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PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES. Including Accounts of all Improvements relating to the Agriculture, the Commerce, the

Economy, the rolice, &c. of every part of the Kingdom ; with Notices of eminent Marrages, and of all the Deaths recorded in the Provincial Prints: to which are added, Biograpbical Anecdoies of remarkable and distinguished Cbaracters.



NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. cava'ry. At Chilton, aged 87, Mrs. El. RodIN the course of the last 12 months, 814 pa- dam, fifter of admiral R.- At Lorbottlefteads,

tients were discharged cured, and ui aged 35, Mr. R. Snowdon, deservedly eftecmlievod, from the charitible inftitution of Bam- ed for his justice and generosity.–

-At Rothbury, borough castle, for the relief of fick and lame aged 75, Mr. T. Bell : by his application to poor. During the same period, 51 pregnant mercantile business he had acquired a confidepour women have been also delivered at their rai le fortune, with great integrity of characier.own houses, at the expence of that laudable in- At ditto, Dr. W. Wilson, of eminent abilities utitution.

and extensive practice in the medical profesion. The Rev. Mr. Wallis has lately left the -At Wreighill, Mr. J. Wadc; an affluent annual donation of one guinea, for the best farmer, and of lingu'r humanity to the unforcrop of potatoes, the cl anett fallow, ,&c. to tunate. -At Walls End, Mr. J. Curry.-M. claimants in a certain diftriét, in the vicinity of W. M. Johnson, of Norton, Duham.-At Seaton.

Stella, Mrs. Eddington, wife of Mr. E. jun. Soine gentlemen of Newcastle lately appear- CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. 1 ed or the stage of the theatre there, for the Married.] At Carlisle, G. Loth, esq. of laudable purpose of affifting the lying-in hospital, Newcastle upon Tync, to Miss Wilkinson. and the charity for the relief of poor married wo- Mr. J. Mitchel to Miss M. Denkin. Mr. R. men lying-in at their own houses; inftitutions Holm, of Holm Park, to‘Miss Rawlinson, of which for some time past have been in a declin- Nibthwat. At Newby, Westmoreland, Mr. ing state.

J. Beetham, of Towfet, to Miss A. Smith. At The number of French emigrant clergy at Morland, Westmoreland, the Rev. Mr. Smith Newcastle, &c. amounts to nearly 200 : they to Miss Comp'in. Mr. J. Osborne, of Egrepre all of Normandy, and mofily of the diocese mont, to Miis C. Sieel, of Carlton. At Bampof Coutances. Permanent lodgings for about 50 ton Grange, Mr J. Tinkler, of Bomby. to Miss of the number have been provided, and a tem- M. Jaques. At Whitehaven, Mr. G. Nutsford porary shelter has been also fitted up for the to Miss M. Rogers, of Winscales, near Worrimainder.

kington. Ditto, Mr. Gilpin to Mifs M. Mairs. At a late meeting of deputy lieutenants and Mr. Wiggen, , of Whitehaven, Miss magiftrates, &c. at Merpeih, a number of plans Marshall of Parton. At Appleby, Capt. Kiwere suggeited for raising corps of volunteer in- ner, of the Navy, to Miss Wilson fantry, cavalry, pioneers, &c. which were una- Died.] –At Whitehaven, aged 22, Miss M. nimoully rejeéted. The prop. sal of a general Williamion. Aged 29, Mr. T. Wyley. Aged county inecting, recommended by the lord 43, Mr. J. Perry. Aged 80, Mr.T. Braithwaite. lieutenant, was also negatived, leit resolutions Mr. C. Dargie. Mrs. Moslop. Aged 67, Mrs. might be adopted, &c. hostile to the minister. M. Wilkinson. Aged 67, Mr.S.M. Cormick. The idea of invation was treated by the meet- Aged 52, Mrs. Geor, Menner, wife of Dr. G. iug as a groundless topic of alarm.

