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New Publications in December

accompanied by selections from hiftory, voyages,

travels, &c. into the East : calculated to cluci. NEW PUBLICATIONS.

date the Jewish manners and peculiarities, as

described in the Scriptures. Of this work are Itt is believed that the following List may be rem

two copies, one delivered in numbers, price' is. ferred 10 with confidence ; but that it may al

each ; the other delivered in parts, cach conways be perfeally correct and complete, authors and pablishers are requefted in transmit taining three numbers, on fine paper, &c. price. ziotices of all new works as soon as published.]


C. Taylor, Hatton Garden.


An Univerfal French Grammar, on an imC. Cornelii Taciti Opera, recognovit , emen- proved plan, by N. Humel

. 4s. Lowndes davit, supplementis explevit, Notis, Difere Petit Parnasse François ; ou recueil de murtationibus, Tabulis Geographicis illustravit Ga

ceaux choisis de Poëlie François, par M. des briel Brorier ; typis Jacobi Mundell. 4 vol. Carrieres, ss. boards.

Law. 460, 5l. jos. boards; royal 8vo, 31. 35. boards. Lesonis, Astronomical and Philosophical, for

Robinsons. the amusement and instruction of British youth; Xenophontis de Cyri inftitutione libri octo, being an attempt to explain and account for the Greek et Latin, a T. Hutchinjon, A.M. 8vo, molt usual appearances in Nature, in a familiar

Gingers. manner, from established principles: the whole A Differtation on Virgil's Æneid, lib. i. ver. interspersed with moral reflections, by Olirshus 37 ; containing reasons for questioning its au- Gregory. 35. boards.

Robinsons, thenticity. 6d.' Goadby, Sherborne. -Seclly. Arleville's Elements of the French Pronuncia

ation, upon a plan never before attempted, and Cafun’s New Annual Compendium of the adapted to the understanding of children ; the Stocks for 1796 (engraved on a copper-plate 15 whole agreeable to the rules given by Chaminches by 11) 10s. 6d. Framed and glazed at baud, Restaut, and other learned grammarians, various prices. Richardson and Goodluck. and to the decisions of the French Academy, DIVINITY. 12mo, 25. 6d.

Crosby An Essay on the Fally of Scepticism, the ab- The Pupil's Friend, or Repetition Book furdity of dogmatizing on religious subjects, and being an caly introduction to English g:ammat, the proper medium to be observed between writing, and arithmetic, 60, Longman. these two extremes, by W. L. Brown, D.D. Elementa Anglicana ; or, the Principles of 35.

Crulby. English Grammar displayed and exemplificd, in A Peep into the Synagogue; or a Letter to a method quite original, in 2 volumes, by Peter the Jews; exhibiting, in a concise plain manner, Walk.len Fugg. 45.

Knott, the Jewish mode of worship. Is. Symonds. Differtations Grammatical and Philological.

The Principles and Duties of Christianity en- Is. 6d. Ititched; by Mr. Fugg. Krott. forced, in a Sermon to two friendly Societies at

HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, &c. Sunbury, by James Cowe, M.A. is. Robson. Biographical Curiofities, or Various Pictures

Seventeen Discourses on several Texts of of Human Nature; containing original and auScripture, addressed to Christian Assemblies thentic memoirs of Daniel Dancer, esq. an ex. near Cambridge; to which are added, Six traurdinary mifer, who lived in Harrow Weald Morning Exercises, by Robert Robinjon, 8vo, Commun. 3s. 6d.

Ridgway. s. boards.

Vernor and Hood.

History of the Life and Conspiracy of Maxim. The Proper Means of doing Good, a Sermon, milian Robespierre, from 'the French of M. by W B. Cadogan, A.M. gs. V. Griffiths. Montjoye. 45. boards.

Egerton, A Charge on an Ordination at Croyd.,n, by Selections from the French Anas ; containing the Rev. C. Winter, and a Sermon, by the Row, remarks of cminent scholars on men and booksgi 1. Bowden.

