Gambar halaman

1796.) Rutlandshire ... Cambridgeshire . ... Warwickshire, &c. 677

Nutt and Frisby. At Syfton, 64, Mr. Lewin. F. esq. of Leicester Grange; the immediate At Lou hborough, Nir. R. Worth.

cause of his death was the bursting of a blood. At Bath, aged 75, Sir John Danvers, bart. veffel, of Swithland, in this county, remarkable for

WORCESTERSHIRE, several fingularities of character.

A farmer at Broomsgrove-market was lately RUTLANDSHIRE,

fined rol. for refusing to deliver in to the clerk Died.] In London, Rev. P. G. Snow, of of the market, the price at which he fold his Clipsham. At Liddington, Mr. Sharinan. At wheat. Exton, Mrs. Kirk. At Whifendine, Mrs. The magiftrates have deposited in each divi. Pick.

lion regular indentured scales and weights from CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

the Exchequer, for the use of the county: Married.] C. Madryll, esq. of Papworth, to Married.] At Worcester, Rev. Dr. Williams, Miss C. Price, daughter of the late W. P. esq. Professor of Divinity in the Independent Acaof the Exchequer.

demy at Rotherham, in Yorkshire, tu Miss Ycom Died.] At Cambridge, Mrs. Freeman. At

mans. Major Dexter, of the Marines, to Miss Dry Drayton, 51, Mr, W. Hipwell. At Hafn Hall. lingficld, Mr. John Folkes.

Died.] at Worcester, Mrs. Miles, Quaker. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

77, Mrs. M. Bowen, Mr. P. Jenkins, Tenior The Grand Junction canal is now open as far Serjeant at Mace. Blisworth. Married.] The Rev. B. Barnard, prebendary Rev. M. $. S. and widow of the late Dr. War

At Fladbury, 67, Mrs. Smith, wife of the of Peterborough, to Miss Townsend, of Knights- burton, Bithop of Gloucester; by this lady's bridge.

demire, Lord Viscount Hawardine comes into The Rev. H. Clarke, of Peterborough, tó possession of Prior Park, near Bath. Miss Serocold, daughter of T. S. esa.

At Inkberrow, 68, Mrs. S. Lane. Mr. John Died ] At Northampton, Mr. W. G. Fran- James. At Pershore, Mrs. Martin. At Stourcis, son of Alderman F. Mrs. Portington.

bridge, suddenly, Mr. Smith. At Church-hill, The Rev. Mr. Flelher, vicar of Blakesley, Mr. T. Dunn. At Steane, near Charlton, Mr. Geç. At Bil.

At Omberley, Mr. Jones; in returning tol, T. Rokeby, esq. of Arthingworth.

home from a neighbour's house, where he bad At Peterborough, 54, Mr. John Clarke. At

been spending the evening, he stumbled in crossCastor, near Pet: rborough, Mr. R. Wright.

ing a foot-bridge, and fell into the water, and, WARWICKSHIRE,

notwithstanding immediate allistance being At the Birmingham Music Meeting for the given, was not found till he was dead. benefit of the General Hospital, the receipts

HEREFORDSHIRE. amounted to 20431. 18s. which promises a handsome surplus after all the expences are paid.

Died ] At Hereford, Mr. R. Powell. Mrs.

Allen, wife of the Rev. Dr. A. Mr. Matthews. The corn and needle-mill belonging to Mr.

Mr. T. Quick. Greaves, near Alcester, Warwickshire, has been burnt to the ground.

At Mordiford, near Hereford, Mrs. Wood. Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. A. Packs house, relict of T. and only daughter of

the Rev. T. Bennett, of Shrewsbury. wood, to Miss J. Whetnall. The Rev. W. Helps, to Miss Rennie, daugh- relict of Sir E. C. late one of his majesty's jur.

At Wormbridge, near Hereford, Lady Clive, ter of the Rev. J.R.

tices of the Court of Common Pleas, Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. Munro. Mrs.

At Leominster, Miss Bannister. At Wara Fullilove. 33, Mr. John Lightwood, attorney. chols. Mr. E. Earl. Mrs. Jones. Mr. Main- dyadyway,, Mr. Watkins. At Ledbury, Mrs. Mrs. E Morris. Mrs. Eld. Mr. John Ni- ley, Mr. T. Crouse. Near Ross

, Mrs. Parker.

