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1796.) Northumberland...Durham...Cumberland...Westmoreland. 589 musketry closed the ceremony. The procession Maryport, Mrs. 'B. Pape. At Scaton Ironafterwards proceeded to Sunderland church, works, 57, Mrs. J. Walton. At Seaton, near where a discourse was delivered by the Rev. Workington, 46, Rev. John Smith. Brother BREWSTER. The day was concluded At Blaze Hall, near Kendal, Rev. John by an clegant public dinner, and in the evening Shiaw, M. A. At Arrathwaite, Mr A. with an assembly and ball, which was nume- Dixon. di Bellaport, 58, Mrs. R. Patty. rously attended.

At Workington, 60, Mr. John Robinson. A daily poft commenced on the gth ult. At Wigton, Mrs. Matthews, wife of J. M. between Newcastle and Sunderlarid,

esq. At Gillgarron, Miss H. Richardson. In Married.)-At St. Johnlee, Mr. R. Stephen. London, Mr. Jos. Frears, late of Ravenglass. son, of Errington Red-house, near Curbridge,

YORKSHIRE. to Miss M. Reed,

At a late public meeting at Beverley, Sir At Newcastle, Capt. Calder to Mrs. Ml. R. HILDYARD in the chair, it was relolved, burn,

that appli arion should be made in the next At Durham, Mr. W. Fenwick to Miss Sellion of Parliament, for an act for draining, Wood.

preserving, and improving all the low grounds At Houghton-le-Spring, J. P. Grant, esq. and carrs situated in that vicinity. to Miss J. Ironside.

By the late returns of the Lunatic Asylum, Died. -At Newcastle, Mr. T. Rutherford. York, it appears, that, since its first opening, Mrs. Drummond.

in 1777, there have been admitted 1062 paAc Durhan, 72, Mr. C. Allen. Mrs. 'tients, of whom 526 have been cured, and Paxton.

252 relieved, and there remain at this tinn At Sunderland, 32, Capt. R. C. Dunn. At in the house 83. Bishop-Wearmouth, 45, Mr. W. Cooke. At The Leeds Mercury of the 6th, complains Stockton, 57, Mr. L. Richardson.

heavily of the suspension of trade in that part At the Leazes, near Newcastle, 69, Mr. J. of the kingdom; and states, that“ fo bearance Penlington. At Newhall, near Wark worth, between debtors and creditors ought and mujt Mrs. James, wife of Capt. J. At Unthankó for a time, be contcientiously respected." Hall, Mrs. Tweddell, wife of J. T. Esq. A traveller complains, in a late York Hs.

At South Shields, 64, Mr. E. Donkerly. rald, that most of the roads in that country Mr. John Anderson. At Benwell, near New- are till deftitute of guide posts and mile castle, 74, Mrs. H. Culbertson. At Earsden, Stones : a hint that doubtless ought to have 73, Mrs. English.

due weight with the commiskoners of the At Hexham, in an advanced age, Mr. T. loads and magistrates. Kirsopy. Near Hexham, Mr. G. Gibson. An official c rcular letter has been sent to the Suddenly, whilft in a meadow with his hay- magirates in the No thern counties, stating, makers, Mr. Js. hunter.

that “ It having been judged necellary to remove At Cox-Close, near Ravensworth, Miss a considerablc oumber of French ecclesiastics J. Monkhouse, sister of M. M. Esq. of New- from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, it is castle. At Bishop-Auckland, 43, Mr. W. proposed, to land tliem at different poris in the Mowbray. At Darlington, Mr. T. Waftle. North of England, from whence they may be At Alnwick, 41,.Miss M. Burrell. At Dun- distributed into the neighbouring country. fton, near Whickham, Mr. M. Elliot.

appears, that fipe cloth made from Spanish CUMBERLAND AND WE3I MORELAND. wool, is now manufactured by a considerable

Mr. S. Martin, of Whitehaven, has given ingenious clothier in the Wéft-riding, without public notice of his intention to put the statute the aid of either English or foreign oil; and of the 13th of Geo. III. in force against owners that in the manufadure of English w cols there and drivers of carts. He cautions owners to is not at present more than one-fourtbe part of affix their names and residence, and drivers to the oil used wliich was formerly thought necesa attend to that part of the law which requires fary. the horse to be guided by some person holding Married.)-Al Bridlington, Dr. Fowler, to the reins.