Button. together with anecdotes and apo, hthegins of ila Lectures on the Festivals celebrated by the luitrious persons, 2 vol. 12mo. 75. Robinfons, Church of England, with practical observations, The History of the Parliament of Ireland, by Samuel Glolje, D.D. F.R.S. 8vo. Rivington. from 1634 to 1666, with a preliminary dit.

A Critical and Practical Elucidation of the course on ihe ancient parliament of that kingMorning and Evening Prayers of the Church of dom, by the Right Hon. Vofcourit Mois moring England, by John Shephard, M.A. 8v0, 7s. 2 vols. 8vo. 143. boards.

Dobrete. Faulder, N. B. The PROFIIS arising from the fule of A Plurality of Persons in the Godhead pray- this Work, his Lordship thropojes 10 prejeni to the ed, a Sermon, by 7. Ereleigh, D.D. Rivington.

Pious Memorials, exemplifying the power of An Account of the Conduct of Madame de Religion upon the mind; in the lives, suffer- Genlis since the Revolution; a Letter to M. de ings, and deaths of many eminent Christians, Chartres; and the Shepherds of the Pyrenées, a ancient and modern. zs. bds. Vernor and Hvod. fragment, translated from the French. A revised and improved edition, in 4to, of

Vernor and Houd. Calmet's Dictionary of the Bible, in which the discult passages, &c. are fully considered and A Continuation of Williams's Justice, conexplained ; illuffrated by plates drawn, for the taining the Statutes, &c. to Tria.ty Term 1796. molt part, from antiquatics and muteuins, and 35.



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The Law of Evidence, by Lord Chief Burun Gilbert, considerably enlarg d by Cipell Lofit ; The Tribune, a period cal Publication, con the 3d and 4th volumes being the conclusion, fisting chefly of the Political Lectures of J. with a Synoptical Index, &c. 18s bds Longman. Trewall, from the commencement of the

fecond Course, in February, 1795, to the In-" Abroad and at lone, a comic opera, in thies troduction of Mr. Piti's Convent on Act. Taken aits, by George Helman, efq. 2s. Cawthorne. in hort hand by W. Ramsey, and revised by the MISCELLANIES.

Lecturer; the 50 Nos. in 3 volumes, bds. il. The Cambrian Register for the year 1795, 4s. 6d. fine Paper ;, 145 6d. common Paper. conta ning the Origin of the Britons, the first

Symonds. Settlement of Britain, curious Wilih Music, an

Histoire de l'Administration des Finances de cient Customs, Biography, &c. &c. &c. with la République Françoise, pendant l'anneé 1796, plates, 8vo, &s, boards. E. and T. Williams. par Sir Francis d'Ivernois, çs. Elmlley. A Catalogue of Books, by Mr. Todd, of York. Thoughts on the present Negociation, 15. Johnson.

Jordan. Passages selected by distinguished personages, The Iniquity of Banking, or Bank Notes on the great literary trial of Vortigern and proved to be a public robbery, and the real caule Rowena, a com:-tragedy, vol. ii. 2s. 6d. Ridg. of the preient exorbitant price of provisions. The C'mbridge University Calen ar for the

Jordan. year" 1795 ; containing ! Its of the prefent mem- A Letter to W. Bosville, esq. on Mr. Tierbers, and livings of each college, &c. &c ney's Petition. 6d.

Johnsun. Flower, Cambridge. -London, Rivington.

A short Defence of Present Men, and Present Suggestions for the iinprovement of Hospitals Measures ; including thoughts on war, expences, and other charitable nítitutions, by W. Blizard, taxes, Franco, negociation, em gration, Spain, F.R.S. and F.A.S. 8vo, 35. Od Dilly: invalion, by P. Kennedy. Is. 6d.

White, An authentic Account of the Shakspearian Junius's Letters, elegantly prnted, by BenMSS. &c. by W'. II. Ireland. Debrett. fley, and illustrated with 15 heads, engraved by MEDICINES, SURGERY, &c.

