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The question before us is upon the certainly have as good a judge there authority to pay them something in proposition to allow the supervisors of as there is in the State. I think if we addition to their salaries. It costs & each county to raise an additional sum can get a judge to go from Detroit up great deal to live in the Upper Peninto pay these circuit judges, so that if there for twenty-five hundred dollars a sula; everything is high there. I supit is necessary to have an extra term of year, that salary is high enough for pose there is no lawyer there who the court in any given county, they any of them. I have conversed with does any business, who does not make :. may call upon this overworked circuit different lawyers in the State upon the from three to five thousand dollars a judge, who receives a "mere pittance" subject, and their ideas range from year; and he would laugh at you if for his services, to go there and hold two thousand to three thousand dol- you asked him to be circuit judge. that extra term of court. Now how lars a year, for the salary of the cir- We have to come down to the Lower does it happen that this circuit judge cuit judges; but when they come to Peninsula and import a man at a risk, has the leisure to hold that extra term settle down on a definite sum, they until we have tried him.. of court? The fact is, if I understand were satisfied with twenty-five hundred Our judge holds three terms of it aright, these circuit judges, in per- dollars a year.

court annually in each of the counties forming their ordinary duties, are not Mr. GIDDINGS. I would suggest of his circuit, or twelve terms a year. employed more than half the time du- that the gentleman who goes from De- He informed me before I left that it ring the year, say six months, on an troit to the Upper Peninsula holds but cost him a thousand dollars a year for average. The gentleman from Berrien two terms a year; which is quite dif- traveling expenses alone. (Mr. COOLIDGE,) told us yesterday that ferent from many other circuits. And I was on the committee on salaries, the circuit judge in his district was my colleague (Mr. DUNCAN) is aware but I could hardly agree with the rest not employed more than one-third of that we drove our judge off the cir- of the members of the committee. I the time. I put it at one-half of the cuit in consequence of too much busi- was in favor of good salaries, in order time; so that they are on hand ready ness; we came near laying him in his to get good officers. I looked upon it to take an extra job, if they can get grave.

.. as á practical business transaction. If paid for it. And it is proposed to allow Mr. DUNCAN. I suppose the salaries you want a good man for any position, the supervisors to pay them for extra of the judges of the Supreme Court you must pay him well. I was in favor work.

are about right, at three thousand dol- of giving higher salaries to these offiNow, if the duties of their office em- lars a year. If we make any change cers than the committee reported. I ploy them only about half their time, at all, we should make the salaries of thought the people of this State there is nothing to prevent their at- the Supreme judges the same that we would be perfectly willing to pay their tending to other business the rest of propose to give the circuit judges. servant, competent salaries, enough to the time. In my view of this subject, Mr. McKERNAN. As this amend- live on. I believe the people are wila and I have reflected upon it consider- ment particularly interests our people ling to pay good salaries; and then ably, it does seem to me, that twenty- in the Upper Peninsula, I desire to they will expect their officers to disfive hundred dollars a year is ample say that I hope the Convention will charge their duties faithfully, and give compensation for their services. I ad- concur in the amendment of the com- general satisfaction. mit that their duties are as important, mittee of the whole. For the last I hope the Convention will concur in and take up as much of their time as, twelve or fifteen years the people of the amendment of the committee of and perhaps more than those of the the Upper Peninsula have been com- the whole; and then I hope we will judges of the Supreme Court. But in- pelled to pay from a thousand to fif- raise the salaries of our circuit judges stead of raising their salaries to those teen hundred dollars a year extra for to at least three thousand dollars a proposed for the judges of the Supreme their judges, in order to get competent year. Court, we should reduce the salaries of men for that position. If this Con- Mr. STOUGHTON. When the the judges of the Supreme Court to vention will not allow a salary large amendment of the gentleman from St. those proposed for the judges of the enough to enable a judge to live com- Clair (Mr. CONGER) was presented in circuit court, that is twenty-five hun- fortably, they should allow the counties committee of the whole last evening, dred dollars a year. to pay him something.

