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Staffordshire ... Leicestershire ... Rutlandshire, &c.


At Broomhall, in the prime of life, B. B. richest commoners in England. His real estate Baffnett, esq. At Alderbury, Mrs. Thornes. in Leicestershire amounted to 10,000l. per ailAt F:ankwell, Mrs. Woodward. At Yockle- num, including an immense property of timber. ion Mill, 66, Mrs. Blakeway.

His personal estate, in funded moncy, bank At Market Drayton, Mr. W. Caftella, fur- bills, and cafu, amounted to nearly 200,000l. genn, and one of the Yeoman Cavalry of that The whole of this property devolves, by beplace. At Whitchurch, Mrs. Cartwright. At quest, to the hon. Mrs. Butler, wife of the hon: Bishops Castle, Mrs. C. Drew.

Aug. Butler, fecond son of the countess of At Marchom.vy, Mr. Leigh, steward to the Lanesborough.—The remains of this knight lay late Sir Rowland Hill and Sir Rich. Hill, barts. in state, on the 4th initant, at Leicester, furAt Pimpley, Mr. Gittoes. At Oswestry, Mr. rounded by a magnificent plumage, decorated Spencur.

with escutcheons, and all the paraphernalia of Mrs. Morris, wife of the rev. Mr. M. of fun ral pomp. They were afterwards removed Clun.

At Hanwood, Mrs. Hill of Shrewsbury. to Swithland, there to be interred in a magni.

ficient monument, which was erected by Sir Married.)-At Baswich, the rev. T. Green- Join in his life-time. On this monument is wood, of Ecclelhall, to Miss Lycett, daughter an inscription, which states, that Sir John was of the late J. L. esq. of Weeping Cross. descended from Norman d’Alverse, a Brabanter,

Di-d.)-At Stafford, 75, F. Lycett, efq. who came into England in 1066 ; that one of 53, Mrs. Yates. 79, Mr. Maríton. 84, Mr. his ancestors was a faft friend to Charles the J. Stevenson.

First, and another a supporter of the CommonAt Hill Top, near Stone, 35, John Rutter, wealth under Cromwell, and that he himself erq. At Wolverhampton, 72, Mr. T. Davis. was a friend to civil and religious liberty, aud Mr. E. L. Neeve. At Newcastle, Mrs. Baddeley. always the supporter of revolution principles. ] At. Litchfield, 51, Mr. Jaf. Snape. Near

RUTLANDSHIRE. Litchfield, Mr. S. Wyatt.

Died.]--At Oakham, Mr. Combes, attorAt Shufhios, 52, H. Çrockit, esq. the ney, and clerk of the peace for the county of agricultural improvements effected by this gen. Rutland. At Hambleton, Mr. Herring. At tieman added to the wealth of his country; his Uppingham, 63, Mrs. Marriott. lots will be sincerely regretted as a truly valu

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. able member of society by all who knew him. The extensive tract of land, called Somersham At Fenton, near Newcastle, T. Broade, esq. Heath, with other unimproved lands in the LEICESTERSHIRE.

parithes of Somersham, Woodhurst, and Pidley At the sale of Mr. Frisby's rams, at Walt- cum Fenton, are now in a course of inclosure. ham, a single shearling reached the price of At a meeting of land owners of Wisbeach, 135 guineds.

St. Peters, and other adjoining parishes, a plan The house of Richard Timson, of Hallaton, was adopted for more effectually draining the in Leicestershire, with four others, was lately lands and grounds contiguous to the Redmore entirely consumed by fire, before any aslistance drainage. could be procured.

Married.)-The rev. W. Armstrong, B. A. On the 7th inftant, the Leicesterthire volun. of Jeius College, to Miss Whittred. ter cavalry were reviewed in the Abby Mea- Nir. Fayerman, surgeon, of Swaffham, to duw, by their colonel, Sir W. She:lington. The Miss Norton, of Holme Hale. ancmblage was brilliant and interesting.

Died.]-At Cambridge, in the prime of life, Married.] –At Seale, S. P. Wolferstan, esq. Mis. Claydon. At Wilbeach, Mr. John Mayer, of Statfold, Staffordshire, to Miss E. Jervis, attorney. daughter of P. J.cfq.of Nether Seale.

