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den met at Meriden, and fhot for the bugle loaded barrows from the bottom of the canal, horn, at eleven score yards'; it was won by T. to the distance of 40 feet, in 12 hours; and FEATHERSTONE Duike, efq. On Wednes. is so contrived as to take up the loaded barrows, day, the filver arrow was shot for at sine score leave them at the top, bring down the empty yards, and was won by the Rev. John DIL KES. ones in regular rotation, and leave them at And on Friday, at the grand target, THOMAS the bottom. It can be moved along the canal ANDERSON, esq. St. George's Bowman, was to the distance of 26 yards, in so minutes, captain of numbers. The gold medal, and office by the two men that work it. of matter forefter, was won by R. YORKE, esq. Several hundred acres of that large tract, and the filver medal, and office of senior ver- Corse-lawn, in Gloucestershire, hitherto waste, durer, by WILLIAM DILKE, esq.

have been converted, within the last year, into Died.] At Birmingham, 42, Mr. W. Hicks. good arable land, and this season yield abunMrs. Saul. Áged 82, Mrs. Porter. Mr. John dant crops. Yates. Mr. R. Undril.

The Gloucester and Hereford canal is now At Coventry, Mr. W. Davies. Mr. Slater. completely navigable from the Severn to New. At Stivichall, near Coventry, Mr. R. Gregory, ent. son of the late A. G. esq. Suddenly, Mrs. On the 23d ult. the unfortunate Kydd Gregory, mother of the above Mr. R. G. Wake stood in the pillory at Gloucefter.

At Knowle, Mrs. Fither. At Leamington, Married.] At Cheltenham, Mr. Jeffop, of Mrs. Brown. At Northfield, Mrs. Summers, Fairford, attorney, to Miss E. Hale, of Bath. of Birmingham. At. Alhted, near Birming- Died.) At Gloucester, Mrs. Wheeler.-Mr. ham, 20, Mr. W. Welch. Mrs. Bindley. W. H. Pytt.-Mr. Robert Bennet.

Mr. Giffard, jun, of the Hattons, near Bree- At Leasington, Mrs. Young, at Lady wood. At Lapworth, 70, Rev. 0. Bonnell: Guise's : The fell down and instantly expired. he was 45 years curate of that parish. At At Dursley, Mrs. Harding.–At Downend, Smethwick, Birmingham, Mr. A. Mrs. Mackreth.-Aged 68, Mr. C. Adams, of Walker. At Spark Brook, near Birmingham, Stone-bench.At Stonehouse, Mr. John CarMr. W. Shelly.

ruthers.-A. Newbridge, Mr. Bouncer --At

Wootton-under-edge, Mr. Cole. At Worcester affizes, six men and one wo- In London, 77, Mr. Capper, house-steward man received fentence of death, but were af. to the Duchess of Beaufort at Stoke Gifford, in terwards reprieved.

whose service he had been nearly 60 years. A fire lately destroyed the workshops, &c. of Mr. Howard, of Stourbridge. Married.] At Worcester, T. St. John, esq. College, and rector of Chaftleton, to Miss

Married.] Rev. J. Adams, fellow of New to Miss F. Lavie.

Cranage. At Old Swinford, Mr. Harrison, of Newport, to Miss Arundel, of Stourbridge.

At Shipton-upon-Stour, Ms. T. Morris, Died.) At Worceiter, Mr. Butler. Aged surgeon, of Witney, to Miss A. Amby.

Died.] At Oxford, Mr. T. Giles. Mr. W. 100, E. Hunt; she enjoyed a good state of health to the day of her death; her mother lived Hartley: to the extraordinary age of 108.

At Bletchington, Mr. E. Harper. At Old At Kidderminster, Miss Wallis. At Stoke, Woodstock, Mr. Hunt, of Long Compion ; near Shipron-upon-Siour, Mrs. Comper. At he was riding through the former town, when Chalford, 38, Rey. D. Hughes, diffenting mini- he was taken to iil, that before any assistance

could be given him by the gentleman accoaiIter there.

panying him, he fell from his horse and exThe turnel at Purnal Fiel', o'i the Leo- pired. minster ard Sivurport canal, which has so long

Ar Forest-hill, Mr. T. Morris. At Chipbaped the skill of the mirers, is now finished, ping Norton, Mrs. Parsons.