it struck me favorably. Upon further Mr. DUNCAN. I was a member of The gentleman from Kalamazoo (Mr. reflection, however, I have come to the the committee that reported this arti- | DUNCAN) is not correct in his remarks conclusion that it would be better on cle on salaries. We discussed at some concerning the Upper Peninsula. The the whole to place the salaries of the length this matter of salaries for the Upper Peninsula is divided into two circuit judges at three thousand dolcircuit judges, but finally concluded to judicial circuits. One of their judges, lars a year, than to adopt that amendfix them at twenty-five hundred dollars Judge GOODWIN, is a resident of De- ment; that it would be better to have a year. It was urged that the salaries troit; the other, who has a circuit com- uniformity throughout the State than of the judges for certain circuits should prising four counties, resides in the to allow some of the judges to apply be fixed at a higher rate; for instance, Upper Peninsula. The people there to boards of supervisors for an increase that the judge for the Upper Peninsula, have paid him from a thousand to of compensation. I think that is our which was the hardest circuit, should twelve hundred dollars a year, without true policy. receive more than the rest. Now, the any authority of law. It is known to Now, in regard to the salaries of the facts are that they elect as their judge members of this Convention, who have circuit judges, it seems to me that is a a man in Detroit, and pay him extra been members of the last Legislature, question that recommends itself to our one thousand dollars, making his sal- that I got a bill passed by the House careful consideration. I believe that ary amount to twenty-five hundred of Representatives, with a view to au- fifteen hundred dollars a year is not, dollars. Now, if any man thinks it is thorize these counties to raise money and does not begin to be, an adequate worth his while to take the position to pay their judges, but the bill was compensation for the services of these of judge in the Upper Peninsula, defeated in the Senate.

...I judges; nor does it seem to me that and go back and forth from Detroit, for Now, all that I desire is that this twenty-five hundred dollars a year is a twenty-five hundred dollars & year, Convention will allow a sufficient salary sufficient compensation. I think it he certainly can afford to do so in the for our circuit judges; or if they will should be at least three thousand dolor i future for the same amount. They not do that, then let the counties have lars a year:

There are a few considerations in /home. So tbat in fact the whole of There is no difference of opinionin connection with this matter, to which their time is taken up. I am of the the profession in regard I would call the attention of this Con- opinion that three thousand dollars a importance of the duties of the judges vention. In the first place the circuit year is not one cent too much to give of the Supreme Court, and the duties judges are precluded from doing any to our circuit judges.

of the judges of the circuit court. other kind of business. They are nec- Mr. NORRIS. There is one con- The supremo judge sits upon the essarily lawyers, men who can do busi- sideration that occurs to me, which bench and recieves printed arguments ness only at the bar. They are not has not been alluded to by members from the council on the two sides of like some other State officers, bankers, who have spoken upon this question the question. He has no questions to : or men who can carry on some other this morning. Members seem to be determine upon the moment: no sudden kind of business. They are simply debating all the while the wants and matters are sprung upon him, lawyers, and by statute are precluded necessities of the judges. I take it | tion of practice. But the circuit indoeig from being engaged in ariy cases what that is altogether the wrong stand- not upon the bench an hour the ever. They must live on their salaries, / point. What we want to consider is is not called upon to decide important if at all. .

the question of the wants and necessi- questions upon the spur of the moment; Now, what is a reasonable compen- ties of the people. I take it for granted and in deciding them right or wrong sation? I suppose that on the that particularly in regard to circuit lone way or the other, he is liable to average, in most parts of the judges the people of this State desire inflict an injury or confer a benefit on State, it will cost a man two thousand the best ability that money can pur- the people. I think three thousand dollars a year to live, certainly | chase. And for these, among other | dollars is as low a salaro ng should he not less than fifteen hundred dollars, sufficient reasons; first, that out of one fixed for the services of a judge of the ... especially if he has a family. If wel hundred cases tried and disposed of in circuit court.. . pay a judge twenty-five hundred dol- our circuit courts, probably not more

' I would greatly prefer the propose lars a year, what will he have left, after than one case reaches a higher tribu

tion of the gentleman from Wayne, paying his necessary traveling expen- nal. So that the circuit court is em

(Mr. McCLELLAND) to fix the maximum ses? Take almost any of the circuits phatically and essentially the peoples' in the State, which are composed of court; it is there where most of their salary, and then leave it to the Legis

lature. But as that is not the deterfour large counties at least, and of suits are finally determined and decided.

