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twenty dollars, to be paid as the Legcuit, whose term of office shall com-(connties of Mackinaw, Chippewa, Che islature shall direct.

mence on the first day of January boygan, Emmet and Manitou, with the Sec. 14. Any person entitled to vote thereafter. There shall be elected at territory attached thereto, shall constifor members of the Legislature by the the same time two judges of the Su- tute the tenth circuit; and the counties Constitution and laws now in force, preme Court, one of whom shall be of Ontonagon, Houghton, Keweenaw, shall, at the said election, be entitled elected for the term of eight years, Marquette, Delta and Menoimnee, with to vote for the adoption or rejection of and one for the term of ten years, and the territory thereto attached, shall conthis Constitution, at the places and in every second year thereafter one judge stitute the eleventh circuit. The Legthe manner provided by law for the of said court shall be elected. The islature shall not increase the number election of members of the Legislature: terms of office of said judges shall of circuits, or the number of judges of

Sec. 15. At the said election a ballot- commence on the first day of January the circuit courts, as fixed by this box shall be kept by the several boards following their election.

Constitution, until after the expiration of inspectors of election for the receiv- Sec. 19. The State shall be divided of eight years from the time of its , ing of votes cast for or against the into five judicial districts; and until adoption. adoption of this Constitution; and on otherwise provided by law, the coun- Séc. 21. Until the next enumeration the ballots shall be written or printed, ties of Wayne, Monroe, Lenawee, Hills- of inhabitants of this State, in the year or partly written and partly printed, dale, Branch and St. Joseph, shall con- one thousand eight hundred and sevthe words, “ Adoption of the Consti- stitute the first district; the counties of enty, the counties of Newaygo and tution-Yes;" or, “ Adoption of the Washtenaw, Jackson, Calhoun, Eaton, Oceana shall each be entitled to one Constitution-No."....

Kalamazoo, Allegan, Van Buren, Cass representative; the county of Mecosta, Sec. 16. The canvass of the votes cast and Berrien, shall constitute the sec- with the territory thereto attached, one for the adoption or rejection of this ond district; the counties of Ottawa, representative; "the county of Isabella, Constitution, and the returns thereof, Muskegon, Oceana, Mason, Leelanaw, with the territory thereto attached, one shall be made by the proper returning Barry, Grand Traverse, Antrim, Kent, representative; the county of Midland, officers, in the same manner as is now Ionia, Clinton, Montcalm, Manistee, with the territory thereto attached, one provided by law for the canvass and re- Newaygo and Mecosta, with the terri- representative; the counties of Alpena turn of votes cast at an election for tory attached thereto, shall constitute and Iosco, and the territory thereto Regents of the State University, as the third district; the counties of Shia- attached, one representative; the counnear as may be, and the return thereof wassee, Ingham, Livingston, Genesee, ties of Menominee and Delta, one rep-. shall be directed to the Secretary of Lapeer, Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair, resentative; the counties of Mason and State. On the first day of June next, Sanilac, Huron, Tuscola, Saginaw, Mid- Manistee, and the territory thereto or within five days thereafter, the Au- land, Gratiot, Isabella, Bay, Iosco, and attached, one representative; the counditor General, State Treasurer and Alpena, with the territory attached ties of Grand Traverse, Benzie and Secretary of State, or a majority of thereto, shall constitute the fourth dis- Antrim, and the territory, thereto them, shall meet at the Capital, and trict; and the counties of Mackinaw, attached, one representative; and the proceed, in the presence of the Gover- Cheboygan, Chippewa, Emmet, Mani- counties of Leelanaw and Manitou, ono nor, to examine and canvass the return toú, Ontonagon, Marquette, Houghton, representative.. of said votes, and proclamation shall Keweenaw, Delta and Menominee, At the election when this Constituforthwith be made by the Governor, with the territory attached thereto, tion shall be submitted to the electors . of the result thereof. If it shall appear shall constitute the fifth district. of this State for adoption or rejection, that a majority of the votes cast upon Sec. 20. The judicial districts shall be there shall also be separately submitted the question have thereon, “Adoption subdivided into circuits, successively to such electors the two following of the Constitution-Yes," this Consti- numbered; and until otherwise provid- propositions: ::: tution shall be the supreme law of the ed by law, the counties of Wayne and First. Sec. 8. The Legislature shall State from and after the first day of Monroe shall.constitute the first circuit; meet on the first Wednesday of JanuaJuly next; and any person declared an the counties of Lenawee, Hillsdale, ry, in the year one thousand eight elector, and entitled to vote by Article Branch and St. Joseph, shall constitute hundred and sixty-nine, and on the III, of this Constitution, shall, from the second circuit; the counties of Alle- first Wednesday of January of each and after the said first day of July gan, Van Buren, Cass, Kalamazoo and year thereafter, but at no other time, next, be entitled to vote at any election, Berrien, shall constitute the third cir- except as provided in this Constitution. in the same manner and subject to the cuit; the counties of Washtenaw, Jack- The time of meeting shall be at eleven i same rules and regulations as are son, Calhoun and Eaton, shall consti- o'clock in the forenoon, and the time now provided by law for electors in tute the fourth circuit; the counties of of final adjournment shall be at twelve this State. But if a majority of the Muskegon, Oceana, Mason, Manistee, o'clock noon. votes cast upon the question, have Leelanaw, Grand Traverse, Antrim, Second. Sec. 8. The Legislature shall thereon, “Adoption of the Constitu- Newaygo and Mecosta, with the terri- meet on the first Wednesday of Jantion-No," the same shall be null and tory attached thereto, shall constitute uary, in the year one thousand eight void.