At Carlisle, aged 22, Mrs. J. Blow. Aged 86, Married.] At Stockton, Mr. T. Robson, Mrs. Howard. At Kendal, Mrs. Coulthwaite. jun. of Darlington, to Miss E. Stephenson. Dirto, aged 74, Mrs. B. Fenton. Ditto, Mr. Mr. Wright to Miss Moat. Mr. I. Jefferson J. Wilson. At Workington, aged 45, Mr. J. to Mrs. Plumber. At Broomhill, Mr. Gat- Crosby, schoolmaster. Aged 69, Mrs. M. tinger to Miss R. Frazer, of Findlock. 1. ). Longcake. Near Keswick, aged 72, Mrs. Al. Atherton, efq. of Wotton Hall, Lancashire, to lason. The Rev. Mr. Smith, vicar of Millom. Miss Mitford, of Mitford Castle, Northumber. At Parfonby, aged 74, Mrs. A. Wilkinson. land. Mr. J. Bower, of Fawdon, to Miss Mr. J. Atkinson, of Cragg, near Penrith. At Clark. Lieut. Humble, of the Northumber- Corney, aged 68, Mr. J. Borrowdale. At land Militia, to Mrs. Martin, of St. Osyth, Haselhead, aged 103, Mř. T. Jackson. At Erex.

Heads, Mr. J. Cartner. At Know, near LongDied.) At Newcastle, Mrs. M. Elcoat, ge- town, agud 89, Mr. Storey. At Bagshall, nerally respected for a faithful lervitude of 30 Kirklington, aged 47, Mrs. J. Dawes, one of years in one family. Mrs. Edington. Mrs. the people called Quakers. At High (reby, Middlemas. Aged 35, Mrs. Rob.on. Mr. aged 74, Mr. J. Armitrong. Mr. J. Lonsdale, D. Culwell, near Durliam, aged 51.

Mr. of Haslington. Mr. S. Crowc. At N. Shields, aged 19, Mr.

YORKSHIRE. al. Gillespie. -Mr. D. Fawkus, of Hope.-G. In architectural , improvements, embellishHubback, esq. of Coopen.- At Durham, sud- ments, &c. the city of York is in a situation denly, while dancing at the assembly, Sir W. by no means enviable. It is to be withed that Dick, bari, major of the M. Lothian fencible this great and ancient city had kepr pace in 3



Yorkshire Lancashire,

973 these respects with the other cities and county- nections. Mrs. Hotham. At Hull, aged 63, towns, &c. in the kingdom, or, at least, that S. Spyvee, esq. Mrs. Savage Mr. T. Wharshe would now begin to copy their example. ton. Capt. R Boyle. Mrs. Wheeler. Mr.

The lowlands and carrs, in a considerable F. Wride. At She field, Mr. M. Spencer. track or country, including the parishes of Mrs. Newton. Mr. S. Bramhall Aged 90, Beverley, Hutton-Cranswick, Cottingham, Mr. Bywell, of Thoralby. Mr. Wheelhouse, of Hull, Kirkella, &c. are about to be effectually Welherby. At Patrington, Miss E. Featherdrained, and improved.

stone. At Scarboroug!, Mrs. Howard. At In an aviary, at South Cave, are seven par- Doncaster, Mr. Oldfield and Mr. Revell. tridges, the plumage of four of which is of the Preston, Holderness, Mrs. Young. At Gomolt beautiful milk-white, without a single mersal, Mrs. L. Knowles. At Huddersfield, brown feather ; the remaining three are pied. Mr. J. Booth. At Bradford, Mr. J. Cromack. They were taken lately in a net, and do not Mr. M. Morvil, of Bingley. At Richmond, appear to suffer from their confinement.

Lady Wood. At Barnsley, Mr. Gill and Mrs. Seventeen vessels were employed last season Walker. At Seamer, Mr. J. Musham. The from the port of Hull alone, in the Greenland Rev. R. Powley, rector of Sellay, near Thırsk. whale fithery. The total aggregate of their At Rippon, Mrs. Grimstone. At N. Malton, cargoes amounted to 125 fith, and 12,640 seal's. aged 36, Mr. C. Wilson : of an amiable dispoThis success is unprecedented.

