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At Lambeth Palace, by special licence, the In St. Paul's Church-yard, Mr. N. Bryant, Rev. Dr. Dealtry, Prebendary of St. Patrick's, Mr. G. Welstead, of the Custom House. Dublin, to Miss Dering, daughter of Sir E. D. On Sept. 1, in the 68th year of his age, the bart. of Surrenden Dering, in Kent.

Right Hon. David Murray, Earl of Mansfield, John Wells, esq. of Bromley, to Miss E. Viscount Stormont, Baron of Scoon und BalPuget, of Wickham.

vaird, and Knight of the Thistle. His Lord. Deaths in and near London.

ship married, first, Henrietta Frederica, daugh

ter of Henry, Count Bunan, of Saxony, and At Spondon, Derbyshire, 51, Isaac Osborne, by her, who died March 6, 1767, had a daughesq. of Lawre ce-Poultney-Hill, one of the Di- ter, Elizabeth-Mary, married Dec. 10, 1785, redors of the Bank of England.

to George Finch Hatton, esq. He married, Miss Bickerton, daughter of Mr. B. Attor- fecondly, May 6, 1776, Louisa, the third ney, of Giltspur-Itret.

daughter of the late Lord Cathcart, and had At Rumford, Essex, John Hayes, esq. of De- issue, David William (now Earl of Mansfield), vonshire-ftreet, Bishop gate-street.

born March 1777 ; George, born April, At Margate, Richs. Little, esq. of Grosvenor- 1780; Charles, born August 21, 1781; anplace.

other son, born August, 1784; a daughter, At Stoke Newington, 80, S. Hoare, sen esq. boin Dec. 14, 1789. 77, John Field, csq. late an eminent apothecary The late Earl of Mansfield succeeded his fas of Newgate-ftreet.

ther, as Viscount Stormont in 1748, and his At Packam, John Baker, esq. Thos. Lane, uncle, the celebrated Chief Justice of the King's efq. of Hampton-court.

Bench, as Earl of Mansfeld, in 1792. At the At Hammersmith, Miss J. Bonham, daugh- time of his death he held the offices of President ter of F. W B. Esq.

of the Council, Justice General of Scotland, Mr. John Lancaster, of Warwick-court, Hol- worth 2000l. per annum, confi rred upon him born ; many years one of the Commissioners of in 1778. Keeper of the Palace of Scoon, an heBankrupts.

zeditary office, Chance lor of Mareichal College, At his house at Kensington, John Furd, esq. Aberdeen, Joint Clerk of the Court of King's Vice Admiral of the Blue.

Bench, valued at 6cool. per ann. and LL.D. In Great Suffolk-street, 76, Col. A. Camp- conferred upon him at the installation of the bell.

Duke of Poitland as Chancellor of the UniverAt his house in Portland-place, G. Bryan, fity of Oxford in 19793. clų.

His Lord ip came carly into public lise. He At Low Layton, Mr. Rich. Adams, jun of

has been on of the representatives of the Scotch Bread-It reet, Cheapside.

peerage during the whole of the present reign, At Chelsea, 77, Jos. Malpas, esq. late of and has been employed in sundry political ItaWood-street, Cheapside.

tions. In 1763, he was appointed Ambassador At Richmond, 76, H. Doughty, efq. At Extracrdinary and Plenipotentiary to the Court Homerton, T. Ludlam, ely.

of Vienna, and nearly about the same time was At Brighthelmstone, Mr. W. Wigan, of Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of Dresden. Swallow-street, Piccadilly.

In 1772, he was an Ambassador at the Court A. Edie, efq. of Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury. of France, which he left on the breaking out

In Mark-lane, Mrs. Sherwood. In New- of hostilities in 1778. In 1779, he was progate-ftreet, 70, Mr. John Macquistor..

moted to the ofice of one of his Majesty's prin. In Kensington-square, Miis E. Parker. In cipal Secretaries of State, which he retained Surrey-trict, Strand, T. Squirel, esq.

until March 1782, when a total change of In the Fleet Prison, J. C. Herbert, esq. late Ministry took place. He came into office again, of Nevis, in the West Indies.

as a nicmber of the Coalition Ministry in 1783, In Queen-square, Bloomibury, Mrs. Turner, when he held the uf of President of the relict of C. T. esq.