the fifth circuit; the counties of Barry, hundred and sixty-nine, and on the Sec. 17, The Legislature, at its first Clinton, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm and first Wednesday of January of every session, shall make such further pro-Ottawa, shall constitute the sixth cir- second year thereafter, but at no other visions as may be necessary for the cuit; the counties of Ingham, Shia- time, except as provided in this con- . payment of all expenditures of the wassee, Livingston, Genesee, Lapeer stitution. The time of meeting shall Convention, including the publication and Tuscola, shall constitute the sev- be at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, of this Constitution, as provided in enth circuit; the counties of Oakland, and the time of final adjournment this article.

Macomb, St. Clair, Sanilac and Huron, shall be at twelve o'clock noon. Sec. 18. There shall be elected on the shall constitute the eighth circuit; the A separate ballot upon either propo- . first Tuesday in March, in the year one counties of Saginaw, Bay, Midland, sition may be given by any elèctor, thousand eight hundred and sixty- Gratiot, Isabella, Iosco and Alpena, which shall be deposited in a ballotnine, and every eight years thereafter, with the territory attached thereto, box provided for that purpose. one circuit judge for each judicial cir- shall constitute the ninth circuit; the On the ballots-in favor of the adop

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tion of the above proposition No. 1, has been engrossed upon parchment, and to agreed to, upon a division; ayes 29, shall be the words, “ Annual Sessions

report, before the close of the Convention,


noes 27.

nd 07 description of the erasures and interlinea--Yes;" and upon the ballots in favor tions.

COMPENSATION FOR ENROLLING THE CONof the above proposition No. 2, shall


STITUTION. be the words, “ Biennial Sessions- | Mr. LONGYEAR. I desire to ask! Mr. BLACKMAN offered the follow. Yes;" and upon the head or outside of leave of absence for myself for the re-ing resolution, which was adopted: : all said ballots shall be the words, Annual or Biennial Sessions," placed

portant business which will occupy me of this Convention be authorized and directed in such a manner that the same shall

to-morrow morning, and I shall not be

i to issue certificates for the payment of perbe visible when the ballot is folded. :|

sons employed to assist in enrolling the Conable to be here.

stitution. If upon the canvass of such ballots Leave was granted. ,'.