At Brighthampas is the canal itelf, nearly as far as Leomina con, Mr. T. Tuckey. At Seaford, Mr. S. Ater.

Gough. At Milton, Mr. Jofeph Allen.
Married.] Rev. Mr. Lewis, vicar of New-

At Lower Hayford, 74, the Rev. W. Hartown, to Miss C. Wynne.

rison, D. D, rector fof that parish, and vicar of Died] AĻ Ledbury, 76, Mrs. E. Watkins. Bedwin, Wilts; one of his majesty's juffices At

Dormington, near Hereford, in an advanced of the peace fer Oxfordshire, and formerly felase, Mrs. Cotes, relict of the Rev. D. C. low of Corpus Chrifti College. By his death,

the county of Oxford is deprived of a very able A cana!- machine has lately been invented by and active magistrate. He will long be reMr. E. HASKEW, of Gljucester, to whom a

gretied by the inhabitants of Heyford for his pa:erit has been granted, which may prove of fingularly attentive and conscientious discharge great public utility. The use of runnels will of his parochial duties. be rendered almoq unnecessary, as this machine

The Rev. Dr. Thorpe, rector of Tackley, takes the soil from the bottom of the caral at

and late fellow of St. John's College, Oxford, 40 f.e: deep, with equal facility as at six feet

At Weyhill, Hants, 87, the Rev. J. Simpson, frm the surface. One of them is at work on

D. D. of which parish he had been rector 40 the Gloucester and Berkley Canal. By the years; he was formerly fellow of Queen's axtan e of two men only, it remotes 1400

College, Oxford.



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Buckinghamshire ... Bedfordshire . ; . Norfolk.




or sex ; there being between 29 and 30 wellMarried.] At Eton, Mr. Frogatt, of Lon. dreffed ladies among the audience, which in don, to Miss Norbury, daughter of Dr. N. number are thought to have exceeded 200 At Great Brickhill, Mr. W. Ratliffe, to Miss persons. Having completely cleared the room, Clive.

which was a malthouie, situated on the walls, Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Gray, wife of Mr. they broke to pieces the tribune and benches, E. O. G. of Buckingham.

destroyed the orator's books, and, aster singing At Olney, A. Morgan; through the de- “God save the king,” returned to the sea-shore, ranged state of her intellects, the literally where figral lights being put out from the ftarved herself to death. For a considerable above ships, they all immediately took to the time past she has been in a weak ftate of boats, and reimbarked on board their respechealth, through her aversion to take food, and tive vessels. They were observed to be headed what was given her was forced upon ber by by two persons who acted as officers, and the intreaties of her husband; The had at about six of them had cutlasses, who guarded length determined to eat no more, nor could the vuter door, whilst those with bludgeons persuasion or force compel her to do it. For entered the rooni, and one of the former delthe last twenty-nine days of her life she had peradoes wantonly aimed a blow at a person, not eat a morsel of food of any kind, And which cut through the filk handkerchiet about during the laft fortnight, she did not drink a his neck, and would probably have fatally drop of any liquid, her lips being only moist- wounded him, but for the stuffing inclosed cned occasionally, with a little small heer. therein. The situation of those in the room BEDFORDSHIRE.

was dreadful, the shrieks of the women, who Died.] At Bedford, Mrs. Marsh, wife of were brutally assailed with the most violent the Rev. T. O. M. vicar of Sievington. blows equally with the men, and rushing for

ward towards the door, every one trying to 500l. has been laudably and benevolently effect their escape, created a scene of confusion subscribed at Chelmsford, towards promoting scarcely to be paralleled. Mr. Samuel Hurry, a society, whose object is the relief of the a ship-owner, besides being much beat, losing widows and orphans of SCHOOL MASTERS. No his hat and wig, and having his coat tore, had class of men are so ill paid, and worse fup. his pocket-book and money ftolen from him. ported, while it is an universally admitted The number of broken heads was great, few truth, that none deserve better of society. escaping without some blow. Among those

Married.] At Thorndon Hall, Lieur. Col. who received much injury were, Christopher D. Onslow, to the hon. Miss Petre, daughter Aikinfon, Esq. M. P. Mr. Hollcock, of Whitof the Right Hon. Lord Petre.

tlesea, near Cambridge; Capt. Flynn, of the Mr. John Lambert, of Panfield Hall, near packet; Mr. Bell, collector of the customs; Braintree, to Miss E. Watkinson.

