Gambar halaman

At Westcort, Captain Fortescue, of the Yel. Trinity-hole, a governor of the Charter-house, low Fever,, brought from the West Indies. &c His lordship languished nearly 6 months, At Kew, Mrs. Theobald.

under a complaint arising from a tunı ur in his Ar Epsom, Mrs. Shaw, wife of. Jo. S. csq.

neck, which terminated in an abscess that Aged 82, and sincertly lamented. N. Franks, baffled m«dical skill, but which he bore with e'q. of Mortlake, many years a Fellow of the the greatest fontitude and resignation - His chaRoyal Society.

racter as a statesman, a scholar, and gentleman, At Newington, T. Brandon, esq.

have long been the subject of admiration ; and • At Wanilead, aged 67, Mrs. Coggan. his amiable domestic qualities as a husband,

At Knightsbridge, Mrs. Willoughby, mother father, and friend, are well known. -His of the late Lord W. of Parham.

Lordship was born the 24th of September, 1734, In Orchard-street, K. M“Kenzie, esq. of and niarried in 1959, to Lady Elizabeth CavenCromarty, North-Britain.

dish Buntinck, filter to the present Duke of In Copthall-Buildings, Arch. Govan, esq. Portland. He has left by her Ladyship, who

Suddenly in Chiswick church, during divine survives him, three funs and five daughters; fervice, Mr. Tulloh, of Turnham-Green. and is fucceeded in his titles and estates by his

Mrs. Hickford, wife of Mr. H. of Prospect- eldest fon Thomas.' Place, St. George's-fields.

Deaths Abroad. Mrs. A. M. Henshaw, wife of R. H. esq. of On the sth of September,' on board the Bombay.

Governor Wentwor' h, Transport, Major S. D. In Wimpole-triet, aged 85, W. Briscoe, Edwards, of the Train of Artillery, on his palcsa.

face from the West Indies: in Sloane-street, Knightsbridge, Mr. D. Cook. In June laft, at Cape Nicholas Mole, St. Do

In Charles-ftruet, Weitminster, Mrs. E. mingo, Lieutenant S. Baylı y. of th: Marines. Kippis relict of the late Rev Dr. Kippis, after At Grenada, Mr. T. Groves, son of J an illness of ten years, which the sustained Groves,' esq. of Sloane-street. with Christian fortitude and alignation.

September 17th, after a short illness, at J. S. Cocks, fq. of Downing-ítr tt. Northumberland Town, North America, Mrs.

Mrs. Noith, lady of the Biihop of Win- Priestley, wife of the Rev. Dr. Priettley Those chester

only who had the privilege of her intimate ac-" In Ceveland-row, St. James's, H. P. Ains- qua ntance, can form an estimate of the extent lie, esq.

of her virtues. In domestic life, while her At Chelsea, aged 70, Major B. Dodd. conversation was interesting and instructive, the The Honourable Mrs. Southwell.

exhibited an unvaried fc ne of active virtue,' Dr. J. Snith, late of Bath, Savilian Prof. and filled the various relations of friend, of of Geometry in the University of Oxford. wife, and of parent, with that exemplary pru

At Knig tfridge, Mr. Stone, Confectioner dence, that uniform fincerity of kindness, the 10 the King.

result of a happy nature, and oi habitual prinAt Hampton, Mrs. Ogle, widow of General ciple. Ogle.

August 15th, on board the Emily transport, In St. Bartholomew's Hospital, of the wounds Captam Al Stewart, of the 54th Régiment, on he received in the late riot at Cow-cross, Mr. his passage from th: West Indies. Brewer, Beadle of St. Sepulchre's Without Leutenant Drummond, of the Navy, of the

After an illness of a few days, Mr. M. Gil- Yellow Fever, in the West Indies. bert, Superintendant of the business of M. H. Larely, at Bermuda, Miss S. Crawford, fifter D. Symonds, of Paternoster-Row, distinguished of the Governor of that Hand. by his strict probity in his general management Lately, of the Yellow Fever, on board the of business, and by his laudable diugence and Dedalus thip of war, on his paffage through the fidelity to his Employer.

