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Post Office.


.. Senator..

J, Sutherland A. I. Bennetty. T. Clark, E. Pier, ...... E. Wheeler, .. Wm. E. Smith, 8. C. Bean, J. H. Warren, M. M. Davis, A. Proudfit, L. Hanebett, Daniel Mears, M. L. Kimball, W. H. Tucker, Lovell, F. S. Speaker, Alden, Albert.. Alden, A. B.... Alling, Alexander.. Ayers, A. P....... Baker, James.. Baseinger, 8. H.. Bemis, Kiron w. Belding, H. K.. Berg, F. R.. Billings, Henry M... Brown, W. G... Bracken, Charleg. Burdick, Zebulon Cameron, Ducan E... Cannon, Lucius.. Ca dey, Joseph. Collins, s.... Condit, J. D.. Conklin, E.. Cornwell, A. D Corson, Dighton... Cotzhausen, Alexander. Crandall, D. B. Dean, Charles K. Detmering, C. W. Devaney, D., Duck man, Wm... Dufur, A. J.. Dunn, J. B.. Dyer, E. G..., Earle, J. W... Earnest, James H.. Easton, E... Ellsworth, Orlando. Emery, A. W Field, 8. W. Gault, Frank.. Gibb, J.. Gibbs,. B. F. Gray, H H. Gray, J. B. Griswold, W.M. Hall, J. O... Hamilton, H. C,.. Hanraban, M.. Hawley, o. G. Hay, Samuel M Hayden, John. Hulett, 0. P.. Hitt, H. D.... Holmes, Miles... Irish, George.. Juneau, N. M.. Juneau, Panl. Kenealey, J. Knowlton, James H. Kribs, B. F

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.do.. Member of the Assembly..







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Janesville,.... Roek,
Beloit, ..


Manitowoc, Fond du Lac. Fond du Lac.. Oshkosh,

Winnebago, Fox Lake,

Dodge,.. Lake Mills, ....... Jefferson, Albany,..

Green, Portage City, Columbia, Madison,..

Dane, Plover,

Portage, Oscela Mills,

Polk, Berlin,...

Marquette, La Crosse,

La Crosse,..... Kenosha,

Kenosha, Delafield,

Wankesha,.. Portage city,

Columbia, Saukville,

Ozaukse, Quincy,

Adams, East Troy,..

Walworth, Prairie da Sac, Sauk, Janesville,..

Rock Black Earth, Dane, Milwaukee, ......

Milwaukee,.. Constance,.....

Iowa,.. Skinner,

Green,.... Mineral Point, Lafayetto,.. Janesville,

Rock, Milwaukee,

Milwaukee,... Pepin,.....

Dunn, Wauwatosa

Milwaukee, Yorkville,....)

Racine, Sparta

Monroe, ...... Green Bay,...

Brown, Salem,

Kenosha Milwaukee,

Milwaukee Milwaukee,

Milwaukee Utica,..

Dane,.... Boscobei,

Grant, Newburg,

Washington, Montello,

Marquette, Menasha,

Widzebago, Iola,

Waupacca, Manitowoc, i...

Manitowoc, Burlington..

Racine.... Pardeeville,

Columbia, New Diggings,

La Fayette, Walworth,

Walworth.. Milwaukee,

Milwaukee, Potosi,

Grant,.... Fitchburg,

Dane,.... Pheasant Branch,.. Dane, Oconomowoc, ......

Jefferson. Fox Lake,

Dodge, Darington,

La Fayette, Hudson City,... St. Croix, Columbus..... Columbia,.. Marinette,

Oconto,.. Two Rivers,

Manitowoc..... Good Hope,..

Milwaukee,.... Waukesha,

Waukesba, . Oshkosh,

Winnebago, Milwaukee,

Milwaukee,.... Menominee Falls,...Waukesba,. Oakfield,

.do.... .do.. .do .do.. .do.

.do. .do. .do..

do... .do.... do.... do... do.... do.. do....


Fond du Lac,

Clin ton.



Toland's Prairie, Washington,..

Beaver Dem, Dodge,



do.... do..... do..




Post Office.


Kussow, B. 0. Zastrow. Mason, Z P... Mather, S. W. Millard, Burton. McAllister. W. P.. McCarty, F. McDonnell, A. McKibbon, John McWhorter, Geo. Noble, B. G Northrup, Samuel. Patch, Henry. Pease, Harlow. Prentice, W. H. Prickett, H. E.. Robbins, H.. Roberts, D. Robinson, James. Rodolf, Charles G. Rogan, P. Punals, E. Savage, J. R. Selden, G. W... Sharp, J. W. Smith, George C.. Smith, Perry H... Starke, Wm. H.. Steever. M. Steiner, John. Sterling, Levi. Tuttle, w.S. Van Wie, A. H. Vipton. J. E.... Wagner, Jos. Warren, H.. Webb, W. Weil, P..A... Williams, E. J.. York, A. D....

