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New Publications in Auguft.


Reports of Cases argued and determined in NEW PUBLICATIONS. the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer

Chamber, from Michaelmas Term, 320 Geo. AGRICULTURE AND BOTANY. III, 1791, to Hilary Term, 36th Geo. III, AN Arrangement of British Plants, according 1796, by Henry Blackftone, Vol. II, price 1l. 195. to the late Improvements of the Linnäan boards.

Butterworth, Syftem, to which is prefixed, an easy Introduc- An Essay on Uses, by William Cruise, Esq. tion to the Study of Botany, illustrated by cop- 8vo. price 35. boards.

Butterworth. per plates, by William Withering, M. D. F.R.S. The Law of Tenures, inluding the Theory third edition, 4 vols. 8vo. il. 125. boards. and Practice of Copyholds, by the late Lord

Robinsons and White. Chief Baron Gilbert. The fourth edition, cor. DRAMA.

wiih an historical Introduction on the The Iron Cheft, by George Colman, the feudal System, and copious Notes and Illustrayounger, with a Preface, 25. Cadell and Co. tions, by Charles Watkins, Erg. 8vo. price

Fiesco, or the Genouse Conspiracy, a Tragedy: Jos. 61. boards. translated from the German of Frederic Schiller, A Treatise of ihe Pleas of the Crown, by Author of the Robbers, &c. 35, 6d. Johnson. William Hawkins. The seventh Edition, with EDUCATION.

the Addisions of new References from moRambles farther; a Continuation of Rural dern Reporters, and a variety of Manufcript Walks, in Dialogues, by Charlotte Smith, 2 vols. Cases, and enlarged by an Incorporation of half bound, gs.

The Correspondent; a Selection of Letters minal Law, to the 35th Geo. lll, in 4 vols. from the best Authors, with some Originals, 2 8vo. by Thomas Leach, Esq. price 21. 25. vols. 78. sewed. Cadell ard Co. boards.

Butterworth. Ευριπιδου ιππολυλος σεφανηφορος και νol. 4to.

The Practi e of the Court of Chancery, oricum fcholis, Versione Latinâ, variis Lectioni- ginally published by Joseph Harrison, Esq. and bus, Valckenari nutis integris, ac selectis ali- enlarged by John Griffiths Williams, Esq.' The orum V. V. D. D. quibis suas adjunxit. eighth Edition, with considerable Additions, Francis Henry Egerton.

Clarke. including the Procceedings before the Master HISTORY.

on Sales of Estates, Maintenance for Infants, The New Annual Register, or General the Appointment of Receiver, &c. and several Repository of History, Politics, and Literature, new Precedents, in 2 vols. 8vo. by Wilmet for 1795, 9s. in boards ; gs. 6d. half bound. Parker, price 16s, boards. Butterworth.

Rubinsons. A Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange GEOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, &c. and Promissory Nutes, the third Edition, by Letters from Mr. Fletcher Chriftian, con- Stewart Kyıl, Esq. 8vo. price 5s. boards. Do. taining a Narrative of the Transactions on board Modern Reports, or select Cases in the Courts of the Bounty, before and after the Mutiny; of King's Bench, Chancery, Common Pleas, with his subsequent Voyages and Travels in and Exct.equer, from the Restoration of Charles South America, 3s. 6d.

Symonds. the Ild, to the 28th year of George the Ild; in LAW.

12 vols. 8vo. The fifth Edition, corrected, with An Address to the Attornies at Law and additional References and Nures, and three Solicitors, upon the Prooceedings of a Com- hundred and

eighty-one Cases, now first pubmittee of the London Law Club, &c. &c. by lished; by Thomas Leach, Esq. Price 61. 6s. Joseph Day. 35. 60. Suld by the Author, boards.

Butterworth. Reports of Cases argued and ruled at Nili The Attorney's and Agent's new Tables of Prius, in the K.B. and C.P. from Eater, 1795, Corts, in the Court of King's Bench and to Hilary, 1796, by Isaac .

