Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, with a mem. of the author, ed. by W. Hazlitt, Halaman 108

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Halaman 368 - The example of the Roman pontiff was preceded or imitated by a Florentine merchant, who governed the republic without arms and without a title. Cosmo of Medicis was the father of a line of princes, whose name and age are almost synonymous with the restoration of learning: his credit was ennobled into fame; his riches were dedicated to the service of mankind ; he corresponded at once with Cairo and London : and a cargo of Indian spices and Greek books was often imported in the same vessel.
Halaman 418 - 1 popol tuo l' ha in sommo della bocca. Molti rifiutan lo comune incarco ; Ma '1 popol tuo sollecito risponde Senza chiamare, e grida: Io mi sobbarco. Or ti fa' lieta, che tu hai ben onde, Tu ricca, tu con pace, tu con senno : S' io dico ver, l
Halaman 136 - Midst woods obscure, and native glooms were found. 'Midst woods and glooms, whose tangled brakes around Once Venus sorrowing traced, as all forlorn She sought Adonis, when a lurking thorn Deep on her foot impress'd an impious wound.
Halaman 150 - Who spoke, — from ocean's stores sweet waters came, And burst resplendent forth the heaven-aspiring flame. One general song of praise arise To him whose goodness ceaseless flows ; Who dwells enthroned beyond the skies, And life and breath on all bestows ! Great Source of intellect, his ear Benign receives our vows sincere : Rise, then, my active powers, your task fulfil, And give to him your praise, responsive to my will! Partaker...
Halaman 96 - ... wounded himself deeply in the thigh. The priests who had undertaken the murder of Lorenzo were not equally successful. An ill-directed blow from Maffei, which was aimed at the throat, but took place behind the neck, rather roused him to his defence than disabled him.
Halaman 8 - Medici, Cosmo supported and increased the family dignity. His conduct was uniformly marked by urbanity and kindness to the superior ranks of his fellow-citizens, and by a constant attention to the interests and wants of the lower class, whom he relieved with unbounded generosity.
Halaman 234 - ... of your youth, and of our situation in the world. The first thing that I would therefore suggest to you is, that you ought to be grateful to God, and continually to recollect that it is not through your merits, your prudence , or your solicitude, that this event has taken place, but through his favour, which you can only repay by a pious, chaste, and exemplary life; and that your obligations to the performance of these duties are so much the greater, as in your early years you have given some...
Halaman 187 - Petrarca, the offspring of that solitude in which he delighted, are lasting monuments of his industry and his talents. Yet his style is harsh, and scarcely bears the character of Latinity. His writings are, indeed, full of thought, but defective in expression, and display the marks of labour without the polish of elegance...
Halaman 139 - Non già così la mia bella catena Stringe il mio cor gentil, pien di dolcezza : Di tre nodi composta lieto il mena Con le sue mani ; il primo fe bellezza, La pietà l...
Halaman 7 - that 1 have lived the time prescribed me. I die content; leaving you, my sons, in affluence and in health, and in such a station, that whilst you follow my example, you may live in your native place honoured and respected. Nothing affords me more pleasure than the reflection that my conduct has not given offence to any one; but that, on the contrary, I have endeavoured to serve all persons to the best of my abilities. I advise you to do the same.

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