Gulvh of Florida, to thic West Indies, Nr. C. Mr. T. Bailey, formerly Warehouseman at Money, Miainipman, son of C. M. esq. of the University Printing Othce, Cambridge ; a Yarmouth. man of a very singular character. The weck In the Azores I Sands, T. Hayes, efi. many before his death, being apparently in good health, years Bri ih Consul for the Mand of St. Michael. he ordered his coitin to be made, ofr. d ocal, in Cit. Oth, at Beaufort, South Carolina, the the rough, which he garnished with herbs, giv- Rev. M. Tate. In his will was the following ing allo orders for his interment without a clause : “ I enjoin it upon my executor, to pubthroud; he even proceeded to hire and pay his Lish in all the newspapers of Charles Town, that bearers, predicting his own death on the Satur- I departed this life under a full persuasion, that day following-he lived, however, tili Wed- if I died in poffe:fion of a Slave, I should not nesday.

conceive myselt admisible into the Kingdom of Mrs. Vaughan, mother of Mr. Felix Vaughan, Heaven." the Barrister.

At Fort Royal, Martinique, Ensign Corf, of At his house, in Arlington-street, the Most Salilbury. Noble Thomas Thynne, Marquis of Bath, August 2d, Colonel Isaae; of the Yellow knight of the garter, grome of the fole to his Fever, at St. Domingo. Majesty, a menmber of the Privy Council, high- * Communications of Biographical Memoirs steward of Tainworth, and elder brother of the are folicited.



| 833 )


Including Accounts of all Improvements relating to the Agriculture, the Commerce, the

Economy, the police, Sc. of every part of the Kingdom; with Notices of eminent Marriages, and of all the Deaths recorded in the Provincial Prints: to which are added, Biograpbical Anecdotes of remarkable and diftinguisbed Characters.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Ailendale, 88, Mr. C. Allsop, a much THE Agricultural Society, lately established respected Quaker.

at Durham, are proceeding, with great At Durnam, aged 84, B. Willis, esq {pirit, to raise the leading object of their nititu. Lieut. Finakar--Suddenly, 54, Sir W. Apple, tiun, an sx}rrimental j-rm. Exclusive of the by, knight ; created fo, on the address on tite capital already obtained in contributions, annual king's eicape from Marg. Nicholíonmhe was a subscriptions, to the an ount of 380l. are secured man of ouch originality and eccentricity of for this valuable purpose.

character, but much efteemed by a very large A Society has been lately established at circle of friends. South Shields, under the denomination or the At St. Helin's Aukland, advanced in years, Rational S.ciety, for the pui pole of purchasing Mr. Michael Broadbelt, a most ingenious clockbooks, and disseminating knowlcdge, moral maker, into which machines he had introduced and political, &c. among the poor.

a great number of improvements and novelties, The illustrious example of the Duke of Though his foficiency was the effect of int iNorthumbrland deferves to be recorded and tive genius, and o: a plication unaided by any recommended to the imitation of all opulent previous inftructions, his en ral skill in mecha. landholders, &c. This patriotic nobleman, nics was displayed in a great variety of curious in all his new leases to tenants on large farms, inventions; Tome of his clocks contain imall invariably reserves the cottages, with a fufficient orreries--and others are furnished with chimes, modicum of land, for the induftrious &c. said tu be more strictly consonant to harmonic rendering them, by this means, independent of principles than such machines are commonly the great farmer, and capable of bringing the found to be His mind, wlich, as well as fruits of their labour to a fair market.

his hands, was continually employed, appeared The sympathy of the inhabitants of New- to have no bounds to its re-earches; and his castle, and its neighbourhood, towards the most intimate acquaintance are of opinion, that French emigrant cle gy, has been, and still con- he received little or no information from tinues to be, generously displayed.--Whatever books; he was seldom known to consult any; the principles of many of those persons may be, and seemed only to have a small acquaintance it is not congenial with the character of Biitons, with the best scientific writers, even on his fato wield the javelin, or incita animosity, against vourite subjects.- To the superior frce, then, of Ý the shorn Lamb."

his native genius, must be ascribed the numeThe beautiful new Iteeple lately erecting on rous productions which, in a more public situaAll Saints church, Newcaifle, is now compiered. tion, would have rendered him eminent !

