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was read, and the appropriation therein asked large and attentive audience, including a large for made :

number of ladies, the platform being occupied EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT,

by the officers of the Chapter and their guests. New-YORK, March 29, 1852. To the Chancery of the State of New-York:

Grand Sachem, William W. Osborn, presided. CHANCELLORS:-On the 18th of the present

The exercises of the evening were opened month, I became informed of the death of the with prayer by the Rev. - pastor of the veteran of the Revolution, and the last of the Lif; Sullivan street Methodist Episcopal church. Guard of Washington, Henry Gibson, who honored our Order with his presence at Metropolitan Hall Brother Ira A. Campbell, of American Chapon the 231 February last, at the celebration of ter, was then introduced, who delivered a Washington's Birth-day.

short but pertinent address, explanatory of On the evening of the same day, I received a note from Captain J. C. Helme, Senior Captain <f

the objects of the Order. After which Past the Continental Companies of the city, stating that Chancellor Joseph R. IIoff, on behalf of the the aged hero was to be buried from the City Hall trustees of the Chapter, presented, with a few on the 22d instant, with military and civic honors, under the direction of the several Continental Com. eloquent and appropriate remarks, a handpanies, and extending an invitation to our Order to somely bound copy of the Holy Scriptures. join with the Continentals in this expression (about This beautiful gift was received in the name to be given) of respect to the memory of the aged veteran.

of the Chapter by Chaplain James Laws. Deeming the occasion of the funeral services of

The Rev. W. S. Balch was then introduced one who had been with Washington, and served to the audience, and proceeded to deliver a with him in achieving our liberties, was one full of

most eloquent and logical address, his subject interest to us as Americans, and an occasion which should call for a public manifestation of the esti- being The Incompatibility of Popery with Remation in which the great services of those patriots publican Institutions. As a basis to his disof the Revolution are held by our Order, I caused to be published in the several papers of Friday

course, the reverend orator proceeded to anaand Saturday, the 19th and 20th instante, an inv? | lyze the radical properties of the two elements, tation and request to the Hon. the Chancery of this Republicanism and Popery; the former erState and of the State of New Jersey, and also the bibiting a system of government founded on members of the Order under their respective juris- the expressed will of the people, and the other galia, on Monday, the 22d instant, and unite in the exhibiting a system of government emanating funeral services of that occasion.

from the will of a single man; and from this I am happy to say it was responded to by our Order very generally; and a majority of Chancery,

basis he drew the very natural deduction that together with officers and members of our several the two could not harmonize, and that where Chapters, to the number of about one thousand, they exist together, the one or the other must assembled at our rooms, and proceeded in a body

direct the temporal affairs of the people, the to the Park, where we united with the Continental Companies, and proceeded with the remains of the one sustaining and the other destroying civil venerable hero to Greenwood Cemetery, and saw and religious liberty. The address was listened them deposited in their final resting place. Our Order returned to the city in the same regu: pressions of approval. At the close of the

to with profound attention and repeated erlarity, escorted by the several companies of Con tinentals.

address, the audience, by a unanimous vote, The following expenses were incurred for the extended to the reverend gentleman a request occasion, viz. :

that he will repeat, at some appropriate place, Dodworth's full band,

- $65 Advertising,

the lecture recently delivered by him in reply 11

to "The Catholic Chapter" of Bishop Hughes. Total,

$76 A committee of arrangements was at once for which amount I respectfully ask an appropria-appointed by the audience; and we are since tion by Chancery. (Signed) W. W. OSBORN,

informed that the lecture will be given at the Grand Sachem of the State of New-York. Broadway Tabernacle, on Monday, 5th of The next meeting of the Chancery will be April, the price of tickets to be one shilling. held on Monday evening, 12th instant, at

This will be one of the most interesting disLow's building, No. 9 Court street, Brooklyn courses delivered at the Tabernacle during the

present season. AMERICAN CHAPTER, No. 6, celebrated their The anniversary of American Chapter closed anniversary on Tuesday evening, March 23, with music, with which all the exercises of the at Bleecker Hall, corner of Morton street. The evening were interspersed, Brother Rookwood həll was tastefully decorated for the occasion presiding at the melodeon, and the company with flags and banners, and was filled with a separated highly gratified.