Mr. Barrett, surgeon; an officer of the OxP. E. Sparrow, esq. of Saffron Walden, to fordshire militia; and a lady in a state of pregMrs. Pennington.

A young man who lives with Mr. Died.] At South Weald, 95, Mrs. C. Hock- Ferrier, woollen-draper, and another person ley.-At Woodham Ferris, Mr. R. Rowley. were so much hurt from their skulls being

fractured, as to excite great apprehensions for On the 28th ult. one hundred and fixty-two their recovery. The design of the villains was of the principal gentlemen who supported Mr. evidently to seize on Mr. Thelwall

, and carry Gurney at the late election had a public dinner him on board one of the men-of-war. They at the White Swan, Norwich.

had twice nearly secured him ; but on On Saturday the first of October, and every the first attempt he presented a pistol, which fucceeding Saturday, between the hours of in made them delict. He was a second time atand 1, Norwich corn-market is to be held in tacked, coming out or the room, but was St. Andrew's Hall.

rescued by some spirited young men, who A most disgraceful riot took place at Yar- safely conducted hini to the house of a friend. niouth, on Friday the 19th of August ; and ---While ministers are declaiming on the sewhat renders it peculiarly censurable is, that ditious and turbulent spirit of the people of it entirely originated with persons immediately England, certainly nothing can be more illemployed in his majesty's service. On the advised in them and their agents, than to set preceding Wednesday evening, Mr. Thelwall. these horrible examples of riot and affassination. and his audience were insulted by some intru- As impartial spectators of the political events ders, while he was delivering a Ledure on of the day, it is our wish to give to all their Roman History, but the disturbance happi.y ex- due, "honour to whom honour, praise to tended no farther at that time.

About eight whom praise;" and surely no friend of ado'clock on Friday evening, a banditti, confift. ministration can remark without pain and reing of upwards of 60 sailors, armed with gret, that while those who have been accused bludgeons, came on shore, from a frigate and of plots and conspiracies, and of endeavouring a cutter lying in the roads, and suddenly rush- to excite insurrection, have demeaned theming into the room, attempted to seize the ora- felves in the most peaceful manner, the only tor; and having put out the lights, they pro. instances of violence have proceeded from those miscuously and unmercifully beat almost every who avow themselves the friends of governperson prescnt, without respect either to age ment.

The corresponding society repeatedly 4G 2




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met in immense numbers, by public advertise. Ayllham, 63, Mr. W. Terry. At Lenwade
ment; they met unarmed, they heard their Bridge, Mrs. Dobson.
orators harangue, and they peaceably dispersed. At Great Cressingham, near Swaffham, 49,
If, therefore, the statement we have received Mrs. Bull. Aged 96, Mrs. Suckling, of
be correct, we earnestly hope that a rigorous Woodton Hall.
enquiry will be instituted, and the officers of

these vefpels called to a most severe account; Married.] Mr. Davy, surgeon, of. Beccles,
they ought io protect, not to assault the lives to Miss C. Cross, of Gorleston.
and persons of his majesty's subjects; thcy Mr. Richardson, of Hull, to Miss Reeves.
ought to keep the peace instead of flagrantly Died.] At Bury, in an advanced age, Mrs.
disturbing it.

Nunn.-Mr. H. Moore, late of Ipswich.—Mrs. Other accounts ascribe this unpleafunt affair en- Taylor.--At Kitknock's House, 45, T. A. direly to the resentment of a drunken sailor, who Wools, esq. Captain of the Portfdown Yeohad been turned out of the lecture-room the pre- manry Cavalry, and formerly President of the ceding night for diflurbing the company.