At Ross, Mr. Robinson. Mr. Norris. At Llywaring. 56, Mr. Jaf. Belcher. 79, Brad burne, esq. Mifs M. Cooper. Mr. Shipley.

P. Hayling, Quaker.

Mr. H. Price, of London.
At Coventry, in the prime of life, Mr. Pope. ftow, to Miss Davies, daughter of T. D. esq.

Married.] G. Buckle, esq. Banker, of ChepMrs. Hill. Miss Woodrouffe.

Died.] at Monmouth, Mrs. Catchmayd. At Nuneaton, Mrs. Hackett. At Nuthurst,

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. near Henley-in-Arder, Miss M. Ingram. At Ham Court, the Rev. G. Martin, rector of Over- At Tewkesbury races, the town plate was 'bury and Cowley.

won by Mr. Jones's Frederick, and the subAt Knighton, Miss Theakftone, daughter of scription plate by the fame. M. of Whitmore Park, near Coventry. At the grand musical feftival on the 14th, At Alcester, Mrs. Dolbin, relict of the late at Gloucester, the collections for the benefit of Rey. Mr. D. of Ipsley.

the widows and orphans of the poor clergy At Smethwick, the Rev. E. Patteson, many amounted on the three days to 3851. 10s. 6d. years minister of the chapel at that place. Marriea ] At Freethorn, the Rev. J. HawAlted, Mrs. Stevens. At Barton-under-Need- kins to Miss Carter, of Stonehou e. wood, advanced in years, Mrs. A Webb. Mr. Hill, of Dursley, attorney, to Miss Bru

At Bristol Hotwills, where he had been for ton, of Uley.' the recovery of his health, John Foster, oq of, Died.] At Sudbrooke, near Gloucester, Mrs. Brick Court, in the Temple, eldest ton of J.' Gregory. At Tewkesbury, 22, Miss Embury.

4R 2



with a gun.

ing years.

At Tetbury, Mrs. Paul, relict of T. P. Esq. At

NORFOLK. Newnham, Mr. Jaf. Williams. At Wonton-under-Edge: Mrs. Bearpacker, with the first botanical muscum in the world.

The city of Norwich is likely to be enriched wife.of E. B. esq. The had been for many years affitted with great depression of spirits ; and

The collections of the great Linnæus, with con: taking advantage of the absence of her daugh-fiderable additions by Dr. Smith, are intended ter, who had juít left the room, snc fhut herself

to be depolīted in that place.Norfolk Chronie

cle. At Southnop, John Rosier, esq. many years in the Wath and Lynn Deeps, as security againg

Gun boats and floating batteries are stationed clerk of the fees, and one of the four Committee Clerks belonging to the House of Commons.

the threatened French invasion. OXFORDSHIRE.

Mr. Thelwall has lately delivered his Ic&tures Last year the poor's levies for the borough of

on Roman history in Lynn and Wisbeach, not, Banbury amounted to the enormous hei ht of however, without attempts to disturiy him on twenty-fix shillings in the pound. In the year

the part of fome misinformed people. 1708, it canie to rather more than one Milling.

On the night of the 20th, a fire broke out at Married.] C. Dupuis, efq. of Park-lane, Lon- Thetford, and consumed four houses, with condon, to Miss Wentworth, of Oxford


property, chiefly uninsured. Did] At Oxford, 75, Mr. Rich. Wace.

And, on the 22d, another destroyed the Mrs. E. Reed

house and furniture of Mrs. Rogersun, at PentAg d 81, the Rev. T. Fothergill, D.D. Pro. Bey; vost of Queen's College, Oxford, and prebend

Murried ] At Yarmouth, Rob. Plumpt.e, ary of Durham; to the Society, over which he esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law, to presided 29 years, he exhibited a dignified ex- Mrs. Chambers, of Norwich. ample of every useful virtue ; his inemory will

At Topcroft, Mr. R. Browne, to Miss M.

Cole. be long cheriihed in the college with peculiar respect. His piety was manly and fervent, his

At Norwich, Mr. Rob. Colls, of Lồndon, to

Mrs. Heffc. learning extenlive and profound. He took the degree of M.A. in 1742; that of B.D. in 1755,

Died.] At Norwich, 36, Mr. Jar. Kersey : and D.D. in 1762, and served the office of Viće

one of the city surgeons. 65, Mr. H. LiddeChancellor in 1772, and in the three succeed

low ; 22 years parish-clerk of St. Gregory's.

