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1796.] Staffordshire ... Leicestershire ... Rutland, &c. At Cound, Mr. Hodges, to Mrs. Tomkinson ; enabled him to do in an uncommon degree; his and Mr. Bentley, to Miss Edge. Mr. Evans, universal benevolence, and liberality, and the King-Street, Westminster, to Miss Farrer, of whole tenor of his amiable department in the Shri.wsbury.

different offices of life, domeft c and fucial; Died.] At Bridgenorth, David Caldwell, at have rendered his lots the subject of extreme a very advanced age. He was a native of Scot- grief to his family and relatives, an i will be feland, was a drummer in the reign of William, verely filt, as it is juitly deplored, by a very and a priyate soldier under queen Ann. During numcrous by of acquaintance and friends the last 70 years, he had resided at Bridynorth. throughout the country. 83, John Allet, efq. late chamberlain of the

RUTLAND. corporation of Shrewsbury; he la 1.ft the bulk Married.] At Uppingham, Mr. T. Holmes of his property for the purpose of cre&ting and to Miss Goodliflc. endowing a 1 minary for the education of poor Died.] At Seaton, aged 21, Miss Bellaers. children, belonging to Shrewibury. Mrs. Ed

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. wards, near Olwetry. Mrs. Corfield, of The University of Cambridge are about to Shrewsbury. At Bishop's C file, Mrs. Grit- petition the crown, for a Charter of Incorporafith’s. At Pres, the rev. Dr. R. Jackson, senior tion to found a new college, pursuant to the prebendary oi York, Litchfield, and Chester. will of the late Mr. Downing, who bequeathed STAFFORDSHIRE.

4500l. in perpetuity, for that purpose. Married.] At Barwick, Nir. E. Harding to Married. } –The rev. R. Robinson, rector of Miss Blythe. At Sedgeley, the Rev. 'T. Powell Waterstoek and Emmington, to Miss Kipling, to Miss Brown. At Walsall, Mr. Bennett, of of Chitton, Bucks. Mr. Oates, of H. Sutton, Chester, to Miss Ann Barber. At Breewood,

to Miss Cerk. The rev. Mr. Lawton, Alh, Mr. J. Robinson to Miss Duncomb, both of to Miss Cobbold, of Ipswich. Coventry. W. Fowler, esq. of Newcastle- Di... ]-At Cambridg., Mrs. Heylock. Mr. und T-Line, to Miss Middleton, of Liverpool. T. Daintry, post-master of Royston, and trea

Died.] At Tetbury, Mr. S. Bubb, fen. and furer of the county, Mr. H. Humphreys, of a few hours after, Mr. S. Bubb, jun. taken ill Trumpington. At Ellworth, Mr. W. Papabout the same time. At Wolverhampton, worth. Mr J. Panton At Tittenhall, Francis Ho

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. lyoake, cly much lamented. At Whitting- Married.)--Mr. Edge, of Northampton, to ton, John Barrett, esq. aged 82, many years

Miss H. Payne. Mr. C. Jones, of Abington, Collector of Excie at Bristol. Aged 74,

10 Miss Serjeant. At Penkirk, Mr. W. B. Miss Garbert. At Hanbury, Mrs. Thomas. Brown, to Miss M. Facon. At Picheley, Mr. At Pipe Hill, near Litchfield, Corn. Nevill, T. Palmer, to Miss Nunnely. At Long Lawciq. by whose death a considerable estate de- ford, Mr. Crotts to Mrs. Ruffhead. Mr. G. volves to the Old Women's Hospital. In Wole Smith, of Northampton, tu Miss Evans, of verhampto: Market, Mr. Shepherd, of Muchall. Wrexham. At Perborough, Capt. Orange, 86th, LEICESTERSHIRE.

to Miss E. B. Philipson. Married.] – At Lutterworth, Mr. James, of Died.]--Mr. B. Goodmail, of Northampton. Hinckley, iv Miss E. Smith. At Swepitone, Mr. W. Hugles, grocer. At Brackley, Mrs. Mr. J. Scott, to Miss M. Marihall