Agricultural Society of that division, of which At the late Quarter Session for the borough he was the original promoter. of Lynn, Cape. Henry Powlett, Aide-de-Camp Lieut. S. Costc, of the Suffolk General Meadows, was tried for an assault on At Great Welnetham, Mr. C. Hubbard. Mr. Curtis, at the Theatre in that borough. At Ipswich, Mrs. Bentley.-At Beccles, 84, The assault originated with a Major Partridge, Mr. John Brewer, who commanded Mr. Curtis, in language not Ač Ixworth, 66, Mr. C. Day, surgeon.-At perfectly congenial with the habits of a gentle. Bristol Wells, Rev. T. Cooke, rector of Bil. man, to rise from his seat, and pull off his derston.-At Shelland, Mr. Houghton - At hat, while the loyal anthem of “God save Eufton, 86, T. Baily, who lived as groom, the King” was chanting by the performers. and in other capacities, with the late and preIt was proved upon the trial, that while Major sent Duke of Grafton, 67 years. Partridge held Mr. Curtis by the collar, and Aged 30, Mrs. Heard, of Seckford Hall, Mr. Curtis held the Major by his proboscis, that near Woodbridge. Powlett struck Mr. Curtis many times with his filt; that he rent Mr. Curtis's clothes, and A meeting of the hop-planters was lately bruised him in many places; and that he at- held at Maidstone, Sir W. I TWYSDEN in tempted, with the assistance of Major Partridge, the chair, when it was resolved, that a reward to throw him into the pit. It was also proved, of 200l. should be given to any persuir who de. that a son of Mr. Curtis, a child of seven years tećts any brewer in the use of unlawful mgreof age, was assaulted and wounded by this said dients, as substitutes for hops. A committee Captain Powlet. The Jury returned their ver- of 40 gentlemen were appointed to carry this dict-Guilty. This man (Powlett) was also re!olution into effect. Beer was formerly a arraigned on another indictment, for carrying valuable beverage, compor d fimply of water, a challenge to Mr. Curtis, of which he was alio mait and hops; but there is now too much iealon convicted. Sentence deferred till next Session. to believe, that much of it is a poisonous pre

Married.] Ai Norwich; G. Brown, esq. paration, conafting of water, nolailes, Spanish of the 6th regt. Dragoons, to Miss Crow, juice. alderbury juice, Coculus Indicus, ginger, daughter of j. C. esq. of Lakenham.

Qualiia wood or its tincture, &c. &c. &c. with T. T. Gurdon, esq. of Letton, major of the litile malt, and less hops. Welt Norfolk Militia, to Miss Miellih, daugh- At the meeting of the Kent Agriculture Soter of W.M. esq. of Blyth, Yorkshire. ciety, the premium of Four Guineas was ad

Ai Holt, rev. John Burrell, of Leatheringsett, judged to Mr. BARKER, of Willeborough, for to Miss M. Johnion.

the best Romney Marsh Ram, and that ofiwo At Antingham, lieut. Straníham, of the to Sir E. KNATCHBULL, for the fecond best. Marines, to Miss Bidwell.

Ar Branzet, in Romney Marih, a child, At Great Yarmouth, P. Sheriton, esq. of two years old, was lately stungtud ath by tees, Wells, to Mis. Lucas of Filby.

who had had their hive overset by accident, Died.) At Norwich, 73, Mrs. H. Ferra. On the 10:h, the powder-mills at Dartford, 77, Mrs. Ryley. 30, Mrs. A. Gosting, wife blew up, and five perfons lo:t ;heir lives of Mr. F. G. jun. Miss M. A. Nelson, of East Married.] At Wolwich, Rob. Parfons, Deieham. 83, Mrs. M. Henley. 67, Mrs. esq. 1o Miis C. Manu, daughter of licut. cul. Hilyard. 75, Mrs. E. Salter, relict of M. of the royal engineers. W.S. esq.

In London, Captain Scott, of the 21st regt. Aged 34, H. Mitchell, efq. surgeon and lieu- of light dragoons, to Miss Pratt, of Harbiedown. tenant of the Cambridgeshire militia; he was Died.] At Chatham, Mils N. Ackworth, buried with great military pomp.

