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When my soul is o'erwhelm’d by the waves of distress,
And doubt and despair my faint spirits oppress,
May the Beacon of Faith, beaming bright from above,
Guide my tempest-toft bark to Thy harbour of love !
When disease this corruptible form shall affail,
And human assistance no more can avail,
Be Thy mercy my stay when I draw my last breath,
And Thy grace my support through the valley of


And oh! when the trumpet shall sound from on high, And the Saviour and Judge shall appear in the sky, May I hear the words spoken, “ Thy fins are forgiven," May my portion be that of the blessed in heaven!

C. A. S.



PRAISED the earth, in beauty seen
With garlands gay of various green ;
I praised the sea, whose ample field
Shone glorious as a silver shield;

And earth and ocean seem'd to say,
“ Our beauties are but for a day!”
I praised the sun, whose chariot rollid
On wheels of amber and of gold;
I praised the moon, whose softer eye
Gleam'd sweetly through the summer sky!

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And moon and sun in answer said,
Our days of light are numbered !”

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O God ! O Good beyond compare !
If thus Thy meaner works are fair,
If thus Thy bounties gild the span
Of ruin'd earth and finful man,
How glorious must the mansion be,
Where Thy redeem'd shall dwell with Thee !




HE Lord of might, from Sinai's brow,

Gave forth His voice of thunder; And Israel, on earth below,

Outstretched in fear and wonder,

Beneath His feet was pitchy night,
And at His left hand and His right,

The rocks were rent asunder!

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The Lord of love, on Calvary,

A meek and suffering ftranger,
Upraised to heaven His languid eye,

In nature's hour of danger.
For us He bore the weight,
For us He

His blood to flow,
And met His Father's anger.


The Lord of love, the Lord of might,

The King of all created,
Shall back return to claim His right,

On clouds of glory feated ;
With trumpet-found and angel-song,
And hallelujahs loud and long,
O’er death and hell defeated !




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FORD! let my heart still turn to Thee,

In all my hours of waking thought,
Nor let this heart e'er wish to flee,
Or think, or feel, where Thou art not !

In every hour of pain and woe,

When nought on earth this heart can cheer, When sighs will burst and tears will flow,

Lord, hush the sigh and chase the tear.

In every dream of earthly bliss,

Do Thou, dear Jesus, present be; Nor let a thought of happiness

On earth intrude apart from Thee ! To my last lingering thought at night,

Do thou, Lord Jesus, still be near ; And e'er the dawn of opening light,

In still small accents wake mine ear.

Whene'er I read Thy sacred Word,

Bright on the page in glory shine ;
And let me say, “ This precious Lord

In all his full salvation's mine."

And when before the throne I kneel,

Hear from that throne of grace my prayer,
And let each hope of heaven I feel

Burn with the thought to meet Thee there.


Thus teach me, Lord, to look to Thee

In every hour of waking thought;
Nor let me ever wish to be,
Or think, or feel, where Thou art not!


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HOU blessed Saviour, sacred Spring,
As clear as crystal glistening ;
Thou stream of blessing, pure and


All splendour of the Cherubim,
And holiness of Seraphim,

Is darkness when compared with Thee !
O Thou my pattern here,
Make me Thy image bear;

My all in all,
Oh, teach Thou me,

And let me be,
All pure and holy like to Thee.


Oh, gentle Jesus, as Thy will
Was subject to thy Father's still,

Yea, even unto death resigned ;
Oh, let me thus like Thee be passive,
My heart and will to Thee submissive,

Guided entirely by Thy mind;
Like Thee


I be mild,
And gentle as a child,

As docile too !
Ah, teach Thou me,

And let me be
Meek and obedient, like Thee.




JESUS, my Lord, 'tis sweet to rest

Upon Thy tender, loving breaft,
Where deep compassions ever roll
Towards my helpless, weary foul.



Thy love, my Saviour, dries my tears,
Expels my griefs, and calms

Sheds light and gladness o'er my heart,
And bids each anxious thought depart.

Bleft foretaste this of joys to come
In Thy eternal, heavenly home;
Where I shall see Thy smiling face,
And know Thy rich, unfathomed grace.

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