Bathurst. Baker, of Leiceiter, to Miss Perks, of Ather

WARWICKSHIRE. ftone. At Great Glen, Mr. Benjamin Cooper, Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. T. Kettle tu Miss James, of Leicester. At Leir, Mr, to Miss M. Twift. Mr. Bosworth, of Coventry, W. Coilins to Miss A, Smith. At Loughbru',

to Mrs. Pickering. Mr. Water on, aged 78, Mr. Watts to Miss Harley. At Barrow, Mr. to Mrs. A. Durne, 65. Mr. S. Gem to Mrs. T. Bradshaw, to Miss Beaumont. Mr. J. Foy. Mr. Edwards, of Henley, to Miss BurDriver, of Hai borough, to Miss Atkins. Mr. Mr. Joseph Penn to Miis Taylor, both Robotham, to Mrs. Day.

of Wordesley. Mr. Phillips, of WrockwarDied.}-At Netherleal, Mrs. Jarvis, wife of dine, to Miss Clarke, of Allscott, At CovenP. J. efq. At Leicester, Mrs. Rickards. At try, Mr. T. Arnold, of Stone House, to Miss Destord, 83, Mrs. Cook; she lived with her E. Arnold. At Stratford, Mr. T. Smith to Miss husband who is 84, upwards of 60 years, a rare

A. Veley.

Same place, Mr. T. S. Buck to instance of conjugal unity and felicity. At Miss E. Parsons. At Birmingham, Mr. T. Leicester, Mrs. Robutham. 82, Mrs. Braith- Simmons to Miss C. Barron. George Pugh, waite, of Swanington. 83, Mrs. Palmer, relict esq. to Miss Hornblower. Mr. Brown, of of Mr. Alderman Palmer, of Leicester. Coventry, to Mrs. Cheslyn.

At Overseal, after a few days illness, Thomas Died.] Mrs. Shelton, of Inge Street. Mrs. Wilkes, a very eminent and successful banker, Fellowes, of Bull Street. Miss Ann Oakley, manufacturer, &c. The meekness and suavity Mr. John Langiton. At Alhted, Joseph Carles, of his manne: s, for which he was eminently esq. late of Handsworth, whose character will distinguished, his extreme punctuality in all his not be forgotten by pofterity, for his conduct extensive.commercial dealin;s, his readiness to during the disgraceful and never to be forgotten aflust and accommodate all his neighbours upon Riots at Birmingham, in 1791. In private life every emergent occasion, which his fortune he was an affectionate husband, a tender father,

Mr. J.


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and a sincere friend to those to whom he was at- Died.)-At Banbury, Miss Hibberdine, who tached. He bore a long and painful illness with to the poor will be a severe loss, as the had long exemplary fortitude and resignation. At the been in the habit of adminiftering advice and G:ove, near Envill, Mr. Wollaiton. At Bir- medicines gratis. Same place, Mr. W. Barmingham, Mr. Hoffmeyer, Barometer and lowe, of the Plough Inn. 70, Mr. John Smith, Wooden-clock niaker. Miss E. Fallows. Mr. of Oxford. 55, Mr. Alderman Churchill, of J. P. Jones, of Digbeth. At Rugby, aged Woodstock, a social and benevolent man. A: 74, Mr. Charters, fingular in his practice of Bicester, 52, Mr. F. Penrose, surgeon. Aged every religious and moral duty, from his child- 77, Dr. John Smith, Savilian Proieffor of Geahood to grey hairs. At Coventry, Mr. T. Cath, metry in the University of Oxford. Stuff manufacturer, and one of the people called

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Quakers At Bordesley, Mr. Jor. Tart, 20 Married. ]- At Broughton, John Scott, esq. years conftable of the parish of Aston Aged aged 79, to Mrs. Battison, ageo 68. 18, Mr. James Hawkins. Mrs. Hitchens, of Died ] - At Fenny Stratford, Mr. John Day, Meriden.

