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Wherefore fupplicate we, lauding

Thee, O Blessed Trinity,
We at last may keep our Easter

In Thy home beyond the sky,
There to Thee our Hallelujah
Singing everlastingly.

10th Cent.



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HERE nor waxing moon nor waning,

Sun nor stars in courses bright :
For the Lamb to that glad city

Shines an everlasting light:
There the daylight beams for ever,
All unknown are time and night.

For the saints, in beauty beaming,

Shine in light and glory pure ;
Crown'd in triumph's flushing honours,

Joy in unison secure :
And in safety tell their battles,

And their foes' discomfiture.

Freed from every stain of evil,

All their carnal wars are done;
For the flesh, made spiritual,

And the soul agree in one.
Peace unbroken spreads enjoyment,

Sin and scandal are unknown.

Here they live in endless being,

Pallingness has passed away ;
Here they bloom, they thrive, they flourish,

For decayed is all decay:
Lafting energy hath swallowed

Darkling Death's malignant fway,

Though each one's respective merit

Hath its varying palm assigned,
Love takes all as his poffefsion,

Where his power hath all combined :
So that all that each pofleffes

All partake in unconfined.

CHRIST, Thy soldiers' palm of honour,

Unto this Thy city free
Lead me, when my

warfare's girdle
I shall cast away from me :
A partaker of Thy bounty

With Thy bleffed ones to be.
Grant me vigour, while I labour

In the ceaseless battle pressed,
That Thou mayst, the conflict over,

Grant me everlasting rest :
And I may at length inherit

Thee my portion ever bleft.

Peter DAMIAN*, 11th Cent.

* The above stanzas form a portion of the celebrated hymn “De Gloriâ et Gaudiis Paradisi,” by a true Christian, though a Roman Cardinal, and are from Mr. Wackerbath's admirable translation of the same.



WHAT terror in Thy forethought,

Ending scene of mortal life !
Heart is fickened, reins are loosened,

Thrills each nerve with terror rife,
When the anxious heart depicteth
All the anguish of the strife!


Who the spectacle can image —

How tremendous ! of that day When the course of life accomplished,

For the trammels of her clay Writhes the soul to be delivered,

Agonised to pass away.

Sense hath perished, tongue is rigid,

Eyes are filming o'er in death, Palpitates the breast, and hoarsely

Gasps the rattling throat for breath : Limbs are torpid, lips are pallid,

Breaking nature quivereth.

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All come round him ! cogitation,

Habit, word, and deed are there !
All, though much and fore he struggle,

Hover o'er him in the air :
Turn he this way, turn he that way,

On his inmost soul they glare.

Conscience! self her culprit tortures,

Gnawing him with pangs unknown: For that now amendment's season

Is for ever past and gone ; And that late repentance findeth

Pardon none for all its moan.

Fleshly lufts of fancied sweetness

Are converted into gall,
When on brief and bitter pleasure

Everlasting dolours fall;
Then, what late appeared fo mighty,

Oh! how infinitely small !

Chrift, unconquered King of Glory!

Thou my wretched soul relieve In that most extremeft terror

When the body she must leave : Let the Accuser of the Brethren

O’er me then no power receive !

Let the Prince of Darkness vanish

And Gehenna's legions fly! Shepherd, Thou Thy sheep, thus ransomed,

To Thy country lead on high ; Where for ever in fruition I may see Thee eye to eye!

Peter Damian, 11th Cent.



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HEAD, so full of bruises,

So full of pain and scorn 'Midst other fore abuses,

Mocked with a crown of thorn!

O head, ere now surrounded
With brightest majesty,
In death now bowed and wounded!

Saluted be by me.
O Lord, what Thee tormented

Was my fin's heavy load!
I had the debt augmented,

Which Thou didst pay in blood :
Here am I, blushing finner,

On whom wrath ought to light;
O Thou, my health's beginner,

Let Thy grace cheer my fight.
I'll here with Thee continue,

(Though poor, despise me not),
I'm one of thy retinue

As were I on the spot,
When, earning my election,

Thy heart-strings broke in death
With shame and love's affection

I'll watch latest breath.



I give Thee thanks unfeigned,

O Jesus ! Friend in need!

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