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Second Artillery.
Col. Joseph G. Totten,

Col. James Bankhead,
Lieut.-Col. Sylvanus Thayer,

Lieut.-Col. John Erving,
R. E. De Russey,

#Major John Munroe,
#Major John L. Smith,

s " P. H. Galt.
William H. Chase,

Third Artillery.
Richard Delafield,

Col. William Gates,
C. A. Ogden.

Lieut.-Col. F. S. Belton,
Topographical Engineers. $Major John M. Washington,
Col. John J. Abert,

Charles S. Merchant.
Lieut.-Col. James Kearney,

Fourth Artillery.
ŞMajor Stephen H. Long,

Col. J. B. Walbach,
Hartman Bache,

Lieut.-Col. M. M. Payne.
James D. Graham,

Major John L. Gardner,
William Turnbull.

Giles Porter.
Ordnance Department.

First Infantry.
Col. George Talcott,

Col. B. Riley,
Lieut.-Col. Henry K. Craig,

Lieut.-Col. H. Wilson,
ŞMajor Rufus L. Baker,

Major Edgar S. Hawkins,
§ James W. Ripley,

6 Thompson Morris.
John Symington,
William H. Bell.

Second Infantry.
First Dragoons.

*Col. Hugh Brady,
*Col. T. T. Fauntleroy,

Lieut.-Col. W. R. Jouett, #Lieut.-Col. E. V. Sumner,

Major Washington Seawell,

Albert S. Miller.
Major Benjamin L. Beall.
G. A. H. Blake.

Third Infantry.
Second Dragoons.

Col. J. B. Many,
tCol. William S. Harney,

Lieut.-Col. E. A. Hitchcock, Lieut.-Col. Nathan Boone,

§ Major G. A. McCall, ŞMajor Philip St. G, Cooke,

Gouverneur Morris.
Marshall S. Howe.

Fourth Infantry.
Mounted Riflemen.

Col. William Whistler,
*Col. Persifer F. Smith,

Lieut.-Col. B. L. E. Bonneville,
Lieut.-Col. W. W. Loring,

Major Francis Lee,
Major W. F. Sanderson,

† 6 George Wright.
G. B. Crittenden..
First Artillery.

Fifth Infantry.
Col. I. B. Crane,

*Col. G M. Brooke,
Lieut.-Col. L. Whiting,

Lieut.-Col. W. G. Belknap, + Thomas Childs,

§ Major Dixon S. Miles, Justin Dimick.

§ J. J. Abercrombie.

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* Maj. Gen. by brevet. Brig.-Gen. by brevet. Col. by brevet.

S Lieut. Col. by brevet.

Sixth Infantry.

Major Henry Bainbridge,
Col. Newman S. Clarke,

George Andrews.
Lieut.-Col. G. Loomis,

Eighth Infantry.
Major Thomas P. Gwynne, Col. John Garland,
J.J. B. Kingsbury.

Lieut.-Col. Thomas Staniford.
Seventh Infantry.

Major Carlos A. Waite,
Col. M. Arbuckle,

P. Morrison.
Lieut.-Col. Joseph Plympton,

3. Military GEOGRAPHICAL Divisions. The Eastern Division, composed of the 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th Military Departments, comprises the following States: - - Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia ; and the portion of Florida and Wisconsin east of a line drawn from Fond du Lac, Lake Superior, to Cape Sable, Florida.

The Western Division, composed of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Military Departments, is situated within the following limits :

The country west of the line from Fond du Lac to Cape Sable (except Oregon and California), embracing the part of Wisconsin west of said line; Minesota; the States of Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas; the part of Florida west of said line; the Indian country west of the Mississippi River; and the Territory of New Mexico.

The Pacific Division, composed of the 10th and 11th Military Departments, comprises the territories of California and Oregon.

The Head-quarters of the Army are in Washington.
The Head-quarters of the Eastern Division are at Troy, N. Y.
The Head-quarters of the Western Division are at New Orleans, La.
The Head-quarters of the Pacific Division are at Sonoma, Cal.

4. MILITARY GEOGRAPHICAL DEPARTMENTS. No. 1. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

No. 2. Michigan, Wisconsin (east of the line from Fond du Lac to Cape Sable), Ohio, and Indiana. Head-Quarters at Detroit.

No. 3. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

The Head-quarters of Departments No. 1 and 3 are at Troy, New York. No. 4Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and that part of Florida lying within the Eastern Division. Head-quarters at fort Monroe, Va.