Ridley and Richter, 2 vol 8vo. Veror & Houd. A Practical Treatise on Fever ; contrasting a An Expolition of the Principles of the EngTonic Treatment with the Antiphiegistic; in lith Jacobins, by R. Dununore, jun. which the superiority of the former is ascertain

March and Jordan. ed, with cales; by Thomas Parker, surgeon at

Solid Reason and Sound Argument for a Re. Woburn

Juhofon. form in Parl ament and the Abolirion of Bribery A Compendium of Practical and Experimen- &c. &c. 10 weckly numbers, 6d. each. Eaton. tal Farriery, originally suggested by rtaion, and Reficétions on the Present State of the Reconfirmed by practice, by William Taplin. 55. sources of the Country. IS. Stockdale. boards.

Robinsons. Ambo : the King and the Country, with a A Philosophical and Practical Treatise on comparative view of Great Britain and France. Horses, and ON THE MORAL DUTIES OF MAN

Clärke. TOWARDS THE BRUTE CREATION, by John Rights of Nature. against the Usurpatiosis vi Lawrence.

Longman. Enabl.ihmerits, in reply to the False Principles Medicina Naut ca, an essay on the Diseases of of Burke, Part the Second, by John Thelwall, Seamen ; comprehending the History of Healtli, 25. Cd.

Symonds. in his Majelly’s flett, under Lord Powe, by The Call of the Houle, or a New Way to get Thomas Trotier, M.D. &vo. Cadell and Davies. into place ; in which the beauties of Frerch

MILITARY AND NAVAL TACTICS. compost on and elocution are critically difcut. Observations on Military and Political Af- ed; addressed to the Members of Oppofit.on. fairs, written by General George Monk. 5s. bds.

Owen. Egerton. Washington's Lettér, Is.

Dubrett. Letter the Fourth, on the subject of the Arm- I houghts on a Peace with Frar.ce, with one ed Yeomanry, by Majo. F. P. Elliott, of the observations on Mr. Burke's Two Letters. Staffordshire Cavalry. - 6d. Longman. Is. 6d.

Debrett. The Art of Sail-making, as practised in the

MORAL PHILOSOPHY, &c. Royal Navy, and according to the most approv- Analysis of Paley's Princ ples of Moral and ed method in the merchant-service, with nume- Political Philosophy, by C. V. le Grice, 25. rous figures, and full and accurate tables, 1 vol. Cambridge, I lower.-London, Robinions. Evo, gs. boards.

Stcel. Beauties of Religion, Morality, and Useful Seamanship, both in Theory and Practice; Knowledge 6d.

Hamilton and Co. illustrated with engravings, 8vo. 7s. 6d. boards. NATURAL HISTORY, BOTANY, &c.

Steel. Stapeliæ Novæ; or a Collection of several The Art of Rigging, containing ample direc- new species of that genus, discovered in the tions for performing the most minute operation interior of Africa, by Francis Molon, folio, il. in the pro re slive method of rigging all ships and is.

Nicol. vessels, with full and co:rcét tables, i vol. 8vo, An Account of Indian Serpents, collected on Ios, 6 d. boards. Stcel. the Coast of Coromandel'; containing defcripe'




75. boards.

Is. 6d.

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New Publications in December

899 Fions and drawings of each species, together Manuel d'Epictete, & Tableau de Cebes, with experiments and remarks on their several Traduction du Cit. Camus, durant la Captivité poisons, by Patrick Russell, M.D. F.R.S. Presente dans la Prison de Kænigingratz, en Bohème ; ed to the Hon. the Court of Directors of the East 2 vol. 12mo. India Company, and published by their order, Journal de la Langue Françoise, fous le under the superintendence of the author, inn- double Rapport de la Correction Sc du Goût, perial folio, 31. 135. 6d.

