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astonishing, and this is in a great'measure to be On the 10th of October, 1796, at her palace attributed to the enthusiasm of the legillators near Copenhagen, Juliana Maria, Queen Dowager deputed to superintend its actions, who kindled of Denmark, in the 68th year of her age,

having a congenial spirit around them, and acquired a been born on the 4th of September, 1729. Her popularity highly beneficial. Among other in- Maje:ły was the daughter of the late Duke stances, it is sufficient only to observe, that they Ferdinand Albert, of Brunswic Wolfenbottle, and were accessible to all, lived in public, and confort to Frederic V, King of Denmark, whom actually placed the following inicription, in let- she furvived nearly twenty years. The life of ters of gold, on the front of the hotel which this Princess forms an epoch in the history of they inhabited :

her adopted country

She carried with her to NOUS VOUDRONS

the court of Frederic, a spirit of intrigue, im« QUE LA MAISON D'S REPRÉSEN- bibed in the petty German States, that gave her " TANS DU PEUPLE,

biith; and lighted up a flame in the Hyperbo“ FUT DE VERRE,

rean Regions, that will make her name long « POUR QUE LE PEUPLE PÛT ÊTRE remembered. On the marria.e of her son-in" TÉMOIN

law, Christian VII, io Carolina-Matilda, daugh« DE TOUTES LEURS ACTIONS.” ter of a former Prince of Wales, and sister to On the dismission of Pichegiu, aneren' highly Geor e III, she took an active part against the detrimental to the interests of Franse, Marceau young Queen; who, by her marked partiality served under Jourdan, affified at the brilliant

towards the ci lebraied and unfortunate Count and rapid paffage of the Rhine, 'which, in the Strueniee, afforded but too fair an opportunity age of Louis XIV, had been celebrared by for the arts of an ambitious and intriguing rival. means of poems and medals, and then penetrated The event justified the hopes of the Dowager, with the army of the Samb:e and Meste into

for the English par y, as it was then termed, the heart of Oermany. During the merr Cable

was deprived of all its influence, some of the and fatal retreat that succeeded, he u as entrusted

chiefs executed, and Carolina-Matilda herself, with the rear guard, which on fuch occations, kept a clofe prisoner in the castle of Cronenberg, is considered as the post of honour. La this during eighteen weeks, whence the was removed situation, while covering the army in its retro

to Zell, where he foon after died. It is allerted, gade motion through the dangerous devies of

and that tou, wih gieai pri bability, that the Altenkerchin, and acting at once the

would have shared the fate of hur fulrose: parasoldier and a general, le expoiid hiniteli to the

mour, and suffered an ignominious death on a too certain aim of a Tyro ile mark in an; and public scaffold had it not been for the spirited like our Hambden, during the civil wars, was

intervention of Sir R. Murray Keith, our minifter pierced by an obscure hand, in the field of, at Cop nhagen. In consequence of this revobattle, and fell lamented even by the enemy --

lution, the King, if a man reduced to a deplorIt is here neceiiary to do justice to the generous

able state of mental imbe ility, may be fo pity of the Germans, and particulariy of Gene

termed, became the prey of the prevailing facrais Haddick and Kray; the first of whom, or

tion, and illued their orders in his own name. dered him to be conveyed, accord ng to his own

In the mean time, the present Prince Royal of request, to a neighbouring village, while the Denmark (born Jan. 28th, 1768) began to inlatter shed tears over a gallant rival, whom hu

dicate a promiic of future talents; and being had so often combated. The Archauke, Chusles, infigated, partly by the hopes of revenging his himself, sent his furgeon to attend hiin; but on

mother's cause, and partly spurred on, by the fifth complimentary day, the lyn.ptums be- those in his intereit, he determined to seize tokened an approaching diffolution, and la ex

on the reins of government. Accordingly, in pired at fix o'clock. The reginents of Barco March, 1784, when only in the seventeenth and Blankenfein, contended for die hovour of year of his age, he found means to supplant the paying him the last duties. The French Of old anfügoniti oi his family; and by a new reficers infifted on his being buried within the rer

volutios, actually placed liimielf at the head of ritory occupied by the Republic; and th: Em- adminifiration, and has ever since reigned, under pelor's brother confented, annexing however,

the name of Christian VII. This event nuit ihe generous condition that the Austrians fr.culů be allowed to have been highiy benchcialio be apprized of the time when the ccrenony

