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of United Americans to achieve this, the most pa- Trustees, the said trustees being required to report triotic work of modern times, not only without the quarterly the amount of all moneys received and sacrifice of a single dollar by any member who may paid, and once in each year a full statement of all take part in the accomplishment, but with more the proceedings, and the actual condition of the than ordinary assurance of actual profit. And work; which annual report will be immediately where is the mechanic who cannot lay aside from published, for the information of subscribers and his earnings one dollar a month for a purpose so the public. gratifying to his patriotism, and by which he will As this circular is published for the purpose of secure to himself and his family a final resting ascertaining to what extent the members of our place, of beauty and sublimity, under the very Order will favor so glorious an undertaking, it is shadow of the monument to Washington, a monu- distinctly understood that no steps will be taken, ment in the erection of which he himself partici- and no expense incurred chargeable to subscribers, pated!

until at least two thousand lots shall have been To the members of our fraternity, the completion subscribed; and it is plain to perceive that as soon of such a work by themselves would be justly a as confidence in the plan is fully established by the source of ineffable pride, and to the Order itself a commencement of the work, the demand for lots high and distinguished honor. A Washington will increase, and the completion of the whole monument on such a scale, erected by the Order of structure be insured. United Americans, will place our brotherhood be

Another clause in the original report profore the eyes of the whole world, in a position at

vides, that if any member shall purchase, and once dignified and admirable, in the honor of which each individual member will take a part.

duly pay the first instalment on a lot, and With a view to preliminary measures for the

shall thereafter be deprived by sickness of the carrying out of this plan for providing a cemetery

means of paying the subsequent instalinents; for the brethren of our Order, and the erection

or if his family by his death shall be rendered therein of a monument to Washington, the Chan

unable to pay the subsequent instalments, the cery of the State of New-York have adopted the

said lot shall not be forfeited, but shall be conreport of a committee, embracing the general plan, veyed with a perfect title to his widow and and directed this brief synopsis thereof to be trans- family, for their especial use and benefit. mitted to the members of the Order in every State, that all who wish may participate in the work on equal terms, and also to inform the brothers that

Washington's BIRTH-DAY.—The preparabooks for subscription for lots will be opened in

tions for this glorious anniversary, which the each Chapter, on and after the day of

Order of United Americans have snatched next, each subscriber being limited to ten lots.

from oblivion, are going forward on a scale The first instalment of $4 on each lot to be

that promises to be equal to the great occapaid on the first Monday in 1852, at which sion. About thirty Chapters in this city and time certificates of purchase will be issued, and Brooklyn have united officially in the arpayment endorsed.

rangements, besides which, New Jersey will The remaining instalments will be due quarterly send down a very large delegation, amonntas follows:- July 1st, 1852, $4; October 1st, $3, ing, it is said, to at least five hundred. The January, 1853, $2; April

, $3 ; July, $4; October, Chapters from the rural districts of this State $3. January, 1854, $2; April, $3 ; July, $4;

will also send in their delegations, which will October, $3. January, 1855, $2; April, $2; July, assist in swelling the procession. $4; October, $2;-thus completing the payment

Several of the Chapters that we have heard of each subscribtion of $45, in a manner so con: venient as to be within the reach of every member

of-viz., Washington, Decatur, Charter Oak, of the Order.

and Wayne—are preparing elaborate allegoriA Board of Trustees, consisting of one chancellor

cal and other devices, to be drawn on magnifrom each Chapter, to be elected by the Chancery,

ficent cars by six, eight, and ten horses. will be organized, whose duty will be to procure a

The Common Council, we believe, have location and purchase the ground, (Cypress Hills not made any arrangements for a public deCemetery being recommended ;) obtain an act of monstration on that day, nor have we heard incorporation by the Legislature ; dispose of the lots of any other class of our fellow-citizens movin the cemetery; make the necessary contracts ; ing in the matter; thus the day will be and transact all such business pertaining to the wholly our own, and it becomes our duty to effectual and speedy erection of the work as may do it full justice. properly come under the control of said Board of The Chapters in Brooklyn will make a

strong turn-out, and take their place in line, to the principles which have made it what it is, escorted by Captain Morgan's company, the

and which will make it what the old, effete world Putnam Continental Guard.

little dreams of, with all its experience, some such

association as the one spoken of seems necessary. We have not seen the programme, but “There are among us a population, born and bred learn that the line will be formed at Wash- under the baleful influence of monarchy, whose ington Parade Ground, under the direction of prejudices, drawn in with their mothers milk, are

as tenacious as the life which that has cherished. General Henry Storms, and, after marching They are perfectly willing to profit by all the adthrough some of the streets in that vicinity, vantages which our institutions offer, but they will pass down on the west side of the town

never fail to decry and abuse, and affect to despise

the principles and institutions which have made to Canal or Chambers street, thence to Broad

them princes from being serfs. way, down Broadway, around the Park, up "An instance of this despicable prejudice ocChatham street to the Bowery, through the

curred not long since, in one of our houses kept by Bowery to Astor Place, thence to Broadway

a regular John Bull. One of the xylographed

cards printed by us for B. C. Horn, had been disand Metropolitan (late Tripler) Hall, where played upon the wall. The vignette exhibited the oration will be delivered by the Hon.

