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statutes at £arge,


Twelfth Year of Queen Anne,


Fifth Year of King George I.


DANBY PICKERING, of Gray's Inn, Esq;

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Twelfth Year of Queen Anne,


Fifth Year of King George L

To which is prefixed,

A TABLE containing the TITLES of all the STATUTES

during that Period.


By DANBY PICKERING, of Gray's-Inn, Efq}
Reader of the Law Lecture to that Honourable Society.

Printed by JOSEPH BENTHAM, Printer to the UNI VERS IT Y4
for CHARLES BATHURST, at the Cross-Keys, opposite St,Dunstan's
Church in Fleet-Street, London. 1764.




Containing the Titles of all (it from the Twelfth Year of Year of Ring G E o R G E I.

12 Anna. Stat. i. Gap. i. T?OR granting an aid to Jl her Majesty, to be raised by a land tax in Great Britain, for the service of the year 1713. Cap. 2. For granting to her Majesty, duties upon malt, mum, cyder and perry, for the service of the year 1713, and for making forth duplicates of lottery tickets lost, burnt or destroyed j and for enlarging the time for adjusting claims in several lottery-acts; and to punish the counterfeiting or forging of lottery-orders; and for explaining a late act in relation to stamp-duties on customary estates, which pass by deed and copy. Cap. 3. To revive and continue the act for taking, examining and stating the publick accounts of the kingdom; and also to continue the act for appointing commissioners to take, examine and determine the debts due to the army, transportservice, and.sick and wounded. Cap. 4. For making inclosures of softie part of the common-grounds, in the Weft-riding of the county of York) for the endowing poor vicarages, and chapelries, for the better support of their ministers. Cap. 5. To explain a clause in an act of the last session of parliament, intituled, An aft for the more effectual preventing fraudulent conveyances, in order to multiply votes for elefting knights off])ires to serve in parliaments as far as the fame jelates to the asVol. XIIL

h Acts as are extant in print, Queen Anne, to the Fifth

certaining the value of freeholds of 40 s. per annum. Cap. 6. For the better regulating the elections of members to serve in parliament for that part of Great Britain called Scotland. Cap. 7. For the more effectual preventing and punishing robberies that shall be committed in houses. Cap. 8. For raising the militia fotfthe year 1713, although the month's pay formerly advanced be not repaid.

Cap. 9. For continuing an act made in the third and fourth years of the reign of her present Majesty, intituled, An aft for encouraging the importation of navalfores from her Majesty's plantations in America; and for encouraging the importation of naval stores from that part of Great Britain called Scotland, to that part of Great Britain called England. Cap. 10. For continuing the acts therein mentioned, for preventing theft and rapine upon the northern borders of England. Cap. 11. To raise 1,200,000 /.for publick uses, by circulating a further sum in Exchequer- bills; and for enabling her Majesty to raise 500, 00b/. oa the revenues appointed for the uses osher civil government, to be applied for or towards payment of such debts and arrears Owing to her servants, tradesmen and others, as are therein mentioned. Cap. 12. For the better regulating the forces to be continued in her a Majesty's

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