07 The names of the 9. and C. C. of Chapters will be inserted at $2 per annum.


| Huguenot, No. 42, Friday, Port Richmond, 8. I. Wm. W. Osborn, G. S.--Chas. E. Gildersleve, G. C. C.

E Pluribus Unum, No. 43, Wed., c. Bowery and Broome g Alpha, No. 1, Saturday, cor. Broadway and Grand street.

Liberty Tree, No. 44, Friday, Commercial Buildings, Albany. Washington, No. 2, Thursday, cor, Grand and Ludlow sts.

Union, No. 45, Thursday, Fort Chester. Warren, No. 3, Tuesday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn.

Ringgold, No. 46, Tuesday, Greensburg, Dobbs' Ferry. A.C. Page, 8.-C. F. Hermance, C. C.

Ironsides, No. 47, Friday, corner Grand and Broadway. Manhattan, No. 4, Thursday, corner Avenue C and 4th st.

American Eagle, No. 48, Mamaroneck, Wednesday. Lawrence, No. 5, Thursday, cor. 128th street and 3d Av.

Jefferson, No. 49, Tuesday, comer 29th street and 8th Av. American, No. 6, Monday, 360 Broadway.

Oneachta, No. 50, Poughkeepsie, Thursday. Columbia, No. 7, Thursday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts.

Valley Forge, No. 51, Wednesday, 149 Sixteenth street. Putnam, No. 8, Wednesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts.

Wayne, No. 52, Tuesday, corner Grove and Hudson sts. Franklin, No. 9, Friday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts.

Peekskill, No. 53, Tuesday, Peekskill.
Wm. B. Ferguson, S.-H. A. Tremper, C.C.

Fort Greene, No. 54, Wed., Granada Hall, Myrtle Av., B'n, Paulding, No. 10, Tuesday, corner 230 st, and 8th Av.

Empire, No. 55, Friday, 187 Bowery. Marion, No. 11, Friday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn.

Star Spangled Banner, No. 56, Wednesday, Albany, Continental, No. 12, Thursday, 327 Bowery.

United States, No. 57, 283 Grand Street.
E, A. Schermerhorn, S.-Wm. P. Armstrong, C. C.

Constitution, No. 58, Smithville, L. I.
Mount Vernon, No. 13, Wednesday, 149 Bowery.
Hancock, No. 14, Wednesday, c, Bleecker and Morton sts.
A. Horton Keech, S.---
, C.C.


John H. Lyon, G. S.-J. B. Cleveland, G. C. C. Liberty, No. 15, Friday, 149 Bowery.

Pioneer, No. 1, Friday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.
Decatur, No. 16, Thursday, cor. Broadway and Grand st.
Lexington, No. 17, Monday, Low's Building, Brooklyn.

James R. Sanford, 8.-Henry Babbitt, C. O.

Clark, No. 2, Monday, Rahway.
National, No. 18, Tuesday, 149 Bowery.
Adams, No. 19, Wednesday, Haverstraw.

Nathan Hale, No. 3, Thursday, Morris' Buildings, Newark, Ethan Allen, No. 20, Tuesday, c. S. 1st & 4th sts., Wil'b'g.

Morgan, No. 4, Tuesday, Hoboken. Perry, No. 21, Thursday, corner 23d street and 8th Av.

Jersey Blue, No. 5, Monday, New-Brunswick. Charter Oak, No. 22, Monday, 327 Bowery.

American, No. 6, Friday, Franklin Hall, Jersey City. Fort Washington, No. 23, Yonkers.

Washington, No. 7, Wednesday, Orange, Woodhull, No. 24, Wednesday, Jamaica, L. I.

American Eagle, No. 8, Tuesday, Paterson. Champe, No. 25, Thursday, corner Grove and Hudson sts.

Geo. L. Sneden, S.-Andrew Van Bussom, c. c. Plymouth, No. 26, Thursday, Court st., near Fulton, Br'kn

Monmouth, No. 9, Thursday, Freebold. Bunker Hill, No. 27, Friday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts.