Commerce, in the form of a ship in the distance; William W. Campbell. If the weather should

then the American eagle, with the motto, ‘E Plu

ribus Unum' in his beak, and Liberty supporting be favorable, we anticipate the most splendid our national flag, with the standard resting upon demonstration ever made on the Washington the British crown, bull's head, and coat of arms. anniversary; should the weather be very

This, it must be confessed, was not very flattering

to the vanity of the subjects of. Victoria ; but, in stormy, the ceremonies will be confined to

consideration of our decided and unmistakable trithe Hall. The Annual Birth-day Ball of umph over the British marine, in our steamers

, our Washington Association takes place at Metro

clippers, and our yachts, it cannot be called im. politan Hall in the evening.

proper, out of character, nor in bad taste. Nevertheless, this card was torn down and destroyed by

the proprietor and a British friend, and the asserCALIFORNIA.–Our brethren are always patronage to any office which would thus insult

tion made, that they would give none of their glad to hear from the gold region, and we the dignity of Great Britain! cannot give them a better item from there at “ This fact is not much, but it shows how necesthe present time than the following, which

sary it is for Americans to cultivate and cherish

our beloved institutions, and show, by our public we cut from the San Francisco Sunday Dis- as well as our private adhesion, the strong faith we patch. The Order is going ahead nobly on

have in their truth and efficacy. the Pacific side of the farm.

“When starvelings, driven from the realms of

monarchy to find a home and bread beneath our "0. U. A.–The rapidity with which this Order free institutions, take upon themselves the vindihas increased in this city, gives assurance of the

cation of the miserable pretense of the divine determination that Americans will have true and rights of kings, and the glory of the subject's unmistakable evidences of nationality predominate starving for the honor of monarchy, it will appear wherever their power extends, and give the im- evident enough that our own citizens need to conpress of true republicanism to future generations. centrate and make potent their belief in the saving In this it is the duty of every true American in virtues of republicanism. All success, therefore, California to join. The large proportion of our to the Order of United Americans." present population which is foreign to our institutions, needs to have a proper direction and ex: ample set, from which to mould their opinions and

A REAL NORTH AMERICAN.—New-York principles, especially when it is a well-known fact Chapter, No. 41, of this State, received into that there are now in this community many who its membership, a few weeks since, Mr. sneer at all things American, and who would re. joice in the dissolution of this republic. The en

George Copway, the celebrated chief of the deavor to entrench on old-established institutions Ojibbeway tribe of Indians. Mr. Copway is in the older States, called this Order into existence, well known to the world, as one of the pure and the present prosperity of the Order gives unmistaken assurance that the principles which form

aboriginal blood, who, having embraced its basis-those of liberty and equality, the princi- Christianity, and adopted the habits and cusples of free thought and free action, the uncon- toms of civilization, has exhibited a high troled operation of will and intellect, subject only to the dictates of a moral and religious conscience

order of intelligence, and become already are engraved upon the hearts and faith of our

popular as a writer. Mr. Copway has depeople, and are destined to remodel and to give voted a great portion of his time and talents life and energy to the old creeds and systems of in awakening in the minds of the pale-faces a monarchiste. " The world can see what our nation is, and the

proper sense of duty towards the remaining signs of the times figure, but faintly perhaps, what

tribes of red men. We are happy to find the it is to be. But to give concentration and energy name of so estimable a man enrolled among our American brotherhood, and hope to be should Americans, 'natives, and to the manor born,' enabled to enrich our columns with an oc

here in their own home, be debarred from the encasional article from his unique pen.

joyment of associative rights, to which foreigners are entitled, and have laid claim !