RIGHTS OF WOMEN. cast at such election, a majority thereof. shall be found to contain the words,


Mr. BURTCH offered the following “ Annual Sessions---Yes," then said

* Mr. ALEXANDER. I move that resolution: pronosition No. 1 shall become and the Convention now adjourn until eight! Resolved, That the “ irrepressible conflict”.

must continue until the rights of women are stand as section eight. of Article v. 1 o'clock to-morrow morning.

omand respected and their slavery abolished. of this Constitution, if the same is. Mr. FARMER. 1. move to amend adopted. but if a majority of such | the motion by striking out “eight,"| Mr. WITHEY. move that the ballots shall contain the words. « Bien- and inserting “half-past seven.. resolution be laid upon the table. nial Sessions_yeg" then the aboval Mr. ALEXANDER.. I accept that! . The motion was agreed to proposition No. 2 shall become and amendment, and modify my motion ac-1 Mr. HENDERSON. I understand stand as section eight of Article V, of cordingly.

Mr. BURTCH. I rise to a point of:. this Constitution, if the same is! The motion of Mr. ALEXANDER, as order. My point of order is that I adopted.

modified, was adopted; and the Con- having obtained the floor, and not At the election, at the same time vention, at eleven o'clock, p. m.,) ad- having yielded it, the motion to lay : when the votes of the electors shall be journed. .

my resolution on the table was not in

order. taken for the adoption or rejection of

: The PRESIDENT. The Chair does this Constitution, an additional section of Article V, numbered thirty SEVENTY-FOURTH DAY. not understand that the gentleman had -four, in the words following:

the floor. Sec. 34. “The Legislature shall not THURSDAY, August 22, 1867.|

T.. SIGNING THE NEW CONSTITUTION. pass any act authorizing the grant of The Convention met at half-past. li.

Mr. HENDERSON. We came here ise for the sale of ardent spirits or seven o'clock a. mi, and was called to

this morning, I suppose, mainly for the intoxicating liquors, but shall by law order by the PRESIDENT..

purpose of signing the instrument we prohibit the sale of the same as a The roll was called, and a quorum of|

have been framing. And as we have beverage;" members answered to their names.

not more time than is necessary for Shall be separately submitted to the

that purpose, I hope we shall not be electors of this State for their adoption


detained by the offering of any more or rejection in form following, to wit:

Mr. HENDERSON. I ask unani- resolutions at this time. I move that A separate ballot may be given by mous consent to record my vote upon we proceed at once to the business of every person having the right to vote the passage of the instrument we have signing the Constitution. for the revised Constitution, to be de- been framing. I was unable to remain | Mr. SAWYER. I hope the gentleposited in a séparate box..

here until the close of the proceedings man will withdraw that motion for å Upon the ballots given for said last evening.'

moment. I desire to offer a resolution separate section shall be written or Mr. CASE. I make the same request. I to give one of the assistant secretaries, printed, or partly written and partly

Mr. LEACH. I hope unanimous Mr. Collier, a dollar a day additional printed, the words « Prohibition-Yes,"consent will be given to all who were compensation. and upon the ballots given against the not present last evening to record | Mr. HENDERSON. I cannot withadoption of the said section, in like their votes now.

draw for any more resolutions. : manner, the words - Prohibition-No."! No objection was made.

The motion of Mr. HENDERSON was If at said election a majority of the Messrs. BARBER, CASE, CHAPIN, HEN- I then agreed to. votes for and against said section shall DERSON, HULL AND THOMPSON, accord-l. Mr. SUTHERLAND was called to : contain the words - Prohibition-Yos;" | ingly recorded their votes in the affirm- the chair by the PRESIDENT. then there shall be inserted in the ative; and Mr. Hixson recorded his The Secretary proceeded to call the article entitled “Legislative Depart-vote in the negative.

roll of delegates by counties, and the ment," the said additional section, to be ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION TO ASSISTANT

following members then came forward -numbered as section thirty-four in said.


and signed the parchment copy of the article.

Mr. CHAPIN. I offer the following


CHARLES M. CROSWELL, President of the Convention. CORRECTIONS OF THE ENGROSSED CONSTI- resolution:

Resolved, That each of the Assistant Sec- DEWITT C. CHAPIN JACOB C. SAWYER,

retaries of this Convention be allowed and

MARTIN P. STOCKWE Mr. PRINGLE. I now move a re

L. J. THOMPSON, : HORACE J. SHELDON, paid the sum of, one dollar additional com


LEMUEL WOODHOUSE consideration of the vote by which the pensation for each day's attendance (and P. DEAN WARNÉR, E. B. WINANS; resolution offered by me a few mo usual traveling feas) at the sessions of this WM. SMYTHE FARMER, WM. W. ANDRUS, Convention.