62, Mrs. Lawcs. Mr. Jos. Barnard. 60, Mr. At Dunsdon Green, Mr. C. Langford; his John Foulsham. Mrs. Aggs. Mr. G. Love. death was occasioned by eating a large quantity

Aged 82, Mr. A. Sechy, formerly in the of cherries and swallowing the stones, which

service of tl.e Empress-Qucen as an Hungarian

huffar. He had resided in Norwich 40 years, occasioned an obstruction in his bowels, and terminated in a mortification

and supported himself chiefly by his pen and. At Newbridge, near Standlake, Mrs. M. pencil. He left a considerable number of books,

which he had collected at a confiderable exBadcock. At Bampton, Mr. W. Broad, of Wit

At Wastall Hill, near Burford, Mrs. pence, though to gratify this literary tafte he Mawbey, reliet of J. M. esq. brother of Sir deprived himself of many of the comforts of

life, Joseph Mawbey. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

At his seat at Didiington, 66, H. W. Wil. Died.] At High Wycombe, 49, S. Rotton, son, 'efy. At Great Melton, 56, Mr. Joha.

Farrow. esq. mayor of that Borough.

At Swaffhain, 56, Mr. W. Floyd. BEDFORDSHIRE.

At Sedgeford, 91, Mrs. Glover. “At Bedford races, on the 31st, the 50l. was

At Colverton, near Munford, Mr. M. Manwon by lord Sonde's Doubiful. On the IA, ning. At Cromer, 29, Mrs. C. L. Wilkin,

wife of Mr. W. W. of Norwich. At Brining. the other 50l. by lord Grovesnor's Roland, beating 2 others.

ham, 90, Mr. Jaf. Gedge. Died.] At Aprley, the Rev. Mr. Harvey.

SUFFOLK. HERTFORDSHIRE. Died.] At Bishop Hertford; Miss E. Liver- Married.] At Stowmarket, the Rev. T.

At Gaddesden, Mrs. Hawkins, wife of Brookfly, M.A, to' Miss Roat, daughter of C. H. esą.

R. R. Eig.

Died.] At Bury, Mr. N. Gallant. Mr. Additional barracks are erecting at Chelms- Kemp. 76, Mr. Rich. Brewster, Quakero ford for 2400 men, making, in the whole, ac- Mrs. Debenham. commodations for 4000..

Aged 64, the Rev. N. Bacon, rector of BarA lady of Colchester has been convicted in ham, and vicar of Coddenham with Crowfield; the penalty of 5l. for obstructing the surveyos he was a lineal de cendant of Lord Keeper of houses and windows.

Bacon. Married.] At Great Waltham, Licut. Camp; The Rev. Jaf. Browne, 52 years rector of bel, of the 44th Reg. of foot, to Miss Turner. Waldringfield, and 40 years vicar of Falken

Died.] E. Hammond, esq. of Lawling Hall, ham. Latchingdon. At Writtle, Mr. A. Burton; At Mildenhall, Mrs. Graham. At Chevinghis death was occasioned by a fall from his horso. ton, 48, Mrs. Marley. At Beyton, Mr. Rub. At Mouliham, Mr. W. Stokes

Durrant. At Stuw market, Mos. L. Bayly.


су. .


1796.] Kent ... Surrey. Berkshire

Suffix... Hampshire. 679 KENT.

8,000l. a year in Berkshire and Effex, besides The company on the coast, at Margate and very large personalities. throughout the Ine of Thanet, has been un- At Taplow, Rich. Crop, esq. At Henleycommonly numerous in the present autumn. upon-Thames, Mr Coles. Rev. Rub. Bunce,

The plan of the horse hospital at Canterbury, ' curate of Hambledon, near Henley. At Wooda noticed in a former Magazine, has been attend- ley, Mr. Hill, late of Reading. At 'Thame, ed with success.

Mrs D. Athhurst, lister to Sir W. A. of WaMarried.] At Deal, W. Goldfinch, esq. Se. terstock. Mr. Rich. Smith, jun. cretary to Admiral Peyton, to Miss E. Lock.