Buiturworth. the fitih Edition, corrected, and considerably The Trial of the Bihop of Bangor and enlarged; to which is added, a Table of all the others, for an Afault and Riot ; tried at the Stamp Duties, 4to. price ios. 6d. boards. Do. Shrewsbury Alfizes, July 26; 34. Ballard. A System of the Law of Marine Assurances,

The Same, with the Pleadings at large of with three Chapterson Bottomry, on Insurances Messrs. Erskine and Adam, Is. Hiprinttall, un Lives, and Insurances against Fire, by James

Rules and Orders on the Plea Slue of the Allan Purk, Esq. the third Edition, revised Court of King's Bench, beginning in Easter and enlarged, royal 8vo. price 13. 6d. boards. Term, 1731, and ending in Trinity Term, 1795,

Butterworth, 8vo. price 2s. 6d. boards. Butterworth. Rules, Orders, and Resolutions of the Court

Jurisdi&tion and Practice of the Court of of King's Bench, with Notes and References Great Sessions of Wales, upon the Chester Cir- explanatory of the Practice of that Court, 8vo. cuit, 8vo. price 6s. boards. Butterworth. price 7s. 61. bound.'

Butterworth, An historical Treatise of an Action or Suit at Reports of Cases adjudged in the Court of Law, and of the Proceedings used in the King's King's Bench, with some special Cases in the Bench and Commun Pleas, from the original Courts of Chancery, Common Pleas, and ExcheProcesses to the Judgments in both Courts, &c. quer, frum itt William and Mary, to joth of &c. The third edition enlarged, by R. Boote, Queen Anne, by William Salkeld, late Serjeant Esq. 8vo. prive gs. boards. Butterworth. . at Law, The sixth Edition, including the MONTHLY M G, No. VII.


4 D

price il. 75. boards.


tune, Is. 6d.

per 100.

Notes and References of Knightly D'Anvers, sophical Society, Feb: 5 and 19, 1796, and Esq. and Mr. Serjeant Wilson ; and large printed in their Transactions : to which are Addisions of Notes and References to modern added, Considerations on the Doctrine of PhloAuthorities, and Determinations, in 3 vols. giston, and the Decomposition of Water, adroyal 8vo. by William David Evans, Esq. drefled to Messrs. Perthollet, &c. ly Folepk

Butterworth. Priftley, LL.D. &c. &c. 28, Plniadelphia The Practice of the Courts of King's Bench printed, London reprinted. Joleníon. and Common Pleas, by Baker John Sellon, Esq. Twenty-four Lectures on the Italian LanVol. II, 8vo. price 125. 6d. bds. Butterworth. guage, delivered at the Lyccum of Arts, Sci

Reflections on Government in general, with ences, and Languages; in the Principles, their Application to the British Conftitution, &c. are, by an original Metho!, împlined and by Charles Watkins, Eļq. price 25. sewed. Do. adapted to the meanest Capacity, &c. Mr. MISCELLANIES.

Galignani, 6s. boards. An Epitome of the Stocks and Public Funds,

NOVELS. containing every thing necessary to bc known Memoirs of the Marquis de Villebon, in a for the better understanding the nature of those Series of Letters. A Novel, founded on Facts, Securities, and the mode of doing business 2 vols. 6s. sewed.

G. and T. Wilkie. therein, with an Equation Table, by T. For- Anzolette Zadoski, by Mrs. Howell, 2 vols. Boosey. 12mo, fewed, 6s.

Lane, &c. Original Letters, &c. of Sir John Falstaff

POETRY. and his Friends, now first made public, by a A Paraphrase on Gray's Elegy, written on Gentleman, a descendant from Dame Quickly, the unfortunate Catastrophe of the late Mr. H. from MSS. which haye been in the possession Weston, who was execuied for Forgery befire of the Quickly Family near 400 years; dedicated Newgate, July 6, 1996, 2s. Tiffin, &c. to Master S. Irelaunde, 12mo. 38 6d. Robinson. An Epistle in verse, to the Rev. Dr. Ran. How do


do ? a Miscellany, to be conti- dolph, occafioned by the Publication of his Cornued every other week, is. Woodfall. respondence with the Earl and the Countess of The Lynx, a weekly Miscellany, 2 d. or 15s. Jersey, with nores, &c. 13.