No. 5. The portion of Florida within the Western Division, the States of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Headquarters at New Orleans.

No. 6. Wisconsin (west of the line from Fond du Lac to Cape Sable), Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri, above the 37th degree of north latitude. Head-quarters at St. Louis.

No.7. The country west of the Mississippi, south of the 37th degree of north latitude, north of Louisiana and Texas, and east of Department No. 9. Head-quarters at

| Brig. Gea. by brevet.

* Colonel by brevet.

Lieut. Col. by brevet.

No. 8. That part of Texas lying south and east of a line drawn from a point on the Rio Grande, opposite the southernmost limit of the island south of El Paso, containing the towns of San Elizario, Socorra, and Isletta, to the junction of the Ensenada Choctau (Choctaw Creek) with the Colorado or Red River, and down said river to Arkansas. Head-quarters at San Antonio.

No. 9. New Mexico, and the territory north and west of the aforesaid line from the Rio Grande to and down the Colorado or Red River, formerly claimed as a part of New Mexico. Head-quarters at Santa Fé.

No. 10. The Territory of California. Head-quarters at Monterey.
No. 11. The Territory of Oregon.


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Regiment Posts. State or Territory Post-Office. Permanent Commanders

and Corps. Kennebec, Maine,

Augusta, 1 Lt. R. A. Wainright, Ordnance. Watertown, Massachusetts, Watertown, Byt Maj.W.A. Thornton, Ordnance. Champlain, Vermont,

Watervliet, New York, Watervliet, Bvt. Lt. Col. R. L. Baker, Ordnance.

Alleghany, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, Capt. E. Harding,

Ordnance. Frankford,

Frankford, Bvt. M. G. D. Ramsey, Ordnance. Pikesville, Maryland, Pikesville, Capt. L. A. B. Walbach, Ordnance. Washington, Dist. of Columbia, Washington, Bvi. Maj. A. Mordecai, Ordnance. Bellona, Virginia,

Bellona. St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis,

Maj. W. H. Bell,

Ordnance. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Capt. R. H. K. Whiteley, Ordnance. Mount Vernon, Alabama, Mount Vernon, i Lt. A. H. Dearborn, Ordnance. Detroit, Michigan, Dearbonville, Bvt. Capt. F. D. Callen,


Ordnance. North Carolina, North Carolina, Fayetteville, Capt. J. A. J. Bradford, Ordnance. Charleston, South Carolina, Charleston, Byt. Maj. P. V. Hagner,

Ordnance. Apalachicola, Florida,

Chattahoochee. Little Rock, Arkansas, Little Rock, Capt. J. M. Morgan, Ordnance.

6. MILITARY Posts.


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State or Terri

Permanent Com- Regiment and Posts.

Post-Office. tory.


Corps. EASTERN DIVISION. Department No. 1. Fort Sullivan, Maine, Eastport,

Bvt.Lt. Col. M. Burke, 3d artillery. Fort Preble,


Bvt.Maj. R. Anderson, 3d artillery. Fort Constitution, N. Hampshire, Portsmouth, Bvt. Lieut. Col. J. M.

Washington. 3d artillery. Fort Independence, Massachusetts, Boston,

Garrison temporarily withdrawn. Fort Warren, Fort Adams, Rhode Island, Newport,

Col. W. Gates, 3d artillery Fort Wolcott, Fort Trumbull, Connecticut,

New London, Bvt. Col. F. 8. Belton, 3d artillery. Department No. 2. Fort Brady,


Sault Ste. Marie, 1st Lt.T.R.McConnell, 4th infantry. Fort Mackinac,

Mackinac, Bvt. Maj.C.H.Larnard 4th infantry. Fort Gratiot,

Fort Gratiot, Bvt. Maj. B. Alvord, 4th infantry. Detroit Barracks,


Col. W. Whistler, 4th infantry. Fort Howard, Wisconsin,

Green Bay, Bvt. Col. F. Lee, 4th infantry. Department No. 3. Fort Niagara, New York, Youngstown, Bvt. Lt.-Col. R. C. Bu.


4th Infantry. Fort Ontario,


Bvt. Col.

G. Wright, 4th infantry. Madison Barracks,

Sacket's Harbour, Lt. Col. Bonneville,' 4th infantry. Plattsburg Barracks,

Plattsburg, Capt. H. D. Wallen, 4th infantry. West Point,

West Point, Capt. H. Brewerton, Engineers. Fort Columbus,

New York,

Col. J. B. Crane, Ist artillery. Fort Wood, New York har:

Not garrisoned, Fort Hamilton,

Fort Hamilton, Lieut. Col.L. Whiting, 1st artillery. Fort Lafayette,

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1st artillery.

bour, N. Y.