Mrs. Bell, both of York. A deputation from the house of Keys, of At Limunitone, Rev. R. W. Moor, of the Ine of Man, lately arrived at Carlisle, to Muwsley, Leicestershire, nephew to the Bilaop congratulate Mr. Curwen on his re-ele&tion to of Llandaff, to Miss Fawcett. represent that city in Parliament. The depu- At Drax, E. Willey, esq. late lieutenanttation consisted of Messrs. J. Taubman, T. colonel of the 4th regiment of dragoon guards, Kirwan, and G. Quayle.

10 Miss Price, daughter of J. P. esq. of CamMarried. ]—At Egremont, T. Hartley, jun. blesforth. esq. to Miss Hartley

At Thorp-Arch, Rev. John Middleton, to At Aspatria, Mr. Irwin, surgeon, to Miss Miss Filher, daughter of T. of CañleReed.


. Died.)-At Whitehaven, Mr. Jos. Cooke. At Leeds, Rev. E. Wilson to Mrs. Paley. 22, Mrs. Pickthall. Mr. Jos. Collins. Mr, At- Rotherham, Rev. R. Jenkinson, to Miss D. Messenger. Mrs. J. Coupland. 67, Mr. Jackson. Jos. Watson. 91, Mr. B. Hadwen.

Died.) -At York, Mrs. Kilner, relict of the Ac Carliße, 57, Mr. A. Mulleuder. At Rev. J. K.


73, Mrs. Carr.

At Hull, 60, Mr. John Rawson, printer. years of his life: he used to deep upon the At Leeds, Mrs. Upton, wife of Mr. U attor. Roor, or on a chair, with his cloaths ôn. Durney. Advanced in years, Mr. Jefferies, ing the whole of this period he lived alone, quaker. Mrs. Lumbey. Mr. Braithwaite. cooked his victuals, and seldom admitted any

perlon in o his habitation, carefully concealing Ac Sheffield, Mr. W. Taylor. Mrs. Gillatt. the place of his birth, and to whom he was re. Mrs. Burnand. Mrs. Cooke. Mrs. Hoyland. Jated. He was born in or near London : he

At Halilax, Mr. M'Kinnel. At Horghe appeared to have had a liberal education, was End, near Halifax, Mrs. Lea. At Bradford, fond of taking receipts for money in the name Lieut. John Gration, of the West York militia, of Sir Christopher Pivett, and remarkable for and adjutant of the 4th regiment of foot. many fingularities ; he possested a laudable

Suddenly, at Tho:p-Arch, 76, P. Johnson, fpirit of independency, his own hands conesg. commiffary of the prerogative court, and tartly administering to his neceflities. Among late recorder to the city of York. His remains Other uncommon articles which composed the were privately deposited in a vault he hai dately furniture of his apartment, were a human skull caufeu to be made under the chance of st. (which was interred with him), some old Martin's church; he ordered five guineas each swords and armour, on which he fet a great to be given to ten poor men to carry his corpse value. to the place of interment, and hequeathed fifty

LANCASHIRE. pounds to the York county hospital.

The last arch of the grand aqueduct bridge At Scarborough, suddenly whilft walking over the river Loyne, ntar Lancaster, is closed. near the caftle, Mr. H. Pearfon. Mrs. Mar. This bridge is allowed to be one of the moft fhall. Mr. Park. At Whitby, Mr. M. Lighta magnificent pieces of masonry in the kingdom. foot, surgeon, Mrs. Simpson, wife of W. S. It consists of five femi-circular arches of 70 Banker.

feet span each. Rapid progress is making on At Pontefract, 81, Rev. Mr. Harrison. At the other parts of the canal, between Lan. Gate-Hemsley, Mrs. Hewitt. At Rothwell, cafter and Preston. Mr. G. Barber, of Bradford, attorney. Sud. In 1796, there was cleared out from the denly, whilft writing a letter, Mr. John Hart- port of Liverpool 4737 ships, paying dock ley, of Huddersfield.

duties to the amount of 12,3771. 75.78. At Pocklingtun, Mrs. Wilcock, reliet of the At the late annual meeting of the Agricul. Jate Rev. T. W. At Stackhouse, near Settle, tural Society in Manchester, the following pre84, Mr. T. Carr. At Pickering, suddenly, 75, miums were adjudged: To Holland Ackers, Mr. Jos. Baker.