Denmark; for, excepting a short, and not serious commenced, that they might join in the military content with Su eden, produced by the intrigues honours paid to bim. Thus, two hufile ar

of Rusija) that country has ever since enjoyed mies, with muitled drums, arms ieverferd, and a profound peace, acquired a great accesion of joint discharges of artillery, celebra ed ine in

wealth, by a wife neutrality during the Ameri. turment of Maiciau, in the entrenched ca:sip at

can and pre'cnt contufts; and has just opened the Cobicniz, and paid a glorious iftimony to a

fine harbour of Copenhaven, as a free port, for man, whose memory like that of his country

the reception of the Last-India commodities, of mail, the Chevalier Bayard, will ever be dear to

all the powers at war. During the last twelve Frenchimen, and who, like him, will be deemed years, the Queen iowager, happy in an unexa soldier,

pečied impunity, has lived in retirement; not, « Suns lleur, ard fans reproche,"

however, it may be supposed, without expeWithout fear, and without fiain. riencing of thoic sensations which arise

from the wick duals which has been grafted upon it, In Camomile-itreet, Mr. G. Marvell.

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1796.) London Marriages and Deaths.--Dr. Fordyce. 753 from blasted ambition, and the memory

of In Great Tower-street, 70, Mrs. Crippen. wrongs, from which she was not allowed to reap At Tottenhamn, Mrs. Reeves, wife of Mr. any permanent advantage

R. of Holborn-bridge. On the 15th init. at Turis, aged 70, Victor At Fiampstead, Mrs. Cooper, of HolywellAmadeus III, King of Sardinia, and since the street. deceale of the late King of Prullia, the oldest In Cumberland-itreet, 88, the Hon. Lady monarch in Europe For many interesting par. Guntion, reliet of Sir J. G. knt. ticulars relative to this King, his family, and Miss A. Richardson, daughter of Mr. R. of dominiuns, we icfer our readers to page 299, of Chauce y-lane the ti ft. vol. of the Monthly Magazine.

1. Northumberland-1łreet, Mrs. Olderíhaw,

relict of T. 0. cq. of Liceiter. Marriages in and near London.

At l'pper Clapton, Mr. John Leathley. At Cuiney Hatch, Middlesex, the Rev. S. Mr. R Reed, many years of the Vergers of W. Warneford, of Broughton, Oxfordshire, to

St. Paul's Cathedral. Miss Loveden, daughter of E. L. L. esp. of At Hampton, Mrs. Ogle, reliet of Gen. O. Buscot Park, Bucks.

late of Causey Park, Northumberland. G. Dorrin, esq. of Wimpole-street, to Miss Mrss Burney, wife of Dr. B. of Chelsea Ashhurst, only daughter of the lion. Sir W. A. College. one of his Majesty's Jufices of the Court of In Great Hermitage-ftreet, Mrs. Bremnar ; King's Bench.

piching her car with a pin, about a week ago, The Rt. Hon. Lord Templetown, of the the pin got emorged and could not be extracted, kingdom of Ireland, to Lady M. Montague, and vas the cause of her death. only daughter of the Earl Sandwich.

Lately, Mr. Samuel Green, of feworth, Deaths in and near London.

the most celebrated organ builder in modern

times. The beautiful organ built by him for At Hackney, John Beach, esq. many years St. George's Chapel, at Windsor, is allowed to Director of the Royal Exchange Allurance be a noble production of genius, and will stamp Company.

him to post rity as unrivalled in his profession. In Frith-ftreet, Soho, D. G. Jasmar, esq. of On the ist of October, at his house at Bath, the Auditor's-office.

in the 76th year of his age, the Rev. James Suddenly, Mr. G. Lancaster, of Abchurch. Fordyce, D.D. He was born at Aberdeen, of lane.

exe aplary parents, who had a large family, and At Holloway, Mrs. Harper, of the Poultry. were folicitous to give their children a liberal

At Margate, Mr. H. Hudyin's, scene-painter education. The Doctor was their fourth ton.* to Covent-Garden Theatre.