At Ely, Mr. P. Smith, attorney, late one of Ai Kitworth, the rev. T. Thomas, of Farn- the coroners for the Itle of Ely, and deputy duto Miss Fox.

steward to the Bishop, Dean and Chapter. At Died.]-At Leicester, Mr. Harrison, surgeon. Sutton Waih, Mr. John Prelt. At Weit WratMr. Reynlds. Ai Belminthor, e, in the prime ting, Mr. E. Haylock, of life, Mr. Jof. Inkeriole, of Leicester ;

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. latcly a much respected and very eminent linen- The parish officers of Pridaington, in the draper. No man could more be beloved by a county of Bedford, have lately advertised, with large circle of friends.

an eagerness not very honourable to thuis geneAt Belgrave, Rich. Vann, esq. At Castle rosity, as a rus away from his family, an unforDonnington, Mr. Towle.


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tunate man, who had ruined himself by a conAt kinworth, 72, W. Hames, efq. a very tract to provide for the poor, before the late intellig-nt man, and of much utility in his reig.- enormous advances in the price of pravilions. bubuod. Acloughborough, Nr W. Capp; At Northampton qarter feitionis, on Thurs. without any previous indi policien he was taken day, Daniel Abiyot, of Little-Addington, was ili while at dinner with his family, and never indicted for a mildemeanor, in egroting and ipəkc afterwards.

getting into his hands, by buying of Richard At Thrutington, Miss Caffon, daughter of Wightman, titiy quarters of wheat, with the Die Rev. W.C. Ai Hinckley, Mrs. Lawion. intent to fe: the same again ; and leing found I The late Sir John Danvers was one of the guilty, was fined in the penalty of 5)

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A number of public improvements, by in- Died.]«At Worcester, Mr. Shingleton. Mrs. closures, new turnpike roads, &c. are on foot in Gower. 39, Mrs. Day. Mr. Crane, of Brooms. this county:

grove. Married.]Ac Peterborough, the rev. Mr. At Barbourne House, near Worcester, A, Serle, of Writtle, to Miss Vinter.

Williams, esq. lately arrived from Jamaica. At Mr. E. Billingham, of Northampton, to Miss Stourbridge, Mrs. Hodgson, Quaker. Near Andrews, of Bristol,

Worcester, 70, Mr. J. Phillips. Died.]-At Northampton, Mrs. Jackson. At Painswick, Mrs. Cooper, of Kiddermin: At Peterborough, Mrs. Pritchard; she was in fter. At Feckenham," Mrs.' Marshall. At perfect health at eight o'clock and a lifeless Broughton Green, Mr. G. Fownes. corpse before nine.

HEREFORDSHIRE. Āt Kettering, Mrs. Toller, wife of the rev. Married.)-At Pontebury, Jor. Warter, juo, T. NT. At Maxey, 25, Mr.'v. Wing, one efq. of Siberscot, to Miss Meredith, daughter of of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry.

the late T. M. esq. WARWICKSHIRE.

At Pipe, the rev. T. Lloyd, rector of Putley: Married.] –At Coventry, Ms. Hunter, Hof- to Miss Meredith. pital Staff, to Miss E. Curson.

At Leominster, the rev. J. Williams, master At Stratford-upon-Avon, Mr. T. Smith, to of the grammar school there, to Miss Hughes. Miss A. Veasey.

Died.-At Longworth, Mrs. Walwyn, wife Died. ]--at Birmingham, Mrs Taylor, wife of J. W. eraM. P. for Hereferd. At Bromof Mr. T. surgeon. Mr. T. Hanson; this gen- yard, Mr. G. Badham. tleman by unremitting attention had acquired an At Aconbury, near Hereford, Mrs. Fisher, extensive knowledge of the sciences; he was an At Haughton, 102, Mrs. M. Pitt. "At Treable mathematician, and a skillful astronomer. tyre, Mr. Sternhold. Mr. Jor. Latham Mrs. H.S. Evetts, Mrs. Cope.