At Fulford, Mr. W. Esq. for planting the greatest number of trees, Steers, formerly of York

a filver medal ; to John Bower Jodrel, Ere At Doncaster, Mrs. Oxley. At Bedale, for the best crop of turnips, a filver medal ; Mrs. E. Raper. At Eppi-worth, 82, Mis 10 Mr. T. Cropper, of Winitanley, for having Harrison; she was carried in her grave by lix bis farm in the ncatest and most exact order, grand-daughters, and followed by nearly inir- the large filver cup: to Thomas Winftanley, rv children, grand-children, and gseat grand- for a fervirude uf 41 years, a filver medal; to children.

Mr. G. Heinckey, of Winftanley, for the best Aged 53, Mr. J. Rogerson, of S:epney- improvement in an implement of husbandry, the houle, near Hull.

Ar Richmond, Mrs. Hog, large filver cup: to Mr. G. Hall, of Byley, for wite of Mr. H. alderman of that borough. At płathing the greatest length of fence in the best Tadcatter, Mrs. Matthewnian.

manner, five guineas, or a cup of that value ; At Hu: s'orth, Mr. Jameson, formerly a and to threz others for bringing up !amilies partner in the bariking-house of Messrs. Wik, without aslistance from the parish. Mr. B. ham and Co. of Leeds. Near Duncaster, 96, CROCKER, of Ardwick Green, rear Manchester, Mrs Sumner. At Cronks, Mr. Spoone. At was appointed Secretary, on the refignation of Fulneck, near Leeds, Mr. J. Rogers. Mr. Julin Paiting on. The Society unaninroufly At Abdy, near Wath, Miis Ducker.

At elected Mr. P. an honorary member, and voted Shafton, near Barrsey, Mr. Shortlife. Near him their thanks for his careful attention to the Howden, Miss H. Codd.

At Crowle, 94, duties of his office for twenty-two years. They Mrs. Starrand. At Headingly, Mrs. Harker, also ordered the guid niedal of the Society, relict of the Rev. J. H. of Avule, near Leeus. Value (even guineas, to be presented to him,

At the great ac of 95, the well known with this infcription, " To Mr. John PartingMr. Christopher Pivert, carver and gilder in ton, for his long and faithful services' Yurk. He was formerly in the retinue of his T. B BAILEY, esq. has pre'ented to the soyal highness William, duke of Cumberland; Agricultural Society of Manchester, the follow. hé fought under the earl of Stair, at the battle ing enumeration of substances which

be of Dettingen; and under the duke of Cunibero applied usefully as MANURES, instead of stable land at the battle of Fontenoy, was at the dung, v z. Mud. Sweepings of the streets, and fiege of Carlisle, and the battle of Culioden : coal-ofnes. Night foil. Bones. Refuge, matters, he came to York the latter end of the year af yweepings and rubbish of houses, 86 Seas 1746: bis habitation having been burnt down, weed, fea.shells, and fec-gravel. River. tueeds, be formed the fingular resolution of not lying sweepings of roads, and spent tanners" bark, to mi in a bed, which he had not done for the tast 38 with lime. Peat or mofse Decayed vegetables,

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Lincolnshire...Nottinghamshire... Derbyshire.


I 210

953 of thef: 82 were

Mr. John


Putrid water. The ashes of weeds, &c. The At Branston, near Lincoln, 51, Mrs. Rogers. refuse of bleachers' afhes. Sope - fuds, CF ley. At Hecking on, 64, Mr. W. Harriso'.

AC Pest afnes. Water in floating. Refufe fals. Great Hale Fen, Mr. John Smith. At Wandfa

ford, 66, Mrs. Wilson. Married. )

-Mr. D. Battye of Crolland-hill, to Miss Crolland, of Deadmanstone.