He was educated at the University of AberAt Sheen, Miss Kay, niece to B. Watson, deen, and was early settled Miniker of the esq. Lord Mayor elect,

parish of Brechir, and afterwards of Alloa, seAt Enfield, Mrs. Fenouthet, wife of J. F. veral years. He was upwards of twenty years esq. of Dean-street, Soho.

Miniter to a numerous and respectable congreAged 75, Mr. P. Bunnell, of Bedford-fireet, gation of Diffenters in the city of London, 'till Covent-Garden; Director of the Iland-in

his ill health compelled him to leave it about Hand Fire-office.

thirteen years ago.

The Doctor will be long At Ditchleys, Effex, Mrs. Pickett, wife of remembered as the author of the ingenious and Mr. Alderman P.

elegant Sermons to young Women, and AdAt Fulham, Mr. W. Caddick, of Piccadilly.

dreiles to young Men, and of several other vaAt Hillingdon, 27, Mrs. Neale, wife of B.

luable publications; as well as for his energetic N. esy.

instructions from the pulpit. His private chaIn Albemarle-Street, Lady Dallwood, wife racter was amiable: tis manners were those of of Sir H. D. bart. governeis of the nursery at a gentleman and a christian. He blended great Carleton-house.

chcaríulness with a sincere and ardent piety.-Major-General W. Roberts.

He poffofled a cultivated understanding, a warm Mr. John Rogers, of Sun-court, Cornhill.

heart, and gicat liberality of sentiment. He At Highgate, 70, H P. Kuhif, esq. many was a steady frend to civil and religious liberty, years one of the Directors of the Royal Exa

and was disposed to embrace men of worth, of change Assurance Company.

every persuasion; not from indifferenee ta opi... At Snaresbrook, Ellex, Sir John Hopkins, . nions, but from a spirit of christ an catholicism. knt, aiderman of Castle Baynard.

He was a Whig in Scotland in the rebellion of Mrs. Warner, of Rood-lane, Fenchurch-street

1745, when he took an active part against the Mrs Ainnie, wife of Dr. A. of Lincoln

Pretender's forces; and he cherithed the same Inn's-fields.

principles to the last. He cordially rejoiced in At Weymonth, Mr. E. Cox, of Bow-lane, the Revolution in France of 1789, as affording Cheapside.

the pleafing prospect of the extension of freedom At Vile-end, Mr. R. Bicknell, jun.

and truth, and the consequent melioration of In Beaumont-itreet, Devonshire-place, Miss mukind; whilít in comraon with every huPedley, sister to S. P. e'q. of Tetworth.

mane and good mind, he lamented the mis rics Ai Clifton, Mrs. Shephard, wife of C S.

which have incidentaily arisen, and condemned arq. of John-itreet, Bedford-row.



Including Accounts of all Improvements relating to the Agriculture, the Commerce, the

Economy, the Police, &c. of every part of ihe Kingdom; with Notices of eminent Marriages, and of all the Deaths recorded in the Provincial Prints : to wbich are added, Biograpbical Anecdotes of remarkable and distinguished Characters.

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NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Berwick upon Tweed, Mr. Jaf. Wood, AT a late meeting of the friends to the Dur- Surgeon ; father to Dr. W. of Newcastle. At

ham Experimental Farm, the following York, 83, W. Bacon, esq. one of the Commonwere a list of the subscribers names :

council of Newcastle.

Orig.Funds An. Subs. At Unthank House, G. Collingwood, esq. William Henry Lambton, esq. £.200 £,.100 At South Shields, Mrs. Hodges. At LanchesSir Henry Vaue Tempest, bart.

ter, 58, the rev. R. Dent, curate of that place. Bishop of Durham,


On Wednesday, the 21st ult. a fingularly Major Rufici,

heavy fall of rain took place in these counties, Rev. George Barrington,

and extended itself to the Isle of Man. Much Wm. Hutchinson, esq.

damage was done by the sudden rising of the Rev. Dr. Price,

5 5

rivers, &c. &c. and several lives were lost in Ralph Robinson, esq.

