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To give them songs for fighing,

Their darkness turn to light; Whose souls, in misery dying,

Were precious in His fight.

By such shall he be feared,

While sun and moon endure, Beloved, adored, revered,

For he shall judge the poor, Through changing generations,

With justice, mercy, truth, While stars maintain their stations,

And moons renew their youth.

He shall come down like showers

Upon the fruitful earth, And joy and hope like flowers

Spring in his path to birth; Before him, on the mountains,

Shall Peace, the herald go, And righteousness, in fountains,

From hill to vailey flow.

Arabia's defert

ranger To Him shall bow the knee ; The Ethiopian ftranger,

His glory come to see : With offerings of devotion,

Ships from the isles shall meet To pour

the wealth of ocean In tribute at His feet.

Kings shall fall down before Him,

And gold and incense bring ; All nations shall adore him,

His praise all people fing: For He shall have dominion

O’er river, sea, and shore ; Far as the eagle's pinion,

Or dove’s light wing can soar.

For Him shall prayer unceasing,

And daily vows ascend;
His kingdom still increasing,

A kingdom without end :
The mountain-dews shall nourish

A feed in weakness sown,
Whose fruit shall spread and flourish,

And shake like Lebanon.


O'er every foe victorious,

He on His throne shall rest, From age to age more glorious,

All-blessing and all-bleft:
The tide of time shall never

His covenant remove;
His name shall stand for ever,
His name—what is it? - Love.

James Montgomery.




HAT joy, while thus I view the day,
That warns my thirsting soul away,

What transports fill my breaft!
For, lo! my great Redeemer's power
Unfolds the everlasting door,

And leads me to His Rest.


The festal morn, my God, is come,
That calls me to the hallowed dome,

Thy presence to adore ;
My feet the summons shall attend,
With willing steps thy courts ascend,

And tread th' ethereal floor.

E'en now to my expecting eyes
The heaven-built towers of Salem rise;

E’en now, with glad survey,
I view her mansions that contain
Th' angelic forms, an awful train,

And shine with cloudless day.

Hither, from earth's remotest end,
Lo, the redeemed of God ascend,

Their tribute hither bring :
Here, crowned with everlasting joy,
In hymns of praise their tongues employ,

And hail the Immortal King :

Great Salem's King, who bids each state
On her decrees dependent wait;

In her, ere time begun,
High on eternal base upreared,
His hands the regal seat prepared

For Jeffe’s favoured Son.

Mother of cities ! o'er thy head
See peace, with healing wings outspread,

Delighted fix her stay.
How blest, who calls himself thy friend!
Success his labours shall attend,

And safety guard his way.

Thy walls, remote from hostile fear,
Nor the loud voice of tumult hear,

Nor war's wild wastes deplore ;
There smiling plenty takes her stand,
And in thy courts with lavish hand

Has poured forth all her store.

Let me, bleft seat, my name behold
Among thy citizens enroll’d,

In thee for ever dwell.
Let Charity my steps attend,
My sole companion and my friend! !

And Faith and Hope farewell!

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* Mr. Merrick's translation of the Latin verses of Zuinger, and found in Melchior Adamus' work, “Vitæ Germanorum Medicorum."





EGIN, my soul, th' exalted lay,
Let each enraptured thought obey,

And praise th' Almighty's name.
Lo! heaven and earth, and seas and kies

In one melodious concert rise,
To swell th' inspiring theme.


Ye fields of light, celestial plains,
Where gay transporting beauty reigns,

Ye scenes divinely fair,
Your Maker's wondrous power proclaim ;
Tell how He formed your shining frame,

And breathed the fluid air.


Ye angels, catch the thrilling sound;
While all thadoring thrones around

His boundless mercy fing;
Let ev'ry listening faint above
Wake all the tuneful foul of love,

And touch the sweetest ftring.


Join, ye loud spheres, the vocal choir ;
Thou, dazzling orb of liquid fire,

The mighty chorus aid ;

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