sen, auctioneer, iegretted by extunsive connecWORCESTERSHIRE.

tions. Mrs. Davenport, of G. Marlow; the Married.] At Worcester, Mr. T. Williams died suddenly, at Brighthelmitone, while walkto Miss Baker. Mr. E Howell to Miss Hornsby. ing on the Steine. At High Wycombe, 69, At Claines, J. A Bonucci, efq, to Miss Palmer. Mr. L. Comme. Died.] At Upton-upon-Severn, R. Clarke,

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. esq. Steward and Chapter Clerk to the Cathe- Died.)–At little Stukeley, 24, Miss E. dral of Worcester. He was steady in his friend- Bayley. Aged 72, the rev. James Pointer, Thips, and distinguished for his extensive hospi- M.A. 48 years rector of Southoe. tality. In the various branches of business en

Essex trusted to his care and management, his punc

Married ]-At Chelmsford, Mr. Rowell, to tuality, accuracy, and integrity, were ever con- Mrs. Clifton, of Rettenden. At. Colchelier, spicuous. Near Bromyard, Mr. Lawrence ; Capt. Barclay, to Miis Kersteman. Mr. S. Lamand, a few days after, his daughter Mrs.

bert, of Barnfon, to Mits Wiltshire, of G. Barrett. Miss Mary Wood, of Dudley. In Tey, near Colchester. Mr. J. Emery, of Leigh, Worcester, Mr Butler, Printer. Same place, to Miss M. Goodin, At G. Holland, Mr. W. Mr. Benjamin Esner.

Baker, to Miss S. Ruffie, of Heny R se. HEREFORDSHIRE.

Kirby-le-Soken, Mr. J. Barnard, to Miss E. Died.] Mrs Smith, of the Field, near Here- Quitter. Mr. I. Philbridge, of Debden, to ford. At H reford, Mr. M. Gu'liford Miss Haycock, of Hempíted. At Rettend n,

Mr. Laurence, fen. of Norton, near Brom- Mr. Boston, of Raleigh, to Miss Lamprell. yard. Mrs. Barrett, of Cowarn Court. At D. Spurgeon, jun. esq. of Welwyn, Herts, to Sutton, aged 61, Mr. T. Gibbons. Miss

Miss H. Grove, of Woodford. Davis, of Bromyard. Mrs. Brewster, wife of Died ]-Ai Chelmsford, Mr. Houfon. At ) B. esq. of Button Court, a woman of excel- Malden, Mr. Tomlinson, surgeon. lent understanding, warm in her friendships, Mr. W. Mayhew, of Rettendon. Mr. Jolerconsiderate and unremitting in her charities, lyn, of Braintree. Mr. J. Carter, of RaowinAt Caitie- Ditch, the seat of his brother. Lord ter. At Stanstead, Mrs. Canham. Mrs. Smith, Somers, T. S. Cocks, esq. Mr. J Abrahall of Sutton, near Ongar. Mr. W. Wallidge, of of the New House, near Ross.

Laindon-hüils. Mrs. Stockbridge, of G. BadGLOUCESTERSHIRE.

dow. At Dedham, Mr. Watkinson. Aged Married.] - At Glouc:iter, H, Garret, esq. of

70, Mr. W. Plumb, for 48 years master of the the Navy, to Miss M. Raikes. At Clifton, free-school at Barrow. George Milner, esq. of Comberton, to Miss E.

NORFOLK M. Stephen, daughter of Dr. S. of the Htwells.

At the late Quarter Sessions, at Noi wich, no At Old Sodbury, Mr. Thomfun, furg (1}, to prisoner appeared to take his trial, nor has there Miss White. John Spun, esq. of Bristol, to occurred a commitment, on a criminal charge, Miss Monro.

to the gaul of that large and populous city, Died.]-At Bristol, Mrs. Herford. At Clif. during the term of six months preceding. ton, the Countess of Abergavenny." At Tewkes

The Dutch fishing vessels, lately detained at bury, the rev. W. Smith, of Birtsrr orton. In Glocefter, Mrs. Barnes. At Briftel, W. Hazell, Admiralty, and allowed to continue their occu

Yarmouth, have been released by order of the esq. Licut. Heighington. Mis. Onion, daughter of Mr. S. Sellick, book- pations unmolested, so long as they thall c9. seller of Bristol. In Bristol, Mr Lowden, navy

fine themselves merely to the bufiness of the agent.

