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Halaman 216 - Court; and no civil suit shall be brought before either of said courts against any person by any original process or proceeding in any other district than that whereof he is an inhabitant, but where the jurisdiction is founded only on the fact that the action is between citizens of different states, suit shall be brought only in the district of the residence of either the plaintiff or the defendant...
Halaman 2 - The trustees being ever desirous to promote the peace and prosperity of this seminary, and to give satisfaction to all its worthy benefactors, have taken the above letter into their serious consideration, and perfectly approving the sentiments therein contained, do order the same to be inserted in their books, that it may remain perpetually declaratory of the present wide and excellent plan of this institution, which hath not only met with the approbation of the great and worthy personages above...
Halaman 71 - LIBRARY. 26 thousand volumes, and including nearly every important book on these subjects in the English, French, and Italian languages, published before 1860. This collection has been supplemented by the bequest of the library of the late Henry C. Carey, which includes many later works and pamphlets, and is especially rich in statistical literature, European government reports, and the like. It embraces a collection of about three thousand English pamphlets, formerly Mr. McCalmont's, covering the...

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