mination of the Convention, I will smaller counties there are more than Now, that these cases may be prop

submit, and go for the next best thing . four in a circuit. In each of those erly determined, and right and justice counties there ought to be at least ten be done, it is essential that the people can get. weeks of court during the year; so that should have the very best ability which While this debate has been going on, the judge will spend forty weeks of the their money can get. It is a well set- I have turned to the Constitutions of year upon the bench. In addition to tled principle that in order to get good other States, and examined the prothat, he has a large number of chan- service performed, there must be paid visions contained in them on this sub.cery and other cases, which he takes good salaries. I take it that it is ad- lject. In most of the State Constitue with him to investigate at home. He mitted that in four, five, six, and per- tions it is provided that the judges of must pay his own expenses; there are haps eight circuits in this State you the courts shall receive a fixed salary, forty weeks that he is away from home. cannot get a first-class lawyer to give to be established by the Legislature. . His board will be at least ten dollars a up his practice and take a seat upon which shall not be increased or diminweek, making for that item alone four the bench for three thousand dollars a ished during their term of office. New hundred dollars, and then he must year. In some of the other circuits York, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia.

and spend thCam Tien suficiente ca


what can he lay up out of a salary of in them for twenty-five hundred dol. Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carotwenty-five hundred dollars & year? | lars a year.

Mi l ina, Ohio, Oregon and Tennessee, all Not a cent. a. i

Thus far in the Constitution, we make such a provision. Delaware proWe ask a man to go upon the bench have reduced the number of circuits vides a minimum; it provides that the and spend there eight of the best years from fourteen to ten. Ten judges are salary of a circuit judge shall be fixed of his life. Can we ask him to do that to do all the business that has hitherto | by the Legislature at not less than without paying him sufficient to enable been done by fourteen, to whom we so much. The old Constitution of him to lay up, something? Can we have paid the miserable-pittance of fif- Illinois provides that a judge of the expect him to do it, if he is paid at teen hundred dollars a year. We can Supreme Court shall receive the liberal such a rate that he cannot lay up one get men to do it, if we will give them salary of twelve hundred dollars a single dollar during those eight years ? a sufficient salary. During the life of year, and a judge of the circuit court It is not reasonable to ask it of any the Constitution, if it be adopted, and the liberal salary of one thousand dolman. We should pay him enough to it shall last for thirteen years, there lars a year. Iowa provides a salary of enable him to lay up something while will be no necessity to increase the num- two thousand dollars a year for her on the bench.

ber of circuits. If some of the cir- supreme judges, and sixteen hundred The gentleman from Kent (Mr. M. C. cuits are smaller than others, the dollars a year for her circuit judges. WATKINS,) says that the judges of our judges of the Supreme Court can be That was by the Constitution of 1857, circuits hold court for only about half assigned to circuit court duty, in some framed and adopted by Iowa previous the time during the year. If he will of the larger circuits. So that by to the war, and before the inflation of


takes forty weeks of their time to hold viding that the judicial business of of not less than fifteen hundred dollars. the court in a circuit of four large this State shall be done by ten judges, Louisiana pays her chief justice seven counties. And the time they are re- instead of fourteen as heretofore. I thousand five hundred dollars, and her quired to sit upon the bench is scat- simply ask the Convention to give a circuit judges seven thousand dollars, tered through the whole year; and in liberal salary to those ten judges, in and allows them to appoint their own the intervals they are traveling from order that the people may get the best clerks. Maryland pays her 'supreme place to place, or examining cases at talent for those positions.

judges three thousand dollars, and her Vol. 2-No. 102.

place to place they are bore years and the simply asked her teen ons harten judgos, ef not lost in

.land dou

wan a fair and propertheires courte circuit court are holdina

circuit judges twenty-five hundred of the officers as to procure the servi- a certain number of times during the dollars.

ces of any other than competent men. year, and the cases prepared and Mr. MORTON. Was not that when I consider the salary of three thous- argued before them are thoroughly slavery paid the judges ?

and dollars a year, as the compensa- prepared and thoroughly argued. The Mr. NORRIS. I think it was. tion of the judges of the circuit court, judges of the circuit court are holding

Mr. MILLER. Freedom ought to nothing more than a fair and proper their courts all over the State, they pay as much.

