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to overflowing. The exercises were opened sponded to in the true spirit, and that a pleaswith prayer by the Rev. J. L. Lenhart, after | ant réunion and a handsome surplus fund were which an address was delivered by Brother the result. The ladies of our day, like those Joseph P. Bradley, Esq., of Newark, and re- of the Revolution, are on the side of their ceived with demonstrations of the utmost country. approval, the speaker being repeatedly bailed with loud bursts of applause. Among the

THE FIRST DAY SESSION OF CHANCERY.guests on that occasion was the Hon. Jos. C. | On Monday, the 1st inst., the Chancery of Hornblower, who, being called on by the the State of New-York assembled at its chamaudience, after the address of Brother Brad bers at 10 o'clock A.M., Grand Sachera Osley, responded in a brief but patriotic ad born presiding. There was a good attend

ance, though not large, and among the num

ber present we noticed a goodly representaHe said he was proud to call himself an American citizen., His father was an English

tion from the Chapters out of the city. Soon man, but settled here before the struggle of after 12 o'clock, the Chancery adjourned to our fathers for liberty, and when that came, half-past 1, and again, at the close of the afteresponsed it with all his heart. He related á |

noon meeting, to half-past 7 in the evennamber of anecdotes of his patriotic father, I

ing. At the close of the evening session, the illustrative of the fervor of pure devotion to country, which was nothing rare at that

Chancery adjourned to meet again on the 2d period. He said all men are our brethren, Monday in April, at American Hall, No. 9 but we should be wary how we trust our Court st., Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock P. M. liberty, the hope of the world, to ignorant or During the session, it was resolved that the unprincipled bands.

next quarterly session of Chancery will be The remarks of the venerable ex-Chief Jus- | held at Poughkeepsie, at half-past 1 o'clock tice were received with great enthusiasm. P. M., on the first Monday in June.

The popular demonstrations in various A report was received from the Committee parts of the country show that our Order has on Returns, exhibiting a statement of the rise, been instrumental in awakening the people progress, and financial condition of the Order to a renewed sense of patriotism, and that it up to the present time; but being imperfect, has snatched from oblivion the day that gave in consequence of the lack of some returns GEORGE WASHINGTON to the world. In our from Chapters which the committee had not city, the Common Council decorated the City been able to obtain, the report was recomHall with flags, and gave a grand illumina- | mitted to enable the committee to obtain tion, with a display of fire-works, in the even- / inore complete information. ing. The Historical Society engaged the elo The committee having charge of the proquence of the Hon. Daniel Webster, who de- ' curing of a stone for the Washington Monulivered an oration to a crowded audience at inent in the name of the Order, reported the Niblo's; several companies of military were design, and were empowered to obtain the on duty, among whom were the veterans of necessary funds to complete the work. '76 and '12. A national salute was fired from An ordinance was adopted, providing for the Battery at sunrise, at noor, and at sunset, the safe keeping of the work of the Order, by and the brilliant stripes and stars were flash- which the Sachems of Chapters are held reing throughout the day from every mast-head sponsible in that duty. in port, and every public edifice in the city.

A committee was appointed to solicit a copy Were it not for the inclement season at of the address of Judge Campbell, delivered which it occurs, the birth-day of Washington before the Order at Metropolitan Hall on the would become our great national festival, Washington anniversary, for publication; and second only to that of the birth-day of our we hope to be able to send it to our subindependence.

scribers in the form of a supplement with tho

April number. THE LADY PUTNAM ASSOCIATION gave their

| An interesting and admirably written comfifth annual soirée at the Apollo Rooms, on

No Rooms, on , munication was received from the Chancery the evening of the 5th instant, for the benefit

of the United Daughters of America, and after of Lady Putnam Chapter, U. D. A., and we reading, referred to a special committee, who are glad to learn that their object was re- | will report an appropriate response. .