SUSSEX. At Upper Deal, D. J. Harder, esq. Surg on Mr. Thomas Elgar, of Portflade, in a late of her Imperial Majesty's ship Nickonor, to Sussex paper, has published the following strike Miss Collman, of Canterbury.

ing facts relative to the monopoly of farms Died. At Canterbury, W. Abbott, esq, within his perfonal knowledge in several p:erishes Proétor and Registrar of the Ecclefiaftical Court of that county :-of this dioceic. Mr. John Tyler. Miss M. “ In the first of these parishes are twenty-one Oakley, daughter of T. O. esq. Banker. 25, farms wii hout a farmer residing on them, and Mr. Rambolin. 90, Mr. Leman. 82, Mrs. fifty cows less than formerly. - In the second Russel, relict of M. R. esq.

parish are sixteen farms without a resident farAt St. Peter's, in Thanet, Mrs. Cantis, Inte of mer, and thirty-four cows less than formerly Canterbury. At Folkftone, 41, Mrs. Cook, In the third, are twenty-five farms without a wife of Capt. C. Ac Beckenham, Mrs. j. farme” residing on them, and leventy cows less Bradford.

than formerly.-- In the fourth, are twenty-five At Maidstone, Mr. G. Prentis. Mrs. Cole- farms without a farmer residing on them, and man, wife of Mr. F. C. surgeon; in taking an seventy-four cou's less than formerly -- In the airing in a one-horse chaise with her son and fifth, are twenty-two farms without a farmer daughter, the bridle having slipt off, the horse residing on them, and cighty-three cows less took friglit, and threw down the young man, than formerly.-- In the fixth, are thirty faring who had jumped out in order to replace it, and without a farmer residing on them, and ninety overturning the chaise, Mrs. C. had her skull cows lets than formerly. In the seventh, are fractured and her arm broke; the only lived 2

fourteen farmns without a farmer residing an or 3 days: the daughter had jumped out of the them, and forty-six cows less than formerly. chaise before it was overturned.

And in the eighth parish, are fiftcen farms witi.. At Dover, Miss M. A. Richards. In the out a farmer residing on them, and forty-four parish of Seasalter, 35, Mr. T. Hayward. At cows less than formerly.-There are three other Linstead, near Canterbury, Mr. C. Anders ; parishes to which my inquiries have been exs. who died in the same house in which he was

tended that have two hundred cows less than born, and from which, during a period of 80 formerly. In some of those pariihes, and in years, he never ll. pt one night.

others ihat I have not defcribed, live farmers At Greenwichy Mr. W. L. Williams, At- that occupy from fix, to fixteen, and cighieen torney, one of the coroners of the county of farms each, seven of whom use nearly one Kent. At Longport, 24, Mr. G. Giles. hundred farms." SURREY.

Married.] At Lewes, Mr. Hick, to Miss Married.] C. Sandys, esq. Capt in the Navy, Hamlin, of Hentield. At Hurtt Greu, T. to Miss Knowles.

Borradaile, eri of London, to Miss Buss, of - Died.) At Larnes, 67, Rear Adiniral John Ro'e Hill. Stanton. At Wimbledon, Mr. Pigott, father of Did.] At Seaford, Miss Goldsmith, only the Rev. Mr. Pigott, of Leicester. At Wandf- daughter of the late J. G. esq. At Hurinam, worth, 17, Mrs. Williams.

99, Mrs. Percival. "At Southuver, near Lewes, *** BERKSHIRE.

72, Mrs. Blackman. At Reading races, on the 23d ult. the goia

HAMPSHIRE, was won by Mr. Stapleton's Sujannah, beating A survey is making of the trees in the New * other. The 500, 0.1 the 2 following days, Foreit, that such of them as are fit for thipwere not started for.

building may be cut down. At Abingdon races, on the 12th, the 501. In a report made on the 3d instant, to a was won by lord, Lgremont's Raggert Jack. inceting of ile proprietors of the Lordion and And, on the 13th, another 5ol. by Sir F. Sour hamfiton Paris Junelin Caral, it appeared Puole's Keren Happuck, beating 4 others. to be practicable to carry a canal from Basingstoke

Marriei.] At Reading, Lieut. Pope, of the by the way of Ashford, &c. to Wincheiter. Marines, to Miss Dias, of London,