Mr. Tracy, jun.-Mrs. Gurr.-Mrs. Waitell. Aged 54, Miss Hollingsworth, of Lynn. -90, Mr. Tracy, father of Mr. T. who died At Great Yarmuuth, 65, Mr. M.. Cuaude. about a week before. 45, Mr. S. Allen.

At Buxley, 75, much lamented, the Hun. At Mulbarton, 74, Mrs. Turner. At Hock. Mrs. Märtham, tifter of the late Lord Romney. ham, 77, Mrs Ryley, relict of P. R. esq. Suddenly, Captain Delgarno, on board of

At Brancaster, gi, Mr. T. Griggs. At his Majesty's thip, Leander, in the Nore.--Ac


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2796.) Surrey...Suffex...Hampshire...Berkshire, Somersetshire. 597 Rochester, 40, Captain Orrock, of the royal Died.] At Baverstock, 88, Mrs. Penrudnavy; he died very suddenly, being taken in docke-At Westbury Leigh, Mr. T. Wood. bed with spasms in his stumach.

year; he was one of the principal founders of At Greenwich, T. Kelsall, efq..--At Bromp- the new baptift meeting-house in that town. ton, 84, Mr. T. Tanner.-At Folkstone, 41, At Wilton, 59, Mrs. Randall-At Trow. Mrs. Inge. At Brookland, Mr. R. Horsfield-- bridge, 80, Mrs. Parsons—At Box, Mr. G. At Whitstable, 88, Mr. Holman.

Mullins, who, having conducted the school At Dover, Mrs. Polhill-At Beer Farm, there for near 50 years with reputation, denear Dover, Mr. J. Elwin-At Deal, Mrs. clined some years since in favour of his sons. Whitaker--At Harbledown, Mr. Culver.


At Coombhay, near Bath, Mr. WELDON IS Married.] At Limpsfield, Sir W. Ramsay, now erecting, for the Somerset canal, a machine of Bamff, bart. to Miss Biscoe, of Edward- known by the name of a caffoon, for the inKreet, Portman-square.

vention of which he has obtained a patent. At Ath Lodge, R. Hickson, elg. to Miss The object of this machine is totally to superSkerrett.

sede the necessity of locks; and its chief recomDied.] At Chart Park, near Dorking, 64, mendation is, that the consumption of water T. Cornewall, esq. captain in the royal navy. is very considerably diminished.

At Buckland Court, T. Beaumont, esq. At a general meeeting of the Bath and Welt brother of the late Sir G. B. bart.

of England Society, held by special appointment

for the inspection of Two-toothed Rams and Died.] At Lewes, Mr. C. Scrafe ; licu- Wool, the 26th of July, 1796, Mr. BILLINGS. tenant of the Lewes volunteers.

LEY in the chair, many famples of rams, of Mrs. Als, of Glynd-Bourn, near Lewes- different races, were exhibited for the premium, At Uckfield, Mr. Hart.

and the approbation of the Society. The pre

mium was adjudged by a committee of five, At a meeting of the general committee of to Mr. John WHITE PARSONS, of. Weftthe subscribers in this county, for the internal Camel, near Ilchester, for the best Two-toothdefence of the kingdom, it appeared that 8690l. ed Ram, bred by himself, and which was found 6s. 3d. had actually been paid in for that pur- to unite the most of those qualities usually conpose ; and that the sums engaged for had fidered as requisites in a good sheep. It was a amounted to 11,5081. 45.

Nott Ram, and the smallest of the whole exMarried.] At Boldre, in the New Forest, hibition. Mr JONES, of Fawley, in HerefordH. Darby, esq. of London, to Miss Srott, of shire, produced a very beautiful sample of Vicar's Hill, ncar Lymington.

Noit Sheep; as did Mr. CROOK ; Mr. ACHERDied.] At Southampton, Rear-Admiral LEY, a very useful one ; Mr. BILLINGSLEY, Cartereit; a circumnavigator with Anson; he and the Rev. Mr. BROUGHTON, each lots of had long been afflicted with loss of speech-Mr. good Horned Stock from Spanish Rams with King.