MAGNA CHARTA CHAPTER gave a public site which seems to give most satisfaction is demonstration on Monday evening, the 8th | in Kings county, commanding a view of the instant. Their beautiful furniture was neatly ocean, the lower bay, Staten Island, Newarranged on the occasion, and the decorations Jersey, and several towns and villages, all of were traly pleasing. A scarlet drapery hung which may be seen from the surface of the behind the Sachem's chair, surmounted with ground. Subscription lists for lots will, we the American flag, was supported on the learn, be issued immediately. right by a splendid banner displaying Washington and his warning voice; on the left by a richly engraved view of the Declara Visit to ETHAN ALLEN CHAPTER.–We had tion of Independence. A chapter of Scrip the pleasure to be present, a few evenings ture was read at the opening by P. S. Van since, on the occasion of a fraternal visit from Saun, and followed by an appropriate patri- | Magna Charta Chapter, of South Brooklyn, otic prayer, by Fourth Marshal Vroome; after to Ethan Allen Chapter, of Williamsburg, which Brother T. De Witt Talmadge delivered where we had the satisfaction of meeting not an address illustrating the peculiarities of our only the members of those Chapters, but also people and institutions, favorably and unfavor the Grand Chaplain of our Stute, and several ably, giving many beautiful and even laughable others of our most active and energetic cotypes of Yankeedom. P. G. S. Talmadge, the workers. After an interesting initiation, in inimitable “Dan," being called, explained the which three good and true Americans were features of the order in his peculiarly “mod added to the Brotherhood, Chancellor Lefeest" style. The evening closed with a hearty ver, to whom we are much indebted for the welcome, sung by the Chapter. The audi present prosperity of“Ethan Allen," addressed ence, a highly respectable and intelligent one, the company in a few pertinent remarks, folnumbering about two hundred, appeared de lowed by Sachem Hunt, of “Magna Charta," lighted with the entertainment; and we re and several Chancellors and members premark that the Chapter deserves especial credit sent, not forgetting our Mercurial and Minerhaving made the demonstration within them

vian friend of South Brooklyn, Brother Butselves, thus displaying capability; and here ler, who, by his judgment and activity, has after we shall espect much from their labors well won the compound soubriquet. The in the good cause. No standing back now, Grand Chaplain, with his accustomed sobrigentlemen, you have shown your ammunition. ety, was quite as amusing as grave, and spoke

with telling effect on the subject of admitting

the stones offered by “ His Holiness,” Pope THE MONUMENT TO WASHINGTON. — At a Pius the Ninth, into the construction of the meeting of the delegates appointed from the National Monument to Washington. Altoseveral Chapters, to take the preliminary steps gether, the visit was one to be remembered by for carrying out the plan of building a monu- | all parties with interest and profit. ment to Washington, and establishing a cemetery for the members of the order, a subcommittee, consisting of Brothers Whitney, INSTALLATION WEEK.—The first week of of Franklin ; Steele, of Plymouth; Oakley, of the present month was devoted, in part, to the Pavonia; Lydecker, of Decatur; and Paige, of ceremony of the semi-annual installation of Warren, was appointed to select a suitable the officers of Chapters. We had the honor site for the same, and ascertain the terms of visiting, for that purpose, six of the city upon which the necessary land can be pur Chapters, and were greatly pleased with the chased. That committee reported on Mon- increasing activity and spirit manifested by day, 8th instant. They have been actively them all. Our Chapter-rooms, apart from engaged in the work, and the probability is, their most legitimate objects, are rapidly dethat they will be able to give us a site sur- veloping their capacity for mutual instrucpassing any thing, in point of eligibility, that tion, and, where well understood and properly can be procured in any of the already estab- adapted, they become schools for intellectual lished cemeteries, with an independent cor- improvement and patriotism. We know of poration of our own, and at a cost not ex no association where the youth of our country ceeding that of the original estimate. The can devote an evening or two, weekly, with

more opportunities for moral and intellectual and he has done what, for the legislation of his profit, than those of the Chapters of our

country? Why, delivered a tolerably adroit and

quite eloquent stump-speech, for the benefit of order.