Council. That ministry being turned out, he In Portman-place, Edgeware-road, Mr. E.

joined the opposition phalans, and distinguishHolmes, late of Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

ed himself on many occasions by taking their At Clapham, John Mofman, esq. At Lay- fide, particularly during the debates on the Retonfione, Mr. Rob Greatorex.

gency in 1788-9. On the death of the veneAt her house in George-street, Manchcier- rable' Ea l Camden, in 1793, he was again apsquare, Mrs. A. Thompson, relict of S. T. efq. pointed President of the Council

. In his poliof the island of St. Croix.

tical pri ciples, with the exception of the pe. At Kensington, Mr. P. Chauvet, of Geneva.

riod just mentioned, he was a decided supAt Hackney, Mr. O. Jacksun, of Frederick’s

porter of the Court; in early life a fluent and

intelligent speaker, but lately rather tedious and Mr. John Foulds, jun. of the London-bridge dry in his manner. He was in private life raWater-works. At Mile End, 59, Mrs. E.

ther parsimonious, and not less so, when he Thomas.

came to inherit the princely fortune of his uncle. In Hatton-garden, Mrs. Jaques. At INing- Tiere are nevertheless instances of his gene. ton, Mr. E. Harding

rous patronage of men of merit He was a very In Southampton-row, Bloomsbury, Mr. Dodd, accomplished Ichular, and well versed in polite Comedian, of Drury-lane Theatre,

Miterature. He understood the intrigues and


place, Old Jewry.



Biographical Notices. Dr. Turnbull, relative interests of the several courts of Eu- berland, appointed him their delegate, to act rope, though it may be doubted whether the with other gentlemen, nominated by their ftrenuous support he gave to the prefert war, be general body, to pet tion Parliament to put an a proof of his applying that knowledge to the end to the prostitution of the Lord's supper, beft purposes. In conversation he was affable, which is countenanced by the Test and Core polite, and entertaining. He spoke most mo- poration Acts. Dr. T. who had been some dern languages with great fluency, and to the years a widower, had by his lady four sons and latest period of his life, feemed desirous of two daughters, the latter, and one fon (Mr. knowledge, often attending courses of lectures William Turnbull, who has been several years on the different branches of philosophy, with surgeon to the Eastern Dispensary) only surall the assiduity of a tyro.

vive him. Dr. T. suffered a loss that touched During the last four years his health began his heart with the most poignant grief, by the to decline. Several times, when speaking in illness and premature death of his son, Dr. John the House of Lords, he was attacked with a Turnbull, an accomplished scholar and an ele. kind of apopletic fits, and fell down apparently gant puet, who was born January 21st, 1754, dead. Of late, therefore, he seldom aitempted and after studying 8 years at Glasgow, and 3 at to debate, or, at least, at no great length. He Edinburgh, graduated as a physician; but having was, however, a firm supporter of the mea- been put into a damp bed at Tunbridge, was sures adopted during this war.

His death was seized with a paralytic disorder, of which he supposed to have been occasioned by a gouty languished 3 years, dying the 4th of August, (paim in his stomach. He had been so well for 1789. The subject of this memoir, was a fome days, as to be preparing to depart from gentleman so eminently zealous for the best inBrighthelmstone, where he died, to afist at the terests of mankind, that, behides the funeral Privy Council at Weymouth. On dissection, fermon, preached, and since published by the water was found in the head.