“This Order now numbers about five hundred in

this city, being about one half the number in the THE SPREAD OF OUR PRINCIPLES.—New State. There are, we believe, some fifteen Chapadvocates of the principles of our Order are ters, and these intend celebrating the birthday of constantly springing up in all parts of the the 'Father of Liberty' in a truly national and country, and editors who, three years ago,

becoming manner. They will be assisted by the

various Continental companies in the State. An would have shrunk from an expression of oration will be delivered in some suitable building, sympathy with any thing distinctly American

and the exercises generally will, we presume, be in its character, now come forward fearlessly, in our city on the occasion of celebrations by this

of the same gratifying nature heretofore observed and not only promulgate but defend our doc- Order. We shall be pleased to chronicle the statrines, and encourage our labors. How much tistics of this body, if furnished by a member of of this is attributable to the decided tone of

the Order." this magazine, we leave others to judge; but we can assert that, in numerous instances,

CHAPTER PROCEEDINGS.-We should take not only the spirit but the text of our

great pleasure in noticing the movements of columns have been employed by editors, not Chapters on all public occasions, if supplied heretofore suspected of any extraordinary at

with the requisite information to enable us to tachment to the American code.

do so. Our Order is so far extended, and subThe fact is, in this country of free saffrage, divided into so many parts, that it is imposevery thing is measured by the amount of

sible to learn from mere personal efforts all political influence that it is supposed to exer

matters of importance going forward; and we cise, and partisan leaders will foster and

should feel much indebted to the officers of cherish that which promises to give them the Chapters and committees of arrangement, on most effective support; “the balance of

all occasions of interest to the Order at large, power” is what they seek, whether it be

if they will send us notice of what they purAmerican or foreign; and now that our

pose doing. By this means, our members will Order is becoming so numerous as to consti

be kept informed of what is in prospect, and tute that balance, with strength enough to

the Chapter-rooms be better filled when adpunish demagogues, it is natural that the

dresses or other interesting ceremonies are to wire-pullers should turn to us with an eye of

take place. We make no charge for notices favor. The 0. U. A., however, asks no

of this kind; our object is to give all the humility or favor from them; it is able to publicity possible to such matters as require take care of itself and them also. It has a

publicity. specific, straightforward duty to perform, and from that duty it can neither be cajoled nor

TRENTON, N. J.-We have been requested coerced.

to state that Chancellor Whitney, of NewThe following extract from the Newark York, has been engaged to deliver the address Daily Mercury, (N. J.,) exhibits the estima

before the Chancery of New-Jersey and the tion in which the Order is held in that city:

people of Trenton, at that city, on the evening

of March 9th. “O. U. A.-We are pleased to learn from one of the members of the Order of United Americans,' that they are fast accomplishing their views

CONTINENTAL CHAPTER. — This thriving in successfully placing their association on a Chapter held a public meeting and flagfoundation sure as the "RockAlthough there are presentation, on the occasion of their third many who doubtless look upon them as entertaining somewhat selfish and illiberal views in relation anniversary, at the First street Methodist to foreigners, yet we cannot learn why they should Church in this city, on the 18th inst., at not enjoy similar privileges with their opponents, which the ceremonies were of a most inor with those very societies that most object to the establishment of the doctrines proclaimed by this

teresting character. A large audience of Order. The Irish have their "Friendly Sons of ladies and gentlemen were present, and adSt. Patrick,' and their 'Shamrock Societies ;' the dresses were delivered by Chancellors Boyce English, their 'St. George's; the_Scotch, the • Thistle; the Welsh, their St. David's; the

and Munn. Continental Chapter is much inFrench, their .St. Denis;' the Jews, their "He

debted to the activity and zeal of its reprebrew,' and other nationalities theirs; and why sentative, Chancellor E. B. Brush, for its

[ocr errors]

present condition of prosperity and effi- at 10 o'clock A.M., at American Hall, and ciency; and his usefulness in the Order at continue to hold three sessions daily-mornlarge will, we trust, be properly appreciated. ing, afternoon, and evening--until the business

of the term is completed. This plan is adopted Flag PRESENTATION.—On the 17th inst., for the convenience of the delegates of Chap

ters located in the country, and we hope it Warren Chapter was the recipient of a magnificent silk flag, the pure stripes and stars of will be found to answer the end proposed the nation, prepared as a present by the better than the evening sessions as heretofore. Warren Association. The ceremonies of pre

A fair trial of the experiment alone can test sentation took place at the chambers of

its effect. the Chapter, in Court street, near Fulton,

PLYMOUTH CHAPTER, of Brooklyn, will hold Brooklyn, in the presence of a large assembly

a public meeting at their rooms, American of ladies and gentlemen; after which, the Hall, No. 9 Court street, on Thursday evenwhole party was entertained with a superb ing, 19th inst., at which Chancellor C. Goodinvitation ball and supper. Chancellor Whit

rich Boyce will deliver an address. ney, of Franklin Chapter, presented the flag on behalf of the Association, and it was received in a neat address by Chancellor Paige, of South Brooklyn, intend making a visit in