compensation. I do not believe it is are away from home a great portion of Mr. NORRIS. Quite as much. Nevada one dime too much for the services the year. They decide not only civil pays six thousand dollars the highest which those men are called upon to and criminal cases, but very imporand three thousand six hundred dollars render; particularly when you take into tant classes of criminal cases. They the lowest, according to difference of account the fact that the men who oc- decide those cases very often when service. Virginia pays three thousand cupy the bench as circuit judges must they are only half argued, by young dollars for her Supreme Court judges, necessarily be first-class lawyers. You men illy prepared perhaps to argue and two thousand dollars for the would not ask other men to fill that the real points at issue. The circuit judges of the circuit court, or superior position, you cannot expect any of those judges are required to have at instant court, as it is there called. Wisconsin men to fill it for a less compensation command an amount of ready learnfixes the minimum at fifteen hundred than three thousand dollars a year. ing, in order to decide questions upon dollars. Very few of the States have Men who are of that character, first- the spur of the moment, which the fixed the salaries of their judges in their class practitioners at the bar, will re- judges of the Supreme Court are not

Constitutions. And of those States ceive from their profession an income required to possess. · which have fixed their salaries in their of from three thousand to six thousand Under all these circumstances, tak

Constitutions, some of them have dollars a year. Many of the gentle- ing all these facts into account, I subfixed smaller salaries, and some larger men who now occupy the bench, in ta- mit to the discretion of this Conventhan we desire to fix. Those salaries, king that position have left a business tion, and to their sound judgment, however, were established during the which paid them from four thousand whether three thousand dollars a year time of what we might call “ the hard to six thousand dollars a year, and in the present circumstances of this money” basis. But that time has have gone upon the bench and faith- State, is any too large a compensation gone, not to return during thirteen fully discharged the duties of circuit for the judges of the circhit court? I years, the probable life of this Consti- judges at. a compensation heretofore of really do not believe it is; I hardly, tution, should it be adopted. It is cer- only fifteen hundred dollars a year. It think it an adequate compensation. It taia that the present inflated condition strikes me that to ask those men to is certainly the lowest possible sum of the currency must be kept up, and continue that service at so inadequate that I can consent to vote for. the present high prices of living con- a compensation, is a policy suicidal to Mr. NORRIS. I desire to submit a tinued.

the best interests of the State." I few figures to the Convention. FourNow, in consideration of all these I believe that the constituency which teen judges, the present number of facts, I submit to this Convention that I represent upon this floor-although circuit judges, at $1,500 a year, the we should provide liberal compensa- they are a new county, and find it diffi- present compensation, receive $21,000 tion for the services to be performed for cult, to some extent, to pay their taxes, a year. Ten judges at $2,500 a the people.

and meet their pecuniary obligations, year, as proposed by the committee Mr. CHAPIN. I do not believe the and although they are laboring under on salaries, would receive $25,000 a little time occupied by gentlemen in a great many difficulties that the in- year, or $4,000 more than we pay for expressing their views upon this sub- habitants of older counties do not labor the same work now. Ten judges at ject, is lost by any means. I believe under-I believe they would blush with $3,000 a year, the salary advocated by


jects which has come before this Con- compensation of circuit judges at less than the committee on salaries have vention. I believe it is a matter of the than three thousand dollars a year. I recommended, would receive $30,000, utmost importance that the officers of am willing to place myself squarely on or $9,000 more than we pay at present, the State, and the judicial officers of the record as voting for that compen- or $5,000 more than the committee on the State should be such men as are sation, as not more than a proper and salaries propose to pay. The differwell calculated to discharge satisfacto just compensation to men who dis-ence about which all this discussion is rily the duties imposed upon them. I charge those important and arduous had is but $5,000. If we spend the believe that the question of compensa- duties.

entire day in debating this question, tion enters largely into the other ques: All seem to be willing to give three that debate alone will be an expense to tions of their ability, or the likelihood thousand dollars a year to the judges the State equal to one-eighth or oneof the State to have men in those posi- of the Supreme Court; no man com- tenth of the proposed increase. tions who are able to discharge their du- plains that that is too much; all con- Mr. FARMER. I hope the amendties as they should be discharged. The cede that it is a fair compensation. Yet, ment of the committee of the whole question of compensation is certainly as was remarked by the gentleman will not be concurred in. I am willing one which applies in all practical life,' from Kent, (Mr. WITHEY,) this Con- to take the testimony of legal gentleand is one of importance in carrying vention has been told by legal men, men on this floor in regard to the comout all of the purposes of practical life. I who are placed in a position where parative amount of labor performed by