Rev. Mr Knight, at the Meeting-house, in On the Friday following, his remains were Nightingale-lane, where the Dr. conducted brought in funeral state, and interred with the himself honourably for several years, in the usual solemnity next the corpse of his uncle, in character of a deacon, his death was also anthe north aisle of Westminster-Abbey.

nounced from the pulpit, as a public loss, by On the arrival of the cavalcade at the church, the Rev. Mr. Rutledge, at Old Gravel-lane, two of the bearers having got the coffin on their and by Dr. Hunter, at the Scots' church, Lonshoulders, the horses of the hearse took fright don-wall. Dr. T.'s sincere belief of the great by the pressure of the multitude ; by which truths of Christianity, was evinced not only m means, the other men not being prepared, the the general tenor of his lifc, but during the weight becarae too preponderant for those in short and severe illness which occasioned his front, and the coffin fell with great violence on death. To batlle the rapid approaches of the the ground; the foot part of which bulged, king of terrors, Mr. Cline, Dr. Saunders, Dr. part fell out with a number of the nails and Lettiome and several other skilful practitioners, embellishments ; the concussion was to great exerted their utmoit efforts in vain, while their that the leaden receptacle was much shattered, patient, serenely resigned to his destiny, declared and a quantity of water proceeded from it. his confidence in the merits of his divine Re

deemer. (The late Dr. Turnbull, of Wellclose-square,

« Religion,” said he, " is now (whose death we lately noticed) died, after an

more amiable to me than ever-it is iny only illness of thirty-fix hours, May the 29th, death a voluatcer muté has penned the fo!

Since his

support is my only glory." 1796. He was born in the year 1729, at Hawrick, in Roxburgh thire, and was the re

Lowing deiervid tribute to his inemory : presentative of the ancient family of Bidrile, What heart can fympathetic tears refuse who were bereaved of confiderable domains and To the fad forrow of the penfive Muse? harassed by the perfecuting 'pirit of the hie- The Mufe, who mourns the worth the could rarchy of Scotland. Dr. 'Turnbull received the

not fave, rudiments of his education at the grammar- And tho' unknown, weeps over TURNBULL'S school at Harwick, and afterwards removed to

grave; Edinburgh, where he pursued his studies, and 'Turnbull, the god, the generous, and the just, graduated at Glasgow in 1759. He practised Too soon expires, and mingles with the duft: medicine at Wooler, in Northumberland, for The die is cait,-and nature mourns his end, many years with considerable success; reb

The poor their patron, and the rich their friend! moving to London, he was chosen physician to Tho' Genius ítamp'd his scientific mind, the Eastern Dispensary, (a Itation, which, His foul, impartial, view'd alike mankind ; fince his deceale has been supplied by Dr. No oftentatious zeal, display'd his pov'ls, Haighton, a gentleman justly celebrated for his But modest merit, mark'd his blissful huurs; anatomical and physiological skill) where the In conscious rectitude fupremely blest, philanthropy and the knowledge of Thera- He liv'd «The nobleit work of God,” confeft; peutics, which Dr. T. displayed, will be lung He died lamented !--Cops, if you can ; held in grateful remembrance. His probity And be the model of- an honeit man ! and piety had been so conspicious in the North

B.] of England, that the Ditienters in Northum

PROVINCIAL PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES. Including sccounts of all Improvements relating to the Agriculture, the Commerce, the

Economy, the iolice, c. of every fart of the Kingdom; with Notices of eminent Marriages, and of all the Deaihs recorded in the Provincial Prints : to which are added, Biographical Anecdotes of remarkable and diftinguished Characters.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. len, fifter to the late Baron Hellen, one of the MEASURES are about to be taken for remov- Irish judges-Mrs. Crotby, wife of Capt. G.

ing the dangerous thoals from the har- C.---Mr. Jal. Crooks. bour of Shiclds.

At Carlilie, 56, Mr. R. Buckbarruw; the last Several of the inhabitants of South Shields of a very old and respectable family of that city. have resolved to enrol theniselves into a corps At Crackenthorp, 78, Capt. Kirkpatrick; a of infantry during the war.

native of Cumberland. He distinguished himPublic notice is given of application being self in the rebelliou of 1745, by rescuing Gen. about to be made to parliament for an act for Honeywood from the hands of the Rebels, taka new canal from Hexham to Stella, on the ing one of their quarter-masters prisoner, and by south side of the Tyne, through Stocksfield and several other gallant actions. He had refided Prudhoe.