Married.]-At Newcastle, Mr. B. Nicholion, Lately, he planned and constructed an urgan, of Berwick, to Miss Robinson -- At Bithop- which, by competent judges, was pronounced a Wea: mouth, Mr. T. Harrison to Miss Thomp- good inftrument, and was lately fold to a fon

Same place, Mr. T. Geenwell to Miis musical gentleman, for a considerable sum of Embleton, At Caidbeck, Capt. H. Archer money. to Miss "Addison. At Sunderland, Mr G. On the 29th last, at Renmore, near TayParker,' of Hull, to Miss Ingram, of Bishop- mouth, the seat of the Earl of Bredalbane, in Wearmouth. At Newcastle, Mr. B. * A. Scutiand, Robert Johnson, of Newcastle-uponM'Ghic, of London, to M ss E. Addison. At TyneCockney, R. A. Iruntide:, esq. to Miis Dunn. “ A youth to fortune and to fame unknwn," At Sunderland, Mi. 1. Gray, of Newcaitle, to who, if life had been preserved till he had Miss Wilson

reached the maturity of age, gave fair hopes that Died. -Aged 87, Mrs. Wood, of Beadnell, he would have carried the fine arts, in some of a lady justly e teemed through life, for piety their most difficult branches, to a perfection and virtue, and particularly for her benevolence they have not hitherto attained in Britain. to the poor.

The few persons who were within the narrow At Newcastle, Mr. Thomas Petillo, one of circle of his acquaintance, esteemed him not the deputy-customers of that port.

less for the goodness of his heart, than they At ditto, Mrs. Pringle-Mrs. M. Harup— prized him for those uncommon talents which, 85, Mrs. M. Fenwick – Mr. R. Raine, a com- in spite of a variety of depressing circumstances, mon council-man-Mrs. Maugham.

fhone forth, in him, with a splendor that atto. At Bradley, J. Simpson, efq. At Sunder- nilhed every one who had an opportunity of land, Mr. Homes, Quaker--Mrs. I. Blagtten. observing, and powers to appreciare, them. ş


on foot.

rith appren

They nor, with the most sympathetic woe, A correspondent of a York paper, humanely condole with his aged parents, of whom he was reciminends the establishment of focieii-s the solace and fujzizori, and deeply mourn his throughout the countiv, similar to that in the untimely fate, not as a private misfortune only, metropolis, which is called “ The Law Scibut as a national lois, which they cannot idulje ciety,”--the object of which is, to rescue the the hope of living to fee fupplied.

poorer classes of the community from the CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND.

rapacious fangs of low and u NPRINCIPLED Married.)- At Whirebaven, Mr A Wil

attornies. The public at large would h.: bene.

fitted, were such societies to be generally set liams to Miss Simmerin, of Moresby. Mr. Howgill to Miss Bragg. Capt. H. Archer to

At the late Wakefield Quarter Sefiions, Mils Addison. At Workington, Mr. J. Clark, to Miss regulatio. to other nagillrares) not to allow of

the Court refolied (and recommended the same Montecth. At Dillington, Mr. F. Pearson to Miss A.

any indenture for binding out р Scott, of Gil artou.--At Cross Canonby, Mr.

tices, un'els where the parents, the children, K. Woud to Mils M. Inman, Loth of Mary hall have been previously examined, &c. by a

the parish overseers, and the proposed matters pert-At Brou. h, Mr. A. Robinson to Miss Hodgson-R. Reymington, esq. of Millon, magistrate, that all the part'es may have an near Kirkby Lonsdale, to Miss E. Maytchell, of opportunity of showing cause a ainst such

allowance, &c. They also directed a resoluAynsom, near Cartmüll. At Appleby, Capt. Kilner, of the navy, to

tion to the apprenticing of poor children to Miss Wilton.

cotton-mills, &c where they are compelled to

work during the night time, or an unreasonable Dird. -At Whitehaven, 57, Mrs. Harrison.

number of hours in the day They rther At Workington, Mr. R. Paikin--Aged 72, Mr. W. Tailentyre.--.40 Seb: rham-Bridge,

recommended, that Justices should compet ayed 34, Mrs. Clarke. At Kendal, Mrs. parish overseers to prejene a return of the flote of

The pour, &c. twice in every year, at a petty Hinde. -- Aged 87, Mr. J. Fisher ; he left behind him 10 children, 57 grand-charen, feffions to be holden expressly for the purpose: and 37 great grand-children. - Mr. W. Glover, together with particular enquiries into the treatfor many years head gardener at Abbot-Hall, murit, &c. of such apprentices, with a view to

render their situation less dread. d, and more near Kendal. At Kirkoswaldi, aged 76, Mr. C. White

comfortable than at present. Imith.