FRATERNAL Visit.—Magna Charta Chapter, of Warren.

a body to Ethan Allen Chapter, of WilliamsPutnam CHAPTER, No. 8, held a public burg, on Tuesday evening, the 24th instant. meeting at Rutgers Female Institute, in

This will be a very agreeable meeting, and we Madison street, on the evening of the 12th

learn that several members of this city intend inst., at which Chancellor Morton, by re

to be present on the occasion. quest, repeated his classic lecture on the “Elements of our National Decay.” The NEW-JERSEY. — A new Chapter has just large lecture-room of the Institute was been chartered at Keyport, N. J., under

very densely filled with a highly respectable audi- encouraging circumstances. The new organence of ladies and gentlemen, and the address | ization took place in January, and is to be was listened to with evident marks of appro- hailed as Raritan Chapter, No. 14. The val and delight. The committee of Putnam Jersey boys are active and energetic. Chapter are entitled to much credit for the handsome manner in which their duties were AMERICAN CHAPTER, of Jersey City, is preperformed.

paring for another public demonstration in

that city, to take place in a few days. Keep ALBANY.–We learn from Chancellor D. K.

the ball rolling Seaman, who is spending the legislative season at the capital, that our brethren at NEWARK. — After partaking in the cereAlbany are in good heart and spirit, and monies of the 23d in this city, the brethren of that both Liberty Tree and Star-spangled Newark, N. J., intend to close the day with Banner Chapters are increasing rapidly in appropriate ceremonies at their Hall, Morris numbers. Chancellor Seaman anticipates Buildings, in Broad street, in the course of that there will be at least six Chapters in which Brother Bradley, of Excelsior Chapter, Albany by the first of January, 1853, and of Newark, will deliver an oration on the measures are now in progress for instituting Character of Washington. The ceremonies a Chapter at Troy. This information is will be public. cheering.

WAYNE CHAPTER, of this city, will receive Day Sessions OF CHANGERY.—In conform-a banner, to be presented by the Wayne Assoity with a resolution adopted in January last, ciation, on the 19th inst. The ceremonies the Chancery of the State of New-York will will take place at Knickerbocker Hall, corner meet on Monday, the first day of March next, Twenty-third street and Eighth avenue.

DIRECTORY OF CHAPTERS, O. U. A. The names of the S. and C. C. of Chapters will be inserted at $2 per annum.

STATE OF NEW-YORK. Wm. W. Osborn, G. S.-Chas. E. Gildersleve, G. C. C. Alpha, No. 1, Saturday, cor. Broadway and Grand street.

Geo. W. Mount, S.--Simeon Baldwin, C. C. Washington, No. 2, Thursday, cor. Grand and Ludlow sts.

F. Fitzpatrick, S.-James A. Travis, C. O. Warren, No. 3, Tuesday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn. Manhattan, No. 4, Thursday, corner Avenue C and 4th st. Lawrence, No. 5, Thursday, cor. 128th street and 3d Av. American, No. 6, Monday, 360 Broadway. Columbia, No. 7, Thursday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts. Putnam, No. 8, Wednesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts. Franklin, No. 9, Friday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts.

T. L. Thornell, S.-J. S. Shelley, C. C. Paulding, No. 10, Tuesday, corner 230 st. and 8th Av. Marion, No. 11, Friday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn. Continental, No. 12, Thursday, 327 Bowery.

E. A. Schermerhorn, S.-Wm. P. Armstrong, C. C. Mount Vernon, No. 13, Wednesday, 149 Bowery. Hancock, No. 14, Wednesday, c. Bleecker and Morton sts.

John Sharkey, S.-Aug't W. Mead, C. C. Liberty, No. 15, Friday, 149 Bowery. Decatur, No. 16, Thursday, cor. Broadway and Grand st. Lexington, No. 17, Monday, Low's Building, Brooklyn. National, No. 18, Tuesday, 149 Bowery, Adams, No. 19, Wednesday, Haverstraw, Ethan Allen, No. 20, Tuesday, c. S. 1st & 4th sts., Wilb'g. Perry, No. 21, Thursday, corner 23d street and 8th Av. Charter Oak, No. 22, Monday, 327 Bowery. Fort Washington, No. 23, Yonkers. Woodhull, No. 24, Wednesday, Jamaica, L, I.

hampe, No. 25, Thursday, corner Grove and Hudson sts. Plymouth, No. 26, Thursday, Court st., near Fulton,Br’kn. Bunker Hill, No. 27, Friday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts. Excelsior, No. 28, Tuesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts. Independence, No. 29, Wednesday, National Hall,