English Ewes; and Mr. MOGER, of Woolver. A: Winchester, Mr. E. Reeves--Mrs. Col- ton, fome very capital sheep, of a large horned iyer--Mr. Whicher; he caught a cold last sum- race, in which he is allowed to excel. To all mer which settled on his lungs, by getting out those gentlemen, and to Mr. Jones in particuof bed, and plunging into the Weirs-river to lar, for his exemplary public spirit, the thanks rescue a woman who was drowning.

of the Society were given. The first premium, At Norton Ferris, Mrs. Carl-At Portio ' for the heaviest and finest Fleece, was adjudged mouth, Mrs. Carver--Mrs. Carlos, relict of Dr. to Mr. BILLINGSLEY; and the second to Mr. C.

WHITAKER, for a very fine Fleece from a

Ewe. Married.) R. Battiscombe, esq. of Windsor, An alarming accident happened at the coalto Miss Griffinhoofe.

pits at Highgrove, near Timsbury, Somerset, Died.] Aged 20, Miss Edwards, of Bray. on the 31st ult. occafioned by the forgetfulness

of a boy in leaving a liglited candle against The PRINCE of Wales has taken Crit. one of the timber props that was placed to chill House and Dea! Farm, about eight miles support the roof of the pits, which, taking from Blandford, at rents of 1600l. per annum. fire, communicated to the other timbers, and

During the tremendous thunder storm on in a short time the whole pit was on Sremat Friday evening, July 15, at Noah Ryalls, a least 40 loads of wood were supposed to be in youth of 17 was sitting in the kitchen of the the pit. On Sunday three men went down Unicorn inn, at Heytesbury; he was ftruck into another pit that had a communication with blind and senseless ; and ali hough twelve or that on fire, but the air-Ihaft being entirely fourteen persons were also in the room, none stopt, the fuul air, stagnated by the smoak, of ihem were aware of the accident till a quar- immediately suffocated them;- by great exerter of an hour afterwards. The young man tions, two were drawn up, one dead. The continued very ill leveral days, but has since coal-pit on the 22d still continued burning recovered both his health and light.

more furiously than when it first broke out, Married.] At Bradford, James Palmer, efq. though every means have been tried to stop its to Miss B. Chon,

progress. The pit is upwards of 100 fathom





decp, and the damage is already estimated at At Watchett, Miss Welch. At Alcombe, many thousand pounds. By this accident nearly near Minehead, Mr. Sraddon. At Banwell, 100 poor inen are out of employ.

73, Mr. T. Burge. At Ubly, Mr. Brocks. The committe of the General Hospital, Bath, At Blagdon, Mrs. Sprudd. have, by an ingenious contrivance of Mr. R. At Bridgewater, Mrs. Perry. Mr. W. Chaiterton, effectually removed the unwhole. Smith, attorney ; he was found drowned. fome effluvia which has long been complained At Portbury, Mr. W. Moore. At White. of in that building. A periodical discharge of hall, 20, Mrs. E. Concanen, wife of Mr. G.C. water is effected, which requires not the least attorncy, of Bristol. attendance.

The sheriffs of Bristol have set a precedent, The ROYAL FAMILY, with their attendthat ought to be generally followed : Instead ants, arrived at Weymouth on Monday, of giving public dinners at the aslızes, according, August 1. As the ypassed along the line of to the useless custom, they presented 200l. to the camp at Bincum, the regiments all fired, the Briftol Infirmary.

and a party of the light horle escorted them to At the Allizcs for the county of Somerset, Gloucester lodge. The Weymouth volunteers, Mr. Donisthorpe was convicted of not having and the Anglesea fusileers, were drawn up on done his duty as a magiftrate, when a number the esplanade to receive them ; a gun was fired of people asembled riutvusly to stop a waggorz- for a signal, which was answered by three load of corn at Sonerton. Mr. Erskine, his frigates in the bay. In the evening a general counsel, had such confidence in Mr. D’s ac- illumination took place, and a grand display of quitral, that he did not call any witnesses. rockets was let off.

Married.] At Bath, N. C. Corfellis, esq. Saturday night, the 6th, a fire broke out at of Colchester, to Miss M. Bond, daughter of the Swan inn, Sherborne, which destroyed the late J. B. esq. of Grange, Dorsetshire. the stables, &c. belonging to it, and damaged

At Bristol, Dr. New, to Miss M. Bull, several houses adjoining. daughter of the la:e J. B. esq.-W. Abraham, Married.] F. J. Brown, efq. M. P. for Doresq. of Bathwick, to Miss Bowles, daughter of setshire, to Miss F. Richards. E. B. esq. of Shirebampon.