Upwards of 1600 Fierch emigrant priuits Died.) At Reading, in an advaced age, Mr. were lately in Southampton. Glanville. Mr. Ş. Buckland; in getting from Marica] In the lile of Wight, G. Shed. the roof of a coach about ten days before his dog, efq. of London, to Mifs Goodrich, daugh. death, he lacerated ouçot his legs, which brought ter of W. G. &feq. vi Spring Hilla on a violent fever, and occationed his death. At Southampton. Li ut vivice, of his Ma

At Bath, 51, R. Benyon, esq. of Englefield jutty's ship Oreties, to lviis Lewis, of Bristol House, M.P. for 6 pa liaments for Peterbo-.' At Wickham, H. Minchin, 'ely to viss roughs he possessed eitates to che amount of Guitt.n.

Died.] At Southampton, Mrs Mitchell. At his remains conveyed from the place of his deWincheiter, Mrs. Bird. Mrs. Miles. Mrs. cease to his own parish, and buricd with more Jurd. Mrs. Tredgold, late of Chilbolton. than common folemnity. At Portsmouth, the Hon. Mrs. Fielding, re

SOMERSETSHIRE. liet of Capt. F. of ihe Marines. At Milford, near Lymington, T. W. Jennins, efq.

On a late investigation before the magistrates At Broadlands, near Romsey, Mrs. Mee, re

of Bath, it appeared that of 300 emigrants, het of B. M. esq. of London, and mother to only twenty-tive had licences of residence. Lady Palmerston At Clanville, near Ando- Many, in consequence, were obliged to leave ver, John Lockton, esq special Pleader, late of

the city. Pemberton College, Oxford.

The Dorset and Somerset canal advances raWILTSHIRE.

pidly; barges are already launched upon it. William Beckford, csq. of Fonthill, is col. At the general meeting of the Bath and Well lecting the materials for a building, of won- of England Society, on the 13th of Sept the rev. derful grandeur and utility. It is to confift of T. BROUGHTON was in the chair. Five fam. a tower, to be erected on Stops-Beacon, near ples of cyder from Mr. JEANES, of AlthampFonthill, the loftieft lite in the neighbourhood, ton, were examined ; that made wholly from and to have a space of 80 feet clear, within the the Cadbury apple was judged to have the best walls, at the base, and to be 280 feet high,

flavour and body. Mr. CHARLES BAKER, of with a lantern at the top, so that it will com- Bristol, reported on some promising experiments to mand a view of eighty miles every way, and prevent the smut in wheat, by a cheap preparaan the lantern be seen by night at a great distance,

tion. A Devonshire gentleman gave notice, It is to be furnithed as an observatory, and not

that he intended to exhibit, for the society's prewithitanding its immense height, is to be so mium, in December, a bull, cow, and their , constructed as that a coach and lix may be driven offspring, male and female, and several heifers; with ease and fafety from the base to the top,

he wishes this to be considered as a challenge to and down again ---This stupendous work will

all other breeders. Another gentleman, of probably employ hundreds of the neighbouring Yeovil, also engages to exhibit at the same time poor for some years.

a three years old iteer of his own breeding. At Salifbuy races, the 100 guineas was won Married.] At Bath, Mr. Juhn Hopkins, to by Sir F. Puole's Wuxey; the sol. by Mr.

Miss E. Wiliiams, of Bristol. Sir T. H. Page, Brereton's Doricles ; and the City Bowl by of Mitf rd, to Mrs. Everitt, of Bath. E. Bul. Sir J. Lade's young Mercury, beating three lock, of the island of Jamaica, to Miss D. Harethers.

rilon, daughter of T. H. esq. many years AttorUpwards of 270 emigrant priests were lately ney General of that island. distributed in the viilages near Salisbury.

At Bristol, Capt. Hutchir:son, jun. to Miss At Lyndhurit races, two oxen were run Hawkes, daughter of Capt. H. At the Hotagainst each other a mile and a half, in less than welis, the Rev. C. W. Moore, rector of Moira, ten minutes.

in Ireland, to Miss E. Vandeleur, lifter to Murriea.) F. Naish, esq. of Trowbridge, to Major V. Miss Greenhill, daughter of B.G. esq. of Ston- Died.) At Bath, Mrs. Warren. Mr. Amey, Easton.