sition, and uniform in the practice of the social Murried.] –At York, I. Lawson, M. D. to and religious duties. Aged 66, Mr. W. Cass, Mrs. Birminghan. Mr. G. Pavrin, of London, of Brompton. Al Thorpack, Mr. Holland. to Miss Gledhill.-Rer. Mr. Vickers, of Dum- At Lendall

, aged 85, Mrs. Rodwell. At Harfries, to Miss H. Atkinson.-M. I. Phillips to rowgate, Dr, T. Hut hinson, fincereiy regretted. Miss S. Abbey, of Marston.- At Sheffield,

LANCASHIRE. Mr. R. Taylor to Miss S. Grabb. Mr. R. Jel- Liverpool, Dec. 3.-A singular circumstance fop to Miss Beely. At Leeds, Mr. B. Chap- occurred lately to a vertel just arrived here from man to Miss Reeder.--Mr. Jackson to Miss the West Indies.--On the passage the was Atkinson.--Mr. W. Shvarwood, of Rounding, struck by a fish, whose horn or beak perforated near L. to Miss Hardy, of Snaith.--At Hull, the bottom, through a found three-inch oak Mr. T. Dowson to Miss Margrave.--R. D. plank--About five inches of this instrument Salisbury, esq. of Leeds, to Miss C. Staniforth. broke !hort off and lodged in a timber, which it -Mr. W. B. Morris to Miss R. Lamb.-At {plit in such a manner, as to admit a confiderBristall, Mr. Relifford to Miss Jackson. At able quantity of water ;--it was even found Bradford, Mr. C. Lowe to Miss Fuslinga, of necessary to keep one pump constantly going Taurenbay, Saxony.--Mr. W. Kettlewell, till the vessel arrived at the nearest port, whiof Pately Bridge, to Miss E. Kaberry.--At ther the was obliged to bear. Burlington, Mr. Littledale to Miss Bond Ar An artist, at Blackburn, has made proposals Tickhill, the Rev. P. Parnell to Miss Pashley. to the Board of Admiralty, to complete a - At Doncaster, Mr. 1. Clark to Miss E. Bra- machine or apparatus, for the purpose of dedy.---Mr. Wilkinson, of Broomhouse, to Miss scending into deup water, &c.-An experiment Bariow, of rickhill.---At Pickering, Mr. W. was lately made with this machine and its Harriton to Miss S. Bacon ---Mr. Savage, of appendage, near Blackburn, when the artist Selby, to Miss Caís, of Bishop Burton.---At descended into a pit fome fathoms deep of Seampstun, the rev. G Wyld, of Speen, Berks, water, and remain-d at the bottom upwards of to Miss M. Calcraft.-. E. Robinson, efq. of an hour.cOn his ascension, he brought up a Thorpe Green, to Miss Metcalf.---A. T. aumber of articles which had been previously Spence, esq. of Rippon, to Miss Swales, of thrown into the pit for the purpose; he also Hopperton.---Mr. Carter, steward of Sir T. maintained a conversation with some confidenGascoyne, to Mrs. Kilman, of Aberford. tial persons who accompanied him, during the

Died.] At York, aged 70, Mr. J. Champ- time of his remaining in the pit. ney.---Mrs. M. Bouchitr.---Mr. Mouk.---Mrs. The works on the car al from Burton to Dodsworth.--- T'he Rev. J. Ogle, chaplain to Preston, by Lancalter, Gariting, &c. are pro.. the 6th regiment of foot.---Mrs. Hardisty.--- ceeding with fuch rapidity, that it will be comMrs. Taylor. Within a fortn ght Col. T. has pleted in the course of the ensuing fum.mir. been bereaved of his lady and two sons. At Leeds, A new manutactory of pottery on a very exMrs. Joy. Mr. T. Hardcastle. Mr. B. Han- tensive establithment, and promising conliderson. Miss Moore. · Mrs. Purtor. Mrs. Ran- able advantage to the town, &c. has been lately dall, of a truly religious character, an affcction:te set up in Liverpool

. relation, and a real friend. Mr. W. Wefter- Marrien.]-A L verpool, Mr. J. Forster to