LORENZO P. ALEXANDER, DEXTER MUSSEY, ments ago, was rejected....

HENRY H. COOLIDGE BELA CHAPMAN, The motion was agreed to:

I do not desire to make any remarks CYRUS G. LUCE,

Jupon this; I only ask that the sense of J. S. BARBER,

The question then recurring on the

WM. CORBIN, the Convention be taken upon it. resolution, it was adopted, as follows:


Mr. STOCKWELL. I move that GEORGE WILLARD, PERRY H. ESTEE, Resolved, That it be referred to the com

WM. S. UTLEY mittee on arrangement and phraseology to | the resolution be laid upon the table.


NATHANIEL I.DANIELLS, EDWARD P. HARRIS, . examine the copy of the Constitution which | The motion to lay on the table was JOSIAH TURNER W. M. MOCONNELL,

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Resolved, that the thanks of the Conven- the word "exceed," the word “shall," in.. HENRY R. LOVELL, J. G. SUTHERLAND. tion are hereby tendered to Messrs. Lord and terlined. THADDEUS G. SMITH, MARCUS H. MILES SANFORD A. YEOMAŃS, 0. D. CONGER,

| Brown, for the prompt and accurate manner Article VI. In section fourteen, line three, GEORGE W. GERMAIN, EZRA HAZEN,

in which they have discharged their arduous before the word "committee,'' the word FREEMAN C. WATKINS. LEVI TYLER HULL, duties as official reporters.

"the," erased. J. R. MOKERNAN, . COMFORT TYLER,

Article VII, line thirteen, section ten, the EUGENE PRINGLE,


word "civil," erased, and the word "circuit," MARSH GIDDINGS,


Mr. ́PRATT offered the following interlined. MILTON BRADLEY, S. H. BLACKMAN,

In section seven, line three, after the word resolution, which was adopted: SOLOMON L. WITHEY THOMAS NINDE,

“residing,” the word “therein," interlined. MILTON C. WATKINS, PETER DESNOYÉRS,

Resolved, That the thanks of this Conven-1 In section fifteen, line three, after the word LYMAN MURRAY, JOHN W. LONGYEAR. VYRON C. KENNEY,

tion be tendered to the clergymen of Lansing, 1 "apy," the word 66 other." interlined.

who have opened our daily sessions with de-| Article XIII, section one, lipe six, before The signing of the Constitution hav

votional exercises, for the able and faithful the word "excused," the word "be," intering been concluded,

manner in which they have performed their lined.


· Article XIV, section four, liné five, after

Tthe word “sball," the word “happen," IDMe MOKTRNAN offered the followid . THANKS TO CITIZENS OF LANSING.

terlined. ing resolution:

: Mr. HOLT offered the following In section nine, in lines two and three, the Resoltéd, That the State Librarian be paid resolution, which was adopted:

o words “to which, erased. the sum of $100 for his services during the

Article XVIII, section one, line three, the

Resolved. That the tbanks of this Conven- l word gball," written on an erasure. session of the Convention.

tion are due and hereby tendered to the citi- Article XIX. section four. line four, the Mr. STOCKWELL moved that the zens of Lansing, for the numerous marks of word “be," written on an erasure. resolution be laid on the table.

kindness and attention received at their In the Schedule, section three, live three.

bands during the stay of this body in their before the word “State," the words “ use of The motion was agreed to. midat.

the," erased. THANKS TO PRESIDENT OF CONVENTION. COMMITTEE TO PREPARE AN ADDRESS TO 1 In section seventeen, line one, the word Mr. MCCLELLAND. I have a res


“their," erased, and the word “its," inter

lined. olution to offer. My intention was to AIr. ALEXANDER. I offer the 1 In section eighteen, lines six and seven, have made some preliminary remarks.following resolution:

the words "the term of," written on an era- . But I will not trespass upon the time! Resolved, That the chairman of each of the