Morried.)--At York, by the rev: W. CHESHIRE.

Richardson, the rev. M. Viçkais, of Gatehouse,

near Dumfries, to Miss H. Atkinson.--Mr. G. Married.)-Mr. C. Amery to Miss A. Willians, both of L. Sutton.

Parvman, of London, to Miss Gledhill.-Vir. At Albury. Mr. Walley, of Preston, to

G. Williamfun to Miss E. Lambert.--Mr. ). Miis M. Jackson, of Congleton. Signor Bor


to Miis E. Davy.

of Howden, ghese, of Chefer, to Miss Larive, a rasorite of

The rer. S. Sirgeantfon, rector of Kirby the late Queen of France, for her ikill as a par

Knowle, N R. to Mits Bell, of Huby. former on the violin. A: Lymm, j. Rowe,

At Leeds (Brighouse) Mr. S. Priefiman to

Miss M. Tatham. esq. of H. Leigh, to Miss Stellox, of Reddith Hall.

At Fiull, J. T. Stanley, esq. of Alderley, ta At Nefton, the rev. R. Mallie to Miss' the Hon. Miss Hulroyd, eldest daughter of Lord H. L. Towiuend, of Chester.

Sheffield. Capt. Tempeiton to Miss S. Buttle. Died.)At Chester, Mi Rogers. Mr.

Mr. W. Skipworth to Miss E. Wilson, of Bromfield. Mrs. Prica. Mr. Watson.

Sheffield. Mr. J. Clarkson to Mrs. Chapman.

In the bloom of youtli, Miss S. Havearth. Mrs. M: J. Kitchin, of London, 10 Miss Stears. Prince, Mrs. Moore Mr. J. Hall.

At Halifax, E. Prutheroe, esy. of Christ Col. * Mr. J Word, of Winsfurd, a young gentle- head. Mř w. Hirit, of L ghtcliffe, to Miss

Cambridge, to Miss A. Waterhouse, of Well. man of an aniavie disposition, and exquisite M. Balierworth, of Wyke, near Hull. Mr. W. literary accomplihniönts.

Greave to Mics M. Cousen, of Old Town. YORKSHIRE

At Doncaster, Mr. W. Morley to Miss An application is to be made to Parliament, Ainley. Nr Syble to Miss Dove. this Sestions, for a more ertectual drainage of the Ar Sheffield, Mr. B. Williams, of Manchester, lands, in the pariibes of Cowick, Sraith, to Miss Lindley. Mr. J. Hartop, of BrightSykehouse, ana eighteen other contigu us lide, to Mrs. Handley. parishes.

At Wakefield, Mr. C. Mann to Miss S. Four red pitatues, cut in sets a'd planted last Beatson, of Sandh. year, in a piece of ground near Shertield, pro- At Biritall, Mr. J. Appleby to Miss A. Page. duced 5pecks, which being cut and plaiited At Guiely, Mr. Ji Wood, of Batiry, to this year, in a uimilar manner, have produced a Miss E. Moss, of Horsforth. Mr. Bank, of crop of 13 lods, or igó pecks !

Swillington, to Miss Shillitoe, of Prettun. A cow, at Hallingdien, produced lately from Mr. J. Jennet, of Stockton-upon-Tees, to Mits her milk, in the course of one w.ek, the sur. Horfiey, of Norton. At Drax, Mr. J. Aaron, prising quantity of 213 pounds of butter ! of Sciby, to Miis A. Fisher, of Newland.





Mr. Jer.

At Barlboro', Mr. J. Hervey, to Miss A.

