, and crushed her; he now "rules have been brought into being without the over the minds and bodies of the French ;" bounds of despotism. Where, we would ask, the people curse him, and that is the truth is to be found the second generation” but in illustrated in the quotation above.

The Papal the grand phalanx of America's sons, true to monster now would have him strike a similar their nativity, firm co-workers in the great blow at the very heart of England, to crush cause of liberty? How, then, can the sons of her, that despotism might rule on earth, and Irishmen in America be called upon to teach liberty, the voice of the people, be silenced for their sons doctrines which they are self-taught ever in the Eastern hemisphere. She offers to despise? But to follow the pious train of the prayers of millions of Catholics, the blessmental labor of which the Journal has de- ing of Irishmen, money, soldiers, engineers, livered itself, we quote its appeal to

“all Catholic,” mind you; "all Catholic,” as

Archbishop Hughes would say, and a great EUROPEAN DESPOTS. “Whoever among the princes of Europe will portion inhabitants of this happy, common make var on England, may be sure of the prayers

country. of millions of Catholics for his success, and of aid Americans, remember the Papal assertion, in money or in men from millions of Irish blood

that “our civil and political institutions are throughout the world.”

henceforth to be identified peculiarly with the This beautiful specimen of Catholic Chris-Catholic Church and its friends ;" remember tianity is thus followed up by an appeal to the the assertion that she “holds millions of souls perjured

in her grasp, and fearlessly directs them, and

with unerring aim, to the course that high “Let Louis Napoleon reflect on this. He is a duty and the true good of the country deman of extraordinary power, and called to perform a high mission. Christendom thanks him for what mands;" then, if you can, pray for her suche has done in France ; for stilling the voice of the cess in a mission, aided by all the Catholic demagogue and crushing the venomous head of European despotic powers, against Protestant Socialism in its den.”

England, and then slumber in sweet seWe can pity the wretch who thus belies curity, in the assurance that charitable, historical truth; for assuredly all Christen- Christian, Catholic Rome is but carrying out dom despises the villain who trampled upon the doctrines of Christ, granting to the world the constitution of his country, silenced the a larger liberty, and preparing the way for the voice of liberty, and seized to himself despotic great millennium which is to be held in these VOL. IV.



United States, just after she gets possession i hensions were answered with insult. The of it.

verdict of the Coroner's Jury amounts to a

charge of manslaughter (under the U. S. law) THE FLYING SHIP.-We perceive that Mr. | against those having charge of the boat; and Rufus Porter has not yet abandoned the pro- we are glad to know that warrants have been ject which himself and Mr. Robjohn conceived issued by the U. S. Marshal against the parof building a machine for navigating the air ties, including Captain Tallman and Mr. Collyer, against the wind. The machine is now in one of the owners, who was on board at the course of construction at Washington ; and in time, and that some of them have been ara recent report to the stockholders Mr. Porter rested and are now under heavy bail to answer makes the following statement :

the charge. We trust there will be no shirk

One ounce “The fibrous material for the float and saloon ing or trifling with this matter. has been all varnished, and the sewing and making of example is worth a pound of precept; and up the float are now in progress, and we may have we think that the safety of the community it ready for inflation in two weeks. The frame and the circumstances of this case demand work of the saloon, and the longitudinal rods for the float, are ready to be set up. The engine and

that an example should now be made. boilers are only waiting for the furnace.”

We should like to see a law passed em

powering the sheriff of any county to libel We are not among those who deny the pos- | any steamboat navigating the waters of the sibility of practical aërial navigation. The county against whom a charge of racing or principle of resistance in air and water is pre

other dangerous violation of law may be made, cisely the same. If you launch a vessel into

and the final confiscation of the boat to the the stream, it will be carried away with the county in which she is libelled, on proof of current, unless you give to the vessel a motive the charge. Such a law would make both the power greater than the current; so, if you sheriff and the captains watchful, and doubtlaunch a balloon into the air, it will be carried less prevent steamboat racing altogether. away with the current, unless, in like manner, you give to the balloon a motive power sufficient to resist it. Messrs. Porter and Robjohn "ADVANCE BACKWARDS."-Such a command, propose to do this, and we do not at present instead of change front to the rear, was issued see any thing in philosophy to prevent it. to us in earlier days; and it is impossible not These gentlemen are probably, like John Fitch, to remark its appropriateness as applying to a little ahead of the age in which they live. things of political life in present times. Under

the guidance of our ever industrious dema

gogues, America's honored name is made BURNING OF THE STEAMBOAT HENRY CLAY.— second to the pandering after foreign votes. This awful calamity, which occurred on the No sooner is a candidate placed before the shore of the Hudson River, about two miles people for their suffrages, than an industrious below Yonkers, on the 28th of July last, and labor of love is started to prove him a Celt, by which upwards of eighty persons are with hair growing on his teeth, else that his known to have perished, has inspired the en- dad or grandad was Irish by birth, or pertire community of the nation with one per- chance that the gentleman himself has pervading sentiment of sorrow and indignation- formed some great feat, such as meddling sorrow for the loss of so many valuable lives, with the Constitution of his State or country and indignation towards those whose criminal in behalf of a “Paddy (political) Church.” disregard of duty caused this frightful catas- General Pierce has been placed before the trophe. On the latter subject the unanimous Democrats of the land as a suitable material expression is that of condemnation. From to make a President of, and in support of the evidence of those who were on board, it his merits we have been informed that he is appears that the indications of danger were of Irish descent, has been busy in altering the so perceptible, long before the conflagration Constitution of New-Hampshire, that “last occurred, as to cause remonstrance and serious rose of summer,” so honorably (?) noticed by alarm ; but both remonstrance and fear were John, Archbishop of New-York, in his untreated with contempt by the officers of the right-eous Catholic Chapter ; and all of this boat, and those who expressed their appre- is openly done to enlist the lively sympathies,

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