G. L. Haight, S.-Thomas H. Pallister, C. C. Schuyler, No. 30, Friday, 327 Bowery. Westchester, No. 31, Wednesday, at Tarrytown. Savonia, Na, 32, Saturday, Rossville, S. I. Oneida, No. 33, Thursday, 149 Bowery. Worth, No. 34, Wednesday, Astoria, L. I. Jasper, No. 35, Monday, corner Bleecker and Morton sta. Niagara, No. 36 Friday, 149 Bowery

Wm. B. Smith, S.-Edward O. Burling, C. C. American Star, No. 37, Thursday, Ramapo, Rockland co. Magna Charta, No. 3 , Thurs., cor. Court & Sackett, B’n.

William Hunt, S.- George C. Blanke, C C. Zachary Taylor, No. 39, Wednesday, 30 Av., near 58th st.


Tappan, No. 40, Monday, Piermont,
New-York, No. 41, Friday, corner Grove and Hudson sts,
Huguenot, No. 42, Friday, Port Richmond, s. I.
E Pluribus Unum, No. 43, Wed., c. Bowery and Broome sta.
Liberty Tree, No. 44, Friday, Commercial Buildings, Albany.
Union, No. 45, Thursday, Fort Chester.
Ringgold, No. 46, Tuesday, Greensburg, Dobbs' Ferry.
Ironsider, No. 47, Friday, corner Grand and Broadway,
American Eagle, No. 48, Mamaroneck, Wednesday.
Jefferson, No. 49, Tuesday, corner 29th street and 8th Ar.
Oneachta, No. 50, Poughkeepsie, Thursday.
Valley Forge, No. 51, Wednesday, 149 Sixteenth street.
Wayne, No. 52, Tuesday, corner Grove and Hudson sts.
Peekskill, No. 53, Tuesday, Peekskill.
Fort Greene, No. 54, Wed., Granada Hall, Myrtle Av., B'n.

R. D. Hart, S.-A. B. Melville, C. C.
Empire, No. 55, Friday, 187 Bowery.
Star Spangled Banner, No. 56, Wednesday, Albany.
United States, No. 57, 283 Grand Street.
Constitution, No. 58, Smithville, L. I.

John H. Lyon, G. S.-J. B. Cleveland, G. C. C.
Pioneer, No. 1, Friday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.

James R. Sanford, 8.-Henry Babbitt, C. C.
Clark, No. 2, Monday, Rahway.
Nathan Hale, No.3, Thursday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.
Morgan, No. 4, Tuesday, Hoboken.
Jersey Blue, No. 5, Monday, New-Brunswick.
American, No. 6, Tuesday, Franklin Hall, Jersey City,
Washington, No. 7, Wednesday, Orange.
American Eagle, No. 8, Tuesday, Paterson.

Geo. L. Sneden, S.-Andrew Van Bussom, C. C.
Monmouth, No. 9, Thursday, Freehold.
American Flag, No. 10, Tuesday, Morris' Buildings, New'k.
Liberty, No. 11, Wednesday, Bergen,
Columbia, No. 12, Saturday, Madison.
Excelsior, No. 13, Monday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.

Roger Sherman, No.1, Tuesday, Globe Building, N. H.
Putnam, No. , Wednesday, 8. of T. Hall, Middleton.
Mount Vernon, No. 8, Centreville.
Ethan Allen, No. 4, Fairhaven.

Eureka, No. 1,

San Francisco.

Hancock, No. 1, Thursday, 643 Hanover street, Boston.

Alpha, No

Lady Perry, No. 6, Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner

of 29th street and 8th avenue, New-York, No. 7, Wednesday afternoon, corner Lispenard

street and Broadway.

No. 8,

Monday afternova, 2 o'clock, 0. U. A. Hall,
corner Ludlow and Grand streets.
Columbia, No. 2, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner

Hudson and Grove streets.
Lady Washington, No. 3, Monday evening, 7 o'clock,

0. U. A. Hall, corner Ludlow and Grand streets. Lady Putnam, No. 4, Monday evening, 7 o'clock, No. 360

Grand street.
Pocahontas, No. 5, Monday afternoon, 2 ock, Fountain

Hall, 149 Bowery.

La Motte, No. 9, Thursday evening, 7 o'clock, Allen, near

Grand street.
Lady Champe, No. 10, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock,

corner Hudson and Grove sts , Ash and Hall. Liberty Star, No. 1, Newark, New-Jersey, Wednesday

evening, 7 o'clock, Morris' Buildings, Broad st.

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