The Magistrates' Manual: Being Annotations of the Various Acts Relating to the Rights, Powers, and Duties of Justices of the Peace : with a Summary of the Criminal Law

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Hart & Rawlinson, 1878 - 454 halaman

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Halaman 79 - Having heard the evidence, do you wish to '' say anything in answer to the charge ? You are not obliged to " say anything unless you desire to do so ; but whatever you say '• will be taken down in writing, and may be given in evidence '• against you at your trial.
Halaman 146 - ... a copy of such conviction, certified by the proper officer of the court, or proved to be a true copy, shall be sufficient evidence to prove a conviction for the former offence, and the conviction shall be presumed to have been unappealed against, until the contrary be shewn.
Halaman 358 - ... when a man doth compass or imagine the death of our lord the King, or of our lady his queen or of their eldest son and heir...
Halaman 314 - ... chattel, money, or valuable security, which shall be delivered to or received or taken into possession by him, for or in the name or on account of his master or employer...
Halaman 143 - You shall well and truly try, and true deliverance make, between our Sovereign Lord the King and the prisoner at the bar, whom you shall have in charge, and a true verdict give, according to the evidence. So help you God.
Halaman 25 - ... it shall be sufficient to describe such instrument by any name or designation by which the same may be usually known, or by the purport thereof, and in such manner as to sufficiently identify snch instrument, without setting out any copy or fac-simile of the whole or any part thereof.
Halaman 188 - Counties, as the case may be) of at in the said (County) of (and there kept at iuird labour for the space of , unless the said sum for costs, and all costs and charges of the said distress (and of the commitment and conveying of the said CD to the said Common Gaol) shall be sooner paid.
Halaman 329 - ... knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the probable consequences of his so doing, either alone or in combination with others, will be to deprive the inhabitants of that city, borough, town, place, or part, wholly or to a great extent of their supply...
Halaman 172 - AB (ii-c., stating the offence, and the time and place when and where committed), and I adjudge the said AB for his said offence to forfeit and pay the sum of (slating the penalty, and "Iso the compensation, if any), to be paid and applied according to law, and also to pay to the said CD the sum of , for his costs in this behalf; and if the said...
Halaman 186 - And I do hereby command you, the said keeper of the said common gaol, to receive the said...

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