At Bourne, Mr. Nichols. At Horncaitle, 86,

Mrs. Healu. Near Busion, Mr. John Clarke. At Bury, Mr. Robt. Peel, of Bolton, to Miss

At Wainfleet, 63, Mrs. E. A ihail. Yates, daughter of W. Y. esq.

At Ejenham, Mrs. C. Myers, wife of the At Eversham, near M lothrop, Jas. Maury,

rev. T. M. rector of Wyverion. esq. conful from the United States of America, at Liverpool, to Miss M. Rurfon.

NUTTINGHAMSHIRE. At Liverpool, Mr. S. Meanley, of Manches- Accurate Statement of the Pull at the late ter, to Miss M. Fleetwood.

Nottingham Election :

For LORD CARRINGTON, Died. ]--Åt Manchester, 66, Mrs. Heaton.

Town votes

1026 Mrs. Fogg. Rob. Darby, M. D. lare physi

184 (Of these 282 were cian to the Manchester Infirmary. 88, Mrs. Country du. Bullock. Mr. C. Hayward. 66, Mr. John

only votus. Spear.

For Mr. COKE,
Ar Liverpool, Mrs. Dawson. Aged 62, Mr.

Town votes
John Sibbald, bookseller. Mrs. Athton. Mrs,
Hodgson. 20, Miss E. Abbor. 66, Mr. John

Country do.

114 Lawrence, 84, Mrs. Holden.

only voics. Tomlinson. Mrs, Pownal.

1069 At Lancaster, Mr. T, Parke. Mr M.


Town votes Altwick. At Church-Bank, near Blackburn,

528 23, Mrs. Peel, wife of R. P. esq. Ac Prescot,,

Country do.


Of these 364 were Mr. P. Rice.

only voles. At Salford, Mr. John Horsfall. Mr. John Barrow. Mrs. Sandlord. Mr. H. Haworth,

On Saturday, the 13th, three work meer At Cark, near Cartmel, 64, Mr. E. Hardy, an

lost their lives by the sudden giving way of

the second and third arches of the ten-ached ingenious mechanic ; formerly principal manager of the cotton-milt, ar Manchester.

bridge near Nuttingham. They were emAt Wigan, Mr. Jas. Entwiftle. At Run- ployed in demolishing the bridge, and had juft corn, Mr. B. Oldham, of Manchester,


thrown down the firit arch, when the others Altrincham, 93, Mr. G. Burgess. At Poulton, gave way, and overwhelmed them in the

ruins. in the Fielde, Mr. Jas. Harrison. At Dumfries, Mr. J. Robson, of Liverpool. At North

The journeymen cabinet-makers of Notwich, Mr. W. Eyres.

tingham have demanded an increase in their At Bury, Mr. S. Holker. At Lowten

wages of two shillings in the pound. Chapel, nçar Warrington, Mr. Jas. Leigh.

Married,) - At Newark, Rev. J. CostobaAt Wavertree, 74, Mrs. Leech." At Colne, die, of Cambridge, to Mits A. Milnes, daugh68, Mrs. Howarth. At Garftang, 110, Mr.

ter of the Rev. Dr. M. W. Windress.

Lieut. Grimdy, of the Nottinghamshire

fencible regiment of foot, to Miss A. Moore, LINCOLNSHIRE..

of Guernsey. Married.] At Boston, Mr. Swift, of Kirton At Torksey, Mr. John Bowmer, to Miss E. Skeldike, to Miss Moore.

Ellis, daughter of J. E. esq. of Brampton. James Digby, esq. of Bourne, to Miss Hyde. Died. )--At Nottingham, Mrs. Smith. Mrs.

At Bark with, Mr. Holland, of Withern, to Shipley. Mrs. Dodd. G, Alexander, esq. Miss Holland.

Mr. W. Crocroft. At Stamford, Mr. Upton, of London, to At Newark, 22, Mr. G. Cropper ; being Miss Judd.

one of the volunteer infántry of that place, he Died.] At Boston, Mrs. Waite, wife of Mr. was buried with military honours. alderman W. Mrs. Wayet.