LANCASHIRE. Bowler. Ai Thornton, near Skipton, the rev. The inhabitants of Burnley lately presenred W. A Warney, MA. to Miss Wilkinson, of Mr. Bury with a silver cup, for the philanthropy Fence End, both in Craven. At Baildon, Mr. evinced by him, in the progress, &c, of the H. W. Dawson, to Miss Lupton, of Shipley, Sunday schools, near Bradford. At Beverley, Mr. H. Bankes, A late Manchester paper contains an address, attorney, to Miss Francis. At Howden, Mr. figned by the respective parochial clergy, J. Holliday, to Miss Good. At Whitgift, expostulating, in a serious and pathetic muner, R Haldenby, esq. of Redness, to Miss Vickars, with the inhabitants at large, for their culpable of Swinfieet.

negleet of public worsh p.--The population of Died.]-At York, greatly respected and la- Manchester and Salford being moderately calmented, Mr. T. Haxby.-Mr. Hutton, of culated at 70,000, it appears, that between Acomb, near York; a good neighbour, and 40 and 50,000 inhabitants live in the habitual a worthy honest man. Aged 80, Mr. D. Bulmer neglect of religious worship. Mr. W. Monkman. Mrs. Rowntree. Aged Mirried.] -At Lincuter, the rev. Mr. Ta84, the rev. R. Cordukes, M.A. rector of St. tham, rector of meeting, to Miss Dunson, of Mary's, Bishophill the elder, and of St. Savi- Dalton our's. Mrs. Taylor.

At Manchester, Mr. J. Turner, to Mrs. At Hull, aged 22, Miss S. Snowden. Mr. Duckworth, Mr. J. Baker, to Mils E. Smith. M. Barry. Aged 33, Mrs. Woud. Aged Mr. T. Hobson, of Salford, to Mrs. Marshall. 80, Mrs. Rudíton.

Mr. G. Sykes, to Miss C. Anchors. At Leeds, Mrs. Wilkinson.

Mrs. Field,

Akinson, of Salford, to Miss E. Heywood. wife of the rev. R. F. Mrs. Rathnell. Mr.

Mr. Weall, to Miss Little. Mr. J. Roberts, to Charter. Mr. Smith, of Burmantofts, near Miss E. Rogers. Mr. J. Aihton, to Miss E. Leeds. Mrs. Whitely, of Quarry Hill, near Athton Mr. Addison, to Miss Plant. Leeds. Mrs. Watkinson. Mr. J. Pickersgill, At Liverpool, Mr. J Gordon, to Miss Shaw. ef Headingley, near Leeds. Mrs. Croft. Mr. J. Haye, to Miss A Mourney. Mr. S. Mrs. Wilkinson.

Oliver, of Katherage, Derby, tu Miss H. MotAt Sheffield, Mrs. Mackenzie. At Tinsey, tram, of Burnage. W. Fowler, esq. of Newnear Sheißeld, aged 62, Mr. Ibbotson. Mrs. cattle-under-Lync, to Miss Middleton. Mr. Teal. Mr. Bagnall. Mr. Mottram.

Barker, to Miss E. Pardoe.

Mr. R. Mason, to At Doncaster, aged 58, and greatly regretted, , Miss M. Hudson. Mr. B. Armstrong, to kiss Mr. Jarrat, a member of the corporation. A. Torbott. Capt. Smith, to Miss J. Jeffries.

Aged 69, Mr. W. Parsons, of Dewsbury. Mr. R. Mason, to Miss M. Hudson. Capt. J. At the abbey, near Knaresborough, Mrs. Flet- Crabble, to Miss Deare. Mr. Brooks, to Miss cher, sister of the late Sir H. Palliser, bart. Naylor. Mr. J. Ellis, to Miss Banner. Capt. At Swanland, a ed 45, Mr. Todd, and Mr. S. Riddel, to Miss Kershaw. Mr. R. Gregso Atkinson. At Northallerton, W. Wailes, esq. Miss A. Eccles. Mr. T. Hampton, te Miss an eminent attorney, and Clerk of the Peace for M. Henderson. Mr. B Sykes, to Miss Paisley. te N. R. Mr. T. Hudson, of Huddersfield. By the rev Mr. Renthaw, Mr J A. MolyAt Fulford Grange, Mr. J. Maulde. At neux, of the island of St. Kitt, to Miss Rhodes Hall, near Wakefield, Mrs. Rogerson. Worral. Capt. Frankland, to Mrs. Davies. At Normanton, aged 82, J. Favell, esq. At At Bathwick, S. Dellpratt, esq. of Jamaica, Whitby, Mrs. Wilson, and Mr. J. Clarkson. to Miss Ross, also of that island. At Coronley, near Skipton, in Craven, J. Swire, At Rochdale, Mr. P. Statham, to Miss efq. of Hull.