I do not seek to advocate the high- they can best decide upon questions of the judges of the Supreme Court, and est salaries that have been named here this kind, that the duties of the Su-the judges of the circuit courts. I am for the payment of our public officers. preme Court judges, compared with willing to admit that the labors of the But I do wish that such compensation the duties of the circuit court judges, circuit court judges are more arduous shall be fixed as will secure to the State, are far less laborious and arduous. than the labors of the judges of the competent men; not only competent We all know that fact; even gentlemen Supreme Court. I rise at this time to men as State officers, but competent who are not, professional men must give notice that at the proper time I men as judicial officers. I believe it is know that fact. The Supreme Court will move an amendment to reduce the a mistaken policy to so fix the salaries have their fixed terms; they meet only salaries of the judges of the Supreme

Court to twenty-five hundred dollars a self. Looking over the counties, and the position of circuit judge at such a year.

the number of circuits that are to be salary. But there is a sort of tradiMr. RAFTER. I think the mem-formed of them, it will be apparent tion among members of the bar, an bers of this Convention are all agreed that the county of Wayne must have idea of which the people have availed as to the ability required of those who another county attached to it, in order themselves and may avail themselves, are called upon to discharge the high to form a circuit. It has now a county that judicial position is far above every: and important duties of circuit judges. attached to it for that purpose. other in dignity and rank. It is said The only difference of opinion seems Mr. NORRIS. It has two of them; that in the mind of every lawyer to to be as to what should be the com- Emmet and Cheboygan..

be Chief Justice of the United States, pensation for the performance of those Mr. CONGER. It has two of them. is an immensely greater honor than to duties. Now, whatever compensation Now, whatever arrangement of cir= be President of the United States. may be-agreed upon by this Conven- cuits may be made, there can And to be. Chief Justice of the State of tion, I think should be fixed in the be no arrangement by which Michigan would be higher honor than Constitution. I do not believe in the the county of Wayne would con- the State could otherwise confer. This propriety of leaving the boards of su- stitute a circuit by itself. While I am I speak of as the idea in the mind of pervisors to vary or change that com- opposed to the amendment of the the lawyer, distinguising himself pensation; or to hold out as it were by gentleman from Branch, (Mr. BARBER,) through his profession, and that alone. our Constitution the propriety of one I have prepared a substitute for the Still, I wish to see the distinction or the other of the counties, in any of amendment of the committee of the kept up between the judges of the cirthe circuits of this State, hiring a por-whole which I will offer. It is as fol- cuit court, and the judges of the Sution of the time or the services of the lows:

preme Court. All is true that has circuit judge, which properly belong tol “Provided, That nothing berein contained been said in regard to

hat nothing herein contained been said in regard to the arduous and the whole circuit, for any particular shall be so construed as to prevent the Leg. responsible duties of circuit judges; all county of the circuit. With that view, islature from providing by law, that the is true perhaps as to the

county auditors, or board of supervisors of I shall oppose the amendment made an in committee of the whole.

pensation to be paid by such county to the the Supreme Court, or court of last I believe that three thousand dollars circuit judge thereof."

resort, saying authoritatively to the a year would not be too high a com- The PRESIDENT. The question people of the entire State what the pensation for the services of circuit will first be taken upon the amend- law is, doing this upon deliberation, judges. I hope, therefore, that the ment of the gentleman from Branch, upon argument, no matter how com: Convention will not concur in the (Mr. BARBER,) to the amendment re- plete the briefs are, should be men of amendment of the committee of the ported from the committee of the the best ability, the most thorough whole, leaving it for the board of su- whole.

i discipline, and the greatest expepervisors to regulate for the different Mr. PRINGLE. I shall feel com- rience that we can. procure.


to the circuit judges, but that this Con- amendment, as I do not want a con- a provision that no man should vention will take action to make that dition of things where the judge will be eligible to that court unless compensation what it should be. I do feel under any obligation to this county he had served a term either in that not believe the amendment proposed or that county, or this man or that court before, or as a circuit judge. We by the committee of the whole is a wise man, for getting an allowance through want that ripe experience which long and judicious one. It might work well a board of supervisors; where he will practice on the bench, and at the bar in the county of Wayne perhaps. I be put in a position that he ought not as well, gives to a judge, in order that should have no particular objection to to be put in, in reference to other men he may give the reasons, and the arguthe amendment, so far as the county of in other counties who did not make ments, and the law to the people of the Wayne is concerned, because that him any such allowance. I do not State. We need the ripest talent that county constitutes an entire judicial want any such state of things in the can be procured for those positions. circuit. But I am opposed to it in circuits composed of our ordinary There should be, I think, in the matcases where the circuit comprises sev-counties. Hence I shall be compelled ter of salaries, as in the matter of eral counties.

to vote against the amendment recom- honor, a distinction made between the Mr. BARBER. Is an amendment mended by the committee of the judges of the Supreme Court, and to the amendment of the committee of whole.

the judges of the circuit court. the whole in order at this time?