American Flag, No. 10, Tuesday, Morris' Buildings, New’k.

Liberty, No. 11, Wednesday, Bergen. Excelsior, No. 28, Tuesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts.

Columbia, No. 12, Saturday, Madison. Independence, No. 29, Wednesday, National Hall,

Excelsior, No. 13, Monday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.
Jolin C. Garnsey, S.-Jasper Drake, C. 0.
Schuyler, No. 30, Friday, 327 Bowery.

Raritan Chapter, No. 14, Keyport.
Westchester, No. 31, Wednesday, at Tarrytown.
Paronis No. 32, Saturday, Rossville, S. I.

Oneida, No. 33, Thursday, 149 Bowery.

Roger Sherman, No.1, Tuesday, Globe Building, N. H. Worth, No. 34, Wednesday, Astoria, L. I.

Putnam, No. , Wednesday, S. of T. Hall, Middleton. Jasper, No. 35, Monday, corner Bleecker and Morton sts.

Mount Vernon, No. 8, Centreville.
Niagara, No. 36, Friday, 149 Bowery.

Ethan Allen, No. 4, Fairbaven.
– Jacobs, S-W, W. Browne, C. C.
American Star, No. 37, Thursday, Ramapo, Rockland co.
Magna Charta, No. 38, Thurs., cor. Court & Sackett, B'n.

Eureka, No. 1,

San Francisco.
Frederick M. Butler, 8.-S. H. Catlin, C.C.
Zachary Taylor, No 39, Wednesday, 3d Av., near 58th st.
Tappan, No. 40, Monday, Piermont.

STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS. New-York, No. 41, Friday, corner Grove and Hudson sts. | Ilancock, No. 1, Thursday, 64; Hanover street, Boston.


Alpha, No. , Monday afternojn, 2 o'clock, 0.0.A. Hall, | Lady Perry, No. 6, Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner comer Ludlow and Grand streets.

of 29th street and 8th avenue. Columbia, No. 2, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner | New-York, No. 7, Wednesday afternoon, corner Lispenard Hudson and Grove streets.

street and Broadway. Lady Washington, No. 3, Monday evening, 7 o'clock,

, No. 8, 0.U. A. Hall, corner Ludlow and Grand streets. | La Motte, No. 9, Thursday evening, 7 o'clock, Allen, near Lady Putnam, No. 4, Monday evening, 7 o'clock, No. 360

Grand street. Grand street.

Lady Champe, No. 10, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock Pocahontas, No. 5, Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock, Fountain

corner Hudson and Grove sts, Ashe and Hall.

Liberty Star, No. 1, Newark, New-Jersey, Wednesday Hall, 149 Bowery.

evening, 7 o'clock, Morris' Buildings, Broad st.


sive Establishment at 142 Chatham street, where every article of Boots and Shoes will be found always on hand, including Ladies' fine Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, and Ties, Patent Leather Buskins and Slippers ; Misses and Childrens Boots and Shoes; Boys' and Youths' Boots and Shoes; GENTLEMEN'S FINE FRENCH CALESKIN BOOTS, Patent Leather Shoes, Congress Gaiters, Dancing Pumps and Gaiters, Patent Leather and Embroidered Slippers. Also, Calfskin, Grain, Seal, and Kip Pegged and Sewed Boots; and a large assortment of THICK LONG LEG BOOTS, suitable for Firemen, Seamen, and Boatmen, all made out of the best materials, and expressly for our Retail Trade.

N.B.--Gentlemen's Fine Calfskin Boots made to order from $3 50 to $5. BIGELOW & GEDNEY,

No. 142 Chatham st.