Lancashire. At Startforth, N. R. the rev. G. Fielding, At Warrington, G. Eaton, esq. of Pole, to M.A. reétor of Loughton, Bucks, and Justice of - Miss Orrel Peace for the N. R. and Durham. At Pope- At Blacburn, Mr. T. Sharples, attorney, to ley, near Birstall, Mr. J. Stainthorp. Mrs. Miss A. Berry. Mr. W. Eaitham, to Miis S. Woulley, of Carr Hill, near Saddleworth. Gaithwaite. Hallingden, Mr. R. Harrison. Mr. W. Delanoy, At Acrington, Mr. T. Livesay, to Miss of Bramby, ntar Howden. At Kirkthorpe. Broadley, both of Hippings. near Wakefield, the rev. G. Swiney, of eminent At Preston, Mi, R. Arkwright, to Miss P. piety and benevolence, indefatigable in the Holiday. At Prestwich, Mr. T. Taylor, ot work of the ministry, and a real ornament of Ringley, to Miss E. Scholes. his order. At Beverley, aged 77, Mr. W. Mr. P. Hamer, of near Bury, to Miss North. At Hepworth, near Huddersfield, Mrs. A. Lomax, of Over-Darwin, near Blackburn. Tinker. Aged 54, Mr. T. Hudson, of Hud- At Walsall, Mr. J. Bennet, of Chester, to dersfield. At Addingham, aged 59, Mr. W. Miss A. Barber, At Egremont, Mr. Jon, Cockshutt. Mr. M. Morvil, of Bingley. At Steele, of Liverpool, to Miss Bragg. Scarborough, aged 77, Mrs S. Monkman. At At Much Uriwick, Mr. D. King, of Lowick Corbrook, Mrs. Creighton. In the prime of Bridge, tu Miss Fleming, of Urswick. life, Miss Cayley, daughter of E. C. esq. of At Bishop's Court, Ine of Man (by the Whitby. Capt. Wiggins, formerly of the 2d Rt. Rev. the Bilhop) F. Stephenson, esq. of batallion of the W.R. militia.

Balladoole, to Miss Bowyer, niece to Ad. Bowyer. MUNTHLY MAG. No, X.





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Died.)-At Liverpool, aged 55, Mr. Jon. Ms. Walker, of Bingham, to Miss Pilgrim, Wainwright. Miss M. Wood, of Dudley, At Newark, Mr. W. Marthall to Miss H. Worcester. Aged 47, Mr. C. Wareing. Mr. Cowes, of Condington. Tvrer. Mr J. Dixon. Aged 90, Mr. J. At Wilford, the Rev. G. Hutton, B. D. of Yowart Mrs. Sweetenham. Mrs. Abram. Lincoln, to Miss H. Neale, of Sollerton. Mr. Rimmer. Agud 76, Mrs Salthouse. At Kirk-Halam, J. Cook, gent. of Haigh Aged 107, Mrs. A. Watkins, wife of Mr. T. House, to Miss Freckletoin, of Mapperley, W. of Dublin, State Trumpeter to the Lord Derby. Lieutenant, Capt. W. Bowes. R. Watt, efq. Died.] At Nottingham, Mrs. Severn. Mr.

eminent West India inerchant. At M20- M. Whitlock, one of the Senior Council of the chester, Mis. Barlow. Mrs. Seddon. Mr. ). Corporation. Mr. R. Smith.

Mrs. Cooper. Gibson. At Silíurd, Mrs. M. Wroe.

Mrs. Aged 36, Mr. J. Bonnington. Miss RowbotWheeler, wife of Mr. W heeler, Printer of the ham. At Newark, Mi M. Brown. Mrs. Manchelier Chronicle. Mr. J. Ainsworth. Smith. Mrs. Spray. Mrs. Martin. A: Clverstone, Mr. S. Gawih. Aged 8!, Mrs. At Bingham, aged 50, Mr. Deverall. At Willon, of Milnthorp. As Pennington, Mr. T. Mansfield, Mrs. Wragg. Feil. At Leyland, Mr. J. Blackburn.

DERBYSHIRE. At Rochdale, the rev. J. Shaw, curate of St. Married. At Mit lork, the rev. D. B. Mary's, and head master of the Free Granımar Allen, to Mils jullian. At Beiper, Mr. School; of excellent abilities as a scholar, and Lonas, to Miss S. Woodward, of Southwelt. furious and praise-worthy depoitment as At A thborné, Mr. W. Ellom, to Miss Sophia divinc.

