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CHAPTER I.--Proposed treatment of the work.- Etymology of the name California. -Lower or

Old California. -Grixalva and Mendoza. -First discovery.--Expeditions of Cortez.-Cabrillo.--

Ferrelo.-Drake.--Drake's description of the natives. -Bodega and San Francisco Bays.-Sir

Francis Drake's Bay.-Captain Thomas Cavendish.--Captain Woodes Rogers. His description

of the natives. — The English buccaneering expeditions along the west coasts of the Americas.-

Political reasons why the Spanish Government strenuously prosecuted the discovery and settle-

ment of California. ........

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CHAPTER 11.- Expeditions of Viscaino.---Admiral Otondo and Father Kino.-- First settlement, and

introduction of the priest role in the Californias-Failure and withdrawal of the first missions.

-Renewed attempts to make settlements.-Father Salva-Tierra and his coadjutors. - Final estab-

lishment of the Jesuits in the country.-Geographical discoveries of Father Kino.—Jesnits ex-

pelled and superseded by Franciscan Friars; these, in turn, by the Dominican Monks.- Population

and physical character of Old or Lower California


CHAPTER III.--First settlement of New or Upper California by Franciscan Monks.—Supposed

earliest discovery of San Francisco Bay.-Origin of the name.- Establishment of a Mission and

Presidio there, and ceremonies on the occasion. -Gradual establishment of Missions and Presidios

over the country.—List of these, and population of some at various dates. The gente de razon

and the bestias, or the rational creatures and beasts of the country.--Causes why free white set-

tlers few in number.-Character of the natives as given by Venegas, and other writers.-Progress

and apparent destiny of the Anglo-Saxons on the Pacific...


CHAPTER IV.-Conduct of the Fathers towards the natives.—Their mode of instructing, employ.

ing and subsisting the converts - The Fathers do not appear to have promoted the true welfare

of the aborigines, or done any good to humanity.--Pictures, if gaudily colored and horrible in .

subject, great aids to conversion.- Missions and population of the country at recent dates.-

Table on this subject.—Tables of the farm produce and domestic cattle of the country.- Table of

prices ...


CHAPTER V.-Pious Fund of California. --General description of the Missions.- Patriarchal kind

of life of the Fathers.-Reflections on the subject.-General description of the Presidios, Castillos, "

and their garrisons, and of the free Pueblos and Ranchios


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CHAPTER VIII.—The Hounds. -Election of Supreme Jndge, delegates to convention and mu-

nicipal officers.-- Alcalde's address to the Ayuntamiento.-Duties of prefects. The prison brig

Euphemia and store-ship Apollo.-Churches. -Regulations and appointments of the Ayunta-


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CHAPTER XVII.-The sixth great fire.-Destruction of old buildings.-Execution by the Vigi-

lance Committee of Stuart, Whittaker and McKenzie.-County and city elections. — The Vigi-

lance Committee suspend operations.-Wells & Co. suspend payment.-Opening of the Jenny

Lind Theatre.— The American Theatre opened. --Shipping in San Francisco Bay.-Ball of the

Monumental Fire Company.-Indian disturbances and volunteer military companies.-Severe


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CHAPTER XXV.--Russ's garden. - The German population.-May-day celebration by school-chil-

dren.-Burning of the Rassette House.--- Mountain Lake Water Company.-General Stato Hospi-

tal.-Drinking houses.--Clipper ships and short passages.- Military parade and celebration of 4th

of July.-Dedication of the First Congregational Church.--St. Mary's (Catholic) Church.-Unita-

rian Church. --Seamen's Bethel.--Squatter difficulties. --Store-ships burned.--Strikes by mechan-

ies and laborers for higher wages.-Anniversary of the German Turnverein.-City and county

election. -- Lafayette Hook and Ladder Company organized. — The French inhabitants. -Sweeney

& Baugh's electric telegraph...


CHAPTER XXVI.-Important legal decision of the Supreme Court confirming Alcaldes' grants. -

Burning of the St. Francis Hotel.-Opening of the telegraph communication to Marysville. - Lone

Mountain Cemetery.---Anniversary of the day of St. Francis. — The Mission Dolores. – The Span-

ish races in California. - The Custom House Block.–The steamship Winfield Scott wrecked. -

Election of officers of the Fire Department.— The Sonorian Filibusters.-Opening of the Metro-

politan Theatre.—Great sales of water lots.- Montgomery block.....


CHAPTER XXVII.---Numbers and description of the population of the State.- Amount of gold

produced from California mines.-San Francisco as related to California.- Population of San

Francisco.--City improvements.--Commercial statistics.....

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