Member of the Assembly... Cedarburg,.... .do...

Sheboygan, .do....

Markesan, do...

Wausen, do..

Omro, .do...

Foad du Lac.. .do....

Madison,.. .do...

Geneva.. do....

Waukesha. .do

Whitewater .do....

Dellona.. do..

Patch Grove. .do...

Waterloo... .do.

Sheboygan Falls.. .do...

Black River Falls. .do..

Platteville, do....

North Prairie.

Chelton.... .do....

Orion.. do..

Watertown,.. .do..

Ripon.. do....

Springville. .do..

Racine. do....

Door Creek. do..

Ozaukee, Sheboygan... Marquette.. Marathon, Winnebago.. Fond du Lac. Dane... Walworth. Waukesha. Walworth.... Sauk. Grant.. Jefferson. Sheboygan Jackson.... Grant.. Waukesha.... Calumet. Richland, Jefferson. Fond du Lac.. Bad Ax.... Racine.. Dane. Jefferson. Outagamie.. Rock.. Milwaukee. Dodge. Iowa.. Fond du Lac... Sheboygan... Green. Fond du Lac. Racine... Waushara.... Washington.. Dodge.. Grant...........


[blocks in formation]

E. D. Campbell,
F. S. Lovell,
J. L. V. Thomas,
S. H. Lee,
L. H. D. Crane,
E. B. Quiner,...

Oakland. do....

Appleton. .do..


Milwaukee. do..

Woodland.. .do....

Mineral Point. do..

New Fane. do...

Cascade. .do..

Albany .do..

Dotville, .do..


Wautoma.... .do


Hazel Green.



Lt. Gov. and Pres't of Senate.. La Crosse.
Speaker of the Assembly... Kenosha..
Chief Clerk of Senate,

Assistant do...

Chief Clerk of Assembly. Dodgeville..
Assistant do..


Racine... Iowa.. Jefferson.

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AN ACT to legalize the acts of L. E. Town, Town Clerk of the town of

Spring Grove. WHEREAS, L. E. Town was elected Town Clerk of the Declaration.

town of Spring Grove in the county of Green at the annual town meeting in 1857, and failed to file his official bond as required by law: and whereas, upon petition presented to him by the electors of said town, asking him to call a special town meeting for the purpose of raising by tax, money to build a bridge in said town, he did call said meeting to meet at his office when by law it was made his duty to call said meeting, at the place where the last annual town meeting

was held : Therefore, The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Senate

and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The acts of L. E. Town, Town Clerk of Acts of Town the town of Spring Grove, in the county of Green, are Clerk legalized. hereby declared to be as valid and binding as though said clerk had filed his official bond as required by law and called the electors of said town to meet at the place where the last town meeting in said town was held.

§ 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved January 27th, 1858.



AN ACT to extend the time for the payment of taxes and assessments in

the city of Milwaukee. The People of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Sen

ate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Sale of lands SECTION 1. The sale of lands now unsold in the city of for taxes post- Milwaukee, by the Treasurer of said city, upon

which poned,

the taxes or assessments levied for the year 1857 are now unpaid, be and the same is hereby postponed till the first Monday of June, 1858.

§ 2. On said first Monday of June, the Treasurer of Treasarers duties in relation said city shall commence the sale of lands upon which to sale of lands the taxes or assessments levied under the charter of for taxes.

said city shall not have been paid, and shall continue the sale from day to day until the sale shall be completed. Such sale, and all subsequent acts and proceedings, shall be conducted by the Treasurer as now required by the charter of said city, as near as may be consistently with this act, and all sales so made, and the certificates of sale made in pursuance thereof, shall have the same validity and effect as if such sale had taken place at the time and manner now prescribed by

the city charter. Further duties

$ 3. Between the first and second Monday of June of Treasurer. next, the City Treasurer shall make return to the County

Treasurer, as now required by law, the time for making such return being hereby extended as in this section specified, and the County Treasurer upon receiving such returns shall proceed, conformably to existing laws, to collect the taxes so returned by the City Treasurer as unpaid, and on the first Monday of July next, shall proceed to sell all lands upon which the taxes, so returned as unpaid, shall remain unpaid, and shall continue such sale from day to day until the sale shall be completed, and all sales so made, and the certificates of sales made in pursuance thereof, shall have the same effect and validity as if made at the time and in the manner now

required by law. The term land, § 4. The word lands used in this act shall be conto apply to all

strued to include tracts divided into lots and blocks, or other subdivisions, as well as tracts not so divided, and

all buildings and other improvements thereon. Term of office

§ 5. The term of office of the present City Treasurer of Treasurer of Milwaukee is hereby continued and extended to the extended.

first Monday of August next, at which time the Treas

divisions of.

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