Nicol. par Domergue & Trutot. Il paroît chaque DéNos. 1, 2, and 3s of the Plants of the Coast cade un Numero, composé de trois demi-feum of Coromandel, elected from drawings and de- illes in-8vo. scriptions presented to the Hon. the Court of Le Magazin de Curiosités, Comédie épisom Directors of the East India Company, by W. dique, en Un Acte, de l'Anglois de R. Dodsley. Roxburgh, M.D. published by their order, un- Essai sur les Causes & les phénomènes de la der the direction of Sir Joseph Banks, F.R.S. Vie Animale, par John Heraman, Chirurgien à folio, il. 19.; or coloured, 31. 1os. each number. Leith, in-8vo, 336 pages.

Nicol. Aventures de Calcb Williams, de l’Anglois No. 3 of a Complete Collection of Roses, de William Godwin, 2 vol. in-870. drawn and engraved from nature, by M ury Lawa Les Palmiers, ou le Triomphe de l'Amour rence, cach number contaming three kinds of conjugale, par le Cit. Mercier. roses, coloured to imitate drawings, Ios. 6 d. each Principes de Firances d'un Peuple agricole sumber; to be delivered every two months. & commerçant par le Cit. Mougin.

83, Queen Ann Street. Mémoires des Planètes, ou Esquisses des Essays relating te Agriculture and Rural Af- Meurs & des Lois de Makar, par Thomas fairs, Ísy James Anderson, LL.D. F.R.S. &c. Northmore, traduite de l'Angiðis. &c. vol. iii. boards, 8s.

Robinsons. Traité du Calcul differential, & du Calcul A Description and Natural History of English intégral; par Coufin, publié en parties. Regent. Song-birds. with proper directions for taking, De l’Egalité, ou Principes généraux sur les rearing, and breeding them, by J. Stead, 2s. 68. Infitutions Civiles, Politiques, & Religieuses, coloured ; 15. 6d. plain.

Longman. &c. 2 vol. in-8vo, 800 pages.

Voyage dans les Départemens de la France. An Account of some remarkable Discoveries 1l paroît 55 cahiers, ou départemens, de cet inin the production of artificial Cold; by Richard téressant Ouvrage Chez Brion, e. iteur. Buisson. Walker. 35. 6d.

Rivingtons. Réfutation de la Théorie pneumatique, ou de

là Doctrine des Chemistes modernes, &c. pac Abstract; a character from life, 3 vol. 6s. Lañe. 5. B. Lamarc., de l'Institution Nationale de Mysteries elucidated, 3 vol. gs. Lane. France.

Agasse. Heimit of Caucafus; by Joseph Moser; 2 vol. Banque Agricole, par le Cit. Marshall. 6s.

Lanc. Introduction à l'Etude de l'Archäologie, & The Italian ; or the Confeflional of the Black dès Pierres gravécs; par A. L. Milin, ConierPenitents, a romance, by Mrs. Rarcliffe, 3 vol. vateur du Muséum des Antiques, Professeur 153.

Cadell and Davies. d'Histoire, &c. 160 pages. The History of Peregrinus Proteus, the phi

Des Consolations, ou Recueil choisi de tout ce losopher, in 2 vol. 7s. boards, from the German que la Raison & la Rcligion peuvent offrir de of Wielaw.

Johnson. Consolation aux Malheureux, 4 vol. in-18mos, Silent Fairy Tales, 2 vol. 7s. boards, allo 250 pages chaque. from Wielaw.

Johnson Journal de Législation & de Jurisprudence, The Waes o' War; or the Upshot o'the Hif- par ordre de Matière & de Dictionnaire, Nume. tory o' Will and Jean. is. With additional ro & Tome premier, contenant le Dictionnaire Poems and Engravings. 35.

Kcarlley. de la Police & de la Justice correctionnelle ; Elizabeth, 3 vol. 12 mo; gs. Lane. par le Cit. Guichard, 250 pages, 8vo.

The Farmer of Inglewood Forest, by Eliza- Afgill, on le Prisonnier Anglois, Drame en baik Helme; 4 vol. 145.