Fritche At Winíter, the rex. S. Wagtiaff, At Lancaster, Mrs. S. Bell. At Preston, J. to Miss Godwin. At Hatharsaga, Mr. S. Myers, esq. Mits Whitworth, of Middleton. Oliver, to Miss H. Mottram. At Stanton, Mr. At Black brooke, aged 66, Mrs. Mary Orrel. Burows, to Miss S. Dawson, of Nottingham. At Woclten, aged 86, Mrs. Sandford At At Barlborough, Mr. J. Harvú y, to Miss A, Bartor, near Ormikirk, Mr. R. Blundell. At Bawler. At Kirk-Haliani, Mr. J. Cook, to Longridge, Mrs. Haworth.

Miss Freckleton.

Died.]-At Whitewell, 66, Mr. Thomas A riot took place lately, at Caiflor, in confe- Fletcher, many years an eminent conimissioner quence of the parish officers beginning to take and land valuer. He poffeffed the most condown names, &c. for the supplementary mili- fpicuous abilities in his profession, aided by a tia-Similar disturbances have broken out in rare solidity of judgment, and moreover was a various parts of the country ; in several places, pattern of sconjugal and paternal affection. At the people are entering into affociations, to Barton, Mr. J. Smith, jun. 62, Mr. Dannah, endeavour to procure a repeal of the act, &c. of Shuttle. At Staveley, 72, Mrs Foxlow. Married ] At Lincoln, Mr. J. Thompson to

SHROPSHIRE. Mrs. Peat. Mr. R, Robinson to Mrs S. Good- It is worthy of remark, that many of the hand.

cities and county towns in this part of the kingMr. Brown, Surgeon, of Thorney, to Miss dom, have changed their appearance furM. Facon, of Borough-Fen. Mr. C. Mar- prisingly for the better, during the lait twenty thall, of Apley, to Miss A. Melbourne. Mr. years. The mafly gateways which incomBrackenbury to Miss Panlin, both of L. Hale. muded their entrance have disappeared, and Mr. Gilson, of Maxey, to Miss Faulkner, of every year produces new Itreets of elegant and Stamford.

commodious architecture, in place of the crazy Died.] At Lincoln, aged 61, Mrs. Blyth. and ill-contrived edifices of the obsolete Gothic. Mrs. Fowler. Mrs. Trout. Mrs. Hare,

Shrewsbury and the contiguous towns keep Suddenly, the Rev. Mr. Walker, Curate of pace in these respects, with the improving Mells. Mr. Doody, of Digbeth. Aged 59, spirit of the times.-At Wellington, the Mr. T. Forman, of Helpringham. At Hurn- church, bank, and other novel Itructures, concastle, aged 90, Mrs. Ginion Mr. Weather- structed with tatte, order, and utility, furnih hagg. At G. Hale, the Rev. W. Mozeci). the appearance of a species of new creation ! Aged 54, Mr. Allen, of Deeping-Fen. Aged The cutting and otlier works on the Shrews50, Mr. Milner, of Brampton. At Gainsboro', bury canal are now completed ; and as foon as aged 27, Mr. W. Skitt, Comedian. At Ranby, filled with water, will be opened for the purNr. J. Codd, an excellent Agriculturist, and poses of navigation.--This canal will communiBreeder of Cattle. He blended the Leicester · cate with the great works and collieries, &c. and Lincolnshire Breeds together, and thus ac- in Coalbrook Dale, Thetley, Oaken Gates, &c. quired the excellencies of 'both the species. It will also communicate, by a collateral line NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

not yet finished, with the Marquis of Stafford's Married ] At Nottingham, Mr. W. Smet. collieries, &c. hurit, to Miss Tuting. The Rev. J. C For- Married.] ---Mr. T. Jefon, of Seven Hall, rest, Maíter of the Free Grammar-School, to to Miss Hazl:wood, of Bridgenorth. At TotMiss Malkin, of Harls-Thorp, Derby, Mr. tenhail, J. Thomas, esq. to Miss Ann Dalton. Pickering to Mifs R. Shetton, of Sutton-Bon- At Bridgenortli, Mr. Bowen, to Miss Myntor. ningtun. Mr. Burbidge to Miss Tugby, Mr. Bakeway, of Portfort, to Miss S. Allen.


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