In section twenty-one. line-twenty-five. the. of the Convention, under the circum- standing committees, together with the Presi- / words 66 in the year." interlined after the

. stones hast maroto offer the resolution stances, but merely offer the resolution, de

dent of this Convention (who shall be chair- |

vention. (who shall be chair- word "January.".

man,) are hereby constituted a committee to as follows:

In line forty-five, same section, the word prepare an address to the people on the sub-1" five," written on an erasnre. Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of ject of the numerous and important changes

1 In same section, line fifty-two, the word .. this Convention be and they are hereby ten- in the Constitution we are about to submit to " tbree," erased, and the word "four," interdered to the Hon. CHARLES M. CROSWELL, them.

lined. . President of the Convention, for the able, I have but a few remarks to make in' In line fifty-two, same section, the words dignified and impartial manner in which heli

I think, L.1 article V," merited, after the word hos nregider over the deliberations of this relation to this resolution.

"section." body.

and I doubt not members of the Con- In same line; the word is three," erased, · The resolution was unanimously vention will agree with me, that it is of and the word “four," interlined. adopted. some importance that-the people should In line fifty-three, same section, the Roman

numerals "XXXIII," changed to “XXXIIII.”' THANKS TO THE SECRETARIES.. be made acquainted with the various

T. NINDE. Chairman. ..Mr. YEOMANS offered the followreasons for the changes we have made

The report was received, and laid in the present Constitution, and I think ing resolution, which was unanimously

upon the table, and the committee was.. my resolution offers the best method adopted:

discharged. to accomplish that object. Resolved, That the thanks of this Conven

ADJOURNMENT sine die.-ADDRESS. tion be hereby tendered to the Secretary,

The question was taken upon the Thomas H. Glenn, and to his assistants, G? resolution of Mr. ALEXANDER, and it! Mr. VAN VALKENBURGH. Mr. X. M. Collier and T. P. Miles, for the faithfulwas not adopted.

President, it is with a burdened heart .. ness and ability with which they have dis

that I rise to address a few words to charged their duties. | ERASURES AND INTERLINEATIONS IN THE

you, sir, and to the members of this. THANKS TO THE SERGEANT-AT-ARMS.


Convention. The thought of our Mr. KENNEY offered the following/ Mr. NINDE, from the committee on speedy separation, probably for the resolution, which was adopted:

arrangement and phraseology, made last time on earth, notwithstanding the Resolved, That a vote of thanks is due, the following report: .

anticipated joys of home, sends to my · and is hereby tendered to the Sergeant-at

The committee on arrangement and phra- heart å pang of regret, which many of Arms, and his assistants, for the prompt, effi

seology, to whom it was referred to examine / voucan appreciate. cient and gentlemanly manner in wbich they

the Constitution engrossed on parchment, have discharged their duties. and to report to the Convention a description

When solicited to become a candi.. GENERAL SATISFACTION.

of the erasures and interlineations therein, date for a seat in this Convention, and .. Mr. SHEARER offered the following

respectfully report that they have so ex- when elected to this position, I looked .

amined the saine, and find the following resolution, which was adopted:

! erasures and interlineations therein. namely: forward to it with great solicitude, as Resolved. That the very kind and friendly! In article II, in section seven, line six, the a scene of labor and of toil, with little : intercourse between all the officers and mem- word "not," after the word "courts," writ- expectation of the happiness I have bers of this Covention, will be cherished in ten on an erasure. lively recollection to the last period of life

he here enjoyed in the social converse with

In section ten, same article, line three, the genjoyeu... and memory.

words “or to seize any person,” written on kindred spirits, who have cheered me


in the weary hours, calmed the troubled

Article IV. In section two, lice iwo, the Mr. ALEXANDER offered the fol word “sucb," and the words was are,".