Lane. 5 actes & en vers ; par B. M. de Comberoule,

Représentant de Peuple, & Membre du Lycée Poems on the Death of Priscilla Farmer, by des

Arts. ha grandson, Charles Lloyd, folio, elegantly

Histoire Naturelle de la ci-devant Province printed. 35. 60.

Phillips. d'Auvergne ; i vol. grand in-folio, orné de The Contradi&ion, by the Rev. W. Cole. gs. planches. boards.

Cadell and Davies: Cojciuszko au Peuple François, 50 pages. Peace, Ignominy, and Destruction, a poem,

Beflon. by Mr. Ferringham. Is.


Feuilles Rocheloises, composés de huit pages in-8vo, & paroît tous les Mercrédis de chaque

semaine, NEW WORKS which have been published at

Manuel des Théoanthropophiles, ou Adora

teurs de Dieu & Amis des Homraes. PARIS, in the course of the ar 1796, and not yet imported; or known, in England.

Cours complet de Chirurgie, théorie & praa

tique ; par Benjamin Bell; traduite de l'Anglois Procès fameux jugés avant & après la Révos par Ed. Bocquillin, Professeur au College de Ittion ; 12 vol. in-12mo. Defeffarts, France ; 6 vol. 8vo, 86 plates. Bauvois. MONTHLY MAG, No. XI.





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From the 20th of November to the 20th of December.

All the inflammatory and hæmorrhagic

No. of Cases.' diseases put down in the preceding lift, CATARRH

13 were brought to a favourable conclufion.. Pleurisy

i The cases of pleurisy, and inflammation Enteritis

of the bowels, were lo violent as to reInflammatory fore-throat

4 quire repeated venefection, along with Ulcerated fore-throat

3 the use of blisters, and other remedies. . Acute Rheumatism


Infants have been, during the present Hæmoptoe

S. Malignant Fever

month, very generally affected with catar

4 Small Pox

rhal fever, a hard sounding cough, great

3 Scarlatina Anginosa

difficulty of breathing, and a watery disMeallcs

8 charge from the nose and eyes. The Febrile nettle rash

above symptoms were relieved in a few Slow Fever

2 days, by the application of leeches to the Puerperal Fever

2 chest, by blisters, and antimonials. Dysentery

I The cold, wet, or damp weather, which; Tetanus

succeeded the short frost, at the begin Acute Diseases of Infants

12. ning of the month, seems to have given CHRONIC DISEASES..

rise to many putrid fevers, and ulcerated Cough and Dyspnea


fore-throats. These prove untoward and Pulmonary Consumption


lingering ; though I have not, as yet, Chronic Rheumatism

met with any fatal case. A young lady, Lumbago

about 14 years of age, after having had, Afthenia

for fome days, Night specks of ulceration Paralysis.

in the throat, was seized with all the Anasarca

5. symptoms of a malignant fever: hér Oedema puerperale

tongue became dry and brown ;. a black Hysteria

cruit covered the teeth; her eyes were St. Vitus's Dance Epilepsy

dull and glassy ;. she was alternately deliCephalæa

rious and comatose till the bath day of Gastrodynia

the fever, when a rash appeared, very

6 Enterodynir


much resembling the scarlatina, and was Diarrhæa

diffused over the whole body. It contiColica

nued to the fourteenth day, and then. Colica Piétonum

1 disappeared ; a complete crisis of the Chlorosis

8 fever took place at the same time. The Menorrhagia

3. servant who attended was affected with a Schirrus Uteri

3 fimilar fever, three days after the young Schirrus Liver

? lady's recovery, but has not had either Jaundice

the sore throat, or the eruption on the Gravel Renal Calculus

The measles are now more prevalent Incontinence of Urine

I Worms

than the small. pox, or scarlatina ;, and

4: Ulcer of the Rectum.