MONMOUTHSHIRE. Miss Barber, daughter of J. B. esq. Mr. T. Died.}-At Monmouth, Miss E. Bowen, 0. Heeley. Mr. Payne, attorney. Mrs. Webb. daughter of the late Mr. B.'attorney Mrs. Allen. Mr. R. Dicken, jun. Mr. Mat

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. thews. Mrs. Wheeler. Mrs. Matthews. Mr. Lord Sherbone has offered, for seven years, a John Eginton.

filver cuf!, of five guineas value, for the best At Atherstone, in the 41st year of his age, wether pearhog; to be bora fide bred in Glou. C. G. Hartold, surgeon and apothecary, son of cestershire. ihe Rev. Sherman Harroki, rector of Temple Several vagrants have been flogged out of Patrick, and vicar of Antiiin, Ireland. He was Gloucester, by which that city, to the credit of initiated at an early age in the rudiments of his the magiftrates, is kept free of that disgraceful jr fefsion by his uncle, Grove Harrold, an emi- nuisances comnion beggars. ie t surgeon at Coventry. Upon his settling Mr. Daniel Roberts, of Painswick, an. afterwards at Atherstone, a populous town and nounces, in Rrikes's Gloucejler Journal, that he extentive neighbourhood' gave scope to talents has succeeded in condensing the vital or oxiwhich merited a larger field for their display. gene air, by which he produces a sale of peculiar In a few years his superior knowledge and suc- nature, that by repeated solution and coagulation cessful practice advanced him to the summit of becoincs fixed, and will endure the fire." professional eminence : his skill and judgment A house at Huntley was lately burnt to the engaging the confidence, and tris liumanity and ground, in the night, by the family having tender attentions the love and citeem of his pa. Oraiited effe&tually to extinguish a fire in the tients. His death was the consequence of a chimney on the preceding day. violent fever, which the pressure of too much Married.)-W. Wakeman, esq. of the My. business at a liekly scafon is supposed to have the, to Miss Williams, of Little Malvern. occasioned.

Died.] –At Gloucester, Mrs. Lambe.. Miss At Coventry, Mrs J. Taylor. At Allesley, F. Palin. Mr. Bamford, apothecary.' 83, Mrs. near Coventry, Mrs. Holmes. At Handsworth, S. Lye. Mr. John Scraggs, T. Price, esy. At Dig- At Weston, Miss Phillips. At Stonehouse, beth, Mr: Doody:

Mrs. Dimmock. At Over, near Gloucestet, At Small Heath, Mrs. Lane.

Mr. Long At Rodborough, Mrs. Tanner: WORCESTERSHIRE.

At Crudwell, Mr. R. Buckland, attorney, of At the late Stirbitch fair, new Hops in poc. Tetbury. At Auit, Mrs. J. Taylor. kets reached from 5l: 125. to 61. 6s. per ewt.

OXFORDSHIRE. Derby cheese sold at 21. 185. : fingle Gloucester A mort dreadful and alarming fire litely 21. 14s. to 21. 16s. Double Gloucciler 31. to broke out at the New Mills, near Henley Fine old Cheshire 31. 1os.

Thames, Oxfordihire, which, in the course of Married.)- The rev. Mr. Bennett, to Miss an hour, reduced the paper and corn mill to Woodward.

athes, with about 300 reams of paper. The r.v. W. Jones, of Lidney, to Miss Married. )-At Oxford, the rev. G. Richards, Pidcock, daughter of the late J. P. efq. of the fellow of Oriel College, to Miss Parker. Platts, near Stourbridge.

Mr. Churchill, jun, of Woodstock, to Mils



31. 6s.

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1796.] Buckinghamshire . '. Huntingdonshire ... Efex, &'c. 759 M. Townesend, daughter of S. T. esq. of Ox.

ESSEX. ford.

A redoubt and batteries have been lately conDied }At Oxford, 82, Mr. S. Fletcher, for- structed on Clacton Beach, with a view to merly a in that city. Suddenly, 70, secure the entrance of Maiden River against rov1. Uri, LLD. of the University of Leyden heing privateers, &c. was by birth an Hungarian. Several years since Married) -- A. Schick, esq. of London, te he was employed by the University of Oxford Miss Wilt, of Belchamp Walter. to arrange the Oriental MSS. in the Bodleian T. Wharrie, esq. to Miss Clay, of Braintree; Library, a catalogue of which was published in At Colchester, the rev. A. Beevor, to Miss 1787, in consequence of his labours.