Mrs. Hawkins, relict of P. H. esq. Serjeant Died.] At Salisbury, Mr. W. Woodyear. Surgeon to the King. Lady Sylvester, relict 90, Mrs. Lenton. Mr W. Fry. Mr. John

of Sir J. S. and mother to Mr. S. king's counChapman. Mrs. Stevenfun, wite of the Rev. sel. Mr. Parker. Mr. Greenway. R. ForJ. S. of Trowbridge.

gullon, esq. of Crogdarrock, in Scotland. G. At Milton, 30, the Rev. W. Benwell; Bryan, esq. B. Roebuck, esq. Mr. Waterthrough his humane attention in visiting fome poor people he caught a fever, which the At Bristol, Mr. T. Morgan. Mr. G. Wil. cause of his death.

ljams. Mrs. Willis. Mrs. Bishop. Mrs. FerAt Chippenham, 67, Mr. T. Brown; bis ris. Mrs. Symes. Mrs. L. Brown. Mr. Bul. corpse and coffin (wood) weighed 6 cwt. At

len. Mr. Farman. At Bristol Hotweils, Mrs. Laverstock, Mr, Noody, late of Southampton. Jennings. Miss Ufher. At Malmsbury, 59, Mrs. E. Seale.

At Stapleton, suddenly, Mr. E. Moore. At At Marlborough, Mifs A. Hyde, daughter Frome, Mr. C. Taylor. At Weston Supirof J. H. tsą. Miss M. Westmacott.

mare, Mr. C. Day. Near Bristol, Mr. B. Hill. At Wyke, near Bach, 69, D. Saunders, of Aged go, the Rey. Mr. Secombe, rector of Weft Lavington; the person characterised by Camely and vicar of Brimpton. At Frampton *Miss H. Moore, in a tract called “ The Shep- Cottrell

, Mr. Rich. Denby. At Keyntiam, herd of Salisbury Plain.” He and his father Mr. W. Wills. kept sheep on the same farm for the space of a. At Winsford, Mrs. Baker and three of her century, but on account of the loss of his fight, daughters ; they all died in one week of a puhe had, a few months ago, been obliged to give trid fever; and about ten days after, the elder up his occupation. Since this inability, several daughter and a man-fervant also died of the respectable farmers, who knew his worth, en

same disorder. tertained him, by rutation, at their houses; and At Taunton, Mrs. Norman, wife of the Rev. as a mark of their respect for his memory, had Mr N. At Dunster, Mr. W. Pinkham. · Mrs,

A Popes



Dorfetshire ... Devonshire ... Cornwall, &e,


A. Pope, late of Catcombe. Mr. John Mount- the admission of new subscribers, any further of ficvers.

other sum of money for completing and perfect. At Shirehampton, Mrs. Harding. At Up- ing the said work, not exceeding the sum of lime, Mrs Dare. At Road, Mr. Noad. three thousand two hundred pounds. DORSETSHIRE.

Married.) At Falmouth, Mr. A. Fox, jun. Died.] At Ford, in the parish of Membury, to Miss Treleaven. Mrs. Seward. At Cerne Abbas, Mr. John Ab- Died.] At Marazion, suddenly, Mrs. Cole, botts, jun. At Sparkford, 27, Mr. John Mogg. wife of Capt. C. of the Revolutionnaire frigate. DEVONSHIRE.

SOUTH WALES, The anniversary meeting of the gentlemen Died.] At Caermarthen, 77, the Rev. P. Wil. educated at the free grammar school, in Exeter, liams ; editor of three editions of the Welsh Fawas lately celebrated by a very large and re- mily Bible with Notes, a Welsh Concordance to spectable assembly. Mr Bent and Mr. Watts, the Bible,' and author of several religious tracts, to whom the annual prizes were adjudged, le- He laboured asiduously in the Lord's Vineyard, cited their Latin compositions, The prizes upwards of half a century, through the whole of were then presented by Thomas Northmoore, Wales. His funeral was attended by several esq. and a very handsome compliment was paid respectable divines of every denomination. to Mr. Barnes by the president, for his very * At Bristol Hotweils, 76, the Rev. J. G. Av. excellent, but unluccessful essay, who lamented brey, of Aberpergwm, Glamorganshire. that he had not a third prize to adjudge to so

NORTH WALES deserving an exercise.