an aspiring partisan, which would bave suited bustings well enough, but has cost the nation

some thousands of dollars, and advantaged who? OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. But this is a modest item in the catalogue of

ills which the selfishness of party or personal amWASHINGTON, D. C., March 4, 1852.

bition inflicts upon the country; it is the continual A GLANCE AT MEN AND MATTERS AT THE CAPITAL,

occurrence of such scenes, and of worse, which de

mands of the honest patriot a pause, to inquire BROTHER WHITNEY:— My sojourn for some where all this must lead to? The useful legislaweeks in Washington has afforded me observa tion of our country is at a stand; important laws tions, and suggested some thoughts which may not and necessary appropriations lie over; the honest be uninteresting to the readers of the Republic.

and needy creditor of the government, whose Imbued with that deep interest which every true hereditary fortune was spent, and whose ancestral American feels in the progress of our institutions, blood was freely shed in the attainment of our and, consequently, the success and purity of our liberties, cries in vain for “justice! justice!" while government, I have not been an indifferent specta- | hunger and destitution are sapping his vitals. But tor of scenes which too often bring the blush of what is the answer of these servants of the peoshame and indignation to the cheek of honest pa ple! In the language of the Seripture, he asks triotism. Do not think I mean to deal in vague for bread, and they give him a stone; he whose charges when I allude to the growing corruption treasures won them all! And yet, in the same which is engendering in the body politic of our instant, they turn and express their willingnesscountry; the specifications are ample and striking. nay, their eagerness—to vote thousands to decorate Go into the council-halls of the nation on any day the triumph of a foreign mountebank, to whose you please, and behold the chosen legislators of jugglery of words, and inordinate, daring vanity, the nation! How are they employed? Let us they are willing to bow the necks of this great take an example: To-day is the fourth of March ; nation, and sacrifice every sentiment of pride and we are in the House of Representatives; perhaps self-respect, in shameless defiance of the precepts the associations of the day may have their influ of the Father of bis Country! ence on the scene enacted. The galleries are full, But, in turning from the humiliating contemplathe lobby crowded, and members are on the qui tion, let it inspire us, one and all-true Americans, vive. What is in the wind? A young and tal if we are to work earnestly and diligently, ented representative from Kentucky, around whose silently and surely as destiny, too, to reform these name hereditary honors cluster thick, is about to crying abuses, and rescue our institutions from the make his maiden-speech. The occasion is worthy wiles of foreign influence, and the smothering of attention. Well, the morning hour has been weight of domestic demagogueism ! consumed in unprofitable wrangling, and the order But I have enlarged so freely in comments, that of the day has been announced, and Mr. B. rises. I must speak briefly, or, rather, not at all now, of The subject is one of considerable importance; no | events which are more particularly the province of

s than the administration of the public domain, / a correspondent. For these, however, in detail, the American people's property, which has been so let me refer your readers to the daily journals; much “ hawked at of late by mousing politicians," they are by no means of a nature to gratify the that they might feed the hungry hordes of foreign honest pride of an American, any more than the adventurers upon whose mercenary votes they course of the generality of our statesmen-politiexpect to ride into power, and wear the garb of cians, I mean-is a subject of congratulation to the American statesmen! The youthful orator catches nation at large. Perhaps the disgust, engendered at once the eye of the Speaker; he is recognized; by contact with these scenes, makes my denunciaand rearing his graceful form in the consciousness tion too sweeping. God forbid there should not of intellectual power, and glancing with his eagle be many honest and patriotic men among our legiseye upon the proud array, his clear, silvery voice lators, even though they have fallen into bad ways! breaks the silence which has gradually stolen over To some of these I would, and will, on a future even that tumultuous body. List! Surely there occasion, pay an humble passing tribute. must flow persuasion from those haughty lips, in Let me conclude, as I have already trespassed accents on which listening senates may delight to too long, by doing so now, to one whose character hang. No such thing. He bluffly and frankly has won the involuntary admiration of his counacknowledges his want of preparation, as well as trymen wherever judicial blindness has not deinclination, to discuss the measure under consider stroyed their appreciation of the most firm, just, ation, and deliberately announces his intention to and truly AMERICAN administration of the governanswer a political speech of a political opponent, ment, since those of WASHINGTON and Madison, delivered on some previous occasion. His hour is the disciple of whose doctrines and worthiest passed; he has shirked the issue before the house, I successor is MILLARD FILLMORE!

