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ARTICLE X. In case of death, resignation of office or firemanship, of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Collector, or any of the Trustees, such vacanties shall be filled up by the Representatives for the remainder of the year, by a special election to be held for that purpose.

ARTICLE XI. Whenever a new Treasurer or Secretary shall be elected, his predecessor shall be allowed not exceeding thirty days to settle his books and papers, and delivering the same, to his successor in office.


The Representatives shall have power to make such ByLaws, from time to time, as to them may seem proper for the good government of this Department, not repugnant to this Constitution ; and all such By-Laws shall be agreed to by at least two-thirds of the Representatives present. By Order of the Representatives,


John Bogert, Secretary.









ALL moneys funded shall be in the name of the “ FIRE DE- Moneys

how funded PARTMENT FUND OF THE CITY OF NEW-YORK.” The principal of which fund shall not be impaired in granting relief, or in expen- Funds not ditures, by the Board of Trustees, except by an order of the to be im

paired. Representatives of the Department.


Any Fire Company neglecting to choose a Representative or RepresenRepresentatives, on or before the first day of December annu- when choally, and every Foreman neglecting to make or cause to be sen. be made, a return of the name or names of the Representative or Representatives to the Secretary, at least seven days previous to the second Monday in December annually, shall be fined one dollar for default of each Representative omitted to Penalty for be chosen or returned, which fines shall be collected from the to return. Foreman.

The following shall be the form for the returns of Representatives.

Form of re- At a meeting of

held the turn. day of


Street, and

Street, were duly elected to represent this Company at the meetings of the Fire Department.





Penalty for The roll shall be called precisely at the time specified in the non-attend

notice, and every absentee shall be fined twenty-five cents ; if he does not attend during the meeting, one dollar ; for leaving the room without permission from the Chair, twenty-five cents; for leaving the meeting without permission, one dollar ; for not obeying the call to order by the Chair, twenty-five cents ; for indecorous expressions or disorderly conduct, at the discretion of

the meeting, provided that it does not exceed three dollars. Represen- No person shall take his seat as a Representative, unless he be regular

shall have been regularly returned to the Secretary, or produce ly return

a proper certificate at the time he offers himself. ed, &c.

tatives to


may be


It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetduty. ings of the Department, to preserve decorum, decide all ques

tions of order, subject, however, to an appeal to the Representatives; appoint all Committees consisting of not more than three

persons; enforce the Constitution and By-Laws; and have power Special meetings to call an extra meeting whenever he shall think it necessary, called by

or when requested by the Trustees, or by five Representatives; Trustees or 'and it shall also be his duty to attend the meetings of the Board sentatives. of Trustees. In case the President should be absent, the Vice President if President shall perform all the duties of the President; and

should the Vice President be absent, the Representatives shall appoint a President pro tempore, who shall perform the duties incident to the office.




The Trustees shall constitute a Board, and they shall have Trustees'

duty. the sole management of the moneys and funds of the Fire Department, which shall be appropriated or disposed of, and in- Funds how vested, as majority of the whole Board

appropriamay deem proper,

for the well-being of the Department. It shall be the duty of the Board to give notice to the several institutions in which the Department holds stock, that the same shall not be transferable Stock how

transferred. without a special power of attorney from the Board, authorizing the transfer. They shall furnish the Treasurer, annually, with a power of attorney, to receive the interest of all the funds, and a special power of attorney to transfer stock, or to foreclose bonds and mortgages: they shall also furnish the Collector with a Collector power of attorney annually, signed by the President and Secre- fines and tary of the Department, to collect the fines and penalties for penalties. violations of the Laws of the State, and the ordinances of the Common Council of the city, for preventing fires: they shall appoint and furnish such persons as they may think proper, with Persons to books for the purpose of entering therein the reports of chim- for chimneys that have been on fire; they shall furnish each Foreman ney fines, of the Fire Wardens with a book, to enter therein the reports of all unlawful storage of gunpowder, or the erection of buildings within certain limits in this city, contrary to the laws of the state, as well as all other violations of the ordinances of the Common Council, for the more effectual prevention and extinguishment of fires. A majority of the Board may, should they deem it expedient, Vote on

stocks. give a power of attorney to the Treasurer to vote as he shall by them be directed, on any of the stocks belonging to the Department.

All complaints against a Trustee or Trustees, Treasurer, or Complaints Collector, shall be made to the Board of Trustees, who shall re-ficers.

against Of port the same to the Representatives at their next meeting, or if considered necessary, call an extra meeting for that purpose: should the Board neglect or refuse to make such report, then the Representatives of the Department, shall cause the same to be investigated.


ARTICLE VI. The Treasurer, within ten days after his election, shall give Treasurer's

- duty to give a bond to the Trustees for the faithful performance of his duty, hond.

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