5 5

various parts of the country. Dr. Fenwick,

5 5 Last year, a gentleman, of Kendal, planted Arthur Mowbray, esq.

5 5 a potatoe which weighed 17 ounces, and from Chriftopber Mason, esq.

5 5

which he gathered an increase of upwards of

29 pounds; these he carefully reserved, and had 700 308 5

since planted in the spring of this year ; the inAt a meeting of the committee, at Newcasile, crease has been 22 ftone and io pounds, of appointed to provide accomodations for the prime quality. French ecclefiastics, removed to this port from Married. )--At Whitehaven, the rev, R. Arthe island of Jersey, it appeared, that two mitstead, M.A. to Miss Lewthwaite, daughter hundred of thesc unfortunate persons have ar

of W. L. esq. rived, and that the places which have þeen At Carlisle, Mr. John Collins, to Miss Low- . offered for their accommodation were not suffi- 'thian, daughter to Mr. L. attorney. cient to contain them.

At Harrington, Capt. John Kay, to Mrs. Married.)-At Newcastle, the rev, Mr. Ba- Econ. con, of Bishop Auckland, to Miss I. Wien Died.]-At Whitehaven, Mrs. Mitchell. Mr. M. Carr, esq. to Miss. Reed,

Jof. Cherry. Mrs. Townsley., 34, Mr. F. At Morpeth, Capt. Clough, of Shields, to Briscoe. Miss Jane Coupland. 84, Mr. King. Miss Clough, of Morpeth,

26, M. Hutchinson.' Mrs. Kirkbride. Mrs. At Walls End, H, J, Hounsom, esq. of New

Hill. castle, to Miss Hurry, daughter of F, H, esq. At Kendal, Mrs. Cookson. Mrs. Lomax. of Howden Dock,

Mrs. Banks. In London, Mr. John WenAt Grerna Green, Mr. G, Dixon, of Wol- nington, late of Whitehaven. At Liverpool, fingham, Attorney, to Miss Deighton,

24, Mr. C. Lewthwaite, only fon of Mr. C. At Durham, the rev, G. F, L. Nicolay, L. of Kendal. MA, Re&tor of St. Michael Royal, London, to At Keswick, Mr. D. Sanders, jun. At CarMiss Hayes,

leton, near Egremont, Mr. J. Frears. Ac Ponteland, W. Batson, esq. of Higham At Moorhouse, near Carlisle, Mrs. Liddle, Dykes, to Miss Dawson, of Newcastle,

wife of J. L. efq. At Carlisle, Mr. R. FerguDied ]--At Newcastle, Mr. N. Jolinson. fon. At Maryport, 22, Mr. Jof. Bewley. At Mr. W. Boak. 70. Mr. John Jameson. Sud- Gamaltby, near Wigton, 84, John Smith, eiq. dely, Mr T. Watson.

and the same day at Wigton, 42, Mrs. Smith, At Durham, Mrs. Scales. 73, Mr. T. Gib

his daughter. bon; many years steward to the Dean and At Horton, near Colebrooke, Miss LawChapter. Mr. T. Sample.

fon, daughter of the late Sir G L. bart. of BrayAt Sunderland, Mrs. E. Brown; mother to At Kensingham, 60, Mr. W. Janson. Dr. B Mr. Jar. Douglas. Mr. T Martin. At Arkleby, 76, Mrs. Tremble.

At Bichester, 55. the hon. T. Lyon, of Hete At Harrington, 68, Mrs. M: M‘Gráa. At ton House, in the county of Durhamı; uncle to Arbigland, Miss E. Craik, daughter of W. C. to the Earl of Strathmore.

efq. At Godfreed, Mrs. Skelton, wife of R. At Birtley, near Chester-le-street, 70, Mrs. S. esq. Kerr, relict of J. S. K. esq late of Newcaitle.

YORKSHIRE At Wolfingham, 74, Mr. H. Hopper. At On Thursday about twelve o'clock, the cotTynemouth, Mr. R. Clarke, of North Shields. ton-mill at Hunslet, ncar Leeds, belonging to




Yorkshire is.
i. Lancashire.

