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Rooms 250-258, State House, Boston

The Bureau is organized into four permanent divisions: (1) the Labor Division, engaged in the collection and tabulation of Statistics of Strikes and Lockouts, Changes in Rates of Wages and Hours of Labor, Trade Union Statistics, and other data relative to the condition of labor in the Commonwealth; (2) the Manufactures Division, which collects and tabulates Statistics of Manufactures; (3) the Municipal Division, which collects and tabulates Statistics of Municipal Finances; (4) the Free Employment Offices Division, embracing the administration of the State Free Employment Offices, of which there are three, located respectively at 8 Kneeland Street, Boston; 24 Bridge Street, Springfield; and in the Bradford-Durfee Textile School Building, Fall River. During the period of taking and compiling the Censús a fifth, the Census Division, is organized.

The functions of the Bureau and the duties of the Director are summarized in Sections 1 and 3 of Chapter 371 of the Acts of 1909, entitled An Act to Provide for a Bureau of Statistics," as follows:

SECTION 1. There shall be a Bureau of Statistics, the duties of which shall be to collect, assort, arrange, and publish statistical information relative to the commercial, industrial, social, educational, and sanitary condition of the people, the productive industries of the Commonwealth, and the financial affairs of the cities and towns; to establish and maintain free employment offices as provided for by chapter four hundred and thirty-five of the acts of the year nineteen hundred and six and amendments thereof; and to take the decennial census of the Commonwealth required by the Constitution and present the results thereof in such manner as the General Court may determine.


SECTION 3. The director of the Bureau of Statistics shall annually on or before the third Wednesday in January submit to the General Court a statement summarizing the work of the bureau during the preceding year, and shall make therein such recommendations as he may deem proper. He shall also prepare annually, for distribution as public documents, a report on the statistics of labor, which shall embody statistical and other information relating especially to labor affairs in the Commonwealth; a report on the statistics of manufactures, to be gathered as hereinafter more particularly provided for; a report on the financial statistics of the cities and towns of the Commonwealth, to be gathered as hereinafter more particularly provided for; and a report covering the work of the free employment offices. . . . The director may also publish, at such intervals as he deems expedient, bulletins or special reports relative to industrial or economic matters and munioipal affairs.

For a list of the publications of the Bureau see pages 3 and 4 of this cover.




(ISSUED ANNUALLY.) Containing: Tabular presentations showing the Cost of Municipal Government in Mas. sachusetts; Summarized Statement of All Receipts and Payments for the 354 Cities and Towns of the Commonwealth; Tabular Presentation of Municipal Indebtedness Compared with Assessors' Valuations; Statement of the Public Debt (itemized according to purpose of creation) and of the Sinking Funds for the 354 Citles and Towns of the Com. monwealth; together with Analysis Tables and a Glossary of Classifications and Terms intended to promote uniformity in accounting and presentation of municipal reports.

The first annual report on the Compara- April 1, 1907, 18 issued in paper and cloth. tive Financial Statistics of Massachusetts The paper edition will be mailed on receipt Cities and Towns for the financial year of 11 cents to cover cost of mailing. ending between November 30, 1906, and


(ISSUED ANNUALLY.) Free employment ofices are maintained relative to the work of the offices, and will under the jurisdiction of this Bureau in be sent on receipt of 5 cents each to cover Boston, Springfield, and Fall River,

the cost of malling. The reports are issued The annual reports contain numerous in January of each year, the first one covstatistical tables and descriptive matter ering the year ending Nov. 30, 1907.

V. THE LABOR BULLETIN. The Bulletin contains a large variety of interesting and pertinent matter on the Social and Industrial Condition of the Workingman, Summaries of Court Decisions affecting labor, etc. Some of the leading articles in recent issues are enumerated below. We can supply copies of Numbers 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29 to 36, 39 to 51, 53 to 58, 60, 62 to 68, and 70. They will be forwarded upon receipt of 5 cents each to cover the cost of mailing.

No, 57, February, 1908, The Unem- A Memorial - The State of Employment ployment Situation in Massachusetts - Re- in the Organized Industries, December 31, cent Cases under the Canadian Industrial 1908 -- Immigrant Aliens Destined for Disputes Investigation Act.

Massachusetts, 1899–1908 - Employers' AsNo. 58, March-April, 1908. Labor sociations, 1909 - Labor Legislation in the Legislation in the United States, 1907 — Mas. United States, 1908. sachusetts Labor Legislation, 1907 - Legal No. 64, May, 1909, The State of EmHours of Labor in the United States - Com- ployment in the Organized Industries, parative Surveys of "Labor Legislation. March 31, 1909.

