Kingsconnell, Volume 3

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Halaman 236 - And you, the foremost o' them a', Shall ride our forest queen' But aye she loot the tears down fa' For Jock of Hazeldean, The kirk was deck'd at morning-tide, The tapers glimmer'd fair; The priest and bridegroom wait the bride, And dame and knight are there, They sought her baith by bower and ha'; The ladie was not seen! She's o'er the Border and awa
Halaman 1 - I KNOW a maiden fair to see, Take care ! She can both false and friendly be, Beware ! Beware ! Trust her not. She is fooling thee ! She has two eyes, so soft and brown, Take care ! She gives a side-glance and looks down, Beware ! Beware ! Trust her not, She ifl fooling thee ! And she has hair of a golden hue, Take care ! And what she says, it is not true, Beware ! Beware ! Trunt her not, She is fooling thee ! She has a bosom as white as snow, Take care ! She knows how much it is best to show.
Halaman 403 - From darkness, here, and dreariness We ask not full repose, Only be Thou at hand, to bless Our trial hour of woes. Is not the pilgrim's toil o'erpaid By the clear rill and palmy shade ? And see we not, up Earth's dark glade, The gate of Heaven unclose ? THE EPIPHANY.
Halaman 64 - The cloud shadows of midnight possess their own repose, For the weary winds are silent, or the moon is in the deep: Some respite to its turbulence unresting ocean knows ; Whatever moves, or toils, or grieves, hath its appointed sleep. Thou in the grave shalt...
Halaman 224 - And we also bless thy holy Name for all thy servants departed this life in thy faith and fear; beseeching thee to give us grace so to follow their good examples, that with them we may be partakers of thy heavenly kingdom: Grant this, O Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, our only Mediator and Advocate.
Halaman 96 - The end is the proof of the matter. When the sun shines, this earth pleases; but let us look towards that eventide and the cool of the day, when the Lord of the vineyard will walk amid the trees...
Halaman 237 - A sudden thrill, a startling thought, A feeling many a year forgot, Now like a dream anew recurring, As if again in every vein Her mother's milk was stirring.
Halaman 141 - WHEN mirth is full and free, Some sudden gloom shall be ; When haughty power mounts high, The Watcher's axe is nigh. All growth has bound ; when greatest found, It hastes to die.
Halaman 401 - It is a sorry amends, that death allows us to give utterance to that admiration, which, so long as its object was living, delicacy commanded us to suppress. A better consolation lies in the thought, that, blessed as it is to have friends on earth, it is still more blessed to have friends in heaven. But in truth through the whole of this work I have been holding converse with him who was once the partner in it, as he was in all my thoughts and feelings, from the earliest dawn of both. He too is gone....
Halaman 158 - Ritter, treue Schwesterliebe Widmet Euch dies Herz, Fordert keine andre Liebe, Denn es macht mir Schmerz. Ruhig mag ich Euch erscheinen, Ruhig gehen sehn; Eurer Augen stilles Weinen Kann ich nicht verstehn.

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