about 12 years in France, the two last of which The Jupiter, Benson, and Ariel, Carby, from he was a prisoner, hut obtained his enlargement Jamaica, arrived lately at Shields. The Ariel foon after the death of Robespierre. Drought over a number of officers belonging to At Kendal, 56, Mr. T. Cornthwaite ; his regiments that had fallen sacrifices to the ус llow ingenuity as a whitesmith rendered him highly fever. ---In one regiment there was not a single useful to his country. Within these few years man lest alive under the rank of a commissioned he obtained two premiums and one medal from officer.--Colonel Beaumont's and the Uliter the Society of Aris. He procured a patent for fencible cavalry, that lately embarked here, ole lock, which was attended with complete have suffered a most dreadful mortality, and success; he was also the inventor of other locks neither of those regiments can now mulier thir- of various descriptions, acting upon principles ty privates.--Nequoiafile Chronicle.

entirely new, and which are now universally Married. ]-At Newcastle, G. Hall, esq. of approved of, and generally used in moit parts Stannington Bridge End, to Miss M. Minnecan. of the kingdom. He was allowed to be one of

At Heighington, John Christopher, esq. of the best practical mechanics in the North of Stockton, to Miss D. Suitees, daughter of C. S. England. esq. of Redworth Hall

At Great Braithwaite, near Keswick, Mrs. At Monkwearmouth, Mr. M. Balfour, sur- E. Wilson-At Egremont, the Rev. C. Watts, geon of the gth reg. of foot, to Miss M. Y. Rector of Drigg and Irton--At Cockermouth, Burns.

Mr. Tolson, sen. Surgeon. Died.)-At Newcastle, 92, Mrs. Atkinson. At Broughton in Furness, 64, Mr. John Stan- Suddenly, 69, Mis. M. Dugdale; finding ley--At Thorníhy, 25, Mrs. Holmes On his her elf unwell the proposed going to bed, but road from London to Penrith, Dr. Watson, late fell down dead before the could accomplish of Greystoke. her purpole-75, Mrs. Weddel-56, Mr. R. At Melmerby, T. Bolt; well known over Lock.

the Northern Counties by the name of “ The At Durham, 29, Mr. H. Hemley-68, Mrs. Lane Fidler.M. Cuthbert-At Sunderland, Mis. Charlton,

YORKSHIRE. wife of Mr. W. C. Attorney-Mr. T. Carr. Application is to be made in the next session

At North Shields, Mrs. Grey-At Bowlby, of parliament for making of a reservoir upon in Yorkshirt, 70, M:. W. Dodds, of Birken- Gaduing Moor and lands you for better supplying side-At Caufey-park, Mr. J. Wilson ; the the Barnsey canal with water. Similar appliauthor of many ingen ous poetical pieces under cation is also to be made for the purpose of enthe signature of Northumbriensis.

larging the Oule Bridge at York, and widening CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. the itreets which lead to the same.

The number of parties who have visited the Married.]-At York, by special licence, Sir LAKEs in the present summer, Jar exc.ed that C. Turner, of Kirkleatham, Bart. M. P. for former year.

Huil, to Miss Newcomen, daughter of Sir W. A new fair for horses and cattle opens at G. N. of Carriekglass in Ireland, Bart. Kirkby-Lonsdale on the 5th and 6th of Otto- At Huddersfield, Mr. J. Wrigglesworth, of ber. A forinight fair, for the sale of fat and London, to Miss Riley. loan cattle, will also be regularly held every ?he Rev. J. Umpleby, vicar of Pannal, to ftcond Thursday after the above days.

Miss Crosby, daughter of R. C. Esq. In Westmori land, in the month of July, two At Bridlington, A. Green, efq. of Bath, to inches of more rain fell in that month of the Miss Lister, of York. present year than usual,

At Nether Poppleton, John Druce, ela, of Married.)- At Whitehaven, Capt. Rookin, the Navy Office, London, to Miss Dickinson. to Miss Gunfon.

Died.)-At York; suddenly, Mr. T. RichardAt Bispham, for. Hornby, esq. of Kirkhan, fon—The Rev. W. Potter, vicar of Heminge to Miss M. Wilson.

brough and Brayton-77, Mrs. Buffey-59) Did!)-Ai Whitehaven, 70, Mrs. B. Helm Mrs. S. Prieitman, Quaker-73, Mrs. Mar

of any



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Lancashire ... Lincolnshire, grave_Miss M. Forth, daughter of the Rev. names of the killed are Mr. W. Shore, C. ) F. of Ganthorpe-73, Mr. H. Anderson.