AMERICAN TEMPERANCE GROCERY. STEELE AND CO., ATENT FEATHER BRUSH MÁNUFACTURERS, J is prepared to furnish families with Groceries, Fruites, P ADESI Nassau Tana 305 Pearl streets, New-York. &c., of the best quality, at 20 per cent. less than any other


Store, No. 39 Stanton street, corner of Forsyth. Small

profits and cash prices. ABINET AND MATTRESS WAREHOUSE, 69 Gold st.,

Goods sent to any part of the city free of charge. This improved Bedstead has received the highest premiums awarded by the American Institute, in 1843, '44, and ?45,

Low Prices! Good Work! Prompt Execution ! over every competitor; and the Medal, at the fairs of 1846, '47, and '48.

DOUGLASS AND COLT, Parlor and Chamber Furniture.

BOOK, JOB, AND CARD PRINTERS, The Bedsteads and all other articles of furniture required No. 154 WATER STREET, for the Parlor, Chamber, or Bedroom, such as Sofas, Chairs, Pier and Centre Tables, Dressing Bureaus, French and Cot

(Corner of Maiden Lane, New York.) tage Bedstends,

Washstands, Toilet Tables & ex are variet: THE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY INVITE THE of pattern and style, and under his immediate supervision. 0.U. A., to their facilities for executing EVERY DESCRIPHAIR MATTRESSES,Palliasters, Feather Beds, &c., warranted TION of PRINTING, which they are prepared to furnish at as represented. WILLIAM C. GARDNER. very low rates, in the best style, and at very short notice,


CHINES. The Subscriber with renewed confidence calls the atten- CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF TEE 0. U. A., tion of the public to his well-known remedy for Dyspep- containing the Constitutions of Chancery and A. C., and sia and Liver Complaints, the "Aromatic Bitters. The

also the latest Ordinances and Resolutions of Chancery, are numerous Testimonials he has received within the past stereotyped in beautiful style. This is the most complete year from various sections of the country afford conclusive

edition extant. See Subscribers' Edition of By-Laws of evidence of the great efficacy of these Bitters for all dis- Washington, No. 2; National, No. 18; Wayne, No. 52; eases arising from a derangement of the Liver, or an im- Fort Greene, No. 54, &c., &c. Call and see specimens. pure state of the Blood. He does not pretend that they Recollect, the number is 154 WATER STREET. are a certain and infallible cure" for all the “ills that

DOUGLASS & COLT. flesh is heir to;" but he does claim that they are a SPEEDY and EFFECTUAL remedy for the peculiar complaints for

"Every Object has a Bright and Dark Side." which they are recommended. A Certificate to ihat effect, In proof of which, C. G. MURCH refers the hat-wearing signed by all the leading Captains of the New-York and

community to his beautiful Spring Style of Hats for GenLiverpool packet-ships, should convince he most incred

tlemen. These Hats are truly dark, yet bright as the disulous on that point.

mond; and with a lustre all their own, they shine like a As the "Spring-time of the year is coming," when Bil

good deed in a wicked world. Remember the Hats of ious affections are generally prevalent, an occasional use

MURCH! the Hats of Murcu remember-233 Third of the "Aromatic Bitters," by way of preventive, may save Avenue. one from a fit of sickness, and a Doctor's Bill” besides. DR. BLAKE's AROMATIC BITters are not unpleasant to

WALNUTS SALOON. the taste; and a short trial will be sufficient to produce the result.


beautified his Establishment, No. 214 Broadway, is Depot, 118 Division street, and 68 South street, corner of Pine street.


prepared to supply his friends and the public with SUP

PERS, comprising Oysters of the finest quality, dressed in UNITED STATES PASSPORTS FOR

every desirable manner, and every other seasonable deli

cacy that the palate may crave. His conveniences are YALIFORNIA, CUBA, EUROPE, &C., INDISPENSA- now so extensive, that visitors are served without the least

delay. A good Bar is connected with the Establishment, America, without one, or mine for gold in California, and from which the choicest wines, liquors, and segars may be is a sure protection against foreign aggression. Issued by obtained.

J. A. WALNUT, J. B. NONES, Notary Public, 66 Broadway.

214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church.

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Ordet ut i vite u Americans
To le Erected in the Grourds of the M numert Cemetery Association

of Kirgs County, N. Y.

(Minard Lafever, Architect.- Engraved erpressly for TU hitney's Republic.)

Tor DescrirTION SEE PAGE 266.

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