14, Malt. R Stuart.

Married.] Mr. Kirton, of Bradist n, to Miss Marrie... }-at Chipping-Norton, Mr. J. Kirton, of Shaldingfield. Mr. W. R. Coe, at Hitchman, to Miss S. L. Simkins. The rev.

Attleboro', to Miss M. Stevens. John WodeR. Robinson, of wat rstock, to Miss Kipling. house, esq. to Miss Norris, of Witton. Mr. Mr. W. Strange, of Oxford, to Miss Jesset.

Edwards, jun. of Lynn, to Miss M. E. Mat

Aged 550


Suffolk . Kent Berkshire, &c.

839 tin, of Arlsey, Captain R. Thompson, of Died.] --At Canterbury, Mr. Goodwin. Miss Lynn, t. Mifs Dickinson At Norwich, Mr. Fowler. Aged 91, Ro. Cunningham. He D. Gapp, to Miss S. Ward. Mr. W. Brook- served 53 years in the army with reputationig bank to *iss A. Dewhurit. Mr. J. Fuller, lo and was engag -d in several battles in Flanders, Miss Howard, both of Mr. W. and the succeeding war, in Germany, under Stuckey, of Swaff ham, to Miss Emerson. Prince Ferdinand. Mrs. Culmer

. Mr. J FouAt Wells, John Hil. esq. to Mrs Tylack. trel, furge in Mrs. Nairne. Aged 27, Mr. JAt Coltihall

, Mr W. Shepcutt, of London, to Stroud, at the half-way houie, Whitstable Road. Miss Perkins. At E. Rucham, Mr Savoiy to Mr. Webber, of Chatham. At Fant-House, Mi's Howard At Yarmouth, Capt. Charles ncar Maiditone, Mrs Pine. At Folkstone, aged Thompson t Miss Mary Tolver. Mr. J. D. 39, Captain J. Boxter, of the Stag cutter, Mr. Palmr, of Yarmouth, to Miss A Beart. M. Knoit, of the Hundred of Hoo. At Ryarih,

Dizd] At Norwich, aged 81, Mrs. Tolke. Mr, 1. Hever Mrs. Palmer, Mr Jo. Sawer, Aged 58. Mr. Juhn Crouie, 35 years printer fen. of Maiditone. At W. Malling, Mis, Brooke. of that respectable paper the Norfolk Chronicit, At Vidinate, ag d 83, Mr. Ab. Mummery, fen. and during that period always distinguished for Agrd 6?, Mis Ra. Griffen. Mr. J Ofen. his integrity and goodness of heart. The Paper At Harri. ttham, Mrs. M. Downe. At Whitis continued by his late partners and fucceffors stable, Mrs. Br: wning At Charing, aged 70, Messrs. Stephınlın an.. Maribet. At Yarniouth, M E Elited. Mrs S. Baker, of Beakelbourne. Mrs. Mill-r, wife of Captain M. Aged 61, At Dover. Miss B. Molland; from her placid Mr W. Durant, whose memory will be long disposition, and other valuable qualities, peculirespected At Lynn, aged 72, Mrs Wade. arly well adapted to her situation, that of a Miss Mary Bland At Stoke Holy-Cross, Mr. teacher. M: Nott, of Deal. At Darinth, Mr. Blofield, jun. In Norwich, ag d 45, Mr. J. Selby. The rev. J. Chawner, of Hawkhurit, Grimes. suddenly Mr. J. Wiight, Fith

BERKSHIRE. munger In St. George's, Tombland aged 79,

Mirried.] At Beedon, Mr. H. Russ, of S. Mr Wal Shaipe, a truly honest and wor hy Courtney, to Miss Pucock, of Stannore. At

At Saxlingham, aged 68, Mrs. Stun, the Devizes, Mr W. Biggs to Miss Willis. At of the Small-pox Aged 61, Mr. W Reynold, Newbury. Mr. Morland, of Abin-don, attorof Warsham. At Lynn, Mr. H. Tuck. In Norwwich, of a Decline, aged 18, Miis Mary Bedwin, to Miss Pocock, of Enford

ncy, to visís Baiter.