have been diffused to most of the villages Tabes mesenterica


near London :: many infants have died Lepra

j of the cough, and hectic fever which Impetigo

succeeds them. According to the bills Scaly Tettar

of mortality, not 200 persons died of the Thrush

3. small-pox in the month of November ';, Crusta Lactea

I whereas the number of deaths in July Itch

3. and August was 772. It is to be rePERIODICAL DISEASES.

marked, that the bills only record thể Quotidian

death of one person by the scarlet-fever, Tertian

between the 8th and 29th of November, Hemicranium

a period during which there occurred Hcética Adolescentium


many fatal cases of that disease. Hectica Senilis

The case of tetanus was produced by

a fligh





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Public Affairs. Great Britain. a flight wound, at the root of the little and occasional deļirium. The patiert toe, from a rusty nail. No inconvenience died at the end of a fortnight, being exwas felt for some days after the accident; hausted with extreme pain and irritation, but it was finally succeeded by a locked from which the powers of medicine could jaw, irregular convullive motions of the afford him but a flight and temporary back and abdomen, violent cramps of respite. zke extremities, a very quick, Imall pulfe,



In December, 1796.

The amount of the supply which £
AFTER a fhort adjournment, the House they were designed to meet,
of Commons re-assembled on the

27,647,000 28th of November. Little business of consequence was, however, transacted till Leaving, upon the probable risk the ad of December, when the House re

of deficiencies, &c.

298,000 foived itself into a Committee of Ways

Mr. Pitt next gave an account of the and Means, and the Secretary at War amount of the interest to be paid upon moved the estimates, which gave occafion the loan of 18 millions. This interest to to much incidental converiation. The be provided for at present, was no more mos_remarkable points were, Mr. M. than $1. 125. 6d. per cent. per annum; A: Taylor's affertion, that the Cavalry to which might be added the one pound Bill was totally unintelligible, and Mr. per cent provided for by Parliament, as Pitt's admiffion of the propriety of an

a linking fund for the discharge of the Explanatory A&.

capital, which would make the whole inThe next matter of importance was terest to be provided for, amount to about the Minister's Budget


for every 100l.; therefore, On the 9th of December, Mr. Pitt The whole interest of the 18 mil- f proceeded to hate to the House the pro- lions would be

1,215,000 bable expenditure of the ensuing year, Interest on 5,500,ocol. of Excheand the ways by which thet expenditure

quer bills, would be

275,000 was to be defrayed. He estimated the Ditto, of the excess of the navy expences of the Navy at the round lum 8,250,000l.

315,000 of 10,161,000l

. and those of the Army For the future excess of the navy at 10,913,000l. incudiag extraordinaries,


277,000 Substitute for abandoning the colk. lateral succession bill

140,000 The Ordnance he estimated at 1,623,000 Miscellaneous services at

371,000 These articles would amount to 2,2 22,00 Deficiencies of land and malt tax

350,000 From this was to be deducted the Annual addition to the linking fund 200,000 intcreft Farther fum for extraordinaries of

upon the subscription to

the loan of 2 millions, by the army 3,000,000 Eat India Company

112,000 Repayment to the bank


And the total amount of interest The whole sum of the fervices

to be provided for by taxes, 27,647,000 would be

2,110,000 He next ftated the Ways and Means

His next and most painful duty, he for defraying the expences of these ser- observed, would be 'to enumerate the vices, viz.

taxes to defray this heavy burden of in

for tereft. Land and malt

2,750,000 Growing produce of the consoli

As a matter interesting to the public, dated funds, impress monics,

we insert the following statement of the and bounties of corn in hand 1,075,000 Surplus of grants of 1796

420,000 Team 10 per cent, on all tea above € Surplus of the lottery

220,000 Loan by voluntary subcription

25. per lb.

240,000 18,000,000 Spirits-8d. per gallon on Rum; Exchequer bills

iod. ditto on Brandy

220,000 The whole amount of the Ways

Sugar—25. 6d. per cwt. on sugar

280,000 and Means 27.945,000 Bricks 35. 6d. per 1000 on those

imported i

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new taxes:

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