Miss H. Rumley. At Stamford, Rob. Hodgkin, efq. late of At Mansfield, Mrs. Buckles. Mrs. Buck. South Luffenham. Aged 83, Mr. H. Brough- stone. At Carcolftone, near Bingham, Mrs. ton, fen. Aged 49, Mrs. Scanton. Mr. Hut- Blagg. At Bingham, 89, Mr. W. Wheatley, chins. Me T. Willimot.

late of Whatron. Aged 23, the rev. Mr. Thomas, a dissenting

DERBYSHIRE. minister, of Stamford. He was drowned while At the late annual nicering of the Derby. bathing in the river Welland, fuppused to be shire Breeding and Agricultural Society, the seized with the cramp: the gentleman who ac- prizes were adjudged as follows:-For the companied him was also in the water, and as three beft theaves, and the best two-Shear each, in swimming, had taken a contrary di- ram, to Mr. Radford, of. Eaton-For the beft rection, he did not miss him till fome minutes two-thear wether, to Mr. Greaves, of Ingleafter he sunk. Notwithstanding diligent search by-For the best two-year old beast of the was made, the body was not found till the folo cow kind, to Mr. Cox, of Brailsförd. lowing morning

Married, ]---At-Gloftop, Mr. T Dakeyne,



of Darley-dale, to Mifs S. Bower, daughter of way. Aged 71, Mr. Ę. Jones, warden of R. B. esq. of New-mills.

Clum hospital, an office which he filled to his At Etwall, W. Stables, esq. of Hemsworth, own credit, and to the advantage and comfort to Mifs Ward.

of the objects of that institution. Died)-At Derby, 27, Mrs. Marriott. At In the prime of life, Mr. Tompkins, of Wirfter, Mr. G. Goodwin, an eminent attor- Black Park, near Whitchurch. At Ludlow, ney At Yeovley, Mr. Sherwin. At Caven

Jordan. dith-bridge, 67, Mr. Jas. Soresby. At Kirk

STAFFORDSHIRE. Ireton, Mrs. Burton.

Notices have been published in the Gazette, In the prime of life, in consequence of a fall &c. of the intention to apply for an act to cur from his horse, Mr. F. Goodwin, surgeon, of the proposed canal from Ashby Woulds, 'to Athborne. At Kirk-Langton, Mr. G. Bowley. join the Chester canal at Nantwich. At Mount-pleasant, near Alborne, Mr. Jolin Ar the late Stafford aflizes an extraordinary Sandy.

incident took place. One of the prisoners CHESHIRE.

(William Cotterel!) was indicted for a burglary Died.]-At Chester, Jos. Snow, efq. one and robbery, to which he pleaded Guilty; nor of the aidermen of that city. Mr. R. Amery. could he be persuaded to offer any other plea, Mr. Caie. Mr, Dicas. Mrs. Tilftone. Mrs. till the judge threatened, in case he persisted, Harrop.

to order him for immediate execution: he then At Credenhill, 42, Mr. John Eckley, son of pleaded Not Guilty, and his trial proceeded, the late Rev, Mr. E. At Eardirland, 66, Mr. when, sufficient evidence not appearing to con€. Haywood. At Sutton, near Chester, 57, viet him, he was unexpectedly acquitted! Mr. W. Lingen. At Jersey, W. Johnson, eq. Married.] At Patshull, the seat of Sir Rob. fon of the Rev. Mr. j. of Chefter.

Pigott, bart. lieut. col. Pigott, to Miss M. A. SXROPSHIRE.

Monckion, daughter of the hon. J. M. of Af Shrewsbury affizes came on the very ex- Fim

shade, Northamptonshire. traordinary trial of the bishop of Bangor, his Died.] At Pathull, 76, Gen. Sir R, Pigott, chaplain, and others, for a riot and affault ! bart, and warder of the mint. The indictment charged the Bishop with forci- At Berrow-hill, near Feckingham, Miss E. bly attempting to turn a Mr. Grindley out of Lambe. At Haywood, Rev. T. Middleton; a building attached to the cathedial of Bangor, being a member of the Staffordihire volunteer to the polleffion of which Mr. G, claimed the cavalry, they attended his funeral and paid right as a deputy register of the diocese. The him military honours. riot and assault appeared to be fully proved in At Litchfield, 47, Mr. John Wood. At the opinion of the judge, who, in summing Wolverhampton, 63, Mrs. Walker. At Rowup, threw some degree of blame on the bishop. ley Regis, jo6, W. Brookes. The jury, however, brought in a verdict of At Whittingten, near Stourbridge, Mrs. Not Guilty. Mr. Adam was counsel for the Barrett, wife of J. B. esq. At Shardlow, 23, prosecution, and Mr. Erskine for the bishop.