Mrs. Ray, aged 80. Mrs. S. Baxter. Miss L. John'on. Mr. T. Hallows to wirs. R. Mrs.Walker, of Knaresborough. Mr. J. Bussy, Pearcy. Mr. J. Taylor, of Bruim 8.', to Miss of Burton, N. America: Aattering were his pro- M. Bondman, of Didsbury. Mr. I. Williamı spects in life, and his patt succeites extraordin fon to Mrs. Palmer. Nir. J Robin 'n to Miss nary ; suddenly, however, we behold him cut Wright. At Manchester, Mr. T. Ruth worth ofi, in the bloom of manhood, while in a foreign to Mrs. Oidham. ivir. T. W. Dennison, of and, and functy fro.n his deareit earthly con- Liverpool, to Miss Hyde. Mr. Sharp, attorney,


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to Miss N. Milne. Mr. J. Wilkinfon, of Afte

LINCOLNSHIRE. les, to Miss Winte bottom, of Salford. Married.]—At Gainsboru', Capt J. Brook M'arrington, N. Milner, esą of Moor, in to Miss Pinker, of Stockwith. W. W. Bolton, Chethire, to Miss Cauley. Mr. R. Cliff, of esq.of Hull, to Miss Smith. Mr. Preston, of Dolton, to Miss Worral, of Warrigion. M. Sleaford, to Miss Mowbray, of Grantham. Hemmett, of Hodder Place, to Nils Thornber, Died.] At Lincoln, aged 72, Mr. G. Cooke, of Blackburn. At Gloffop, Mr. A. Carrington, an honest man, and a fincere Chinian. At of Chapel-le-Frith, to Miss Bradbury, of Stack- Grantham, L. Town, eiq. Mrs. Thurlman, of house. At Marsden, Mr. W. Davenport to Horbling. Mr. R. Smith, jun. of Billing boro'. Mr. Miss Haigh. At Blackburn, Mr. T. Búlton to Alborn, and Mr. J. Dawson, of Sleaford. Aged Miss J. Sharples. Mr. W. Livesay, aged 77, 24, Mr. F. Roadley, of Gainsboro'. Mr. A, to Mis. A. Johnson, aged 83. This venerable Gilbert, master of the free school at Misterton. pair advanced to the altar of Hymen with as Mr. Maffam, of Ryal, near Stamford. great alacrity as if they had been in their teens. Glentworth, Miss L. Baffet. At Stamford, At Liverpool, Mr. P. Monks to Miís S. Wile aged 93, Mr. T. Lyon. Mrs. Northton. kinson. Mr. W. Holden to Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Revell, of Boston. Died.] At Manchester, Mr. J. Buckley.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Mrs. Brookes. Mrs. Pimltt. Mr. T. Beta The members of the loyal societies of Nottingley. Mr. Barker. Mrs. Elienthorp. Mr. T. ham, have published their determination to Willoughby. Mrs. Dawson. Mr. W. More- arm against civil commotion or foreign invasion.

Mr. J. Richardson. Near M. the rev. Their declaration notices Many dark and Dr. Barker, of Bakewell. At Blackburn, aged dangerous conferences being held in several paris of 54, Mrs. Haworth. Mrs. Howard, of Hatters- thout rown !!! ley. Mr. J. Lord, of Kearsey, Mr. W. Married.] At Mansfield, Mr. J. Darlow ta Royley, of "Barlow, near Didsbury. Mr. P. MIiss Giffard. Mr. W. Holding, of Mansfield, Mayern, of Hanging Ditch. At Crumpfull, to Miss Sutton, of Nuncham. Mifs Purra!l. At Lancaster, Mr. Buiner, Died.) At Nottingham, Mr. H. Green, al. printer, and J. Hued, csq, Collector of the derman. J. Kelshaw, gent. Mr. Beardsley. Excise. At Preston, Mrs. Stapleton. Mr. Mis. Wakeman. Lieut. M'Gregor. Mr, Bent. Mrs. Crane. Mrs. Eaitham. At Illingworth. Mrs. Crolland. At Long Eatan, Ormskirk, aged 93, Mrs. M. Blundell. At Mr. J. Wilson. Mrs Rose, of Snelton. A Woodplumpton, Mrs. Worthington, wife of Holne Pierrepont, Miss J. A. Beckwith. At the rev, Mr. W. At Newton in the Willows, Wilford, Mr. S. Cheetham. At Mansfield, Mr. Lord, of Rochdalc. Mr. R. Charlton, of Mrs. Leavers. At Newthorp, Mrs. Caunt. Ardwick. At M. Loogdendale, aged 94, At Retford, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Wagstaff. At Chorley, aged 94, Mrs.