Blatchett, daughter of Major B. At Banbury, at the advanced age of 79, the Pied.]-Ąt Colchester, Mrs. Powell, matron Rev Geo. Hampton, A. M-He was a native of Chelsea Hospital, and lifter to the rev. Dr. P. of Wrexham, in Denbighshire, took his degree At Weeley Hall, near Coļchester, S. Weeley, in the University of Glasgow, where he was esą. At Chipping Hill, near Witham, Mr. contem orary with the Rev. H. Worthington, John Newton. of Leicester : he was at the head of a diflenting Ar Writtle, 90, Mrs. Crush. At Little Wacongregation at Banbury for 56 or 57 years, and did ham, Mrs. Gardiner. At Stansted-Mount, honour to the character of the scholar, the gen- Fichet, Mr. S. Day, Quaker. Ar Clacton, tleman, and the divine: he diftinguished him- Mrs. Jones. self by a treatise in support of the Doctrine of At Strood Green, near Rochford, 68, B. Carr, the Atonement, in opposition to the late Dr. ef4. many years one of his Majesty's Justices of Taylor, and in later years to Dr. Priestley, whọ the Peace for the county of Efex. acknowledged him among the most candid of

NORFOLK. his opponents. He was relpected by all who Ar a late meeting of the proprietors of estates knew him; by the clergy of all denominations, in Marthland Fen, a plan for draining the same and by none more than those of the Establish- and other adjoining lands effectually and cerment, some of whom have borne testimony to rainly, so as not to be affected even in seasona his candour, by reading in the same desk, and extraordinarily wet, was delivered in by an able preaching from the same pulpit, for the last fix engineer, &c.-The advantages to be obtained years of his life, during the rebuilding of the from this drainage (proceeding by the outfall of parish church. His memory had been impaired Tilney Caol) will considerably overbalance the by a paralytic stroke, but his reason was clear, expences to be incurred (which, according to the and his light so good as not to require the help estimate, amount to 18,58ol. 125, 6d.) and muk of glasses : his itrength had been gradually ultimately prove a great public benefit. abating for some time, but he was so well as to Married.) -At Norwich, Mr. John Ebbetts, go from home to a friend's house the day before of Hellesdon, to Miss Goultry. his death, and was arrested by the grim Ty- Lieut. M. W. Suckling, of the navy, to Miss rant in his way down stairs to his breakfast ; he G. Framingham, of Norwich. had set his foot upon the last step, fell down, R. Heath, esq. of Panxworth, near Acle, to, and with a single figh funk into the arms of Miss S. Kerrison, daughter of J. K. eiq. Death. From the length of time he officiated Blencowe, eiq to Miss Everard, daughas pastor, in some families he has left three ter of alderman E. of King's Lynn. generations, initiated by him into the Christian

Capt. Vale, of Yarmouth, to Miss Theodochurch by baptism.

rick, of Edgefield. At Banbury, Miss R. Marriott.

Died.)--At Norwich, 83, the rev S. Bourne, In London, 21, Mr. R. Pridie, son of Mr. formerly minister of a Diffenting chapel cherc, G. P. of Oxford. Ai Great Milton, Mrs. M. and author of leveral sermons. His infirmities Ludbrooke. At Glymptun Park, where he had incapaciated hin, for the last 20 years, from was on a visit, R. Lloyd, efq. of Headington the performance of his public duties

Edmund Gurney, Quaker. 28, Mrs. C. DeeBUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

ker, wife of the rev. T. D.rector of St Simon Married.]—The rev. T, Milnes, M, A. to and Judc. 67, Mr. T. Nicholls. Si, Mrs. Miss E. Gery, one of the daughters and coe Clements. Mrs. Aldis. 54, Mrs. E. Bates. heiresses of W. G. esq. of Bulhmead Priory.

Mr. Mackay Died.)-At Brighton, suddenly, Mrs. Daven. At Swattham, 54, Mrs. P. Dalton, wife of port, wife of R. of Court-garden.

W. D. esq. At Bath, Miss C. Cuitance, HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

daughter of J. C eso. of Weston Houie. At With a view to improve the great road lead- Bracondale, 45, Mrs. R. Allen. ing from Spalding, in Lincolnthire, to Raamley, At East Dereham, 84, Mrs. M. Fenn, moin this county, &c. an application is to be made ther of the late Sir J. F. Knt. At Wymondto parliament, to make a few turnpike road froin ham, 60, Mrs. Stafford. At Stalham, Mr. R. Broother House Bar, through Portland, Thor- B. Lowe. At Holkam, 48, Mr. Sharpe. ney, Whittlesey, Ramsey, &c.