0. V. A.

op The names of the S. and C. C. of Chapters will be inserted at $2 per annum.

Huguenot, No. 42, Friday, Port Richmond, S. I.
E Pluribus Unum, No. 43, Wed., c. Bowery and Broome sts.
Liberty Tree, No. 44, Friday, Commercial Buildings, Albany.
Union, No. 45, Thursday, Fort Chester.
Ringgold, No. 46, Tuesday, Greensburg, Dobbs' Ferry.
Ironsides, No. 47, Friday, corner Grand and Broadway.
American Eagle, No. 48, Mamaroneck, Wednesday.
Jefferson, No. 49, Tuesday, corner 29th street and 8th Av.
Oneachta, No. 50, Poughkeepsie, Thursday.
Valley Forge, No. 51, Wednesday, 149 Sixteenth street.
Wayne, No.52, Tuesday, corner Grove and Hudson sts.
Peekskill, No. 53, Tuesday, Peekskill.
Fort Greene, No. 54, Wed., Granada Hall, Myrtle Av., B'n.
Empire, No. 55, Friday, 187 Bowery.
Star Spangled Banner, No. 56, Wednesday, Albany.
United States, No. 57, 283 Grand Street.
Constitution, No. 58, Smithville, L. I.

STATE OF NEW-YORK. Wm. W. Osborn, G. S.--Chas. E. Gildersleve, G. C.C. Alpha, No. 1, Saturday, cor. Broadway and Grand street. Washington, No. 2, Thursday, cor. Grand and Ludlow sts. Warren, No. 3, Tuesday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn. Manhattan, No. 4, Thursday, corner Avenue C and 4th st. Lawrence, No. 5, Thursday, cor. 128th street and 3d Av. American, No. 6, Monday, 360 Broadway. Columbia, No. 7, Thursday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts. Putnam, No. 8, Wednesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts. Franklin, No. 9, Friday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts.

Wm. B. Ferguson, S. Paulding, No. 10, Tuesday, corner 230 et. and 8th Av. Marion, No. 11, Friday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn. Continental, No. 12, Thursday, 327 Bowery.

E. A. Schermerhorn, 8.-Wm. P. Armstrong, C. C. Mount Vernon, No. 13, Wednesday, 149 Bowery. Hancock, No. 14, Wednesday, c. Bleecker and Morton sts.

A. Horton Keech, s. Liberty, No. 15, Friday, 149 Bowery. Decatur, No. 16, Thursday, cor. Broadway and Grand st. Lexington, No. 17, Monday, Low's Building, Brooklyn, National, No. 18, Tuesday, 149 Bowery. Adams, No. 19, Wednesday, Haverstraw. Ethan Allen, No. 20, Tuesday, c. S. 1st & 4th sts., Wil'b'g. Perry, No. 21, Thursday, corner 23d street and 8th Av. Charter Oak, No. 22, Monday, 327 Bowery. Fort Washington, No. 23, Yonkers. Woodhun, No. 24, Wednesday, Jamaica, L. I. Champe, No.25, Thursday, corner Grove and Hudson sts. Plymouth, No. 26, Thursday, Court st., near Fulton, Br'kn. Banker Hill, No. 27, Friday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts. Excelsior, No. 28, Tuesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts. Independence, No. 29, Wednesday, National Hall,

John C. Garnsey, S.- Jasper Drake, C.C. Schuyler, No. 30, Friday, 327 Bowery. Westchester, No. 31, Wednesday, at Tarrytown. Pavonia, No. 32, Saturday, Rossville, S, I. Oneida, No. 33, Thursday, 149 Bowery. Worth, No. 34, Wednesday, Astoria, L. I. Jasper, No. 35, Monday, corner Bleecker and Norton sts. Niagara, No. 38, Friday, 149 Bowery.