755 Melfs. Beverly, Cross; and Co. was discovered Pickard. At Oundle, Mrs. Bulmer, wife o to be on fire.'' It raged with such fury as to P. J. B. esq. of Hull. destroy the works and buildings in little more At Cawood, Mrs. Crofts, wife of the rev. C. than 40 minutes.

C. Suddenly, T. E. Rousby, esq. of Crombe. On the i6th of Sept. a dreadful fire broke At Melton, Miss Thomson, daughter of Mr. S. out at a small village called East Wirton. The T. of Hull. Ai Fulneck; near Leeds, Mr. H. buildings; being mostly covered with thatch, Spicer. burnt with such irresistible fury, as in the counsc At Idle; near Bradford, Mr. John Ledgard. of a few hours to deftroy 16 dw.lling houses In London, Miss Dickinson, daughter of the and out-buildings, with a large quantity of corn late P. D. esq. of Scarborough. At, Buxton, and implements of husbandry; all of which · John Backhouse, efq. of Woodlesford, near were uninsured.

Leeds. Among the other felons lately ordered from At Knaresborough, Mrs. Carr, wife of Mr. York Caile for Botany Bay, is the noted high- c. C. surgeon. At Whitby, Miss A. Cayley, wayman Broadbent, alias New Erass, long the daughter of E. C. esq. At Ripon, 62, Mrs. terror of this county. For ability in planning Atkinson, wife of Alderman A. his enterprises, and for courage and constancy of Near Beverley, Mrs. Cox, daughter of the mind in executing them, Broadbent is unrivalled late Bethel Robinson, esq. of York. Mr. W. in his profession : nor has there been since the Walton; of Ferriby, ncar Hull

. At Howden, memorable days of Turpin, more successful

Mrs. Scholefeld, wife of Mr. S. attorney. adventurer in the line; in number and variety Capt. Wiggins, of the 2d battallion of the of achievements, and audacity of exploits.

West Riding of Yorkshire Militia. At Gates. In a pond at Killamarsh, near Sheffield, are head, Miss Cust, only daughter of Mrs: C. of a quantity of filh, which the owner of the pre- Gilling. At Holm, upon the Wolds, Mr. mises feeds every day regularly with worms; ro Harland. inured are they to his visits, that on his ap- At Cottingham; 86, Mrs. Beilby. At Stain. proach to the water side, they will ascend to the forthy near Settle in Craven, Mr. John Preston. surface, and even take the food out of his hands. At Plowlands, in Holderness, Miss R. Taylor.

At the general quarter sessions for York, At Preston, in Holderness, 75, M. Tennyson, William Swift, aged NINETY-THREE, was

esq. eonvicted of afsaulting, with intent to ravish, At Rothwell Haigh, near Leeds, Mrs. Clarke. Frances Gleeson, a girl not twelve years oldi Near Gomersall, 57, Mrs. Wormald At Hunfand was sentenced to be confined for two years let, near Leeds, 100, Ann Keighley; she was in the house of correction, and kept to hard mother, grand-mother and great grand-mother labour.

to 253 children; and was carried to the church Married.)-At York, Mr. C. Rubinson, fure by 12 of her great grand-children, nearly 100 of geon, to Miss Dolman, both Pocklington. whom attended her funeral. Ai Bradford, Mr. Brogden, jun. attorney, to

LANCASHIRE. Miss Broadley.

The new canal works which the duke of At Staindrop, John Ford, esq. of Claremont, Bridgewater is completing near Worsley, in near Manchester, to Miss Ingram, dauglater of point of mechanism and engineering ability may 5. I. esq. of Wakefield.

vic with the moft celebrated of the duke's other At Halifax, E. Brotheroe, esq. of Christ Col- works, the Bollin, Barton Bridge, &c. It perleze, Cambridg', to Miss A. Waterhouse, furates the mountain at Walden Moor, and will daughter of J. W. esq.

cxtend three miles under ground. It will also At Sheffield, Mr. Faville, surgeon, to Miss open a junction with other canals, by conveyFilher.

