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Hail! Emmanuel, Great Deliverer!

Live for ever in our days – While our crowns of glory casting,

At His feet in rapture loft, We, in anthems everlasting,

Mingle with the Angelic hoft.

Then shall come the Great Messiah,

In Millennial glory crowned ;
Israel's hope, and Earth's desire,

Now triumphant and renowned.
Hail! Messiah, reign for ever;

Heaven to Earth reflects the found.
Heaven and Earth, with all their regions,

At His footstool proftrate fall ;
Heaven and Earth, with all their legions,
Crown Emmanuel Lord of all.




JAIL! Hail ! Hail !
Welcome to your realm of beauty!

Welcome to your blest abode !
Thus, with mingled love and duty,

We, the elder sons of God,
Join our voices to salute ye,

Pour our echoing strains abroad;
Now let triumph ride the gale,


Peace and joy and praise prevail !

It is finished! Hail! All-hail !

Finished is the fix-days' wonder,

Since Jehovah's voice of might, From the secret place of thunder,

Spake the word, and there was light. We have watched the glad returning

Of the day-star to the earth, From the chamber of the Morning

Marching like a bridegroom forth.

We have watched the grand progression

Of the changes, as they passed Through each beautiful succession,

Ye the loveliest! Ye the last ! 'Tis the Sabbath of Creation ! God upon

His throne doth rest; And His smile of approbation,

All His perfect work hath bleft.

Of the mighty lyre of Nature

Harmonized is every chord; And the least and loftieft creature,

Breathes thanksgiving to the Lord. Ye, in whom the beauty liveth,

We have longed and watched to view, Praise with us the God who giveth

You to us and us to you.

For ye,

for ye have a soul like ours ; It heaves in your bosom, it beams thro' your eye ; Baptized in the feelings, endowed with the powers,

That burn through the depth of eternity. And happy are we, unto whom 'tis given

To tend you as guardians, and cheer you as friends, Happy to speed from our homes in Heaven, And

carry the blessings your Father sends.

We will encamp you around by night,

Your holy ręst to keep ;
Like the hills that watch in shadowy night
Round the lake so


and deep, Which, dreaming of distant worlds of light,

Lies locked in their arms asleep.

And as that still lake awakes and rejoices,

When Zephyr his play-mates hath found ; That dance to shore with their liquid voices,

Telling their joy around; So ye

shall awake at our gentle call, From your pillow of fearn and heather ; And we'll fing to the God and Father of all,

Our Matin praise together.

When past the freshness of the dawning,

And spent the spirits of the breeze ; When fiery noon comes down, embrowning

The slippery turf beneath the trees ; Our wings shall interweave an awning,

Of cooler shade than these.

And when the fapphire gates of even

Open to realms beyond ;

When Earth to the embrace of Heaven,

Doth glowingly respond;
When sweet and slumbrous melodies

O'er land and water creep,
As Nature fits, with half-fhut eyes,

Singing herself to sleep.

Ye shall catch the gleam of our golden hair,

In the wake of the sinking sun ;
And we'll wander on earth, or hover in air,

With our robes of glory on.
And those whose mission with daylight closes,

As homeward they hie them fast,
Shall leave you a chaplet of Heaven's own roses,

On the mountain they touched the last.

Yet not to the animal taste alone

Is our office of love confined ;
We will minister pleasures of loftier tone,

To the subtler sense of mind.

In the beauty that woes the eye around,

In the music that haunts the ear,
Ye shall feel a presence more profound,

Than ought that ye see and hear.

A voice from the ocean's world of wonder,

From the mountain's crest elate, From the rushing wind, from the rolling thunder,

Announces God is Great."

Where in the forest's lonely place,

The fountain dwells secure; With smiles upon its dimpled face,

It tells us “ GOD is Pure.”

The humblest flower, the tiniest creature,

'That creeps, or swims, or flies, Joins with the mightier forms of nature

To attest that “God is Wise.”

The blessing with the sunshine given,

Wakes joy in field and grove ; Heaven speaks to earth, and earth to Heaven

Makes answer “GOD is Love."

Thus borrowing from material things

A token and a tone,
We'll teach of love, whose secret springs

God fees and God alone.

And would


know what deeds are done In other worlds afar ? And call down teachers many a one,

From planet and from star?

Delightful talk, to single out

Some twinkling point of light
From all the diamonds wreathed about

The coronal of night;

And draw you of its scenery

A landscape grand and strange, And trace through all its history

The wondrous path of change!


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