emotions, rendered the labor a pleas

erased. - lowing resolution, which was adopted:

| ure, and cast the bright rays of sun

Article V. In section two, line seven, the light over all this long and otherwise Resolved. That the.thanks of the Conven-word "aster," erased. tion be tendered to the messenger boys for In same article, section twenty-four, line

in tedious session. I have before rethe faithful discharge of their duties, and for two, the word "statute," before the word marked that I had never, in my long their amiable and courteous deportment. "laws," interlined. :

life, seen a body of men so dignified, THANKS TO OFFICIAL REPORTERS. | In line four, same section, before the word so intelligent. so courteous. And I Mr. MORTON offered the following rol jurisdiction," the word " for," written on

luced on now add that I think there have been resolution, which was adopted:

In line five, section twenty-seven, before few instances in the history of all the ***

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Pleas. .

past, in the ecclesiastical, political or greeting has daily met us on every side. discharged his duties to the universal social relations of life, where a body In one providence I have noticed a satisfaction. Long may he prosper.

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terests so diversified, so extensive, and session. An honored and respected for the public press, we are much inso important to adjust, with views and member of the Convention of 1850, debted for their forbearance to our in-.. feelings so varied and so conflicting, now a delegate here, was suddenly discretions and our follies. And our gathered here from remote and distant summoned to his home to perform the messenger boys, like the guardian localities of our State, with exacting con- right of sepulture to a dear son, taken angels, have watched and anticipated stituencies, urgent that their views and away in the dew of his youth. He had our wishes, and obeyed our calls, with their interests be consulted-in my our most sincere sympathy and condo- the fleetness of the antelope. We shall opinion, few such bodies of men, so lence. During our present session, a remember them with deep interest, and situated, have ever convened anywhere, venerable and honored member of our watch their future with great solicitude under any circumstances, that have body, also a delegate in the Conven- and with high hopes. I shall especially settled the vexed and important question of 1850, (Mr. DESNOYERS,) was remember them, each and all of them, as tions which were brought them together, suddenly called from his labors here to I shall frequently look upon their amiwith more wisdom, more cordiality, perform the last sad office of affection able countenances, grouped together, and with more unanmity, than this to an idolized daughter, in his own in the beautiful photograph with which Convention.

language to me, "the light and joy of they have presented me; and I shall The kind and Christian spirit which his house." He has our'ardent sym- send up a mental prayer that God will has characterized all our counsels, the pathy. We mingle our tears with his, watch over them, guide them safely deference for the opinion of our col- and commend him to the Being who through the intricate mazes of this life, leagues, and the manifest desire on all alone can assuage the sorrows of the and at last crown them His. . hands to promote the public welfare, heart.. With one other exception, I Indeed, Mr. President, I think we must have been very evident to every know not that any have been called to may challenge the world to produce a unprejudiced observer. Nay, sir, I mourn the death of friends. . body of men as large as this body, with most sincerely believe that every mem- In the Constitutional Convention of all its appointments, who have dis- ber of this Convention has been actu- 1835, there were 89 members, of whom charged their duties more faithfully, : ated by an honest and ardent desire to 20 are now living; two of whom have harmoniously, and successfully than...' perfect a Constitution that shall trans- seats in this Convention, Governor this Convention. Permit me, sir, to mit to our posterity the inestimable MCCLELLAND and Mr. BELA CHAPMAN. assure the members of this Convenblessings of " life, liberty and the pursuit The population of our State was then tion, one and all, of my high perof happiness," which we now so emi- 100,000. Now it is one million, or an sonal regard, and to extend to them a nently enjoy; that our beautiful Penin- increase of one thousand per cent., cordial invitation to visit me, with an sular State may retain the high rank while our material resources have in- assurance of the great pleasure it she now holds among her sister States. creased in about as great a proportion. would afford me to welcome them to To me, sir, instead of being a season of | In the Convention of 1850, there were my home and my fireside, that we may . unremitted toil, and labor, and per- 100 members, of whom more than one- together recall the memories of these plexity, as I anticipated, it has indeed fourth have passed away, while eight of days which have passed so swiftly and been « a feast of fat things,'-a scene their number are members of this Con- so happily away. of solicitude indeed, but cheered by vention. In the kind providence of And now, before I close, permit me the counsels and sympathy and coöp- God, I still remain among you... sir, to make a suggestion which I know.. eration of men whose names are writ- Much of the success and the happy will find a ready response in the breast ten on my heart, and whose memories termination of our labors is owing to of every delegate on this floor; that is, will be cherished to my last dying day. the diligent, the patient, the prompt, before our final adjournment, before I shall ever recall the memories of and the impartial manner in which you, the President shall dissolve this Conthese days with unspeakable pleasure, sir, have discharged the arduous duties vention, that we unite our voices in and retain in constant verdure the kind of your office. And we shall ever re- singing the Doxology, in the tune of attentions and genial courtesies ex- member you with profound respect and Old Hundred, an appropriate act of tended to me by every member upon esteem. The Secretaries of our Con- worship and of praise to our God, the this floor. ......

