Presbyterianism in the Colonies: With Special Reference to the Principles and Influence of the Free Church of Scotland

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Macniven & Wallace, 1900 - 341 halaman

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Halaman 68 - Aneiteum, for twenty-four years. He laboured amidst many trials for the good of the people, taught many to read, many to work, and some to be teachers. He was esteemed by the natives, beloved by his fellow-labourer, the Rev. John Inglis, and honoured by the missionaries in the New Hebrides, and by the Churches. When he landed in 1848 there were no Christians here, and when he left in 1872 there were no heathen.
Halaman 56 - Church by one archbishop, and eight bishops ; and the Presbyterian Church of Canada, in connection with the Church of Scotland, by annual synods, presided over by moderators.
Halaman 239 - HERE we suffer grief and pain; Here we meet to part again; In heaven we part no more.
Halaman 51 - June 1875, when the Presbyterian Church of Canada in connection with the Church of Scotland, the Canada Presbyterian Church, the Church of the Maritime Provinces in connection with the Church of Scotland...
Halaman 226 - This is a good man ; here is nothing for me;" but when his master came to the prayer of the publican, " God be merciful to me a sinner...
Halaman 49 - That the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Mediator, is invested with universal sovereignty, and is, therefore, King of nations, and that all men, in every capacity and relation, are bound to obey His will as revealed in His word ; and particularly, that the civil magistrate (including in that term, all who are in any way concerned in the legislative or administrative action of the State), is bound to regulate his official procedure, as well as his personal conduct, by the revealed will of Christ.
Halaman 180 - 2. That in adopting these standards, this Church is not to be held as countenancing persecuting or intolerant principles, or any denial or invasion of the rights of private judgment. " 3. That, by Christ's appointment, the Church is spiritually independent, and is not subject, in its own province, and in the administration of its own affairs, to the jurisdiction or authoritative interference of the civil power.
Halaman 258 - Sabbath ; they saved their money in order to do good ; 7000 rix-dollars (^1400 currency) the non-commissioned officers and privates gave for books, societies, and the support of the gospel — a sum perhaps unparalleled in any other corps in the world, given in the short space of seventeen or eighteen months. Their example had a general good effect on both the colonists and heathen. How they may act as to religion in other parts is known to God ; but if ever apostolic days were revived in modern...
Halaman 53 - The Directory for the Public Worship of God." Its relations to other Churches were thus defined : — • 1. This Church cherishes Christian affection towards the whole Church of God, and desires to hold fraternal intercourse with it in its several branches as opportunity offers. 2. This Church shall, under such terms and regulations as may from time to time be agreed on, receive ministers and probationers from other Churches, and especially from Churches holding the same doctrine, government, and...
Halaman 53 - Church ; the larger and Shorter Catechisms shall be adopted by the Church, and appointed to be used for the instruction of the people ; it being distinctly understood that nothing contained in the aforesaid Confession or Catechisms, regarding the power and duty of the Civil Magistrate, shall be held to sanction any principles or views inconsistent with full liberty of conscience in matters of religion, 3.

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