Lewthwaite, John Hughes, William M'Cuba At Hull, 22, Mr. Juhn Mackreth-70, Mrs. ligan, James Feny, William Pritchard, W. A. Robinson, relict of Mr. J. R. of Scarbo- Norris, J. Darlington, and John Lucas. rough Mrs. Field-Mrs. Bennett.

A grand review took place on Thursday, the Mr. W. Foriter, of Hull; being out shootą 25th ult. on Kersal Moor, of the Rochdale, ing, in company with his brother, his gun re- Stockport. and Bolton volunteers. coiled in firing, and the butt-end striking him The following detail of the route from Kenforcibly behind the ear, caused so violent a con- dal to London, by means of a continued line cussion of the brain, as to kill him on the spot. of canals, will exhibit the great utility of that

At Leeds, Mr. Joh. Turnet-Mrs. Belcher, active spirit of improvement which prevailed in reli&t of the Rev. Mr. B.- Mrs. Wilkinson- the year 1792, and which was checked by the At Bradford, Mr. R. Ramshotham.

commencement of the present war: Mr. R. Whitehead, of Shawhall, in Saddle


State. Mis.

Kendal to worth; he was out shooting, in company with Mr. J. Harrop, of Tamc-later, on the adjoin. Hinuley Lancaster Executing 72 ing moors, when a moor-cock being set up, Mr Legh

5 H. presented his gun, and at the moment he was Worsley Bridgewater's Executing

5 about to fire, Mr. W. unfortunately stepping a Pretton Brook Bridgewater's Navigable | 25 few paces forward, received the whole contents Heywood Staffordshire Navigable 52 in his thoulder, of which he instantly died. New Puol Staffordshire Navigable

At Doncaster, 69, Mrs. Manby, relict of Mr. Langford Coventry Navigable 30 M. of Knaresborough-At Scarborough, Mr. Braunston Oxford Navigable 26 T. Park-At Pickering, Mr. E. Watson. London Junction Executing 74

Miss S. L. Medhurit, daughter of G. W, W. M. esq. of Kippax Hall, near Leeds-At

Distance by the Canals

300 Buxton, suddenly, Mrs. Gale, of Doncaster,

by Land

256 reliet of the Rev. T. G.

Married.] - In the domestic chapel at KnowAt Northfield, on his journey to Aberga- Ney, E. Hornby, esq. to the Rt. Hon. Lady C. venny, in Wales, Sir Jos. Brooke, Bart. of Sea- Stanley, daughter of the Earl of Derby. ton; his brother S. B. esq. of Dublin, succeeds At Goosnargh, near Preston, Mr. J. Startito the title and estate.

fant, of Preston, Attorney, to Miss Fletcher. At Richmond, 21, very suddenly, J. Y. At Manchester, Jaf. Ramfbotham, esq. of Campbell, efq. Captain-lieutenant in the 49th Liverpool, to Miss M. Cunliffe-Mr. B. PotReg. of foot. -- At Bolton Percy, Miss F. P. ter, jun. to Miss E. Potter. Byng, daughter of the Hon. J. B.

Died.] – At Manchester, Mrs. M. Taylor, At Barntley, Mr. John Mallinson - At Mrs. Keymer-37, Mr. Jaf. Hilton. Bentley, near Doncaster, Mrs. Green.

At Liverpool, 23, Mrs. Ellames, wife of At Whitby, 88, Mrs. Young-86, Mrs. Co- Mr. P. E. Attorney-66, Mrs. A. Laffels-75, verdale—68, Mrs. Strong At Southwell, Mrs. Mrs. Clarkson_Mrs

. Ainsbury-Mrs. Moore. Clay, relict of J. C. esq.Ncar Kirk Burton, At Thelwall, near Manchester, Mrs. Stan65, Mrs. Smith.

ton-At Orme's Hill, near Manchester, 30, LANCASHIRE.