Ms Want worth, of Gr. Cla : rock, of Kiny-stret. Aged 54 Mrs. S.

Dien] Mr. Newell. of M. Durham, near Doughty. Age 32, Mr. John Cubit, after a


ť Reading, Mrs. Littlehales, a long illness. At Swaff ham, Mrs. Rolner

lady of great piety and virtue

Mr. Bradley, Aged 69, Mis Wordlaw, wife Mr W Boukieller in Norwich Aged 74, Mr J in jun: in confequence of a fall from bis

, horie, Brunton. At Downham, on his birth-day, hours a verwards.

which bruised him fo dreadfully that he died 4 Mr. J. Szwell, Attorn.y. Aged 102,

At N: wburg, aged 31, of a Decline, coaBacons-Thorpe, Mr. Jolin Spurrell,

tracted in a French prion, Mr. H. Gore, late of SUFFOLK

the lert loop of war. T. Churchill, cíq Married.]--Mr. Wordingham, Surgeon of

Miss Butter, of

Mrs. Phillips, of Bear-Hill. Recpham, to Miss, M. Priest.

Mr. F. Robinson, to Miss Clapton Rev. B. B.

Wargrave. At Inkpen, aged 92, with the

cha acter of a true, worthy matrun, Mrs. M. Syer, to Miss Maria Chevallier. Cobbold,

Durnford, esq. of Ipswich, to Miss Harriet Chevallier Diel)--At Ipswich, M. W. Quantrell

Sussex. At Fl'ough Hall ag d 69, Mr. John Rex There is a horse, now in the poffefsion of a At Bunay, Vir Aldhuuse. 57, Mrs. Gof- h.wker, aţ Brighthelmstone, which has atnell, uf Bentley-hall. At Norton, the rev. tained the very uncommon age of forty-six Mr. Kendall. KENT

A new infirmary for this county, is about to Marrie: ?- At Dover, Mr Jon. Olbourne, to be established at Lewes Miss Kindness. At Goodnetton", Mr. Jo Fox, A numb:r of gentlemen and respectable of Wingham, to Miss Ja I unbricge. É Ward, farmers, have lately associated themselves for efq. ot Sandhurst, to ilifs Terry. At Margate, the fole purpo:c of meliorating the breed of the Mr J. Harman, attornty, to Mrs Corbett. At set cattie of the county. The nieeting is to be Cant -rbury, Mr. H. Hadmans, to Miss S. Read. held, annually, on every 19th day of April, Mr. H Crane, to Miss L. Horiey. Mr. E. when a filver cup, valued at fifteen guineas, will Golafinch, tu Miss Halliday At Rochetter, be adjudged to the owner, that sha!l exhibit the G. Herhert, eiq ift reg. Fuaids, to Miss Jones. beit 1HREE-YEAR OLD BULL; and another, At Folkstone, Mr. T. Davis, to Miss E. wod. valued at ten guireas, to the owner, that hall At Maidston, Mr. S. Rouse, to Miss H. Wil- exhibit the best three-year old heifer, which liams. At Charing, Mr. R Cutbush, of Cha- shall have dropt a calf between the ist day of tham, to Mifs ^ Millgate. At Minster, in the month of January, and the ist day of Thanet, Mr J. Harnett, to Miss Buihil At April. Margate, Mr. Young, of Galinge, to Miss Kid- Married.] –At Brighton, Capt. Thorp, Oxfo-d der.

