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Thou art our only Lord !
The all-subduing Word !

Healer of strife!
Thou didst Thyself abase,
That from fin's deep disgrace
Thou might save our race

And give us life.

Thou art Wisdom's High Priest, Thou hast prepared the feast

Of perfect love. When racked with mortal pain, None calls on Thee in vain, Help Thou dost not disdain

Help from above.

Ever be thus our Guide,
Our Shepherd, and our Pride,

Our staff and song.
Jesus ! Thou Christ of God!
By Thy perennial Word,
Lead us where Thou hast trod

Make our faith strong.

So now, and till we die,
Sound we Thy praises high,

And joyful sing;

Babes and the gladsome throng
Who to Thy Church belong,
Unite to swell the song




HE great, august, Immortal King,

Th’Eternal Potentate, I sing!
Let earth be filent while I raise
The voice of prayer, the note of

Hushed be the moaning of the breeze ;
The murmur of the waving trees :
Be stilled the soft, melodious note
Of each aerial warbler's throat:
Let tranquil æther, tranquil air,
Attend the hymn, attend the prayer ;
And deep in ocean's charmed breaft,
Let all the gathered waters rest!



* The above hymn, though found in the works of Clemens Alexandrinus, is believed to have been of earlier date than his time, and may have been the hymn which Pliny speaks of in his letter to the Emperor Trajan, A.D. 104, as being sung “ Christo, quafi Deo, fecum invicem.”

+ A Platonist, converted to Christianity in the 3rd century.



F veiled our eyes, their piercing fight
Can yet discern some glimmering

And Pilgrims wandering here below,

With some celestial impulse glow, When fleeing this domain of life, They tread the pure and hallowed way Up to their Father's realm of day. How bleft the soul, which having fled The toils that o'er its path were spread, At one light bound from matter springs, And seeks its God on Rapture's wings! How blest is he, who, after all The ills and changes that befall, Hath trod the intellectual way, And viewed where beams of glory play, The fount of light, the throne of day! Let every with and thought aspire, On wings of love, on wings of fire; And O may resolution nerve Thy breast, untaught to yield or swerve. Then will thy Heavenly Parent stand, And proffer, with paternal hand, To lead thee to a kindred band.

An orb of fire will blaze before Thee,
Reveal the fair ætherial plain,
Where beauty first began her reign,
And light Thee to the realm of glory.

Awake, my soul, and quaff thy fill, Drink freely of that fountain-rill, Whose wave impregned with blessing flows, The Lethe of terrestrial woesBend lowly at thy Father's shrine, To earth the cares of earth resign, And rise to life and joy divine; To dwell in union with thy God; perchance A God thyself to move in Heaven's eternal dance !




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JEDEEMER of the Nations, come!
Ransom of earth, here make Thy

Bright Sun, O dart Thy flame to

earth, For so shall God in Christ have birth!

Thou comest from Thy kingly Throne,
O Son of God, the Virgin's Son!
Thou Hero of a twofold race,
Doft walk in might earth's darkest place.

Thou stoopeft once to suffer here,
And risest o'er the starry sphere ;
Hell's gates at Thy descent were riven,
Thy ascent is to highest Heaven.

One with the Father ! Prince of might !
O’er Nature's realm assert Thy right.
Our fickly bodies pine to know
Thy heavenly strength, Thy living glow.

How bright Thy lowly manger beams !
Down earth's dark vale its glory streams,
The splendour of thy natal night
Shines through all Time in deathless light.

ST. AMBROSE, 4th Cent.




AKER of all, the Lord,

And Ruler of the height,
Who, robing day in light, haft poured

Soft slumbers o'er the night,
That to our limbs the

Of toil may be renewed,
And hearts be raised that sink and cower,
And sorrows be subdued.


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