Miss D. Littlewood At Poulton in the Fielde, A liberal subscription has been entered 96, Mrs. Hemer. into at Liverpool for the relief of the family of At Wigan, 65, Mr. G. Singleton ; he had the late Burns, the Scotch pott. At the head followed the profession of a schoolmaster in that of it appear the respectable names of Dr. Cur- town 36 years, and by unremitting attention RIE, Mr. W. Neilson, Mr. Roscor, Mr. became eminent in that station. W. RATHBONE, Mr. GALAN, and Mr. W. At Broughton, near Manchester, Mr. T. CLARKE. The sums already subscribed amount Whitlow-At Warrington, Mrs. Topping. to fixty guincas.

At Rochdale, Jaf. Taylor, jun. esq. Captain On Wednesday the 14th, a fire broke out at in the Royal Rochdale Volunteers At War. a joiner's work-hop in Hard-lane, near St. dlesworth, near Rochdale, Mr. T. Ball. Paul's, which, before it was got under, did confiderable daniage to the premises.-Aid, on

LINCOLNSHIRE. Friday, the 16th, a little before twelve o'clock, A new turnpike road has been projected from a molt destructive fire broke out in a warehouse Spalding to Ramsey, through Portfand, Thor. adjoining the brewery of Messrs. Harvey and ney, and Whittlesea. Fairclough, in Cheapside, Liverpool. The fire A single set of the patent combing machine's began in a top room, occupied by Mr. Middle- of Mr. Cartwright prepares and combs, in a fupetun as a cottun manufactory. Before it could be rior manner, more than a pack and a half of wool got under, the whole of the cotton and brewery in a day of thirteen hours. A single set of thena concerns were destroyed, to the value of 15,000l. saves the manufacturer 660l. per annum. Unfortunately, the brick work of the building Married. At Stamford, Mr. Dalby, of fell into the street, and cruihed to death five London, to Miss Simpson. persons on the spot, and shockingly mangled At Polebrook, Mr. L. Albin, of Spalding, ten others, four of whom are since deada - The to Miss R. Seward, MONTHLY MAC, No, VIII.


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At Broughton, T. Swann, cfq. of Gainsbo- common of Monf, called Copy Foot, to defray. rough, to Miss Goodwin.

the expences. Died.] At Stamford, Mrs. Stevenson, wife of Morried ) At Shrewsbury, Mr. Lacy, attorMr. L. S. mayor elect of that corporation 88, ney, to Miss Owen, daugliter of J. of Mrs. Lenton. 62, Mrs. Renoua. d, wife cf P. Beaumaris. R. esq. 74, Mrs. Mouldsworth.

At Ludlow, H. Johnson, esq. of Shrewsbury, At Anwick, 35, Miss Graverior. At Ap- to Miss M. Dansey, daughter of R D. esq. J. Jay, near Wragby, 45, Mrs. Hird. At Grimr. J. Baines, esq. to Miss M. Humphreys. by, 28, Mr. E Clifford. Ac Gainsborough, 76, At Pontesbury, the Rev. Mi. Jones, of HabMr. Is. Clarke.

berley, to Miss Boyer. At Keifby, 23, Mrs. M. Marshall. At Fal. Died.] at Shrewsbury, 62, Mr. R. Breeze, kingham, Mr. Watson. At Rippingale, Mrs. late of Newtown, Montgomery fire. Mr. John Draper. At Willoughby, near Ancalter, Mrs. Fowke, sen. Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Stedman, Somerscales, late of Lincoln.

wife of the Rev, T. S. vicar of St. Chad's. At Baston, near Stainford, Mr. Harrod. At At. Meole, near Shrewsbury, Mrs. Bolles. Grantham, Nir. Clark.