Blues, to Miss Philipps. Mr. T. Duke, near



At Buy,




Arundel, to Miss Oliver. Mr. Hyde, jun. of breeders of cattle in the kingdom, to produce Bioadwater, to Miss Duke.

the same number and descriptions of cattle, of Died.)-At Lewes, Mr. W. Pearce, of Mon- any other tribes, cqual, in point of value, as mouth Militia. Mr. B. Faulconer, of Petworth. breeding stock, to a bull and cow, with their Mrs. Streatfield, of the Rock, near Uckfield. offspring, male and female, and several heifers, At Brighton, suddenly, while walking on the all entirely oi his own breeding. Steine, Mrs. Davenport, wife of R. D. esq. of Married.]-At Sedmouth, Col. Forster, to Great Marlowe, Bucks.

Mif, Coles, of Taunton. At Butleigh, after 35 HAMPSHIRE.

years courtihip, Mr. D. Corbay, tu Mils A. At a late meeting of the proprietors of the Vagg. T. S. Phelys, of Baliol, Oxford, to Mits proposed London and Southampton canal, the M. Tucker, of Axminter. In Bath, Mr. J. practicability of the meature was fully elta- Gray, to Miss K. Hornblower Mr. R. ER, blished, from the surveys delivered in, and to Miss S. Rogers. At Yate, Mr. T. Hetlins, measures are taking to carry the plan forthwith attorney, to Miss M Wickham. exccution.

Did]--Mr. Davis, of th: Angel Inn, Castle Married.]-Mr. Gould, of Winchester, to Cary; on his return, at Bruton, near Hampden, Miss Pyle. At Southampton, Mr. J. Silley, to he was ihrown from his house, and dragged by Mrs Clarkson. Mr Poole, of Highbridge, to his foot in the stirrup; the bruises he received Miss C. Smith At Carisbrook, Mr. Ja. Ulher, occasion d his death in a few hours after. At of London, to Miss Chiverton. Mr. G. Hayes, Milberton, Mrs. Cording. At Biddeford, Mr. of Wincheiter, to Miss Smith. Mr Knight, of W. Edwards. John Bower Jodrell, el. of Salisbury, to Miss Sho:t. Monsieur Frankinet, Cheshire. 93, Mrs. Saunderson. Mrs. Strong, York Rangers, to Miss Forest, of W. Cowes. D. of G. Ormond Street, London. Miis Hensley, Suth rland, esq., to Miss Bo tcfour, of South- 18, Mr. W. Dah, jun. Mrs. Morris. 22, Miis ampton.

Horton, only daughter of Mr. Alderman H. Died. -At Winchester, Mrs. Harrey. At Mrs. Smith. At Chefnolc, advanced in yea's, Worthy, near W. lady Ogle, wife of Sır Chalo- Mr. V. Jenkins, killed by a fall from his horfc. ner Ogle. Mr. Reynolds. Mrs. Hill. At Fare- At Chew-magna, Mrs. Harford, wife of J. H. ham, Mrs. Uttcrfun. At Christ Church, St. esq. of Bristo!, and one of the people called Alban Roy, efq. a captain in the Navy. At Quak: rs. At East Knople, the rev. Di. Wake, Hyth, near Southampton, E. Bakır, esq. a prehunday of Westminster, and rector of E. K. member of the Corporation of Salisbury. At during the long period of 51 years. At Frome, Hale, J. Aay, efq. Mrs. Sawkins, of White- Mrs. Middleton, wife of j. C. M. esq. A! parish. At Portsmouth, Mrs. Hervey. Mr.T. Taunton, the rev. Mr. Townshend master of Elliot, a marine painter, of very promising ta- the Free Grammar School in that place. AI lents. Mrs. Thompson, of Mount Sylvan, Ille Backwell, Mr. S. Filer, who, though in goud of Wight, hy bith a Genevee, and of extrav:di- health, passed several years of the litter part of na y be duty ; in her character were blended all his life in bed. t Keyníbam, Mrs. Teale. the eigini accomplishments of poliihed fociety, At Seaborough, R. Clarke, eių. In Bath, Miss and all the fucial i irtuts which do honour to hu- E. T. Nichols, daughter of tlic late W. N. esq. manity. Mr. W Warn, of Ri gwood.

of Stafford ilire. Mrs. Chromie. Mr. Harris. WILTSHIRE.

