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And they beneath their Leader,

Who conquered in the fight,
For ever and for ever

Are clad in robes of white.
Jerusalem the glorious !

The joy of the elect,
O dear and future vision

That eager hearts expect.
Ev’n now by faith I see thee,

Ev'n here thy walls discern;
To thee my thoughts are kindled,

And strive, and pant, and yearn.
Jerusalem the only

That look’st from Heav'n below,
For thee is all my glory,

In me is all my woe.
And though my body may not,

My spirit seeks thee fain;
Till flesh and earth return me

To earth and flesh again.
O land that seeft no sorrow!

O state that fear'ft no strife!
O princely bowers ! O land of flowers !
O realm and home of life ! *

BERNARD, 12th Cent.

* These very beautiful lines form a portion of a lengthy poem “On the Contempt of the World,” by Bernard of Cluny, the contemporary of his more illustrious namesake, better known as St. Bernard, one of whose hymns will be found in this collection.




IGH the angel choirs are raising

Heart and voice in harmony ;
The Creator King still praising,
Whom in beauty there they fee.

Sweetest strains, from soft harps stealing ;
Trumpets, notes of triumph pealing ;
Radiant wings and white stoles gleaming,
Up the fteps of glory streaming;
Where the heavenly bells are ringing,
Holy, holy, holy! singing
To the mighty Trinity!
Holy, holy, holy crying;
For all earthly care and sighing

In that city cease to be!

Every voice is there harmonious,
Praising God in hymns fymphonious ;
Love each heart with light enfolding,
As they stand in peace beholding

There the Triune Deity,
Whom adore the Seraphim,

Aye, with love eternal burning ;
Venerate the Cherubim,

To their fount of honour turning ;
Whilft angelic thrones adoring,

Gaze upon His Majesty.

Oh, how beautiful that region,
And how fair that heavenly legion,

Where thus men and angels blend !
Glorious will that city be,
Full of deep tranquillity,
Light and


from end to end!
All the happy dwellers there

Shine in robes of purity;
Keep the law of charity,

Bound in firmest unity ;
Labour finds them not, nor care,

Ignorance can ne'er perplex,
Nothing tempt them, nothing vex;
Joy and health their fadeless blefling
Always all things good possessing.

THOMAS À Kemps, 14th Cent.


REAT God, what do I see and hear!

The end of things created !
The Judge of mankind doth appear

On clouds of glory seated !
The trumpet

sounds, the
The dead, which they contained before ;

Prepare, my soul, to meet Him.


graves restore

“ The dead in Christ shall first arise,"

At the last trumpet's sounding !

Caught up to meet Him in the skies,

With joy their Lord surrounding : No gloomy fears their souls dismay; His presence sheds eternal day

On those prepared to meet Him.

Far over space to diftant spheres

The lightnings are prevailing ;
The ungodly rise, and all their tears

And cries are unavailing :
The day of grace is past and gone;
Trembling they stand before the throne,

All unprepared to meet Him.

Stay, Fancy, stay, and close thy wings;

Repress thy flight too daring;
One wondrous fight my comfort brings,

The Judge my nature wearing;
Beneath His cross I view the day
When Heaven and Earth shall pass away,
And thus prepare to meet Him.




OME, Holy Spirit, God and Lord,

Be all Thy graces now outpour'd
On the believer's mind and soul,
And touch our hearts with living coal.

Thy light this day shone forth fo clear,
All tongues and nations gather'd near,
To learn that faith, for which we bring
Glad praise to Thee, and loudly sing,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
Thou Strong Defence, Thou Holy Light,
Teach us to know our God aright,
And call Him Father from the heart :
The word of life and truth impart,
That we may love not doctrines strange,
Nor e'er to other teachers range,
But Jesus for our Master own,
And put our trust in Him alone.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
Thou sacred ardour, comfort sweet,
Help us to wait with ready feet
And willing heart at Thy command,
Nor trial fright us from Thy band.
Lord, make us ready with Thy powers,
Strengthen the flesh in weaker hours,
That as good warriors we may force
Through life and death to Thee our course.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

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