Mr. F. J. Buchanan, son of Mr. C. B. of The prince and princess of Orange have Burton-upon-Trent. At Leck, go, Mrs. Conbeen magnificently entertained by Sir Richard decliff, wife of Mr. C. attorney. At Bilstun, Hill, at Hawkestone,

Mrs. Heath. There is now in Sir Richard Hill's hothouse, at Hawkeftone, a Syrian Vine, which, though The commitre of 23 persons established last only six years old, has produced several hı:n year at Leicester for supplying the county with dred weight of grapes; the berries are very corn at that period of impending famine has Jarge, and of a most delicious flavour ; and sustained, in the execution of its trust, a loss the bunches run from leven or eight to nearly of 1550l. Various appeals have been made to 20bb. a-piece.

the gentlemen of the county, and to the public Married.)--Rev. R. Thursfield, of Claverly, meeting which appointed the committee, to Miis L. Perian.

hitherto, however, without the effect that At Lillehall, E. Rowlands, esq. of Coal- might have been expected. brookdale, to Miss Boycott.

Mr. Ross, who, as mentioned in our last, At Ludlow, hon. Cipt. Hamilton, of Down: had been sentenced to four months imprisonton-hall, eldest son of Lord Viscount Boyne, to ment, under a conviction of manslaughter, has Mifs Baugh, daughter of B. B. esq.

been honourably and voluntarily liberaied by Died.]-- At Shrewfbury, Mrs. Morris. Mrs. the executive government, on the favourable Hodges. Miss Bauorip: Mr. Hill.

representation of the judge before whom he At Pool, Mrs. Afhford. Mr. P. Turner.

was tried At Kilkeweth, near Pool, Miis C. Edwarus. Married.] At Luiterworth, Mr. Í. HickinAi Uppington, 90, Mr T. Jones.

botham, to Miss Morris. At Much.Wenlück, E. Grainger, esq.With- In London, Mr. V. Green, of Normanton, out any previous indisposition, after eating her to Miss T. Mortimor. supper as usual, Mrs. Dearman, of Coalbrook- Died. ]-At Leicester, Mrs. Watts. Mrs. dale. Mr. O. Morris, of Criggion. Mrs. Cort. Suddenly, Mr. Shipley, a respectable Smith, ot Creff ge.

cabinet-maker. Ac Sleap.Hall, Ms. Teece. At Wem, 79, At Burton-upon-Trent, the Rev. Joseph Mss. A. Onaddock. At Yockleton, Mr. Blake- Dethick; many years pastor of the distent ng




Rutlandshire... Cambridgeshire... Huntingdonjire, &c.




congregations at Bardon and Athby-de-la


A judicial decision upon the late bill for pree' Mr. Goodman, of Gumley; his death was venting seditious meetings, was anxiously expectoccasioned by a fall from his horse, on his re- ed in the cases of J. G. Jones, J. Binns, and F. turn home through Smeeton, by which his Bathurst, indicted at the aflizes of Warwick, skull was fractured; the accident happened for feditious practices. On the 25th of July, preabout twelve o'clock at night, from which time vious to the commencement of the business of till between 3 and 4 in the morning he re- the court, judge Buller, in an address to the mained without any assistance, though his jury, observed that o the legislature had, groans were distinctly heard by many people in towards the close of the last year, passed an act the neighbouring houses.

by which it was enacted, that no meeting of At Packington, 85, Mrs. M. Wyatt, relićt perfons exceeding fifty in number should be of Mr. W. W. late of Sinai Park, near Burton- holden except under certain forms and regula upon-Trent.

tions; that that act was provided to continue in RUTLANDSHIRE.

force for the space of three years; consequently, Married.). Mr. Speed, of Clipsham, to Miss any persons holding meetings contrary to the Buyall.