In regard to the question which has The circuit judge, if he performs The PRESIDENT. It is.

been discussed this morning, of raising his duty well, and makes his exMr. BARBER. I move to amend salaries, I do not see anything unrea- perience felt by the people of his the amendment by inserting after the sonable in paying any such amount as district, and of the State, should look word "county," where it first occurs, is proposed. The judge, if he be fit to promotion to the other court. That “ where such county constitutes a for the place, is a man who when a boy other court should be filled from the judicial circuit," so that the amend- obtained a classical education, or a good circuit benches. And with the proment will read:

education. He then spent five, ten, or motion to that other and more honor"Provided, That nothing herein contained fifteen years earning a bare living, able position should go a salary someshall be so construed as to prevent the board and living cheaply at that, in practicing what larger. If gentlemen will vote to of supervisors of any, county, where such his profession and acquiring his stand-raise the salary of the judges of the county constitutes a judiciai circuit, from

to be ing in it. Even then it has not pre- Supreme Court to thirty-five hundred paid by such county, to the circuit judge pared him to be a judge. To be the dollars a year, I will vote to raise the thereof."

best man in the district for the judge, salaries of the circuit judges to three Mr. CONGER. I suppose it can be must ordinarily be the man who thousand dollars a year. But I do not hardly be expected, in the re-arrange- would have the best practice in the think the salaries should be placed ment of the circuits, that there will be district, and that takes him longer. upon a level; there ought to be a disany one county, not even Wayne coun- He has then attained a position tinction between the two courts.. . ty, that will constitute a circuit by it- where it is a sacrifice for him to accept Mr. HOLMES. If twenty-five hun


dred a year is not an adequate com- The question recurred upon the hundred dollars a year. I have never pensation for a circuit judge, I hope the amendment of the committee of heard of an application, directly or indithis Convention will fix it at three the whole, to add to the section the rectly, for an increase of the compensathousand dollars, or any other sum following:

tion fixed by law. If that has been an that is necessary. But I enter my sol- " Provided, That nothing berein contained adequate compensation during the high emn protest against authorizing the shall be so construed as to prevent the board prices of the last few years, I believe it different boards of supervisors" of this

this ot supervisors of any county from authorizing
an additional compensation, to be paid by:

is an adequate compensation now, State to fix any part of that compen- such county to the circuit judge thereof." both for the judges of the Supreme sation.

Mr. BLACKMAN. Inasmuch as this Court, and the judges of the circuit The question was taken upon the amendment is not what is desired by court. amendment of Mr. BARBER to the the mover of it, I hope we will not con- I have been willing to vote for an amendment of the committee of the cur in it. If the salaries of the circuit increase of compensation to the judges whole, and it was not agreed to. . judges, shall not be raised, the gentle- of the Supreme Court, over that of the

The question then was upon the sub- man can offer his substitute as an judges of the circuit court, because it stitute offered by Mr. CONGER, for the amendment to this section.

is the custom in this and other States amendment of the committee of the The question was then taken, and the to do so, because of the increased learnwhole, which substitute was as follows: amendment of the committee of the ing, ability, and experience required of

" Provided, That nothing berein contained whole was not concurred in. . them. I believe, in regard to the cirshall be so construed as to prevent the Lego The PRESIDENT. All the amend- cuit judges, that so far as my own disislature from providing by law, that the monte of the non county auditors, or board of supervisors of

4 ments of the committee of the whole trict is concerned, twenty-five hundred any county may authorize an additional com having been disposed of, amendments dollars a year will be a compensation pensation to be paid by such county to the to the body of the article are now in satisfactory to the best lawyer in that circuit judge thereof."