DERBYSHIRE. Rainsford. At Liverpool, Mrs. Banner. Mrs. Latcly were difcovered. in a garden, under Huddlestone. The lady of C. Tarleton, esq. ground, near Chesterfield, forty-two pistols and Mrs. D. M'Clure. Aged 24, Mr. R. Berry. twelve swords, with saddles, bridles, &c.; the Mr. W. Wood, attorney. Mrs. Williams. Aged swords are remarkably large, and the pistol-bar. 74; Mrs. Dawson. Miss Topping. Mr. M. rels fourteen inches long. The make and Sarp. Mr. R. Coupland. Mrs. D. Nicholson. fashion of these articles are evidently of the Ayed 70, Mrs. M. Cotton. Aged 23, Mr. J. highett antiquity; they are however in a state Huddlestone. Mr. Rhodes. At Prescot, Miss much corroded and decayed. Waring. Mr. K. Hodgkinson, juftly endeared Married.]--At Derby, Mr. Evans to Miss to his friends, by the goodness of his heart, and Rose. At Heage, Mr. J. Woolley to Mifs the slavicy of his manners. At Bolton, G. Argyle. At Duffield, Mr. R. Whitworth to Hargrave, esq. of Hallingden. Mr. G. Mac- Miss Slater. Mr. Alsop to Miss Plant. At wright. At Lymm, Mrs. Withers. Mr. J. Chapel in the Frith, Mr. Newbold, of ManchesLonidale, of Hallingden. Al New Church, ter, to Mi's Griffith. At Sutton cum DuckRofiendale, Mrs. Taylo:.

mant 1, Mr. Fletcher, of Shiregreen, York. CHESHIRE.

shire, to Miss Kirk. At Alhbourn, Mr. W, The inhabitants of Chester resolved, in a late Warren to Miss Walker. meet ng, to discourage the circulation of base Died.] At Chesterfield, Mr. A. Brown. copper penny-pieces, &c. and to permit only Mrs. M. Lee, of Chapel in the Frith.

At Al Paris Niine h.Ifp: nce to pass in the city, in ad-freetoir, aged 67, J. Alzey, esq. of Newcastle dition to the current legal coin.

upon Tyne. Married. ]-At Cheftur, Mr. R. Barclay,

SHROPSHIRE. of Mench, tu Miss Brown; and Mr. G. Cooke to Married. 1-Mr. Morris, of Bridgeporth, to MIG Daniels. At Malpas, Mr. J. Becket to Miss E. Davenport, of Burlton Giove. Miss Barrow. At Pl mítone, Mr. F. Parker, Moreton Sca, the rev. J. Churton to Miss of Liverpool, to Miss Edmonton, of B. Traf- Holland. At Ofwestry, T. L. Jones, efz. to ford. Mr. S. Meacock, of Stanny Hall, to Miss Gibbons. Mr. Prislick, of Polmer, so Mits Bennet, of L. Netton.

Miss Weaver, of Upper Shelvefield. Ai LudDied] At Congleton, the rev. T. Rowbottam, low, Mr. J. Jones to Miss M. Baker. Mr.


minifter. At Chester, aged 91, A. Lewis to Miss George, of Lyerwich Mr. Denton, M.D. distinguished by the purity of Cortes to Miss Griffiths. Mr. Owen to Mi's his life, and the sanctity of his manners. Ingram.



1796.] Stafford ... Leicester ... Cambridge.

