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to Milwaukee

urer elected at the next charter election shall enter upon the duties of his office, and the present Treasurer shall give such new bonds as the Common Council may direct.

$ 6. The act entitled, “an act to authorize the Act of March extension of time for the collection of taxes in certain 1, 1856, to apply cases," approved March 1st, 1856, shall apply to the city. city of Milwaukee.

$ 7. This act shall in no way operate to extend the time limited for the payment of State tax by the Treasurer of Milwaukee county.

$ 8. This act shall take effect from and after its publication.

Approved January 29th, 1858.


AN ACT for the relief of School District Number One, in the town of Wau

sau, in the county of Marathon. The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Senate

and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of the Clerk of Duty of Clerk School District Number One, in the town of Wausau, of School Disin the county of Marathon, or in his absence, either of trict No. 1. the other oficers of the district, to call a special meeting of the voters of the said district, by giving at least six days notice thereof, said meeting shall be held at the usual place of holding the annual district meetings of said district, and the object of the meeting shall be stated in such notice, and shall be given in the usual manner of giving notice for annual district meetings.

§ 2. The legal voters of said district when assem- Voters to have bled at said meeting, may decide by vote, in the usual power to manner, whether a tax of two thousand dollars (more or less) voted to be raised at the last annual meeting of said district, shall be rescinded or not. If it shall be decided by a majority of the voters present at said district, at said meeting, that the said tax shall be raised, the town treasurer of said town of Wausau, upon receiving a certificate of a majority of the district board of said school district, that such a vote has been passed, is hereby required to refund to all persons who


CHAPTER 4. have paid said tax or any part thereof, the several sums

so paid, and in like funds.

$ 3. This act shall take effect and he in force from and after its passage.

Approved January 29, 1858.


AN ACT to amend an act entitled, An act to incorporate the city of Madison.
The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in Senate

and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. On the first Monday of April in each Common Coun. cil to elect cer- year, or within ten days thereafter, the Common Coun.tain officers. cil shall elect one Assessor, one Superintendent of streets,

and two members of the Board of Education, and shall from time to time, fill such vacancies as may occur in any of said officers : and so much of section four of an act entitled, “an act to incorporate the village of Madi. son into a seperate school district," as provides for the election of members of the Board of Education, or Directors of said school district on the first Monday of

February of each year is hereby repealed.
Assessors duty. § 2. The Assessor so elected, shall assess all the tax.
Compensation, able pioperty of the city of Madison as required by law,

without regard to wards, and shall complete and return
his assessment roll to the Common Council on or before
the first Monday of July in each year. During the last
week of the month of June in each year, the assessor shall
attend at the Common Council chamber for the purpose
of hearing the complaint of persons who may feel them-
selves aggrieved by such assessment, and shall make
such alterations and amendments thereto, as justice
equity may require. The Assessor shall receive for his
services such compensation as the Common Council
shall determine, not exceeding three dollars per day
for the time actually employed in making such assess-

ment. Superintendent $ 3. The Superintendent of streets shall have a genof streets—du-eral supervision of all streets, and shall let all contracts

for work upon the same, except collecting and expending the poll-tax, but shall not contract for work not previously ordered by the Common Council, The Council may order such work on the streets as shall appear


ty of.


to be


without regard to wards or ward lines. In CHAPTER 4. collecting and expending the poll-tax, it shall not be necessary for the street commissioners of the several wards, to let such work by contract. The Superintendent of streets shall receive such compensation as the Common Council shall allow, not exceeding two dollars per day for the time actually employed in discharging the duties of his office.

§ 4. No side walk shall be ordered to be constructed Sidewalks. or re-constructed of different materials, except on petition of a majority of the resident owners of lots or grounds on the street, or part of street, where the same is to be built; and no order issued in payment for the construction of side walks, shall be received in payment of any tax but side walk taxes. The words "resident owners" used in this section, shall be construed to mean residents of the city of Madison.

§ 5. At the time and in the manner provided by Taxes, when & the city charter, the Common Council shall have power for what purto levy a tax upon the assessment roll, equal in amount levied. to the interest for one year, not otherwise provided for, upon all bonds lawfully issued by the city of Madison, together with a sum for general city purposes, not exceeding eight thousand dollars in any one year; and shall also levy the amount of money required for the current and contingent expenses of the common schools of the city, not exceeding six thousand dollars in any one year.

