The Lives of Celebrated Travellers

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H. Colburn and R. Bently, 1831

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Halaman 299 - In amorous ditties, all a summer's day ; While smooth Adonis from his native rock Ran purple to the sea, supposed with blood Of Thammuz yearly wounded : the love-tale Infected Sion's daughters with like heat; Whose wanton passions in the sacred porch Ezekiel saw, when, by the vision led, His eye survey'd the dark idolatries Of alienated Judah.
Halaman 267 - The ascending pile Stood fixed her stately height, and straight the doors, Opening their brazen folds discover, wide Within, her ample spaces o'er the smooth And level pavement ; from the arched roof, Pendent by subtle magic, many a row Of starry lamps and blazing cressets, fed With naphtha and asphaltus, yielded light As from a sky.
Halaman 45 - Nicolo, who seems to have enjoyed a very free access to the chamber of the sovereign, ventured to entreat permission to return home with his family. The khan, however, who, being himself at home, could comprehend nothing of that secret and almost mysterious power by which man is drawn back from the remotest corners of the earth towards the scene of his childhood, and who, perhaps, imagined that gold could confer irresistible charms upon any country, was extremely displeased at the request. He had,...
Halaman 270 - Boy, let yon liquid ruby flow, And bid thy pensive heart be glad, Whate'er the frowning zealots say : Tell them, their Eden cannot show A stream so clear as Rocnabad, A bower so sweet as Mosellay.
Halaman 289 - Holanda captain/ which was the signal for him to draw near and make his obeisances. Accordingly, he crawled on his hands and knees to a place shown him, between the presents ranged in due order on one side, and the place where the Emperor sat on the other ; and there kneeling, he bowed his forehead quite down to the ground, and so crawled backwards, like a crab, without uttering a single word. So mean and short a thing is the audience we have with this mighty monarch.
Halaman 307 - Lebanon ; and are remarkable as well for their own age and largeness, as for those frequent allusions made to them in the word of God. Here are some of them very old, and of a prodigious bulk ; and others younger, of a smaller size.
Halaman 188 - ... with difficulty. The houses are mostly lofty, none I think less than two stories, most of three, and several of five or six, a sight which I now for the first time saw in India. The streets, like those of Chester, are considerably lower than the fround-floors of the houses, which have mostly arched rows in front, with little Shops behind them.
Halaman 121 - Mixed with auxiliar gods ; and what resounds In fable or romance of Uther's son Begirt with British and Armoric knights ; And all who since, baptized or infidel, Jousted in Aspramont, or Montalban, Damasco, or Marocco, or Trebisond, Or whom Biserta sent from Afric shore, When Charlemain with all his peerage fell By Fontarabbia.
Halaman 82 - To prevent this fatal result the in. habitants always carry a lemon about with them, which they squeeze upon the leech, and thus force him to quit his hold. Arriving at length at the Seven Caves, and the Ridge of Alexander, they began to ascend the mountain of Serendib, which, according to the orientals, is one of the highest in the world. Its summit rises above the region of the clouds; for our traveller observes, that when he had ascended it, he beheld those splendid vapours rolling along in masses...
Halaman 204 - ... doubtless a magnificent city. ' Whatever Asia could furnish of barbaric pomp or gorgeous show, was there collected together, and disposed with as much taste as Mogul or Persian art could give birth to. Domes of vast circumference and fantastic swell crowned the summits of the mosques, and towered above the other structures of the city ; palaces, cool, airy, grotesque, with twisted pillars, balustrades of silver, and roofs of fretted gold ; elephants moving their awkward and cumbrous bulk to and...

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