At Lynn, Mrs. Goodwin, wife of Mr. H. G. Married.].-At Barham, Mr. Jaf, Webb, of attorney. Mrs. Sinclair, late of Barwick. Miss Stalkord, to Miss Ladds.

Hales. At Yarmouth, 76, Mr. R. Burroughs. Did] At Elton, Mrs. Crofts.

Ar Basonthorpe, Mss. Brown, Alict of Mr.

A. B.

73, Mr.

House, near Oxford.

A. B. of Blackney. At Bergh Apton, Mifs H. to the latter place, and interred in the family
Fox. At Witchingham, Mr. Copland, jun. vault there

Ar Richmond, Mrs. Lewes, reliet of the
Along the coast of Suffolk, cannon are placed Dean of Oslo:y. At Croydon, N. Dernithurne,
on the heights all the way from Lowcitoite to eft. of St. Agnes, Cornwall. At Ripley, 46,
Hxwich ; so it is in Norfolk, Lincolnthire, Mifs R. Newman.
Yorkshire, &c.

BERKSHIRE. Married. At Southwold, Mr. R. Brown, Dief]-At Rading, Mr. J. Westor.. At furgeon, to Mifs Revens.

Datchett, Miss A. Trant, fister to the Hon. Mrs. Mr. John Wilion, of Tannington, to Viss Dillon. At Hamptead Morris, Mr. ): Justice, Gooch, daughter of J. W. G. csq. of Brundiih jun. At Wokingham, 80, Mrs. Grimn. Hall.

Aged 80, the rev, T. Shephırd, M. A. recP. Havens, efq. of Dönyland Hall, to Miss tor of West Woodray, and vicar of Speen. At Sage, daughter of E S. e q. of Wivenloc. Knightsbridge, Miss H. Floyer, daughter of the

Di-d.]-A Bury, Mr John Hill, one of the late P. H. esq. of Shinfield, near Reading. Burg ffes of the Common-council of that Cor

SUSSEX. poiatioa. Mr. W. Stocken. Mr. Hawkins. Married.] At Fletching, J. T. Stanley, esq. 44, Mr H. Traice.

son of Sir J. S. bart. of Alderley, to the Hon. At Beccles, 93, Mrs. M. Whitaker, reli&t of Miss Holroyd, daughter of the Rt. Hon. Lord the rev. T. W. late of Freflingficid. At Ald- Sheffield. borough, 22, Miís Revett, daughter of J. R. At Brighton, Lieut G. Smith, of the Blues, efq. of Brandeíton.

to Miss F. Smith, daughter of the late H, S. esą. At Barton Mills, 84, T. Haws, esq. dt Normanton House, Leicestershire, Rickinball Superior, Mr. H. Bealey. In Lon- Died.] A. ed 80, Mrs, Harcourt, wife of the don, Mrs Girling, reliet of Mr. S. G. of Strad- rev. H. H. of Stonc-house, rector of Warbletov brooke.

and Crownurit. At Lewes, Mr. Wood, At Ipfwich, 58, Mr. E. Bacon. 56, Mr. S. Near Alfriston, Mr. Stevens, of Lewes; comHarrison. Nir Bridges. 88, Mrs. Beaumont. ing out of a mill, on which he had been at work, Ar B dmondisfield Hall, Mrs. S Barrett, relict he unfortunarely got too nigh the swifts, which of N. B. esq. At Stokc, 49, Mrs. Bloeficld. struck him on the head, and fractured his skull KENT.

so dreadfully that he died a few hours after. Lord Romney has set an example at Maid

HAMPSHIRE, fone, of sending all his corn to the public mar- Mirried.] At Winchester, T. W. Filgate, ket, and has forbid the sale of any by sample. cfq. of Arthur's Town, to Miss E. Mahon, of

Mirried.] – At Cántérbury, Mr. Woodrufe, Caftleg. in, both of the kingdom of Ireland. surgt on, to Miss Movne.

At Warminster, W.P. Cooper, Esq. of SouthAt Sholden, H. B. Deane, cf4. of Reading, to field Housc, to Miss Butler, daughter of E. B. Miss E. Wyborn, daugh er of J. W. esq. of Hull eq. Place.

