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Christ is made the sure Foundation,

And the Precious Corner-stone : Who, the twofold walls surmounting,

Binds them closely into one; Holy Sion's acceptation,

And her confidence alone.

All that dedicated City,

Dearly loved by God on high,
In exultant jubilation

Pours perpetual melody :
God the One, and God the Trinal

Lauding everlastingly.

To this temple, where we call Thee,

Come, O Lord of Hofts to-day ! With Thy wonted loving-kindness

Hear Thy servants as they pray : And Thy fullest benediction

Shed within these walls for aye.

Here let all Thy people merit

That they supplicate to gain : Here to have and hold for ever Those good things their prayers obtain:

l And hereafter, in Thy glory, With Thy blessed ones to reign.*

8th Cent.

* The authorship of this grand hymn, beginning “Urbs Beata Ierusalem,” is unknown.




N the midst of life, behold

Death has girt us round;
Whom for help then shall we pray?
Where shall


be found ?
In Thee, O Lord, alone !
We rue the evil we have done,
That Thy wrath on us hath drawn.

Holy Lord and God !

Strong and Holy God!
Merciful and Holy Saviour !

Eternal God!
Sink us not beneath
Bitter pains of endless death ;

Kyrie eleison !
In the midst of death the jaws

Of hell against us gape.
Who from peril dire as this

Openeth us escape ?

'Tis Thou, O Lord, alone! Our bitter suffering and our fin Pity from Thy mercy win,

Holy Lord and God !

Strong and Holy God!
Merciful and Holy Saviour !

Eternal God!
Let us not despair
For the fire that burneth there ;

Kyrie eleison !

In the midst of hell our fins

Drive us to despair ;
Whither shall we flee from them?

Where is refuge, where?

In Thee, Lord Christ, alone!
For Thou hast shed Thy precious blood,
All our sins Thou makest good,

Holy Lord and God !

Strong and Holy God!
Merciful and holy Saviour !

Eternal God!
Let us never fall
From the true faith's hope for all;
Kyrie eleison !

NOTKER, A.D. 900.



O the Name that brings Salvation,

Honour, worship, laud we pay; That for many a generation

Hid in God's foreknowledge lay; But to every tongue and nation

Holy Church proclaims to-day.


Name of gladness, Name of pleasure,

By the tongue ineffable,

Name of sweetness passing measure,

To the ear delectable ; 'Tis our safeguard and our treasure,

'Tis our help ’gainst fin and hell.

'Tis the Name for adoration,

'Tis the Name of Victory; 'Tis the Name for meditation

In the vale of misery : 'Tis the Name for veneration

By the citizens on high.

'Tis the Name that whoso preaches

Finds it music in his ear : 'Tis the Name that whoso teaches

Finds more sweet than honey's cheer : Who its perfect wisdom reaches

Makes his ghostly vision clear.

'Tis the Name by right exalted

other name ;
That when we are sore assaulted,

Puts our enemies to shame : Strength to them that else had halted,

Eyes to blind, and feet to lame.

Jesu, we Thy name adoring,

Long to see Thee as Thou art ;

Of Thy clemency imploring

So to write it in our heart,
That, hereafter, upward foaring,
We with Angels may have part.*

10th Cent. (?)



ALLELUJAH, song of sweetness,
Voice of joy, celestial lay,

Hallelujah is the glory
Of the choirs in heavenly day,

Which the Angels fing abiding
In the house of God for aye.


Hallelujah, joyful Mother

Of the Blest, Jerusalem !
Hallelujah is the anthem

That full well befitteth them,
While to sadness Babel's rivers

Exiles on the earth condemn.

Hallelujah, we deserve not

Here to chant for evermore :
Hallelujah, our transgressions

Make us for awhile give o'er :
For the holy time is coming

That would have us sin deplore.

* A translation of a Latin hymn sung by the Germans. Date and author not known.


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