Parsons. Symonds. Revolutions, a poem, in 2 bouks, by P. Eccentric Excursions, or Literary and Picto. Courtier, 2s.

Law. rial Sketches of Countenance, Characters, and Poems, by Ann Yearsley, Vol. III, Robinson. Cou' t y in different parts of England and South

POLITICAL. Wales, by G. M. Woodward, to be continued

Lettre de M. de Calonne au Citoyen Auteur every Forinight, in twenty-five 4:0. Numbers, du Rappost fait à fa Majesté Louis XVIII. is. at 25. 6d. plain), and 45. coloured. Allen and Co.

Deboffe, &c. The Effentials of Logic, being a Sccend The bloody Buoy, or a faithful Relation of Edition of Drallac's Epitome improved, com- a Multitude of Aas of horrid Bar barity, &c. prising an univortal Syítem of practii al Reafun. &c. by Peter Porcupine, 2s 6d. Owen. ing, illustrated by familiar Exan.ples, from ap- A Collection of State Papers relative to the proved Authors, by J. Collard, 5s, bds. Juhnson. War, Vol. III, Part II, fer 1796, 9s. Debrett. Thoughts upon Hare and Fox Hunting, with

The Universal Politician, a Miscellany, by a twenty Engravings, 8vo. bds. gs. Vernon & Co. Society of Gentlemen, No. 1, Is. 6d.

An Enquiry inio the Cales of Insolvencies in A brief History of the Wars and Treaties in retail Businesses, with Hints for their Preven- which England has been engaged, from the tion; and the Plan of a Fund for the Relief of Restoration of King Charles II, to the present decayed Tradesmen, their Widuws, Child, en, or Time; with a Sketch of the Causes of the Orphans, by John Gell, rs.

Rickman. French Revolution, and of the Motives which A Select Collection of Epigrams, many of led to the War between the confederate Princes them original, by Thomas Clio Rickman, is. 6d. and the French Nation, is. 61. Robinsons.

Rickman, &c.

POTITICAL ECONOMY. Essays, by a Society of Gentlemen at Exeter, The Causes of Poverty, and the present State gs. bds. with plates. London, Cadell and Co. of the Poor considered, together with the pro.

Three Letters on the subject of Tythes, and pored Means for their extectual Relief," by Tythe Associaturs ; the two first addrefied to John Vancouver, 2s.

Edwards. Thomas Bradbridge, Esq. and the third to “ A

THEOLOGY. Country Curate." 13. 60.

Cadell and Co. Deiím traced to one of its principal Sources: NATURAL PHILOSOPHY.

or the Corruption of Christianity the Cause of Remarks concerning Stones said to have Infidelity, by J. Couard, 6d. Richardson. fallen from the Clouds, both in these days and

Mercy and Judgment, a discourse on the unin ancient times, by E. King, Esq. FR.S. timely fate of Henry Weston, by the Rev. Dr. and F.A S. 410. 28. 60. Nicol. W. Wynn, 1s.

Cadell and Co Experiments and Observations relating to the Five Discourses, containing certain ArguAnalysis of Atinospherical Air; allo farther

ments for and againit the receprion of ChrisExperiments relating to the Generation of Air tanity, by the ancient Jews and Greeks, by Fun Water; stars befose the American Philo- guhn Ireland, A.M. 35. 6. tourds. Faulder.




7796.) Notice of Works in Hand... The Arts.

An Address to the People of Otaheite, de. this number contains, among other subfigned to afsift the Labour of Missionaries and jeets, a copy by J. TAYLOR, from o hcr Inftructors of the Ignorant, &c. by Juhn STOTHARD's picture of Henry VIIIth Love, 25. 6d.