Warwick, &c. 915

Died.} - At Shrewsbury, Mr. T. Briscoe. temperance, and industry ; she bequeathed an Mrs. Salisbury, of Oswestry. At Wellington, annual stipend, and divers charities, to the puoc aged 98, Mr. T. Wright, of Muxon wood. At of Cambridge. Aged 26, Miss S. Holland. Leominster, T. Proctor, efq. bailiff of that bo- Aged 21, Mrs. Nutt r: the wa; suddenly rough. Aged 63, Mr. I. Wyke. Mr. J. Ellef- seized with a fit, and reprived of her 1. nses, mere, of Haughmond Abbey. Mr. R. Satter, which she never recovered. At Hilfton, aged of Battlefield. At Chirk Castle, R. Middle- 95, Mr. R. Taylor.. At Ely, J. Waddington, ton, esq. M.P. for Denbigh. At Ludlow, Mrs. efq. a justice of the peace for the county. Leak,

At a recent exhibition of wild beasts at Staf-

By desire of the clergy, magistrates, churchford, a young womon incautiously venturing too

wardens and parish officers, &c. of Birmingham, near them, a tyger caught hold of a child the

a meeting was lately called of the inhabitants, had in her arms, and lacerated its face in a hor

to deliberate on the properes measures to be rid manner;

it was not without difficulty that adopted, for insuring a BETTER OBSERVATION the child was extricated from his claws.

OF THE SABBATH-DAY in that town and According to a recent regulation, a number neighbourhood. of MARKET Boats have been lately esta

Married.]-At Warwick, Mr. W. Janks, of blished on the Staffordíhire and Worcestershire Stourton, to Miss A. Salloway, of Gornal. At canal, for the purpose of conveying goods, &c.

Afton, Mr. J. Gardiner to Miss S. Barns, both to and from the warehouses on its banks, and

of Birmingham Mr. Cooper to Miss Garnett. the adjoining parts of the country.

Mr. J. Birch to Miss S. Lloyd, both of BirmingMarried.] At Bilston, Mr. B. Heath to Mrs.

ham. At Birmingham, Mr. G. Burrish to Mits Seal: the bride had just passed through a tedi. Archer. Mr. J. Elews, of Illington, near Birous Widowhood of three weeks daration !

mingham, to Miss M. Onions, of Dudley. Mr. Died.]-At Stafford, aged 23, Mrs. Salt. Robinson, attorn-y, of Dudley, to Miss Wood, At Newcattie, Mr. T Swinnerton.

of Whilton. At Dawley, Mr. Reeves to Miss LEICESTERSHIRE.

M. Roden, of Bridgenorth. Mr. Goodhall 10 The proprietors of the Leicestershire canal

Miss Bentley, buth of Yoxhall. At Edgebaftun, have, very justly, announced their intentions to

Mr. Crane, jun. to Miss Cop“, both of Bir

Mr. Sumner, of Wooton, to Miss apply to parliament for authority to increase the mingham sonnage rates upon the navigation.

Wheeler, of Upper Shernall. Mr. W. Perkins, The corporation of Leicester have patriotically The rev. C. Price, of Brofely, to Miss S.

of Coventry, to Mi's S. Weston, of Canley. contributed the sum of 20col. towards abiliing government in railing the supplies for the entu- Simpson. At Wolverhampion, Mr. T. Wilson ng year. A very laudable example, which de

to Miss A. Pearson, of Hilton. Mr. T. Parker, serves general imitation.

of Menden Heath, to Mi's Boston, of Hampton The works on the Ashby de la Zouch canal

in Arden. Mr. J Cotton to Miss E. Bolton, are in a forward state, the most difficult parts of Marlow, president of St. John's College, Oxon,

both of Knowle. At Rugby, the rev. Dr. the undertaking, particularly the funnel at Snarestone, being already completed; when

to Miss Clare. navigable, river boats of forty tons burthen may

Died ]-At Warwick, aged 46, Mrs. Miller. fail upon the same.

At Birmingham, Mr. S. Moulds.

