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Act to alter the time for meeting of Congress, 206.

for giving effect to the several acts therein mentioned, in re-

spect to the State of Rhode Island, 384.

providing for the enumeration of the inhabitants of the Uni-

ted States, 430.

to establish a uniform rule of naturalization, 430. .

to accept a session of the claims of North Carolina to a certain

· district of Western territory, 430.

to promote the useful arts, 430.

to encourage learning by securing copy-rights, 430.

to prescribe the manner in which public records, &c., in each

State, shall be authenticated, 430.

providing the means of intercourse between the United States

and Foreign Nations, 431.

to establish the temporary and permanent Seat of Govern-

ment of the United States, 431.

to sell the Barracks in Lancaster, 325.

for establishing a Light-house, 418.

to regulate trade and treaties with the Indians, and for hold-

ing treaties, 415.

regulating of seamen, 415.

to enable officers and soldiers of the Virginia line to obtain

titles for lands between Miame and Sciote rivers, 433.

to alter the time to hold Circuit Courts, 433.

to regulate the Military establishment, 424.

Arms, public ones repaired, 14.

Address presented to His Excellency the President of the United

States, 25, 57.

· from George Washington, 59.

Abolition of slavery in Pennsylvania, 38, 210.

Attainted traitors, land sold, 26, 540.

resolution in Council relative to a general par.

don of, 528.

Auctioneer for Philadelphia elected, 36.

additional unes appointed, 313.
Annuities of widows & children of soldiers, touching, 140.

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Fort FREELAND, in Northumberland county, 130.

Fort Bird, in Western Pennsylvania, 223, 280.
Franklin John, a State prisoner, '421.
Frankstown, road from to Loyalbanning creek, 256, 437.
Franklin Benjamin, his portrait presented by his executors, &c.,

Fines remitted that had been imposed, 461, 518, 520, 522, 528,

538, 540, 542, 544, 547.

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ILLUMINATIONS of windows in Philadelphia, suggested not to be,


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