At Tytherly, T. S. Foot?, esq. proprietor of At Bennenden, R. Moneypenny, esą of Rol- the Theatre-royal at Plymouth, to Miss M, vendon, to Miss Dunn.

Hart, of Twyford. Diet.}--At Canterbury, Mr. R. Frend. Mrs. M. Cælar Lambert, a French emigrant fer-' Southee. Mrs Culver,

jeant, to Miss Harrison of East Cowes, filter-inat Rocheftor, ds. Priitor, wife of Mr. B. law to admiral M‘Bride, a young lady with a torny. 80, Mrs. E. Hills. Mr. C, Ether- large fortune. ington

Died.j At Southampton, advanced in years, At Bronley, Mrs. Hawke'woth, reliet of the rev. R. Davies; many years reétor of NewDr. H. At Tenreruen, 73, Mrs. Tij lor. At bury and Highclerc. Suddenly, Mr. W. An. Chatham, Mr. Rimmer.

drews, attorney. Mrs Darwall, wife of J. D. At Town Malling, Miss Geary, sister to Sir csq. W. G. bart. At Maidstone, Mrs. Collins. At At Winchester, suddenly, Mr. Lee. SuddenFolkit


Mrs. Andrews. At Dover, Mr. G. ly, Mr. Collis. At Hurne, ncer Christchurch, A. Back

Mr T. French. At Basingstoke, 67, Mr. T. At Newland, in the Iildor Thanet, G. B20

Aldr. fort, tfu. At Marga:e, Miss E. Read. 56, Ar Fareham, the Rt. Hon. Lord Cranstoun, Mr. V. Aufien, and a tew days a:ter, 65, Mrs. a Captain in the Royal Navy, and Governor of P. Arten, his wife. Mr. Welling, of the Grenada; his Lordihip’s death was occafioned Thatre-royaltiere.

by the sugar of lead in some cyder, which had SURREY

been kept in a citern lined with lead. He had Marrie!)-At Streatian, John Brickeno, been lately appointed governor of Grenada ; his of Shounoad, k: dfordshire, to Miss Kent. remains were conveyed to Portimouth, and in.

At Dorking, T. Cruft, etj. of London, to terred in the garrison chapel there. Miss Ansell.

At Last Choldertun, C. Gregoric, cfq. At Dic..)- At his seat at Ether, 85, Rich. Cofa Carisbrook, in the Ife of Wight, 25, Miss Su. fin, cio. of Peitledge, Devon hire, aud Hex- therland. At Andover, Mrs. Poore. At SutThorthy, Cornwall; his rernains were conveyed ton, Miss E. Watis.


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1796.] Somerset fhire ... Dar setshire ... Devonshire, &'s, 761

At Cho!derton, Mr. John Whicher. At At Timberscombe, W. Withycombe, esq. Romsey, 40, Mr. T. Hall. At Portsea, Mrs. At Down Houle, near Blandford; Miss Blair, Colville.

daughter of C. B. esq. Suddenly, the Rev. WILTSHIRE.

"Mr. Waker, of Mells.

DEVONSHIRE. Died.] At Salisbury, Mrs. Cooke, reliet of the rev. W. C. vicar of Enford, Mr. B. Steed- Married.] At Plymouth Dock, capt. Shel

22, Mr. J. Langley, jun. Mr. T. drick, of the Royal Artillery, to Mrs. Durnfard, Bracher.

widow of col. D. At Quidhampton, 28, Miss A. Gibbs. At At Newton Bushell, J. C Worthington, esq. Martin, 86, Mt. John Williams.

major in the Sussex fencible cavalry, to Mrs At Peckham, Surry, 88, the rev. R. Jack- Tickell. son, D.D. rector of Donhead St. Mary, for H. Roe, esq. of Graton, to Miss F. P. Macmore than half a century, and formerly Fellow krill, daughter of J. M. esq. of Kingston upora of Magdalen College, Oxford. His unbounded Thames. charity and benevolence will cause his memory Died.] At Exeter, Mrs. M. Sweetland. Mrs. long to be cherished.