No. 60, June-July, 1908. Labor No. 65, July, 1909. The Relief of Legislation in Massachusetts, 1908 - Index Tuberculosis in the Industries of Massaof Bills Relating to Labor Acted upon at chusetts. the Legislative Session of 1908 - The Re. No. 66, Augast, 1909. The State of duction in Wages in Fall River - The Employment in the Organia 1 Industries, Building Trades Department of the Ameri. June 30, 1909. can Federation of Labor - Magazine Arti. No, 67, September, 1909. Labor cles on Labor Topics, 1907.

Laws of Massachusetts. No. 62, January, 1909. The State No. 68, October, 1909. Directory of of Employment in the Organized Indus Labor Organizations in Massachusetts, 1909. tries - Recent Decisions of Massachusetts No. 70. December, 1909, Labor InCourts -- Recent Foreign Labor Legislation. junctions in Massachusetts.

No, 63, April, 1909. Carroll D. Wright:

VI. THE DECENNIAL CENSUS. The Decennial Census of the Commonwealth for 1905 is published complete in four volumes and is distributed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, to whom application must be made.

Vol. I. POPULATION AND SOCIAL STA- Vol. III. MANUFACTURES AND TRADE; TISTICS; 981 pages. (Now Ready.) It will 362 pages. (Now ready.) It will be sent on be sent on receipt of 35 cents to prepay receipt of 20 cents to prepay carriage. carriage.


DELINQUENT CLASSES; It will be sent on receipt of 25 cents to about 1,000 pages. It will be sent on receipt prepay carriage. of 30 cents to prepay carriage. (In prep. aration.)




This bureau now issues four separate annual reports relating respectively to:

The Statistics of Labor (Pub. Doc. 15).
The Statistics of Manufactures (Pub. Doc. 36).
The Comparative Financial Statistics of Massachu-

setts Cities and Towns (Pub. Doc. 79).
The State Free Employment Offices (Pub. Doc. 80).

Besides these annual publications the Bureau issues “The Labor Bulletin " at intervals during the year. It also publishes the Decennial Census of the Commonwealth; this work for 1905 is to be completed in four volumes aggregating about 3,000 pages.


r Individuals who 80 desire will be placed upon this list and will be notified of the issue of each publication in advance; and the same will then be mailed upon receipt of an amount sufficient to prepay postage.

Current or back numbers of reports or publications listed below will be mailed upon the receipt of the amount indicated or will be sent by express at the charge of the applicant.


(ISSUED ANNUALLY.) Publication began in 1870 but all volumes previous to 1887 (except 1879) are ont of print; also the reports for the years 1890, 1895, 1902, and 1904. The volumes which remain in print are listed below, the figures in parentheses indicating the amount necessary to cover the cost of mailing.

1879 (10 c.); 1887 (12 c.); 1888 (10 c.); 1900 (25 c.); 1901 (12 c.); 1903 (15 c.); 1889 (20 c.); 1891 (20 c.); 1892 (15 c.); 1905 (20 c.); 1906 (20 c.); 1907 (20 c.); 1893 (15 C.); 1894 (12 c.); 1896 (15 c.); 1908 (12 c.). 1897 (15 c.); 1898 (20 c.); 1899 (10 c.);


(ISSUED ANNUALLY.) Publication began in 1886. The reports for 1904, 1905, and 1906 were fesued as parts of the annual report on the Statistics of Labor, but, beginning with the year 1907, it was restored to the Public Document series and issued as a separate report.

The volumea are nearly all In print and are noted below, the figures in parentheses indi. cating the amount necessary to cover the cost of mailing. 1886-7 (7 c.); 1888 (9 c.); 1889 (11 c.);

(paper bound only - 5 c.); 1905 (paper 1890 (13 c.); 1891 (11 c.); 1992 (16 c.);

bound only -5 c.); 1906 (paper bound only 1893 (14 c.); 1894 (12 c.); 1895 (15 c.);

-5c.); 1907 (6 c.); 1908 (7c.). 1996 (10 c.); 1897 (10 c.); 1898 (15 c.),

The reports for the years 1907 and 1908 contains also & historical review on the

can be supplied in paper edition, the cost Textile Industries in Massachusetts; 1899

of mailing each being 5 cents. (10 c.); 1900 (9 e.); 1902 (8 c.); 1994

(Continued on page 4 of cover.)

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