The Common Council may also levy a special tax not exceeding four thousand dollars in any one year, for the erection of a school house or houses, when the Board of Education shall require the same, and no such special tax shall be used or applied for any other purpose

whatever. No city order of any kind, shall be received in payment of any school or school house tax, but the same shall be paid in money or in the orders of the Board of Education, and shall be paid over by the city treasurer to the treasurer of said board upon the order of the chairman and clerk thereof. The city shall contract no debts, nor shall any city order be issued in any one year, exceeding the resources of the city for that year applicable to the payment of the same.

$ 6. All accounts or demands against the city or City orders. Board of Education before the same shall be acted

upon or paid, shall be verified by affidavit, except salaries and amounts previously fixed, or determined by law; and any person who shall falsely swear to any such ac


CHAPTER 4 count or demand, shall be deemed guilty of perjury.

No interest shall hereafter be allowed or paid on any city order whatever. No money shall be appropriated and drawn out of the city treasury, except in payment of accounts or demands previously passed upon and al

lowed by the Common Council. Common Council, penalty for

§ 7. Every member of the Common Council of the violating char-city of Madison, who shall " directly or indirectly" vote

to himself, or “knowingly,” to any other person any sum of money for any purpose whatever in violation of the city charter, or any amendment thereto, or who shall ask or receive any compensation for doing any official act, except as a member of the county Board of Supervisors, or who shall be directly or indirectly interested in any contract made with," or on behalf of,” the city; and any member of said Council, city Treasurer, or person acting as Treasurer, who shall directly or indirectly purchase or be interested in the purchase of any city order or city indebtedness for less than the full amount thereof, and every member of the Board of Ed. ucation who shall directly or indirectly purchase any order or indebtedness of said Board for less than the face thereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor in office, and may be prosecuted either by indictment, or by complaint before the Police Justice or any Justice of the Peace having jurisdiciion, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by fine not exceeding one hundred dollars nor less than twenty dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not more than “one hundred,” nor less than “twenty” days or both, at the

discretion of the Court. General provi- § 8. No member of the Common Council shall be

elected or appointed to any office “Of public trust or profit," agency or place by the Council. The President of the Council, as acting Mayor, shall sign no order, warrant, or other proceeding whatever, which the Mayor has refused to sign, and communicated such refusal to the Council. Neither the Common Council or the Board of Education shall sell, or authorize the sale of any city order, or order of said Board, for the purpose of raising money, or the payment of any debt,

for less than the amount expressed upon the face thereof. Superintendent $ 9. In the month of April, A. D. 1859, and every of schools elect- year thereafter, the Board of Education shall elect a ed by Board. Superintendent of schools, who shall hold his office for

one year, and until his successor is elected and quali




fied. No such Superintendent, nor shall any teacher, CHAPTER 4. “employed in any of the public schools in said city," be interested in, or act as agent for the sale of any books, maps, or charts used in said schools.

§ 10. În all cases where an action might be brought Suits prosecuby the city of Madison against any person, company ted by electors or corporation, such action may be commenced and prosecuted in the name of the city, by any elector of said city, Provided, That before any person other than the proper officers of said city shall prosecute any such action, the person or persons so commencing shall enter into bonds with sufficient sureties to the opposite party, to be approved by the judge or justice before whom such action shall be brought, conditioned, that he or they will pay all costs that might be recorded against the city in such action. After the filing of such bond, with the papers in the case, such action shall not be discontinued or defeated by the city, nor shall the city be liable for any costs on account of such action, but such costs, when the action shall fail, may be recovered against the party commencing the same, upon bond filed as aforesaid.

§ 11. ` All persons who shall have been residents of Qualification of the State for one year next preceeding any election in the city of Madison, and "shall have been citizens of the United States, or who shall have declared their intentions to become such, shall be deemed qualified electors provided they are residents of said city for thirty days next preceeding day of such election," and in the ward where he offers his vote ten days.

$ 12. The Mayor may appoint a Chief of Police, Mayor to ap, which appointment shall be approved by the Council point chief and before he shall enter upon the duties of his appointment, lice. and whose compensation shall not exceed one dollar and fifty cents per day, to be determined by thə Council. The Mayor may also appoint as many special or tempo. rary police on election days, or other public or unusual occasions, as he may think proper, but no such special or temporary police shall be paid any compensation for his services ont of the city treasury. The Common Council may by ordinance prescribe the powers and duties of police and other peace officers of the city.

$ 13. All revenues or income arising from the City Revenue of city Hall shall, and the same are hereby irrevocably pledged, hall pledged. for the year, A. D. 1859 and thereafter, for the pay- . ment of interest of any bonds lawfully issued by the

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