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State or Terri

Regiment and
Post-Office. Permanent Commanders.

Fort Mifflin,
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Byt Lieut. Col. L. B. Web-

1st artillery.

ster, Carlisle Barracks,


Bvt. Lieut.-Col. P. St. G.

Cavalry Depot. Fort McHenry, Maryland, Baltimore,

Bvt. Brig.-Gen. T. Childs, 1st artillery. Fort Washington,

Fort Washington, Bvt. Lieut.-Col. G. Nau-

Ist artillery.
Department No. 4.
Fort Monroe,
Virginia, Old Point Comfort, Bvt. Brig.-Gen. J. Bank-


2d artillery. Fort Johnson, North Carolina, Smithville,

Garrison temporarily withdrawn.
Fort Caswell,
Fort Macon,

Fort Moultrie,
Charleston har-

Lieut.-Col. J Erving

2d artillery. Castle Pinckney,

bour, S. C. Augusta Arsenal, Georgia, Augusta,

Garrison temporarily withdrawn. Oglethorpe Barracks,

Savannah, Fort Marion,

Florida, St. Augustine, WESTERN Division.

Depurtment No. 5. Key Wes!,

Florida, Key West, Bvt Maj. W. W. Morris, 4th artillery. Fort Brooke,

Tampa Bay,

Garrison temporarily withdrawn. Fort Pickens, Fort McRea,

Pensacola, Fort Morgan,

Alabama, Mobile, Fort Pike,

Louisiana, Fort Pike, Fort Wood,

New Orleans, Fort Jackson,

Not garrisoned. New Orleans Barracks.

Bvt. Maj. J. C. Pemberton, 4th artillery. Baton Rouge Barracks, Baton Rouge, Bvt. Maj. J. B. Scott,

4th artillery. vewport Barracks, Kentucky, Newport,

Capt. N. C. Macrae,

Rec'g depot. Department No. 6. Fort Scott, Missouri, Fort Scott,

Bvt. Maj. P.R.Thompson, 1 drag. & 6 inf. Fort Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth, Bvt. Col. E. V. Sumner,

1 drag. & 6 inf. Fort Kearny,

Linden, Mo.

Bvt. Maj. R. H. Chilton, i drag. & 6 inf. Fort Laramie,

Major Sanderson,

Rifles & 6 inf. Jefferson Barracks, Jefferson Barracks, Bvt. Col. J. Plympton,

4th art. & 7 inf. Fort Snelling, Minesota Ter. Fort Snelling, Lieut.-Col. G. Loomis,

1 drag. & 6 inf. Fort Gaines,

Capt. J. B. S. Todd,

6th infantry. Fort on Des Moines River,

Byt. Major S. Voods

6th infantry. Department No. 7. Fort Towson, Arkansas Ter. Fort Towson,

5th infantry.

Capt. Isaac Lynde, Fort Washita,

Bvl. Lieut. Col. D. $. Miles, 5th infantry:

5th infantry. Fort Gibson,

Fort Gibson, Bvt. Brig-Gen. Belknap, Fort on Canadian River,

5th infantry.

Capt. R. B. Marcy,
Department No. 8.
Fort Polk,

Point Isabel,

Garrison temporarily withdrawn. Fort Brown,

Brownville, Major G. Porter, 4th artillery. Ringgold Barracks, Davis Landing,

Bvt. Maj. J. H. Lamotte, 4th art. & 1 inf. Fort McIntosh, Laredo,

2d Lieut. E. L. Viele, Ist infantry. Fort Duncan, Eagle

San Antonio, Bvt. Col. T. Morris, Ist infantry. Pass, Fort Inge,

Bvt. Lieut.-Col. Hardee. 2 drag. & 8 inf. Fort Lincoln, Rio Seco,

Maj. P. Morrison, 2 drag. & 8 inf. San Antonio,

Bvt. Brig.-Gen. J.Garland, 8th infantry: Fort Martin Scott,

Bvt. Col. T. Scaniford,

12 drag. & 8 inf. Fort Croghan, Hamil

Maj. G. A. H. Blake,

2 drag. & 8 inf. ton Creek, Fort Gates, Leon River,

Bvt. Lieut.-Col. Montgom.