At Sherborne, W. Wingfield, esq. to the At Ivclchester, John Moreton, esq. lieut. in Rt. Hon. Lady C. Digby, fister to the earl of the navy, to Miss E. Bilhop. At Martock, Digby, W. C. Wood, jun. esq. to Miss Horsey.

Ai Lyme Regis, Capi. T. Carnie, of the 6th Died.) At Bath, suddenly, Mr. G. Frap- regt. of fout, to Miss Isaacson, daughter of A. pell, 25 years master of the Grove-house there 1. esq. -Mr. T. Graham-B. Kingston, esq.-87, Died.] At Minchington, Mr. S. Mustont. Mrs. Gardner-Mrs. Frickers--Mr. Langler- At Weymouth, Mrs. Morris, of Sherborne. J. Bell, esq.--Mr. Perry-69, Mrs. Kirkman, At Barcombe, Mrs. Slade. At Lyme Regis, -79, Mrs. Hamar, reliet of Admiral H. Mr. Peckett.

At Bristol, 85, Mrs. Oliver. Mr. }. Carpenter. Mr. John Rich. 82, Mr. John Tagg. At a meeting of the subscribers to the in. Mr. Smith. Mrs. M. Haly, wife of Mr. P. terded Lunatic Asylum at Exeter, the total H. bookseier. Mrs. Hilhoule, relićt of J. H. amount of the present subscriptions appeared to esq. Mrs. Simmons.

Mrs. Harding. $5, be 25021. 158. Mrs. Harrison. 84, Mrs. A. Malthews. Mr. The Grand Jury for the county of Devon Oliver. Mr. House. Miss Sheppard. Mrs. have pledged themselves to support such innHemmings. Mr. Peglar. Mrs. Hvare. Mrs. keepers as thall let a pair of post-hor es at is. Murray Mrs. F. Robins, roliet of the Rev, and a single horse at 4 d. per mile. They state T.R. Ac Bristol Hotwells, Mrs. Miller. as their reasons, the reduction in the price of

At Weils, Mr. Aifurd; he had served the hay ind corn, and the late act office of mayor of that city.

which relieves the innkeepers from the burMiss Moss, da.ghter of the rev. C. M. and thens of the military. niece to the bithop of Bath and Wells.

Married.] At Exeter, rev. G. Coleridge, of Mr. W. Bro A, furgeon, of Bradford; he Ottery, to Miss J. Hart. Mr. J. G. Manning, aitended at Wells on the trial of surgeon Spen- to Mrs. Tiorn. cer, and suddenly dropped down dead after his Diet] At Exeter, Mr. T. Drew. 62, Mrs. return from the theatre.

M. Handleigh. Mr. T. Brice. Mr. W. Braura At Ash Priors, Bishop's Lydeard, C. Win- combe, attorney. At Briftul, Mr. John Land, ter, esą. At Wales, in the Parth of Queen jun. of Exeter. Camel, in an advanced age, C. Crobrow, esq. Aged 66, B. Incledon, csq. of Pilton House; Ar Katharine, T. Parry, ciq. one of his ma- he was high sheriff of the county, in 1762. jelly's justices of the peace for Sumersetshire. At Tiverton, John Davy, esq. he had been

At Frome, 89, Mr. W Pope. At Taunton, three times mayor of that town. Mrs. Cornith.

Mrs M. Hammet, sister of Chave, esq. of Remberton, near Tiverton; he fir B. H. knt. M. P. for that borough. Dr. has bequeathed 1001. to the Deron and Exeter Сох. . At Tiverton, Mr. Handcock.

hofpital. At Keynsham, Mr. W. Racker. 97, Mrs, A: Exmouth, W. Hayward, esq. late of the M. Buek. At Dilling: on, near I'minster, John King's own regt. of Dragoons. 80, Mr. Titcher; 'Trent, ela.

he was a very penurious man, scărcely allowing





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