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with two sureties (approved by them) in a sum not less than two thousand five hundred dollars, nor more than five thousand dollars, to be renewed annually if re-elected; he shall annually present to the Trustees and to the Common Council, a statement of the funds, with the receipts and disbursements; he shall receive all moneys collected, and the interest on all moneys funded, first obtaining a power of attorney from the Trustees

annually, for that purpose; he shall sell and transfer all stocks, stocks foreclose bonds settle and foreclose all bonds and mortgages, first obtaining a special power

of attorney for that purpose from the Trustees ; gages.

he shall countersign all Firemen's certificates, and collect two dollars for each, as by ordinance of the Common Council; he

shall attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees, pay all drafts The seal.

drawn by their order; and he shall keep the seal of the Department, which shall not be used except by its order, or that of the Board of Trustees,

and mort


Secretary's It shall be the duty of the Secretary, within one month after duty.

his election, to inform the Chief Engineer and the Foreman of each Fire Company, of his and the Collector's names and places of residence, to deliver to the Collector a notice of the time and place of meeting for each Representative, at least four days previous to the day appointed for such meeting. In case of absence or indisposition of the Collector, he shall serve the notices, or cause them to be served to each Representative, under the same regulation as the Collector, with the same compensation; he shall call the roll, keep regular and correct minutes of the proceedings of each meeting : he shall receive all fines and

penalties from the Members, accruing from the By-Laws; and Expenses report at every meeting, a statement of the moneys in his poshow paid. session, with which he shall pay the expenses of meeting, but if

the amount should be insufficient, he shall apply to the Trustees for the deficiency.


Collector's The Collector, within ten days after his election, shall give a duty to give bond to the Trustees for the faithful performance of his duty,

with two sureties (approved by them) in a sum not less than five hundred dollars, nor more than one thousand dollars: if reelected, the bond to be renewed, under penalty of forfeiture of office; it shall be his duty to collect all fines and penalties ac- Collect cruing to the Department under the laws of the State, and ordi- fines. nances of the Common Council of the city, and faithfully to deliver the same to the Treasurer at least once in every month; but should he at any time be in possession of one hundred dollars or more, he shall pay the same immediately to the Treasúrer, under the penalty of fifteen dollars; to attend every meeting under penalty of one dollar ; to collect all penalties accruing from the By-Laws, and pay the same to the Secretary ; to leave at the usual place of residence of each Representative, a notice, Notify Re(given him by the Secretary) at least one day previous to the presentaday of meeting, under the penalty of one dollar for every Representative not notified; to furnish the Board of Trustees at each quarterly meeting, with a copy of reports of chimneys that may have been on fire, from the books kept by the persons appointed by the Trustees for that purpose, under the penalty of one dollar for every offence : and for the performance of the aforesaid duties, he shall receive as follows;--for collecting fines Fees. and penalties, he shall receive forvall sums of five dollars and under, twenty-five per cent; for all sums over five dollars and not exceeding ten dollars, twenty per cent ; for all sums over ten dollars and not exceeding thirty dollars, ten per cent; for all sums over thirty dollars and not exceeding seventy-five dollars, seven and a half per cent; for all sums over seventy-five dollars, five per cent; for collecting fines accruing from the By-, Laws, twenty per cent; for serving notices to Representatives, five dollars for every meeting.


It shall be the duty of every Fireman to report such chimneys Firemens? as he knows to have been on fire, within forty-eight hours there- duty to reafter, to one of the persons authorized by the Trustees to re- neys. ceive the same, under the penalty of one dollar for each omission. It shall also be the duty of every Fireman to report im- violations

Report all mediately to one of the Wardens, all violations of the laws of of State

laws and this State, relating to the storage or transportation of gunpow- Corpora

tion ordider, and of those of the Corporation of this city, " for preventing and extinguishing fires,” under penalty of ten dollars for each

Penalty. omission.



Represen- No excuse shall be deemed sufficient for the non-attendance tative's excuse. of a Representative, except absence from the city, indisposition,

sickness or death in his family, or some other dispensation of Providence, that would make it improper for him to attend; which excuse shall be delivered in writing to the Secretary, within two months after the meeting, the neglect of which makes all fines positive.


tled to re

Applica- All applications for relief from the funds of the Fire Departtions for relief. ment, shall be made to the Trustees, whose duty it shall be to

inquire into the situation of the applicant, and grant such relief as in their opinion circumstances may require, in conformity to

the following provisions : Those enti- All Firemen while doing duty as such, and being indigent ; lief. all Firemen who have been disabled while doing duty as such,

and having become indigent and infirm; and all Firemen having served ten years as such and shall resign thereafter, and having become indigent and infirm, shall be entitled to relief from the

Fire Department Fund. Widows

The widows and orphans of all such persons, shall also be enand orphans. titled to assistance from the aforesaid Fund.