Chapman, and Anna Bullen, and an engraving of The Charge of Samuel, Lord Bithop of Hamlet's Ghost, from FusEli's truly Rochester, to the Clersy of bis Diocese, de-' livered at his primary visitation, in the year

original picture. 1796, 25.


Two volumes of Toe Rivers, from FAR RINGDON's designs, are completed in a

very elegant style ; they contain views on WORKS IN HAND.

the banks of the Thames, &c. to the Nore; and the last drawings are fuperior to the first.

Boydells. A SPLENDID illuliration of the sexual

WEBBER'S Views, begun to be enfyftem of Linnæus, has been an- graved while the artist was alive, under nounced, under the direction of Dr. the sanction and


of the THORNTON. The drawings to be Lords of the Admiralty, are continued executed by Messrs. B1:SHOP and Rus- under the same authority by the BoySELL, and

the engravings by Mr. dells; they will form a beautiful addition CALDWALL. The work is to consist of to Captain Cook's voyages, as the plates twelve nuinbers, in large folio, at One refer to the letter-press of that work. Guinea cach. The first number will be A landscape, by Collier, from a picture ready for delivery to subscribers only, in by Teniers, which was in the collection May, 1797, and the succeeding ones of Sir Thomas Dundas, is just com. quarterly.


Boydells. Mr. STOCKDALE, the bookseller, has Mr. Repton's views of improvecirculated proposals for publishing, by ments in villas, &c. are published ; and {ubscription, a History of London and executed in such a manner, as leads us to its Environs, comprehending a space of hope, he will continue the work. Boydells. 2000 square miles. He states the work Two volumes of the Milton's Para. to be already in great forwardness, and dife Loft, with prints from designs by that the first of the eight parts into which WEST ALL, which were exhibited at the it is divided, will be ready for delivery Shakspeare Gallery, are already, pubin the present month of September. The lished, and the other is promised in a whole, making two large volumes, royal few months.

Boydells. quarto, is to be completed about the An engraving from the same artist's close of the year 1797. From the libe- beautiful drawing of a Storm in Harvefl, ral spirit evinced by Mr. S. as proprieror which was in the laft exhibition at the of the New History of Manchester, this Royal Academy, is in a very forward work may be expected to make another state, and as it is intended to be as near vaiuable and useful addition to our Topo. as poflible a fac fimile of the drawing, graphical Histories.

promises to be a charming print. Boydells. Mr. John THROSBY, author of the EARLOM has completed two of his History of Leicester, &c. will complete, prints from Hogarth's inimitable picin the course of the autumn, his em- ture of Marriage A-11-Mode, in a very bellished edition of THOROTON's Not. masterly style. A


from the same TINGHAMSHIRE, with additions. Mr. artist's very singular print of Enthusiasm Throsby has added to the original, an delineated, by Mills, is in an eminent entirely new History of the Town of degree in the style of the original. Do. Nottingham.

A print, cngraved by ANKER SMITH, The Rev. JEREMIAH Joyce is pre- from NORTHCOTES' picture of the paring for the press, a very interesting dea! h of Wat Tyler, is just published. Do. narrative of the suferings of the Rey.. The RICHTERS, of Newman-ftreet, THOMAS FYSHE PALMER, and Mr. have just completed their edition of WM. SKIRVING, during their voyage to Milton's Paradise Loft. The engravings New South Wales.

are made by the father, from the son's THE ARTS.

designs, and both departments display Ten numbers of that immense and strongs marks of accuracy and elegance. magnificent work, BOYDELL'S SHAK- Four of the prints from a series of ten SPEARE, are already published ; the pictures, painted by Mr. NorTHCOTE, plates of the 11th uumber are in great and representing the progress of Diliforwardness, and promised by Christmas : gence and Dissipation, exemplified in the lives of two female servants, are already The beautiful designs in Ireland and engraved in a very masterly style, by Wales by LAPORTE, are going on GAUCAIN and HELLYER.