vention are also entitled to our high re- Almighty Governor of the Universe, In contrasting the sanitary condition gard for their unremitted diligence and and the Disposer of all events, for His of the Convention of 1850 with that of perseverance in the discharge of their kind care over us these many days this Convention, I have been deeply im- onerous labors. And we are proud to now past, and for the happy result to pressed with our increased obligations know that the correctness and fidelity which he has brought our labors: of gratitude to God, for the vigorous with which our gentlemanly reporters Now, Mr. President, I move that health enjoyed by most of the mem- have discharged their mission will this Convention adjourn sine die. . bers of this Convention. During its be a matter of record in all Mr. SHEARER. . I endorse most entire session, but two cases have oc- the future, and need no commen-heartily and cordially the high and curred, to my knowledge, where dele-dation at our hands. We fully noble sentiments of the gentleman gates have been prevented from occu- endorse their ability, and wish them from Oakland, (Mr. VAN VALKENBURGH) pying their seats here for any length God speed. And what shall we say May his days be long in the land, and . of time, and those delegates have now more? Our diligent, faithful and at- when he goes down to his last resting entirely recovered. In 1850, there was tentive Sergeant-at-Arms, with his ever place, may he go down like a shock of constant sickness among the members watchful assistants, have won for them- corn fully ripe. Gentlemen of the of the Convention, some confined to selves golden opinions from the mem- Convention, I thank you all for your their beds here, and others at their bers of this Convention, and will be courtesy and kindness to me at all homes; indeed the air appeared im- remembered by us with high regard. times. Probably we shall never all pregnated with a malaria that few Our Postmaster has transmitted faith- meet again. But I should be glad at escaped. Now, health, cheerfulness, fully and frequently the messages of any time to see any of you at my house. and joy have abounded. The happy love to our cherished homes, and in Plymouth, and I will endeavor to

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make your stay with me a pleasant soul, and body, be preserved blameless unto rial, its educational and its religious

the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. one. | Faithful is he that calleth you, who also

interests. Mr. BURTCH. I desire to tender I will do it.

Heavenly Father, wilt Thou watch my thanks to the members of this Brethren, pray for us.

over each member here; wilt Thou Convention for their kindness to me. Prayer by Mr. BRADLEY, as fol- watch over all our families; watch over : The question was then taken on the lows:

our commonwealth in its various ine die, and it was Our Heavenly Father, we bow in Thy terests. Prosper us in all our ways, in agreed to.

presence, on this solemn farewell occa- all our institutions, in our future legannouncing the result of the sion. Now, as we close the sessions of islation, and in everything connected... vote,

this Convention, we desire to praise with the growth, integrity, strength The PRESIDENT said: The gentle

Thy holy name for Thy kindness unto and prosperity of our people.. . :: man from Kalamazoo, Rev. Mr. BRAD- Us. Renus in the days in which we have been

ve been We pray, Heavenly Father, that we LEY, will now perform the closing re-engaged in our work here. We thank

k may build upon sure foundations; that | Thee that Thou hast regarded us in we may receive the principles of Chris ligious exercises of this Convention.

tender compassion, Mr. BRADLEY. Mr. President and

preserving our tianity as giving life to the individual,

health, giving unto us strength and wis- and life to the commonwealth, and thus gentlemen of the Convention, I regard it as a privilege and an honor to en

lom from above, ordering our steps, prépare us to honor God as our Crea

and ordering in regard to our work, so gage in the services to which you have

tor, prepare us to honor Christ as our that we have been enabled to reach the Savior, and the Holy Spirit as our referred. I am not insensible to the

conclusion of it so unitedly, with 80 Sanctifier. solemnities of the hour. Our work is