At Shepton Mallui, int. john Dunkerton, malMarried.)-Mr. Biggs, of the Devizes, to ter of the Free Grammar School, and 30 years a Miss Willis

Ichoolmalior. Die..] - At Salisbury, 87, Mrs. Blake. Mr.

DOESETSHIRE. Antrim. 15. Lucas. 78, Mr. W. Elde: ton. At Trowbridge, M;s. Houlton, and Mrs. Duid. As some workmen were lately digging in a At Martin, Mr. E. licudit. Near Navon fieltl, at Frampton, they discovered a nunnery pough, Mr. Alexander, of Naningfuld, Bohwe. concealed about two fcet under the surface of At Wilton, Mrs. Hodding, wie of Mr. H. T. the earth. The pavement of this curious of Salisbury. Mr. Davis, of Caitle Car. rdlic of antique architecture, confitts of very SOMERSETSHIKE.

finely polished marblc ;---on the scite were also A fire broke out lately in the woollen- found different kinds of groteíque figures manufactory, at the Raleigh Buildings, bear Married )--Mr. Jo. Welt, to Miss E. Weft. Barntapie, which destroyed that extensive D. O. P. Okeden, eft, of Moor Critchell, to pile of buildings, with all the machinery and Miss Harris, of Sturminster Marihall.

Died.)-Miss Blair, of Down House, near Euth Rzes, which fermerly rivalled the Biandford, of an amiable disposition, and accomsplendid turís of Yuk and Chuster, has long pliihed manners. At Weymouth, Captain R. experienced a declension, and this year moit Alien; he tell overboard from a ship in the harparticularly fo.-Neither of the sol. plates bour Mr. Jenkins, of Chernoble. At Cran

run for.--Horse races experienced a burn, aged 85, Mr. J. Beale, master of the Free similar fute ar 'everal other places.

School for 50 years, and greatly refpected as At a late nieeting o'stie Path and West of luch; having taught gratis, during all that time, Englad A ricultural Secrets, a gentleman of reading, writing, and arithmetic, to all poor South Moiton, Devoil. chaikuagad the northern children, &c. Mr. Fucks, an eininent attorney buccders of the long-lorned abik, 0: 3ny che: of Shirburne.


property in it.

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1796.] Devonshire. Wales Ireland ... Scotland.


At St. Vincent's, Rawleigh Mansel, efq. Exeter, Nov. 18.-This day a very nume- of Swansea, 63. rous meeting was held at the Castle, of the On Monday morning, the 27th of October Gentlemen and Freeholders, &c. of the last, at his house in Landvery, Carmarthenshire, county, to consider “ the propriety of present- of the gout, in the 69th year of his age, ARing an Address to his Majesty, to thank him THUR Davies, esq. father of Doctor Davies, of for the steps he has already taken to procure an Carmarthen, and one of his Majesty's justices of honourable and lasting peace.”—Mr. BULLER the peace for that county. A gentleman, whose moved, that a clause should be inserted, con- death is universally, and deservedly, lamented. taining a repetition of assurances of lives and The various duties, and offices of social life, he fortunes, in fupport of the war, should the discharged with great zeal and philanthropy.-present negotiation fail. Mr. NORTHMORe As a magistrate, he was eminently useful in his opposed the adoption of this clause, and moved neighbourhood; active, impartial, and indepenan adjournajent to that day two months. dent; and he descended intu the grave, covered The Hon. Mr. Fellowes substituted as an with the highest honour, that of being esteemamendment, instead of this day two months, ed, and acknowledged, an honest man ! till the county be convinced of the Minister's Of Swansea, Richard Phillips, eiq. one of the Sincerity in the firesent negotiation. The sense of people called Quakers, whose hospitality and bethe meeting was decidedly against the Address nevolent mind will be long remembered. moved by Mr. Buller ; and the motion of