Foreman's The Foreman of any Company, when he shall give his return duty.

to the Chief Engineer of any member or members being elected

in his Company, to be passed by the Corporation, shall at the Price of same time pay to the Chief Engineer, the price of the certificertificate to be paid cate of Firemanship for each member, and in case the member

should not be passed by the Corporation, the money shall be Engineer.

returned by the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer shall pay the Treasurer all the money in his possession that he may have received for certificates of Firemanship once every month, or whenever called for by the Treasurer.

to Chief


All By-Laws heretofore existing, other than the aforesaid, are null and void.






I. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New York, in Common Council convened, That the Fire Department of the said city, shall consist of a Fire DeChief Engineer, and as many other Engineers, Fire Wardens, partment of Fire Enginemen, Hosemen, and Hook and Laddermen, as are or consist. may from time to time, be appointed by the Common Council; and who shall be respectively distinguished by the several appellations aforesaid.

II. And be it further ordained. That whenever any office in How vathe Engineer Department shall become vacant, it shall be the cancies to

be supplied. duty of the Engineers, to nominate five persons, being Firemen of the said city, as suitable persons to supply such vacancy, and to give notice thereof to the Foremen of the Fire Companies respectively, and to require them to meet at such time and place as the said Engineers shall appoint. And that the said Engineers and Foremen, shall then and there, or at such other time and place as they may appoint, by joint ballot, designate from the persons so nominated, by à majority of the votes which shall be given, the person whom they may wish to fill such vacancy.

III. And be it further ordained, That if more than one such How to vacancy shall exist at the same time, it shall be the duty of the proceed if said Engineers, after the designation of one person as aforesaid, vacancies to add the name of one other Fireman to the said list, and the Engineers and Foremen shall thereupon proceed by joint ballot

two or more


the names

the Com

&c. not to


as aforesaid, to designate from the said list, one other person for the purpose aforesaid ; and a further nomination and designation shall be made in like manner, for every such additional va

cancy. The duty.

IV. And be it further ordained, That it shall be the duty of of the Chief Engineer the Chief Engineer to report the names of the persons who may to report

be so designated to the Common Council, as being the persons of those de- designated by the Engineers and Foremen, as suitable persons signated to

to be appointed by the Common Council to fill such vamon Council.

cancies. Engines, V. And be it further ordained, That no Fire Engine, nor Hook go on side- and Ladder, nor Hose Cart, shall in going to, or returning from out special any fire, or at any other time, be run, driven, wheeled, or placed

upon any side-walk, except by the special order of one of the Engineers, under the penalty of twenty-five dollars for each offence, to be forfeited and paid by, and recovered from any

and every person aiding and assisting in, or consenting to the violation of any of the provisions of this section, and if any offence against this section shall be committed by any Fireman, he shall moreover be removed from his station and office as such Fire

man. Engines, VI. And be it further ordained, That no such Fire Engine, &c. not to be removed Hook and Ladder, or Hose Cart, during any fire in this city, or Foreman or any report of fire, or at any time under any pretence whatever, Assistant shall be taken or removed out of its house, unless the Foreman Foreman, or two fire- or Assistant Foreman, or at least two of the Firemen of the men pre

Company to which the same shall belong, shall be present and consent thereto, under the penalty of ten dollars for every such offence, to be forfeited and paid by, and recovered from any

and every person, aiding or assisting in, or consenting to the violation of any of the provisions of this section.

VII. And be it further ordained, That it shall be the duty of Engineers, &c. to re- the several Engineers, and of every Foreman and Assistant Fore

every Fire Company, to report all violations of this or

dinance to the Treasurer of the Fire Department. Chief En

VIII. And be it further ordained, That the Chief Engineer duties. shall, in all cases of fire, have the sole and absolute control and

command over all the Engineers, and other persons of the Fire Department. And it shall be the duty of the said Chief Engineer, to direct the other Engineers to take proper measures that the several Fire Engines be arranged in the most advantageous situations, and be duly worked, for the effectually extinguishing


Duty of

port, &c.

man of

gineer, his

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