– Jacobs, 8.-W. W. Browne, C.C. American Star, No. 37, Thursday, Ramapo, Rockland co. Magna Charta, No. 38, Thurs., cor. Court & Sackett, B’n.

Frederick M. Butler, 8.-S. H. Catlin, C.C. Zachary Taylor, No.39, Wednesday, 3d Av., near 58th st. Tappan, No. 40, Monday, Piermont. New-York, No. 41, Friday, corner Grove and Hudson sts.

John H. Lyon, G. S.-J. B. Cleveland, G. C. C.
Pioneer, No. 1, Friday, Morris' Buildings, Newark,

James R. Sanford, 8.-Henry Babbitt, C. C.
Clark, No. 2, Monday, Rahway.
Nathan Hale, No. 3, Thursday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.
Morgan, No. 4, Tuesday, Hoboken.
Jersey Blue, No. 5, Monday, New-Brunswick.
American, No. 6, Tuesday, Franklin Hall, Jersey City.
Washington, No. 7, Wednesday, Orange.
American Eagle, No. 8, Tuesday, Paterson.

Geo. L. Sneden, S.-Andrew Van Bussom, C. C. Monmouth, No. 9, Thursday, Freehold. American Flag, No. 10, Tuesday, Morris' Buildings, New'k. Liberty, No. 11, Wednesday, Bergen. Columbia, No. 12, Saturday, Madison. Excelsior, No. 13, Monday, Morris' Buildings, Newark, Raritan Chapter, No. 14, Keyport.

STATE OF CONNECTICUT. Roger Sherman, No.1, Tuesday, Globe Building, N. H. Putnam, No. , Wednesday, S. of T. Hall, Middleton. Mount Vernon, No. 8, Centreville. Ethan Allen, No. 4, Fairhaven.


San Francisco.

STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS. Ilancock, No. 1, Thursday, 641 Hanover street, Boston.


Alpha, No. , Monday afternoun, 2 o'clock, 0. U. A. Hall,

corner Ludlow and Grand streets. Columbla, No. 2, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner

Hudson and Grove streets. Lady Washington, No. 3, Monday evening, T o'clock,

0. U. A. Hall, corner Ludlow and Grand streets. Lady Patnam, No. 4, Monday evening, 1 o'clock, No. 360

Grand street. Pocahontas, No. 5, Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock, Fountain

Hall, 149 Bowery.

Lady Perry, No. 6, Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner

of 29th street and 8th avenue. New-York, No. 7, Wednesday afternoon, corner Lispenard street and Broadway.

No. 8 La Motte, No. 9, Thursday evening, 7 o'clock, Allen, near

Grand street. Lady Champe, No. 10, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock,

corner Hudson and Grove sts., Ashe and Hall. Liberty Star, No. 1, Newark, New Jersey, Wednesday

evening, 7 o'clock, Morris' Buildings, Broad st.

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announce that their classes will commence for the
season, at Gothic Hall, Brooklyn, October 13th ; at Consi-
tution Hall, 650 Broadway, 14th, and at the New Rooms,
Eighth avenue, corner of Twenty-fifth street, 15th. Les
sons given in Waltzing, Schottisch, Polka, &c., and also the
new dances La Gorletza, La Tempête, and other Dances, as
the Private Academy, No. 66 Sixth avenue, where all in-
formation will be given,
For further particulars, see Circular, to be had as above.

0. U. A. F. NEXEN, EXCHANGE AND COLLECTION OF1. fice, 66 Wall street. Uncurrent Money, Drafts, &c., bought and sold on the most favorable terms.

Drafts on Philadelphia, Boston, &c., for sale. Collections made with dispatch on all parts of the Union, Land War rants bought and sold.

The patronage of the Order and of the business community generally is respectfully solicited.