Bast. 40, Mr. W. Russel ; he was taken ill SOMERSET SHIRE.

while in the fields, walked home, and died in

about an hour. Married.] Lieut. Thomson, of the Somerset Militia, to Miss S. Eborall, daughter of the late

Lately, near Plymouth, in the 22nd year of W. E. esq. of Atherstone.

his age, Mr. Benjamin Edy, surgeon of MillAt Bath, the rev. Dr. Bridges, to Miss En

Prison. His death was occafioned by an illness taught, of Bath. E. Watts, esq. of Wiltshire, to

of only three days, supposed to be occafioned by Miss Franco.

attention to the duties of his profession : He Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Prynn. Miss A. Ed.

was a young man of very amiable manners and wardes, daughter of the late admiral E.

pleasing address; and endowed with good na70,

tural abilities, which had been improved by a Capt. Watson; he signalised himself in the

liberal education. The writer hereof, and American war for undaunted courage, and took from the enemy no less than 1 2'7 valuable prizes. large circle of his acquaintance, lament their

severe lofs. 91, Rob. Ferguson, efq. formerly an eminent merchant in the city of Cork. Suddeniy, Mrs.

At Axminster, suddenly, 57, Mr. S. PieronThomas. The rev. Mr. Preston, Madame de

At Allwere, near Southmolton, 78, Mrs.

M. Eastmond.
Kerouartz P. Love, esq.
At B istol, Mrs. Wrighten. Mr. P. Can-

At Exmouth, Jar. Hossack, M.D. for the last ning. Mr. G. Wilkins. Mr. E. Davis. Mr.

25 years physician to the Royal Hospital 2.0 John Bowen. Miss A.

Grcenwich ; at the age of 77 he calmly re

Bate. Weekes, attorney. Mr Sawier. vis. Hawfigned a life of public utility and private worth. kins, wife of Mr. H. attorney.

CORNWALL. At Taunton, 83, Mrs. Ward, wife of the Married.] At Antrony, R. Holmes, esq. of rev. Mr. W. At Ilminíter, Mr. R. Collins, fen. the nary, to Miss E. Nath, of Gravelend. At Shepton Mallet, Mr. Wale. At Frome,

At Truro, capt. E. Lawrence, to Miss Mrs.Webly. At Beckington, near Frome, Mr. Crosby, of Falmouth. Moody.

Died.) At Gluvias, the Rev. W. J. Temple, At Ramsgate, Mrs. Blackman, relict of the

vicar of that place. late R. B. esq. of Bath. At Stapleton, Miis

NORTH WALES. Mogg. At Wells, Mr. W. Stevens, of Bar- Die!!.] At St. A saph, the Rev. John Youde, badoes. At Nunny, Mr. King.

M.A. V car of Higham, Kent, and head-master DORSETSHIRE.

of the grammar school at Beaumaris. Five Mosaic pavements have been lately dis

At Wrexham, Miss E. Jones, daughter of sovered in this county, in a field called Nunnery

T. J. esą. At St. Asaph, Mr. E. Jones, son of Meadow, in the pariin of Maiden Newton. W. ). esq. of Wrexham Vechan. At TrefOne of them measures 20 feit by 30, another nant, near Pool, suddenly, Mr. John Meredith. 20 by 16, and a third 15 by 16, connected

SOUTH WALES. with the two former by means of a Mosaic paí- Dod.) At Abergavenny, Mr. John Watsage ico fest long, and 8 wide The largest kias, furycon. At Brigend, Glamorganshire, appears to have been the floor of a Roman tem- Mr. Smith, surgeon. ple, erected about the time of the emperor Con- [The remains of the Rev. J. G. Aubrey, Itantine. All the pavements are enriched with were interred in the family vault at Ystradginfigures of a mafterly design, chietly relating to lais, Glamorganibire ; the pall was supported the god Neptune : on one of them have been by eight clergymen, and the corpse was attend'discovered three legible Latin inscriptions, ed to the church by all his tenants, too horic

Married.] E. Wagg, fq. of Burton House, men, and 400 on foot.]
Hants, to Miss Gulliver, of Long Critchill.
Died.] At Sherbone, Mr. W. Ruffel. Near

* Scotch and Irish Nerus, &C. Norice of North Petherton, suddenly, Mr. W. Pitnian.

Dr. Reii, & i. with anwers to Correjzondenis, At Old Cleeve, Mrs. Evett.

are ceferred for want of run.


52, Mr. R.


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