Mr. J. PepMirried.] At Leicester, Mr. Miles to Miss

loe. Mrs. Mountford. Mrs. A. Staer. Mr. Ellis. Mr. Linwood, of Canonbury, Middle

G. Webb. Mr. G Brothers.

At Coventry, fex, to Miss Bird, late of Loughborough. Mr. Mrs. Scotton, a Quaker Aged 97, Mrs GardăLucas to Miss: Cobley. Mr. Fewkes to Miss

Aged 76, Mr. G Warner : during a long Pinder . Mr. J. Driver

, of M. Harborough, life, he was never backward to distribute, cheerco Miss Atkins. Aļ Snareston, Mr. R. Mar- fully, a liberal handfull to the poor and needy. shall to Miss Vernon. At Hinckley, Mr. T.

Mrs. Hill, of the Hoo, near Kidderminster : a Bray to Miss Needham.

small point of fui ze piercing her thumb, brought Died.)--At Leicester, Mr. Nicholson, cio

on an inflammation and fever, of which the thier

. Mr. Whittle, a respectable framesmith. died J. Allen, efq of the Ryd. Mr. MalAged 79, Mr. Black. Mr. Wald, lin. of low, of Darlafton. At Wolverhampton, Mrs. Hog's Norton. At C. Donnington, aged 76,

Villiers. Mrs. Challenger. Mr. J. Steward. Mrs. H. Green. At Ashby de la Zouch, re

At Kidderminster, Mrs. Crump. Aged 65, spected and lamented, Mrs. Simpson. Mifs

Mr. W. Medl.y, of Ainsted. At Handsworth, Savcrland, of Clay brook : a young lady of rare

Mrs. Walter. At Dudley, Miss Jackson. At accorrplishments, and greatly beloved.

Rotton Park, aged 29, Miss Cotton, of BirCAMBRIDGESHIRE.

minghanı : gifted with an excellent underMarried.) At Cambridge, J. Benjafield, Nandin", pleasing accomplishments, and end atcfq. to Miss Symonds. Mr. c. Humphrey to

ing manners. Mifs Grifin, of Huntingdon. At Ely, Mr,

WORCESTERSHIRE. Prior, of Burnt Fen, 10 Miss E. TazlorMr. A fire broke out lately at Ledbury, which W. Finch, jun. to Miss M. Freeman.

entirely consumed a row of fourt en thatched Di d.) At Cambridge, Mr. F. Blanks. houses, with the greatest part of their houschuld Aged 77, Mrs. Munn : an example of picty, furniture, &c. MONTHLY MAG. No, XI.

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In Lord Lyttleton's kitchen-garden, at sent in the battles of Font noy, Quebec, Cul. Hagley, a number of potatoes were lately dug loden, &c. At Rois, aged 19, Mr G. A. P. up, which weighed upwards of two puuuds White, of Allítone, near Cheltenham. each.One of them, which mealures two feet

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. one inch in circumference, weighed five pounds A patriotic Society has been lately established fix ounces.

at Bristol, for the purpose of confeiring pentions, Married ]-At Upton, Major Bland, of the or otherwise relieving leamen disabled by the $th, to Mrs. Martin, of Ham-Court. In Worceiter, Mr. G. Barrow, of Lancaster, to Miss E. Married.]At Cheltenham, W. Morris, esq. Pumphrey. Near Kidderminster, T. Willon, of Hempftead Court, to Miss Laurence, of seesq. to Miss Ann Pearson, of Ellington. venhampton. Mr. Nayler, surgeon, of GloucesDudly, Mi. John Blews, of Birmingham, to ter, to Miss Blunt, of Huntley Court, At Miss Mary Onions. In Worcester, Mr. J. Po- Moreton Sea, the rev. J. Charion, to Mifs Holnaker, to Miss Roper. Mr. Robinson, attorney, land. At Painswick, Mir. J. Holder, to Miss of Dudley, to Miss Wood.