IRELAND. adjournment, with Mr. Fellowes's amendment, The cultivation of hemp and the manufac. was carried.

ture of sail-cloth, have recently made a confia At a meeting of the merchants and manu- derable progress in this country. facturers of Exeter, Nov. 10. it was agreed to

The maritime intercourse between this present a memorial to the Privy Council, re- country and Great Britain (which, before the presenting the GREAT and UNPRECEDENTED year 1720, was very inconsiderable) has, for a HARDSHIPS they had suffered since the com- number of years past, increased with regular mencement of the war, &c.

and progressive rapidity to its present surprising Married.]-At Tiverton, Mr. W. Besley to magnitude :--it now forms one of the mot Miss Shaw. At Barnstable, Capt. R. Blake to considerable branches of Irish and British comMiss M. Griffiths. At Exeter, rev. H. A. Hole merce, and is favourable to the reciprocal inieto Miss Sarah Horn.

reits of both countries. Died.]--At Exeter, Mrs. Vicary. Mr. Spry, The gentlemen of property throughout the mercer and draper. Mrs. E. Hayman. At kingdom, are not only enrolling themfelves in Alphington, B. Sweetland!, esq. many years a the diferent volunteer corps, but have also Commilionary, at Gibraltar, in which situation spiritedly offered to rais

at their own expence, he realized considerable property. At Erming- any number of shen judged expedient by ton, the rev. George Townsend. At Exeter, Government, in addition to the permanent 70, Mrs. S. Swale. Mrs. Corniih. At military eftal li hments, &c. Exmouth, Mr. Jof. Perriman ; he was returning,

SCOTLAND. with two lads, from piloring a vesel, when the On Friday the 7th of October, in the 7th bost, striking on a rock, funk, and they perished. year of his a e, Thomas Leit, D. D. profesior At Plymouth, on the 2d init. in the 34th of Moral Philomophy in the Univerlity of Glara

after a lingering illness, which gow. His ingenious and elaborate works, he bore with exemplary fortitude and religna- cspecially his“ Inquiry into the Hunan Mind, tion, Mr. Moore, a surgeon of that place, and and his “s Eflays on the Intellectual,” and the visiting apothecary to the Royal Naval Hospital. “ Aciive Powers of Man,” are noble and laiting His tal nts and virtues did honour to a name monuments or his emineni abilities, his deep and family, which have buen long characterised, penetrarion, and his extensive learning. Dr. and are itill adorned, by learning and worth. Reid's inerit as a teacher and an author is very He was distinguished by inuch fill in the generally known. He was unquestionably one exercise of his prof. 1101, by rare powers of of the profoundest philosophers of the age, and mind, and by 'ext nlive reading ; but his although some, who think it a proof of weakness mental endowinents and literary accomplish- to dilter from Mr. Hume, have flighted the ments, were united with the more valuable speculations of Dr. Reid, and undervalued the properties of character, with independence of mathematical precision which he laboured to princ ple, with firmnes and consiliency of introduce, his Enguiry into the Senses wil!, proconduct. By his family, by his neighbourhood, bably be coeval with our language. It is founded and by the wide circle of his friends, his death on tac, which must continue to interest men is deeply regretter, and the reinembrance of while their constitution can inues unchanged him will be ever affectionately cherished. If any part of this admirable work were to be WALES

selectiu as the moit ingezious, the inquiry into Died.)--At Aberystwith, T. L. Anwyl, esq. the eye, into fing!e and-double vifion, might be M jor Wynne, of the Merioneth Militia. At quoted. His other works are of a more popular Llangmynech, 38, Mıs. S. Parry. John Jones, caft: In all of them, however, then appears, elq. of Henbles, co. Merioneth, a gentleman accurate arrangement, candid argument, with greatly regretted by a very numerous acquaint- illustrations 1o clear and copious, as evince a


year of his


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