4 D2

rapidly. They are so executed, that Mr. MacKLIN has just completed the the engravings are nearly, if not quite, fiftieth number of his magnificent Bible, equal to the original designs. Macklin, a work which will long do honour to

The edition of Milton, announced by the taste and liberal spirit of this coun

Mr. JEFFRJES, is proceeding with try: The fifth number of Mr. Macklin's of them by STOTHARD, and the en

convenient speed. The designs are all British Poets has also just made its appearance. This number contains three gravings by the masterly hand of BAR

TOLOZZI. This edition is intended to prints by BARTOLO221, and one by be completed in twelve numbers, at TOMKINS, each of them deservedly ad. mired. The designs of two of them are

one guinca each; four of which are by Opie, one by WHEATLEY, and the already published, the fifth is in for

wardness. other by STOTHARD ; the subjects, Henry and Emma, Damon and Mufi. A print will be published in a few dora, the Deserted Village, and Amin- days, representing the distressed situation tor and Theodora.

of the Dutton Indiaman, intended as a The fifth number of designs from companion to the admired print of the Sbakspeare, by Mr. BUNBURY, is now Chesterfield Packet. The drawing by ready for delivery. With the merits of Mr. Pocock, the engraving by Mr. Mr. BUNBURY, our readers are suffi- POLLARD.

Jeffries. ciently acquainted.



N.B. Our Musical Readers are doubtless aware, ibat at tbis season of tbe year, the paucity

of Publications will generally suspend the continuance of our Report of New Music



made his first appearance this evening, July 25,

in the part of Sir John Brute...he perTHE PURSE-, Dom Pedro--and Silvester formed it much in the fiyle of the late

Daggerwood. The repetition of Don Ryder, by representing the character as Pedro was by no means relilhed... Syl. a brute, and not a genileman, but was not vefter Daggerwood, which is all that is so happy in his low bumor.--in the good of the manager's occasional prelude, drunken scenes, he was inconfiftent, or drama, as he calls it, of New Hay at though throughour, irresistibly laughobe Old Market, is an object too trifling able. In the part of Antonio, in the for critic fm.

Follies of a Day (which was likewise his July 26. -- The Recruiting Officer and first appearance) he was more uniform. Kaibérine and Petrucbio. The manager Aug. 11.--. - Hamlet and the Son-in-Law, seems fond of this wild-warm play of Mr. J. Bannister was the Hamlet this Farquhar's.--Palmer played Serjeant Kite evening, for his father's benefit. well...C. Kemble was decent in Plume-.. Aug. 12 --- The Deaf Lover and Moun. Bannister, jun. laughable in Brazen- taineers. Mr. Ellifton has returned to Fawcett did as much as he could, in this theatre for the remainder of the Bullock---Miss de Camp and Mrs. Gibbs, season, and repeated the character of paffable---and the rest --!

Octavian, much to the satisfaction of the July 30.--- Purse -- Heigbo for a Husband audience. and tbe Prize. We are sorry to see Aug. 18.--- Henry tbe Fourtb, and be talents like Palmer's and Fawcett's Children in the Wood. Fawcett played prostituted in such characters as Millclack Falstaff for his beneat, and in some parts and Timotby.

was justly applauded. Angus 5.--. The Surrender of Calais and THEATRE-ROYAL, DUBLIN. Son in-1:27. Bensley's part of Eustache This theatre has now closed, having de St. Pierre was this evening repre- been more productive to the manager sented by Palmer.

than performers...except J: Bannister, August 8.... The Provok'd Wife and Lewis, Kemble, and Munden, whose Follies of a Day. Ms. Bannister, jun. profits have been considerable....Madame


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Law Report.--Bill of Exchange, &c.