: ; circuit. I cannot call to mind one who Mr. DANIELLS. I move to amend Mr. FERRIS. I now offer the I think would decline the office, on acthe amendment of the committee of amendment of which I gave notice count of the inadequacy of a salary of the whole, by adding to it the words: some time since; to strike out « twenty-twenty-five hundred dollars a year. “and from the decision of such board five hundred dollars, and insert It has been frequently spoken of of supervisors there shall be no ap- three thousand dollars," as the an- here as though the prices of the last peal.” (Laughter.]

nual salary of the judges of the circuit few years were to be the established The amendment of Mr. DANIELLS court.

| prices for the next thirteen years. was not agreed to.

Mr. LUCE. I do not propose to The gentleman from Washtenaw (Mr. The question again recurred upon occupy any length of time in talking NORRIS) has predicted, with a great the substitute offered by Mr. CONGER. about this question of salaries, for it deal of confidence that such would be

Mr. CONGER. This proposition of has been pretty thoroughly discussed. the case. Now, I have selected from mine merely authorizes the Legislature I am decidedly opposed to the adop the Prices Current, of the city of Deto provide that the board of supervi- tion of this amendment. I believe that troit, the prices of some of the leading sors may do this thing. The amend- probably for the last three or four years articles two years and a half ment of the committee of the whole at twenty-five hundred dollars a year ago, and the prices of the once authorizes the board of super- would have been a low salary for a same articles to-day. I find that visors to do it.

circuit judge. But for the years pre. most of those articles have receded Mr. STOUGHTON. I would sug- vious to that I apprehend that salary in price at least one-half, many of them gest to the gentlemen from St. Clair, would have been an adequate one. much more. Two years and a half ago (Mr. CONGER,) to withdraw his substi- Indeed, in my experience in the Leg. wheat was selling at $2.00 and $2.10 tute for the time being, and allow us islature, I have never heard of any per bushel; it is the same to-day: Corn to take a vote on the amendment of attorney, lawyer or judge asking for a was then selling at $1.16 and $1.25 per the gentlemen from Kent; (Mr. FERRIS,) compensation for a circuit judge to bushel; now it is selling at 90 and 91 to raise the salaries of circuit judges exceed twenty-five hundred dollars cents per bushel. Wool then was 75 to three thousand dollars a year. a year. I know of no State in to 80 cents per pound; now it is 40 and

Mr. CONGER. I understand that our immediate vicinity that pays 43 cents per pound. Beef cattle were the amendment of the gentleman from its circuit judges over twenty- then selling for $6.00 and $6.50 per Kent (Mr. FERRIS,) cannot be acted five hundred dollars a year, where cwt.; now they are selling for $5.50 and upon until the amendment of the com- the Legislature have the authority $6.00. Live hogs were then selling for mittee of the whole is disposed of. : to fix the compensation. That is $11.00 and $12.00 per cwt.; now they

Mr. STOUGHTON. I want to vote the compensation in Indiana and are selling for $6.00 and $6.50. Butter for the one, but I may vote differently Ohio, and while we live in a time of was then selling for 45 and 50 cents on the other if I am obliged to vote. constant receding of prices for every- per pound; now it is selling for 18 and

Mr. CONGER. I will withdraw my thing that is consumed in the support 20 cents. Standard sheetings were substitute for the amendment of the and maintenance of a family, the pro- then 60, and 65 cents per yard; now committee of the whole.

... ducts of the field, and of the mill, I they are 18 cents. Sprague's prints The PRESIDENT. The question do not believe we should at this time were then selling for 41 and 42 cents now is upon concurring in the amend- increase the compensation of our cir- per yard; now they are selling for 151 ment of the committee of the whole, cuit judges beyond twenty-five bun-cents per yard. I have read only the upon which the yeas and nays have dred dollars a year. ..

prices of a few articles, showing the been ordered..

Another thing that induces me to constant downward tendency of the : Mr. CONGER. I withdraw the call believe this, is the fact that, ever prices of articles that enter into the for the yeas and nays.

since the Supreme Court has been cost of the support and maintenance of The PRESIDENT. That can be established by law, the Legislature a family. done by unanimous consent.

have had the control of the compensa- I believe that, taking all things into No objection being made, the order tion of the judges of that court; and consideration, the salaries have been for the yeas and nays was rescinded. they have fixed it at twenty-five fixed as judiciously by the committee

du et maintenanceamed in the core overy-/pes then

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