8th infantry. Fort Graham, Jose Maria Village,

Bvt. Lieut.-Col. Bomford, 2 drag. & 8 inf. Fort Worth, Trinity River,

Bvt. Major Arnold,

2 drag. & 8 inf. Fort Merrill, Nueces River, Corpus Christi, Bvt. Lieut.-Col. J. J. Aber


1st & 5th inf.

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Texas ,


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State or Terri


Permanent Commanders. Regiment and tory.

Corps. Department No. 9. Fort Marcy, New Mexico, Santa Fé,

Bvt. Col. J. Munroe,

2 art. & 3 inf. Taos,

Bvt Lieut. Col. Beall,

Ist dragoons. Albuquerque,

Maj. M. S. Howe, 2 drag. & 3 inf. Dona Ana,

Bvi Maj. E. Steen,

1 drag & 3 inf. Socorra,

Bvt. Col c. A. May,

2d dragoons. El Paso del Norte,

Bvl. Maj. J. Van Horne, 3d infantry. San Elizario,

Bvt. Maj. W. S. Henry, 3d infantry. Las Vegas,

Bvt. Lieut.-Col. E. B. Al- 3d artillery.


DIVISION. Department No. 10. San Francisco,

California, San Francisco, Capt. E. D. Keyes, 3d artillery. Benicia,


Maj. W. Seawell, 2d infantry. Camp Stanislaus,

Maj. A. S. Miller,

1 drag. & 2 inf. Camp Far West,

Sutter's Fort,
Capt. H. Day,

2d infantry. Monterey,

Monterey, Capt. H. S. Burton, 3d artillery. San Luis Rey,

Bvi. Maj. E H.Fitzgerald, 1st dragoons. San Diego,

San Diego,

Bvi. Maj. Heintzelman, 2d infantry. Department No. 11.* Nesqually, Puget's?

Oregon, Nesqually, Capt. B. H. Hill, 1st artillery Sound, Fort Vancouver,

Vancouver, Bvt. Major Hathaway, 1st artillery. Fort Hall,

Linden, Mo. Bvt. Lieut. Col. Porter, Rifles.
Abstract of the United States Militia, from the Army Register for 1850.


| Total
States For
General Field Com-

sioned Offi-


and what

Staff Officers,

pany sjoned

Officers &c.


cians, Artificers.


cers, & Priv. Maine,


26 95 540 1,659 2,320 42,345 44,665 N. Hampshire 1349 12 54 339 1,118 1,523 26,344 27,867 Massachusetts 1849 7 35

78 357 477 101,304 101,781 Vermont, 1843 12 51


1,088 22,827 23,915 Rhode Island, 1847 6 21 42

9 78 14,068 14,146 Connecticut,

11 38 292


1,324 56,395 57,719 New York, 1849 127 375

5,525 7,783 193,669 201,452 New Jersey, 1829 19 58

435 1,476 1,988 37,183 39,171 Pennsylvania, 1847 55 164

6,054 7,518

268,552 276,070 Delaware, 1827


71 361 447 8,782 9,229
Maryland, 1838 22 67 544 1,763 2,397 44,467 46,864
1849 23 62

5,260 6,746 117,456 124,202 North Carolina 1845 28 133 657 3,449 4,267 75,181 79,448 South Carolina 1843

96 452 2,024 2,591 52,618 55,209 Georgia, 1839 36 98 746 2,212


54,220 57,312 Alabama, 1818 30 187 564 1,382 2,163 42,163 44,331 Louisiana, 1847 10


159 1,168 1,392 42,431 43,823 Mississippi, 1838 15 70 392 348


35,259 36,084 Tennessee, 1840 25 79 859 2,644

3,607 67,645

71,252 Kentucky, 1849 43 155

3,459 4,793 83,836 88,629 Ohio,

1845 91 217 462 1,281 2,051 174,404 176,455 Indiana,

1832 31
110 566 2,154

2,861 51,052 53,913

83,234 Missouri, 1844 45 94 790 2,990 3,919 57,081 61,000 Arkansas, 1843 8

29 310 762 1,109 16,028 17,137 Michigan,

1849 27


373 2,120 2,671 57,346 60,017 Florida,


95 508 620 11,502 12,122 Texas,

1847 15
45 248 940 1,248


Wisconsin, 1848 9
31 212 1,552 1,804

Oregon Ter.,
Minesota Ter.,
D. of Columbia, 1832 1

24 68 96 1,153

1,249 Total,

15,012 | 54,430 72,798 1,804,233 1,960,265


765 2,591

* The other posts in this department are not yet known.

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