provisions contained in it, were guilty of a misDied.]-At Preston, 25, Miss Appleyard. demeanor, and, as long as it remained in force, CAMBRIDGESHIRE,

it was the duty of every subject in the realm ta At the Assizes for the Isle of Ely, Edward obey it. The inquiry of the jury must neceffaFreeman, for a rape on a child of 11 years of rily be short, they could only have to inquire age, and Christopher Griffin, and W. Wells, whether, when a meeting had taken place conwere capitally convicted. The forme trary to the act, the defendant was left for execution.

of the persons present, and what was the preMarried.]—Rev. Mr. Key, vice-provost of text for meeting-Whether it was for the purKing's college and rector of Milton, to Miss pose of deliberating on matters relative to church Driffield.

or state ; and if so, whether with a view to obDied.]–At Cambridge, 76, Mrs. E. Salter, tain a reform in either by means disallowed by reliet of W. S. csg. of Norwich.

the forms of the constitution." Aged 65, Mr. John Nicholson, bookseller, These observations of the learned judge did who, by the establithment of a very extensive not eventually apply in every respect to the and useful circulating library, and integrity and businefs brought before the jury; for when the unremitting attention to business for upwards of grand jury afterwards brought the bill into 40 years, acquired considerable property. court, it appeared that neither Jories, Binns,

At Wifbeach, suddenly, Mrs. E. Powell; nor Bathurst, were indicted under the late acts, The died in a chraise as she was taking an airing but only for feditious words. They pleaded after dinner.

not guilty to their respective indictments; and At Ely, Mr. W. Marshall. Mrs. Evans. the solicitor for the crown produced three writs Mr. T. Freeman.

of Certiorari to remove the three indictments At Thorney, in the Ine of Ely, Mr. Withnoe. into the court of King's Bench. At Stuntney, near Ely, Mr. W. Jugg.

Birmingham, August 8. On Saturday, his At Botrisham Hall, 93, Mrs. Jenyns, relict serene highness the stadtholder, and the prinof Suame Jer.yns, esą.

cess of Orange, arrived at the Swan inn, and, At Little Shelford, 94, T. Wales, esq. a accompanied by Mr. Clay, visited some of the gentleman not more remarkable for the length manufactories. Yesterday the prince attended of his life than for his excellent character divine service at St.- Philip's church in the

Ac Cortlenham, Mrs. M. Moore. At Whis. morning, and at St. Martin's in the afternoon. tleford, Mrs. Blow.

Their highnesses, who are upon a

North Wales, have visited, in their way, Married.] At Huntingdon, Mr. Ja. Flower, Nuneham, Oxford, and Warwick-castle; and of London, to Miss Rowe.

this morning, after viewing Mr. Clay's, manu. Ar Stibbington, the rev. A. Hepworth, LL.B. factory, they will proceed to Mr. Boulton's, at to Mits Christian.

Soho, and from thence go forwards to Wolvere Died.] At Farcett, Mr. W. Marshall, sen. hampton. At Sandground, 35, Mr. W. Marshall, son of A grand chapter of royal arch masons has the preceding.

lately been held in the Birmingham and

Worcefter canal tunnel, near King's Norton. Married.] John Buxton, esq. to Miss Gard. This stupendous arch will be about 2500 yards ner, bo:h of Northampton.

in length, of which 1550 are already finished. At Patcilball, Mr. R. Howes, attorney, of By an abridged account which has been pubNorthampton, to Miss C. Perkins.

lished by the overseers of the poor of BirmingDied.] At Northampton, Ro. Willing, esq. ham of the receipts and payments from Eafter, At Peterborough, Mr. Bingham.

1786, to Easter, 1796, it appears that the total Ac Dufton, Mrs. Blewett. At Newnham, of the payments in ten years have been Mr. R. Major.

162,4811. and that the payments in 1786, At Oxney Farm, neas Peterborough, Mr. Pank. amounting to 33,1321. were eacreased, in 1796,

At Fotheringhay, near Oundle, M, L, Whits to 24,050l. well.

On Monday the stb, cbe Woodmen of ASO MONTHLY MAG, NO. VII.



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