Reliquię Hearnianę: the remains of Thomas Hearne, extracts from his MS. diaries, collected with a few notes by P. Bliss. [Proofs of sheets [A] E, H-R, T-X, Aa, Bb, Dd-Gg, Ii-Nn, Pp. 3R with corrections by the editor, and letters from him to J.H. Markland, &c., inserted. The proofs of sheets E and Ii are each in 2 states].

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Halaman 274 - He set a Fox to wright how martyrs runne By death to lyfe. Fox ventured paynes and health To give them light ; Daye spent in print his wealth.
Halaman 276 - Dinton in a cave under ground, had been a man of tolerable wealth, was looked upon as a pretty good scholar, and of no contemptible parts. Upon the Restoration he grew melancholy, betook himself to a recluse life, made all his other...
Halaman 260 - Hand, to serve and assist the side which he engages in; yet when the event of battel, and the unaccountable Will of God has determined the controversie, and that we have submitted to the conditions of the Conqueror, we must lay down our Pens as well as Arms, we must march out of our Cause it self, and dismantle that, as well as our Towns and Castles, of all the Works and Fortifications of Wit and Reason by which we defended it.
Halaman 158 - ... anything contrary to the doctrine or discipline of the Church of England; and, moreover, we...
Halaman 290 - Epigrams, wherein are briefly touched so many Abuses that may and ought to be put away...
Halaman 163 - For my own part, I take myself bound to worship with body as well as in soul, whenever I come where God is worshipped. And were this kingdom such as would allow no Holy Table standing in its proper place, (and such places some there are,) yet I would worship God when I came into His house. And were the times such, as should beat down churches, and all the ' curious carved work thereof, with axes and hammers,
Halaman 200 - As he was a Man of very great Learning, so he was withall modest, humble, and wonderfull communicative, of indefatigable Industry, and of more than ordinary curiosity in discovering and preserving the Writings of learned Men, especially those of our own Countrey, which is much indebted to him for the Lives of divers of them, as well as for several other usefull and good Books.
Halaman 100 - ... it was at last bought by the soldiers and officers of the then army in Ireland, who, out of emulation to the former noble action of Queen Elizabeth's army, were incited by some men of public spirit to the like performance, and they had it for much less than the real worth, or what had been offered for it before by the agents above-mentioned.
Halaman 177 - Though the writer of these memorials be not at all given to superstition, and does not very easily give credit to the great number of instances that are given in miscellaneous discourses of dreams, yet he cannot but here observe two considerable accidents that happened to himself. The night in which the fire broke out- at Exeter college...
Halaman 239 - Giflard told us last night," says Hearne, " when several of us were in company, all honest men, that the young king was in England when the present Queen, as she is styled, his sister, was crowned, and he further says that the Queen kissed him at that time, he being present at the coronation. This is a great secret.

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