ing boats between the upper and lower level. Died.)At York, 68, Mrs. Waud, relict of By the reports of the committee of the AshbyS. W. esq. 71, Mrs. Wade, relict of J. W. de-lá-Zouch canal, made on the 3d init. it apcsq. late of London, and mno her-in-law to the pears that the works are in a very forward state, Lord-Mayor of York.

and that the parts which are completed are cxAc Hull, Mr. John Dobson. Mrs. Story. tremely well and substantially done. By the Mrs. Robinson, wite of Capt. T. R. 24, Mrs. intended Commercial Canni, che most useful and Hawo: th, wife of J. H. jun. esq. Mr. C. Foy. important communication will be made, by Miss J. Mingay:

river boats of 40 tuns burthen, betwixt the At Leeds, Mr. John Hartley,chief constable metropulis and the seaports of Chester, Liverof the lower-division of Skyrack, in the West pool, Hull, Gainsborough, &c. as we'l as with Riding. Mrs. Carruthers, wife of Capt. C. of the Staffordthire Potteries, Manchester, and the the Marines. Mrs. Finn«y Mr. Cooper. largest manufacturing towns in the kinguom, Mr. F. Hirst. At Bagbie, Mr. Jal. Donald- LORD MOIRA has began a colliery upon lon, of Leeds.

Ashby Wuulds, which will be foon opened for At Sheffield, Mr Joth, Cawton. Mr. R. the accommodation of the neighbourhod. Owen. Mr. S. Fowler,

At Beverley, 74,

Married.] – At Liverpool, Owen Wynne, Mr. T. Luodie. 74, Mr. John Wation, late 6f4. of Overton Hall, Flint/hire, to Miss Seele, of Skidby. 81, Mrs. M. Heally.

daughter and heiress of T. S esq. John L'Au. At Great Driffield, 49, Mr. W. Conyers, al- gier, efq, of the Itland of St. Vincent, to Miss Oney. At Woodhouse near Leeds, Mr. Jos. C. Lyon, daughter of Dr. L. MONTHLY MAD. No. IX.



At Roshale, H Ormerod, M.D. to Mifs

Mr W. Laister. At Gainsborough, 60, Mic Leech, of Spotland Briege.

W. Price. Mr. R Kolvey. At Ofgodby, the At Preston, Sir T. Gae, bort. of Oldham, rev. S. Yorke, rector of that place. Suffolk, to Mis C. Campbell, cousia to Lord At Grantham, Mr. W. Dally. Mrs. Clark, Cawdor.

Near Granthan, 84, Mrs. Robinson. At SpalAt Manchester, Capt. Bower, to Miss Pat- ding, Mr. T. Tilley. At Long Bennington, ten, daughter of R. P. esq. of Warrington.

Mr. Green. At Whittering, Mr. Baker. At Hasslingden, Mr. Kirkpatrick, attorney

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. of Liverpool, t» Miss Taylor.

The magistrates of Nottingham have issued W. Bain, efq. to Miss Sandys, only daugh. out orders to prevent the circulation of counterter of E. S. esq. of Lancaster.

fuit copper coin in that toun. Died.)-At Manchefer, Mrs. Evans. In Died.]-At Nottinyham, 24, Mrs. Bonsor the prime of life, Mr. T. Haigh. 69, Mr. W. Suddenly, Mr. Thompson. 26, Nr. Tutin, Norris, sen. 74, Mr. G. Hilton. Mr. A. jun. Mr. Marsh. Mr. S. Eato!!, one of the Heamer.

senior Common Council of that Corporation. At Liverpool, 65, Mr. G. Marsden. 86, At Bingham, 61, Mr. Wroth. At Newark, Mrs, Atherton. Mr. T. Bentley. Mr. W. 25, Miss M. Bradley. At Wilford, near NotHalliday. Mr. John Worrall. Mr. John Hall. tingham, 81, Mrs. Page. Mr. T. Houghton Mrs. Pye. Mr. Jof. Mat

DERBYSHIRE. thews, 80, Mrs. Lake, reli&t of R. L. esq. Mrs. Died.] - At Derby, 28, Mr. E. Chamberlin. Leech.: Mifs H. Pickering, 43, Mr. John At Bath, 62, T. Ludlam, esq. of Shirland. At Hookey. 80, Mrs. Southworth. Mr. T. Barrow-upon-Trent, Mr. R. Beaumont. AC Marth. 55, Mr, T. Dean.

