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Oh! yes-despite these bonds that drag him down,

Man is a noble creature ; not from earth Its high extraction doth his spirit own, Designed from Heaven, which hath from Heaven

its birth; Through all the shadowing folds of earth we see The stamp of life divine and immortality.

Behold all nature's works-above abroad

Yon orb, the spreading skies, and each fair star, In that bright zone wherewith the hand of God

Hath girdled round the universe afar-
Bright characters they are, inscribed on high,
To teach fin-blinded man that he shall never die.

For why was all this tracery of love

Hung round the earth ? those ever-during fires, That fed with light from Paradise above

Woo the rapt spirit to sublime desires ? What mean they all, if this brief earthly span Be all that spirit's life, and death the end of man? There is there is a world beyond the ky!

Thy sacred word, O God! reveals to man, Through all the mazes of mortality,

The path to Heaven, and shows a wondrous plan, Whereby the soul, of Faith and Hope posseft, May reach in peace at length its home of quiet rest.

J. E. P.



SHINE in the light of God,

His likeness stamps my brow;
Through the shadow of death


feet have trod, And I rest in glory now.

No breaking heart is here,

No keen and thrilling pain ;
No wasted cheek, where the frequent tear

Hath rolled and left its stain.

I have found the joys of Heaven ;

I am one of the sainted band; To

my head a crown of gold is given, And a harp is in my hand.

I have learnt the song they sing,

Whom Jesus hath set free ;
And the glorious walls of Heaven still ring

With my new-born melody,

No fin-no grief-no pain

Safe in my happy home;
My fears all fled, my doubts all lain,

My hour of triumph come.

O Friends of mortal years !

The trusted and the true ;
Ye are walking still in the valley of tears,

But I wait to welcome you.

Do I forget? Oh no

For memory's golden chain
Shall bind my heart to the saints below,

Till they meet to touch again.

Each link is strong and bright,

And love's electric flame
Flows freely down, like a river of light,

To the world from whence they came.

Do you mourn when another star

Shines out from the glittering sky? Do you weep when the raging voice of war,

And the storms of conflict die?

Then why should your tears run down,

And your hearts be forely riven,
For another gem in the Saviour's crown,

And another soul in Heaven?



HAVE a home above,

From sin and sorrow free;
A mansion which Eternal Love

Designed and formed for me.

My Father's gracious hand,

Has built this sweet abode ; From everlasting it was planned,

My dwelling-place with God.

My Saviour's precious blood,

Has made my title sure ; He passed through death's dark raging flood, To make


reft fecure.

The Comforter is come;

The Earnest has been given ; He leads me onward to the home,

Reserved for me in Heaven.

Bright angels guard my way,

His Ministers of power ; Encamping round me night and day,

Preserve in danger's hour.

Lov'd ones are gone before,

Whose pilgrim days are done ;
I soon shall greet them on that shore,

Where partings are unknown.

But more than all I long,

His glories to behold;
Whose smile fills all that radiant throng

With ecstasy untold.

That bright, yet tender smile,

(My sweetest welcome there), Shall cheer me through the “ little while”

I tarry for Him here.

Thy love, thou precious Lord,

My joy and strength shall be ; 'Till Thou shalt speak the gladdening word

That bids me rise to Thee.

And then through endless days,

Where all Thy glories shine ;
In happier, holier strains, I 'll praise

The grace that made me Thine.

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