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E thou content; be still before
His face, at whose right hand doth

Fulness of joy for evermore,

Without whom all thy toil is vain. He is thy living spring, thy sun, whose rays Make glad with life and light thy dreary days.

Be thou content.

In Him is comfort, light, and grace,

And changeless love beyond our thought; The forest pang, the worst disgrace,

If He is there, shall harm thee not. He can lift off thy cross, and loose thy bands, And calm thy fears, nay, death is in His hands.

Be thou content.

Or art thou friendless and alone,

Hast none in whom thou canst confide ?
God careth for thee, lonely one,

Comfort and help He will provide.
He sees thy sorrows and thy hidden grief,
He knoweth when to send thee quick relief.

Be thou content.

Thy heart's unspoken pain He knows,

Thy secret fighs He hears full well ;


What to none else thou dar'st disclose,

To Him thou mayst with boldness tell.
He is not far away, but ever nigh,
And answereth willingly the poor man's cry.

Be thou content.

We know for us a rest remains,

When God will give us sweet release
From earth and all our mortal chains,

And turn our sufferings into peace.
Sooner or later death will surely come,
To end our sorrows and to take us home :

Be thou content.

Home to the chosen ones, who here

Served the Lord faithfully and well,
Who died in peace without a fear,

And there in peace for ever dwell ;
The everlasting is their joy and stay,
The Eternal Word Himself to them doth say,

Be thou content.



JELL for him who all things losing,

E'en himself doth count as nought, Still the one thing needful choosing

That with all true bliss is fraught !

Well for him who nothing knoweth

But his God, whose boundless love Makes the heart wherein it gloweth,

Calm and pure as faints above !

Well for him who all forsaking

Walketh not in shadows vain, But the path of peace is taking

Through this vale of tears and pain!

Oh that we our hearts might sever

From earth's tempting vanities,, Fixing them on Him for ever,

In whom all our fulness lies !

Oh that we might Him discover,

Whom with longing love we've fought, Joining us to Him for ever,

For without Him all is nought !

Thou abyss of love and goodness,

Draw us by Thy cross to Thee, That our senses, soul and spirit, Ever one with Christ may be !

17th Cent.



TERNITY, Eternity!

How long art thou, Eternity!
A circle infinite art thou,
Thy centre an eternal Now,
Never, we name thy outer bound,
For never end therein is found.
Ponder, O man, Eternity!

Eternity ! Eternity!
How long art thou, Eternity!
A little bird with fretting beak
Might wear to nought the loftieft peak,
Though but each thousand years it came;
Yet thou wert then, as now, the same.
Ponder, O man, Eternity !

Eternity ! Eternity!
How long art thou, Eternity !

They who lived poor and naked rest
With God, for ever rich and blest,
And love and praise the highest good,
In perfect bliff and gladsome mood.
Ponder, O man, Eternity!

Eternity ! Eternity!
How long art thou, Eternity!
Lo, I, Eternity, warn thee,
O Man, that oft thou think on me,
The finner's punishment and pain ;
To them who love their God, rich gain!
Ponder, O Man, Eternity!

WULFFER, 1648.

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