The Quarterly Publication of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Volume 4-6

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University of Cincinnati Press, 1911

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Halaman 65 - An act to enable the people of the eastern division of the territory North-west of the river Ohio to form a constitution and state government, and for the admission of such state into the union on an equal footing with the original states and for other purposes.
Halaman 48 - Territory," and which provided that said territory should be divided into "townships of six miles square, by lines running due north and south, and others crossing them at right angles
Halaman 53 - An Act authorizing the grant and conveyance of certain lands to John Cleves Symmes, and his associates.
Halaman 58 - It is hereby declared, that one complete township or tract of land, of six miles square, to be located with the approbation of the governor for the time being, of the territory northwest of the river Ohio, and in the manner, and within the term of five years...
Halaman 49 - Not more than two complete townships to be given perpetually for the purposes of a University, to be laid off by the purchaser or purchasers, as near the center as may be, so that the same shall be of good land, to be applied to the intended object by the legislature of the State.
Halaman 49 - University to be nearly as possible in the Centre of the first million and half of Acres we shall pay for ; for to fix it in the Centre of the proposed purchase, might too long defer the establishment. When the second payment is made the purchasers shall receive a deed for as great a quantity of land as a Million of dollars will pay for, at the price agreed on. After...
Halaman 35 - Smith, or bearer, pursuant to the provisions of an Act of the Legislature of this State, entitled an act to provide for the improvement of the internal navigation of this State, approved febx I4th 1823.
Halaman 7 - ... exclusive intent and purpose of erecting and establishing therein an academy and other public schools and seminaries of learning, and endowing and supporting the same, and to and for no other use, intent or purpose whatever.
Halaman 66 - Agreeably to the provisions contained in the above recited act Jacob White and William Ludlow, two of the commissioners appointed by the act, having met and been first duly sworn as the law directed, proceeded to the duties of their appointment and on the first ; day of September in the year 1803 located in the name of the state of Ohio, with the register of the United States land office at Cincinnati, so much of township numbered Five, in the first range of township east of the Meridian line drawn...
Halaman 28 - All things are changed, the rich have become poor, and the poor distrust, one universal state of embarrassment exists; tis want, and fear and prosecution and suspicion and terror and dismay and bankruptcy and pauperism on all sides and on all hands.

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