BOOT AND SHOE STORE. THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE OPENED AN EXTEN. 1 sive Establishment at 142 Chatham street, where every article of Boots and Shoes will be found always on hand, including Ladies' fine Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, and Ties, Patent Leather Buskins and Slippers ; Misses and Childrens Boots and Shoes ; Boys' and Youths' Boots and Shoes; GENTLEMEN'S FINE FRENCH CALFSKIN BOOT

Patent Leather Shoes, Congress Gaiters, Dancing Pumps WALNUT'S SALOON.

and Gaiters, Patent Leather and Embroidered Slippers. THE SUBSCRIBER, HAVING ENLARGED AND Also, Calfskin, Graiu, Seal, and Kip Pegged and Sewed beautified his Establishment, No. 214 Broadway, is

Boots; and a large assortment of THICK LONG LEG prepared to supply his friends and the public with SUP BOOTS, suitable for Firemen, Seamen, and Boatmen, all PERS, comprising Oysters of the finest quality, dressed in made out of the best materials, and expressly for our Reevery desirable manner, and every other seasonable deli

tail Trade. cacy that the palate may crave. Ilis conveniences are

N.B.Gentlemen's Fine Calfskin Boots made to order, now so extensive, that visitors are served without the least from $3 50 to $5.

BIGELOW & GEDNEY, delay. A good Bar is connected with the Establishment,

No. 142 Chatham st. from which the choicest wines, liquors, and segars may be obtained. J. A. WALNUT,


J is prepared to furnish families with Groceries, Fruits, STEELE AND CO.

&c., of the best quality, at 20 per cent. less than any other

store. DATENT FEATHER BRUSH MANUFACTURERS, Store, No. 39 Stanton street, corner of Forsyth. Small I No. 53 Nassau and 305 Pearl streets, New-York.

profits and cash prices,

Goods sent to any part of the city free of charge. GARDNER'S PREMIUM BEDSTEAD. NABINET AND MATTRESS WAREHOUSE, 69 Gold st., Low Prices! Good Work! Prompt Execution !

between Beekman and Spruce sts., ESTABLISHED 1810. This improved Bedstead has received the highest premiums

DOUGLASS AND COLT. awarded by the American Institute, in 1843, '44, and '45,

BOOK, JOB, AND CARD PRINTERS, over every competitor; and the Medal, at the fairs of 1946,

No. 154 WATER STREET, '47, and '48. The Bedsteads and all other articles of furniture required

(Corner of Maiden Lane, New.York.) or, Chamber, or Bedroom, such as Sofas, Chairn, ! TIIE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY INVITE THE Pier and Centre Tables, Dressing Bureaus, French and Cot I attention of the 0. U. A., Chapters and Members of the tage Bedsteads, Washstands, Toilet Tables, &c., are manu

0. U. A., to their facilities for executing EVERY DESCRIPfactured of Black Walnut and Mahogany, of every variety

TION of PRINTING, which they are prepared to furnish at of pattern and style, and under his immediate supervision,

very low rates, in the best style, and at very short notice, HAIR MATTRESSES,Palliasters. Feather Beds, &c., warranted

by means of the BEST and FASTEST PRINTING MA: as represented. Orders from the South, lotel-keepers, and

CHINES, private families are respectfully solicited.


containing the Constitutions of Chancery and A, C., and

also the latest Ordinances and Resolutions of Chancery, are UNITED STATES PASSPORTS FOR

stereotyped in beautiful style. This is tbe most complete YALIFORNIA, CUBA, EUROPE, &c., INDISPENSA edition extant. See Subscribers' Edition of By-Laws of

ble, as no person can travel in Europe, Cuba, or South Washington, No. 2; National, No. 18; Wayne, No. 52; America, without one, or mine for gold in California, and Fort Greene, No. 54, &c., &c. Call and see specimens. is a sure protection against foreign aggression, Issued by Recollect, the number is 154 WATER STREET. J. B. NONES, Notary Public, 66 Broadway.


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