Married.] At Treganan), Anglesea, W. MeyOn the 22d, at four in the afternoon, by rick, esą of Tyfry, to Mrs. Lloyd. some unknown accident, the Amphion frigate, Died.] T. Jones, efq. of Garthmill, MontCapt Israel Pellew, blew up, with a dreadful gomeryshire. At Clutterwood, near Wellho explusion, as she was lying in Plymouth Sound. Pool, 86, Mrs. S. Smith. Of 220, of which the crew consisted, the first At Dyffrynaled, Miss Yorke: daughter of lieutenant and forty only, were saved. - The P. Y. esq. of Erthig. At Dublin, Mr. captain, who had a party of friends to dine with Dean, of Wrexham. him, is alive, but dangerously wounded.

SCOTLAND. The subscriptions to the Lunatic Asylum In the university of Edinburgh, the class already amount to 9381. exclusive of 2001. literature and philosophy opens on the 12th of transfered in the 3 per cent. confols. The duke October; of theology on the 22d of Novemof Bedford alone gave 200l.

ber ; of law on the igth of November ; of "At the last Wilton fair, upwards of 40,000

medicine on the 26th of October. The clinical sheep were penned, and nearly all fold. lectures, by Drs. Duncan and Hope, will com

Married.] At Ottery St. Mary, Jal. Towns- mence on the 8th of November. end, esq. Capt. of the Honiton Volunteers, to The classes in the university of Glasgow Miss Smith, of Wimple.

commence on the Toth of O&tober and on the At Dawlith, M. le Comte de Paffet, an emi- 2d of November. grant nobleman, to Mrs. Foulks.

Married.] At Edinburgh, the Hon. Major Mr. S. Jeffrey, to Miss Duval, daughter of G. Carnegie, to Miss E. Swinton, daughter of Col. D. of Salcombe.

J. S, esq.-A. Campbell, esq. of Clathick, to Sir John Davie, Bart of Creedy, to Miss Le- Miss M Erskine. mon, daughter of Sir W. L. Bart.

At Halbill, Jas. Todd, esq, of Glendfield, to Died.] At Exeter, Mr. W. Branscombe, at. Mifs A. Thompson, daughter of W. T. efq. torney.

At Balhary, G. Kinloch, efq. of Kinloch, to At Teignmouth, the Rev. W. Short, M.A. Miss H. Smyth, daughter of J. S. eiq. Rector of Beer Ferrers, Vicar of Thorverton, At Balyoukan, A. Ferguson, esq to Miss J. and Prebendary of Exeter.

Watson, daughter of Dr. E. w. of London. At Tiverton, Mr. Croffe. At Whitstone. Dicd.] At Edinburgh, Miss A Elphinston, Miss Coleman. At St. Sidwell's, Mrs. Vidal, daughter of late A. E esq.-R. Donald on, efq. relict of R. S. V. efq. At Thorverton, 73, Mr. Writer to the Signet.---L. Mac Tavish, esą, W. Pullen, much lamented and respected. o Dunardry.

At Kington Magna, Miss F. Toogood, daugh- At Kingston, A. Burn, esq.---A. Lundie ter of the Rev. J. T.

House, near Dundee, Col A. Duncan.---A! CORNWALL.

Dreghorn House, Mrs. Trotter, relict of A. At an adjourned general mecting of the pro. T. esq. prietors of the Trevauna ce Pier and Harbour, At Craigbarnet, Mrs A. Stirling, wife of it appearing that the sum of fix thousand four J. S. esq. and daughter of the late Sir P. H. hundred pounds having been expended in erect. Murray, Bart.---At Greenhill, Mifs C. Watu ing a pier and making a harbour in the Cove of son, daughter of the late Dr. W.' Travanance, and that the said sum having been At Dundee, John Haliburton, efq. of Muir. found insufficient for completing the same, it ton; Inspector General of Stamp Duties in was resolved, tha: a general mecting be called, Scotland. At Herdmanston, Miss E. St. to determine whether the present proprietors will Clair.--- At Coul House, Sir. A. Mackenzie, raise and contribute among themselves, in such Bart. Major General in the service of the East proportions as to them thail secm meets ps by India Company. 3


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