At Bishop's Castle, Mr. Spencer; his death was NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

occasioned by drinking small-beer when overA man of the name of Samuel Kearns has heated. been committed to Nottingham zaol, on a charge Suddenly, at Davenport House, where the of supposed seditious expresions.

was on a visit, Mrs. Williams, wise of E. W. Two human skeletons of great antiquity were esq. of Eaton Mascot, At Ludlow, Mrs. Dike. lately discovered in a gravel pit, near Wollaton At Ellesmere, Mr. Hincksman. At little WenPark.

lock, Alr. G. Bradney. Married.] Sir T. Parkins, Bart. of Bunny

STAFFORDSHIRE. Park, to Miss J. Boultbee, of Stordon Grange, At Litchfield races, which began on the 13th, Leicestershire.

the 100 guineas were won by Mr. Brooke's Die...] At Nottingham, Mr. Heptinstall. Kilion againit two. The first go by Mr. TatMr. W. Fell. Mis. Hill. 18, Miss S. Bigf- ton's Kyan againit 1. The second 50 by Mr. by, daughter of the Rev. J B.

Taylor's Marske against I. At Claythorpe, Mr. Kcyworth. At New- Married.]. John H. Burt, fq. of Cotton, to ark, 41, Mrs. Sheppard Suddenly, Mr. T. Mrs. OʻKeover, of Shcepy Magna, LeicesterBrown. At Southwell, Mrs. Clay. At Manf- fhire. fieid, 18, Miss S Leech.

Died.] At Stafford, 64, Mr. S. Salt. 79, Mr. DERBYSHIRE.

Rich Green. 85, Air. Kob. Hall. The Peak Forest canal and railway, are T. Pearton, efq. of Tottenhali, near Wolveropened from the lime rocks to Marple, being hampton. At Wolverhanipton, Mrs E. Stubbs. an extent of ten miles.

At quixall, Mr. John Armiihaw At RodMarried.] At Gloffop, Mr. T. Green, Sur- baston Hall, near Penkridge, Mr. W. Holland, geon, of Woburn, Bedfordshire, to Miss Lin.' At Wolverhampton, 74, John Baker, esq. gard, o: Chin'ey.

a gentleman to whose memory the county of Died.] At Derby, 29, Mr. Ryley. 22, Mrs. Staffo d will lung stand indebted for his exerDrewry, wife of Mr. J.D. of Stafford. tions, in b inging about many public improveAt Altrincham, Mrs Worthington. At At

Several of the turnpike roads, as well low, near Athborne, Mr. Wagitaff. At Lea as the Starfodthire canal, were executed and Hall, near Athborne, Mr. Dale. At South- perfected chiefly through his indefatigable at. wingfield, 66, Mr. John Beltall.

tention. The improvements in agriculture, and At Duificld, 75, Mr. G. Brentnall. At Il the extension of mines and manufactures has keston, Mrs. Williams, wife of Mr. W furgeon. confequently been extremely rap d in that counCHESHIRE.

ty. The utility of Mr. B.'s exertions juftly rank Married.) At Halton, the Rev. Mr. Trim him amongst the best friends of his country. ble, to Miss Ashton, daughter of W. A. esq. of


Public notices have been given of an inDied.] At Chester, Mr. R. Davies. Mr. tended application for an act to divide, set out, Wilkinson.

and enclose, the forest or chace of Charnwood, At Northwich, Mr. W. Eyres... At Lawton otherwise Charley Foreft. Hall, Mrs. Crewe, relict of the Rev. C. C. late At Leicester races, which began on the zist, rector of Barthomley' and Warrington.. Mr. S. the 50 was won by lord Sonde's Doubtful, beatDarby, of Colebrookdale.

ing 5 others. On the seco: d day the 50 was SHROPSHIRE

won by lord Sonde's Yeoman, beating i other. One hundred pounds have been offered by Married.) At Leicester, Rev. J. S. Bankes, Sir Charles Oakley towards the establishment LL B. of Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire, to of a Lunatic Asylum in this county.

Miss Pigott, daughter of the Rev. J. P. master An act is to be applied fur, the next feflion of the Grammar School at Leicester. of parliament, for building a new town-hall and Mr. Piddoek: attorney, of Athby-de-lanew market-house, and for paving, cleansing, Zouch, to Miss Babington. wideninó, and lighting, the itreets of Bridg. Di:d. At Leicester, Mr. Hextall. Mr. Frisnorth. Also for enclosing and selling part of the by, grocer, parter in the respectable house of



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