Eccles, 25, G. Goodman, M.D. At Preston, Mr. Smith. Mr. Baxter; being At Chesterfield, 81, Mrs. Boden. Mrs. thrown from one of those hazardous vehicles a Clayton. At Alderwalley, Miss S. Wright. one-horse chaise, he only survived' a few hours. At Athborne, 61, Mr. John Howard. At Mr. John Duckworth. At -Accrington, near

Findern, 23, Miss Orrell, daughter of the rev. Blackburn, Mr. J. Meadow, of Preston. J. O. At Warrington, Mrs. Moore. In London,

CHESHIRE. Mr. R. Smith, partner in the house of Ment. Married.)-At Nefton, the rev. R. Maffe, Smith, Cook, and Smith, of Manchester. At to Miss H. L. Townsend, daughter of Col. 1.

of Chester. Houghton, near Stockport, Mr. John Whitehead.

At Bath, Mr. Read, to Mrs. Martin, both At Blackburn, 37, Mr. Jaf. Hilton. Mr. B.

of Congleton. Walmelley. At Wigan, 64, Mrs. Farrimond. Died. )-At Chester, Mr. Rob. Yoxall. Mrs. At Fail worth, Mr. T. Walmesley. Suddenly, Chriftleton, near Cheiler, 89, Mirs

. Suddones

: Hallall.

At Nantwich, Mr. Bett ley. At Nir. W, Leathabarow. At Garíton, Mrs. Blackburne, wife of J. B.

At Etatten, Mr. G. Lowe; this gentleman efq. ' At Bolton, Mr. Aldcroft, attorney. Mrs. added to great depth of thouglt and folidity of A. Bentley. At Little Hilton, Mr. W. Revett, judgment, the attainments arising from an una A: Wigan, Mr, Barton. Mr. Richardson. remitting application to study; in his profession, At Hawk head, 8o, Mr. G. Atkinson. 74,

of the law, his skill and abilities were only Mrs. Taylor.

At Skelwith, near Hawk head, equalled by his integrity and disinterestedness; 54, Mr. W. Benson, At Altrincham, in an

and in every transaction of a lorg extended life advanced age, Mr. T. Partington, of Manches

le maintained, even as a lawyer, the character ter,

of an upright honest man. At Milnthorp, 84, Mrs. Wilson. At Roch

SHROPSHIRE. dale, Mrs Bellas, wife of the rev, T B.

The observatory lately building on the terrace Everton, 31, Miss M. Pike. At Padiham, 48,

in Hawkstone Park, the seat of Sir Richard Mr. R. Harrison. At Ormskirk, Mr. Jal. Tay

Hill, is at length completely finished. It comlor, attorney:

mands a rich and extensive prospect over twelve LINCOLNSHIRE.

counties! on the base is an inscription, comMarrier.)-At Lincoln, Mr. H. Paddison,

memorating the virtues of Sir Rowland Hill, an of In. leby, to Miss S. Forster, daughter of Al

ancestor of the family, and lord mayor or Londerman F.

At Stamford, Mr. Pawson, Surgeon, of Bar- A new turnpike road, with collateral branches, rowdon, to Mifs Newton.

is about to be made from Atcham to Condover, Mr. N. T. Darwin, of London, t® Miss

Dorrington, &c. Wheldale, of Botton,

Married.]--At Barrow, T. Turner, efq. of Died.)--At Lincolii, suddenly, 75, Mrs. Caughley Place, one of his Majesty's Justices Rooke, late of Fishertun. 63, Mr. W. Mount- of the Peace, to Mrs. Allon, relict of H. A. caitle.

erq. of London. At Stamford, Mrs. Cane. Mr. Alderman The rev. Mr. Baines, of Batchcott, to Mrs. Allen, At Bottui, oi, Mr. John Bradford. Humphries.

At Goltho, near Horncastle, 41, Mis. A. Died.)-At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Howell. Mr. A. Ward. At Drintay-Nowki, near Lincoln, Jal. Bayley.


don, in 1550.

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