573 Mara has played. Lorenza in the Cafle fame manager's direction, tuned his pipe of Andalusia, and Marian in the farce so at Berwick-Captain Macheath his bift called—but the vocal performers have appearance. Cooper is the hero at Swan not met much encouragement, owing, sea, where there is a company under the we apprehend, to their being ill-sup- direction of a Mr. Masterman.-Holman ported.

has performed at Plymouth, and Plymouth

Dock, where he has had a good benefit. PROVINCIAL TAEATRÉS. Grubb's theatre, at Murgate, opened excellent, among whom are Mr. Kelly.

M'Cready's company at Birmingham is July 25th, with Notoriety and the Children in ihe Wood the hero, in both play and Mrs. Crouch, and Mrs. Twilleton.farce is Russel, of Drury-lane, who has Quick and Miss Waliis are at Liverpool. acquired much notoriety in this town

-IVeymoutb theatre feems endrely deMrs. Berry (late Miss Grift) played

pendent on commands-and Richmond,

which has had a number of managers, Sophia-Mrs. Powell is also here.--Incledon, who has been at N-wcastle-upın.

is now under the dircction of a num.

ber. Tyne, with S. Kemble, has, under the


16 And gene

LAW R E P O R T S. BALL OF EXCHANGE, LETTER OF of the said James Baillie were due and

ATTORNEY, AUTHORITY. payable by bim, and which now are, or J . ,

AMES BAILLIE being pollessed of at any time or times hereafter all or Indies, and elsewhere, and being also executrix, as aforesaid." considerably indebted to several persons, rally for me, as executrix, as aforesaid, by his will appointed Mrs. Colin Baillie, to make, do, and execute all and every along with several other persons, his such further and other lawful and reason. executrix. On his death, Mrs. Baillie able acts, deeds, inatters, and things w

whatalone proved the will, and took upon soever, &c. I, the said Colin Baillie, herself the execution of it: the executed giving, and by these presents granting a letter of attorney - to George Baillie, unto my faid attornies jointly, and eacha and Edmund Thornton, jointly and seve- of thein severally, my full and whole rally to act for her, in collecting and power and authority to do and act touchgetting in the estate of the decealed, and ing or concerning all or any of the prepaying his debts. In the first part of miles aforesaid, as fully and effectually the instrument which related to the to all intents and purposes whatsoever, collecting of the efate, the most ample as I, the suid Coin Baillie, as executrix, powers that could be devifed, were given as aforesaid, might, or could do, if

perto the attornies; the authority to pay, fonally present.” Among other persons discharge, and satisty debts, was described to whom Mr. Baillie died indebied, he in fewer words, and more general terms. owed to Howard, and another, a sum of Among o:ber clauses were the following: 2901. 185. 3d. They drew a bill of ex" And in my name, place, and stead, as change, on Mr. Baillie, dated the 10th cricutrix, to state, adjust, liquidare, fetile, Jan. 1994, for that sum, value in account and finally agree to all and every and with James Baillie, payable the il Sep. any account and accounts, sum and sums 1795, to their own order : This was acof money, debts, dues, claims, demands, cepted by Edmund Thornton, as procu. controversies, differences, and disputes rator for Mrs. Buillie. When the bill whatsoever, wherein the said James became due, the drawers brought an ac. Baillie, at the time of his decease, was, tion on it against Mrs. Baillie, in the or wherein I, the said Colin Baillie, as common pleas, and recovered a verdict execurrix, as aforesaid, now am, or at for 3301. dainages. At the trial there any time or times hereafter, shal or may was evidence to show that the defendant be in any wise interested and concerned :" knew that Thornton had accepted the * And also for me, and in my name, bill in question in her name, in payment place, and stead, as executrix. as aforesaid, of the debt due to the plaintiffs; and in and agreeably to ibe due order and course of particular it appeared, that when the kov, to pay, discharge, and satisfy all officer ferved her with process, the acand every, or any fum or sums of money, knowledged the juftness of the debt, debts, dues, claims, and demands what saying that the plaintiffs had behaved fogger, which at the time of the death handsomely, and should be paid.


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