King, of De-hill. At Couley, Mr. John LeoDieci. ]--In Wcrcester, Mrs. Fitzer. 82, nard, of Cam, to Miss Underwood. Mrs. Hunt. Mrs. Balstrode. At Drake's Died]--Ac Fa rford Park, Mrs. Raymond Place, Capt. John Allen, of the East India Barker. In Gloucester, the rev. Mr DickenCompany's service. At Bingworth, Mr. Morse, sun, the minister of a respectable disfunting con

At Kidderminstur, Mrs. Crump, wi- gregation in that city. After a long illness, the dow of the 'a'e Ald. C. 82, Mr. R. Yarnoll. rev, Tho. Aihburn, a moit relyectable charaes Mr. Benjamin Hvoke. 74, the rev. B. Meace, ter, and 20 years pastor of the Inck-pendent late of Kentish Town, vicar of St. Pancras and Meeting in Gloucester. Mr. Heath, of the All Hallous, London Wall. By the death of George Inn, Cheltenham. Mrs. Hart, wife of th's gentleman, the musical world have lost a the rev. Mr. H. of St. George's. In L wer valuable performer, whose vocal powers, as an Northgate-street, Mr. W. Smmonds. Mr. En lith finger, have always been greatly aamir- Roberts, bruih maker. Mrs. Solloway. ed. His family and frievids have lost a kind

OXFORDSHIRE. benefa&ior, and a learned and entertaining conipanion. In Fori gate-ftreet, Mr. Isaiah Meredith. The valuable and admired portrait of Sir 68, Mr. John Carpanter. 86, Mrs. Wall, re- Thomas White, founder of St. John's College, lict of Dr. W. At Sapey, sincerely lame ted Oxun, was lately cut to pieces, and wantonly by all who were acquainted with his worth and destroyed, in the common room of that coll. ge. qalents, Dr. Jolin Scward, late of St. Johnslation of the New Teftament have been jately

Two thousand copies of the Vulga e Transcambridge, and une of the physicians of Worelter Infirmary.

printed, and are now distributing, gratis, among

the French emigrant clergy in Great Britain, at HEREFORDSHIRE.

the expence of the University of Oxford. The Hydropbobia having appeared lately

Mairied.] – Mr. T. Hetling, of Chippingamong the hounds jf Col. Rolleiton, 11. ar Ror Sodbury, to Miss M.Wickham, of Mow thall. cre ', carried off twenty-two of the pack; the

The rev. R. Simmons, of Oriel College, to Mrs. remainder were preserved by a table ipoonful of Weitern, of Hinton, Berks. At. Oxford, G. the juice of Ribwort, or Ribgrafs, administered Marshall, esq. of Plymouth, to Miss A. Wentto ach dog morning and evening, a quantity of worth. it also being chopped in their food: though se- Died. ]-At Oxford, Mrs. Elisha Mrs. veral of them had been infected, this remedy Newbury. Aged 8o, Mr. 8. Parker, formerly proved effeétual tu prevent or cure the disease.

an eminent bookteler. A new county jail, on a liberal plan of ac- Mrs. E. Eaglesfield, of Henley upon Thames. comm:dation, &c. is to be ere:red at Hereford. Mr. W. Baylies, of ditto. Mrs. White, of A number of falutary regulations (providini, as

Newington. Mi. J. Tart, of Bordley. At far as pollible, for the convenience and comfort Charlbury, aged 57, B. Holloway, csq. exeniof the prisoners) have been also adopted for its

play in all the social dutics, and very genemanagement, &c.

ially respected. At Wokingham, aged 872 The Leominiter canal is at length completely Mrs. Thompson. open, extending from the coal works at Nam.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. ble, to the town of Leominster, a length of nineteen miles. The inhabitants of Leomin.

Some labourers lately, digging on the ground Iter now purchase cuals at 9d. per cwt. who

of Lord Grenville, at Dropmore, discovered a could not procure them formerly under is. 6d.

great number of oaks, immerged about fourThe bridge over the river Wye, at Whitney,

teen feet decp in the earth ; they were of unis to be revuilt on a plan more commodious

common magnitude, and for the most part and elegant than the old onc.

perfectly found. They were laid close together, Dr.}-At Hereford, Mr. D. Jones. Mr.

and nearly in the fame direction, The place P. Hodges, of Preston upon Wye. At the

where they were found is the highest spot of Scar, near Bromyard, aged 102, Ý r. Atkins; ground in the county. who had served in many campaigns, in Flanders,

Married.)-Mr. R. Fisher, of Mill End, to N. America, and the W. Indies; and was

Mifs A. Hierbert, of Chievely. pres



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