And finally, when our... I little controversy, and no ill feeling in earthly work is done, and we are called done. In the care of our Heavenly

any heart. Father, health and life have been pre

to pass over the river, wilt Thou receive

And now, Heavenly Father, as we go lus among the people in a purer and served. We go out from this Hall to

out to our homes, as we enter again holier life, for Jesus' sake, amen! our homes; the people will judge of

upon our ordinary duties and occupaour work and pass their verdict upon tions, we pray that Thou wouldst go

The members of the Convention then it. Our constituents are a Christian

rose, and, with the audience, united in with us, with Thy sheltering, overruling people, and they will regard with apJ and guiding care. We pray that Thou

singing, to the tune of “Old Hunprobation our recognition of religious 1: wouldst be with us now in the toils

dred," the words-obligations. For the hundred days of and burdens of life, in our further

"Praise God, from whom all blessings flow, our sessions, we have bowed at the

:: Praise Him all creatures here below; anxieties, and if we are bowed down Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host; altar, seeking wisdom from above. It hereafter under any trial or disappoint

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost." is now our privilege to commend our

The PRESIDENT then addressed selves to His guidance and keeping for

by Thy power, and by the manifesta- the Convention as follows:.. all our future. For me, personally, it tion of Thy grace.

GENTLEMEN OF THE CONVENTION—As I. has been a rare opportunity to be as

We pray that Thy presence may now am soon to pronounce the words that sociated with this body of noble men;

rest upon every member of this con- dissolve our official relations, I should men who will ever be true to the State

vention; that Thou wilt spare them, be dead to all feeling, did I not avail ::: and to God. I thank you, Mr. Presi

resio las shall be for Thy pleasure, and Thy myself of this opportunity to express dent, and the members of the Conven

glory; that Thou wouldst watch over my profound gratitude and thanks for : tion, for your uniform kindness to

their families and kindred, and prepare the invariable kindness extended to me ward me, coming as I did from a pro

them all for Thy will, for the resposi-| by every member of this Convention fession not generally represented in

+ Ibilities of life, for the privileges that during the time that I have occupied such bodies. This is the farewell hour:

UB: shall be granted to them, and for the this Chair. If my humble endeavors Hereafter, Christianity shall be our

enjoyment of all their opportunities. Ito well and faithfully discharge the . . life, and the life of our commonwealth.

We pray that Thou wouldst so order dụties of this trust, have in any meas-. As we pass on and close up our earthly

uy that Thy name may be honored by us ure proved a success, I am not insencourse, at noon, or late in the evening

us all; that when we act as citizens, we.sible to the fact that it is largely due of life, may we have the consciousness

may act as Christian citizens, in all the to your forbearance, coöperation and of the Divine approval, in the testimo

0 circumstances of life in which we may generous support. With sincere satisny of a good conscience. be placed. ..

faction, I congratulate, you upon the Mr. BRADLEY, then came forward We thank Thee, Heavenly Father, good order and harmony that have . to the desk of the President, and read for the good fellowship which has pre- characterized your proceedings, and. the following passages of Scripture: vailed in this Convention, for the kind

Jailed in this Convention, for the kind- marked your intercourse with each riher that trust the Lord shall be as. Mountness which has been manifested by the other. With honest differences of opinZion, which cannot be removed, but abideth members towards each other.

ion, strong convictions, and spirited forever..

As the mountains are round about Jerusa-) And now, though we desire to go, debates, your discussions have not lem, so the Lord is round about his people, yet we regret to part; and we pray been marred by unkind words, offenfrom henceforth, even forever. that a parting blessing may be given

sive personal allusions, or bitter feudş. . Behold how good and pleasant it is for unto us by our Father above.

As you break up these associations, brethren to dwell together in unity.

And we ask Thy blessing upon our and turn your steps toward home and

constituents, the citizens of this com- the loved ones there, you will bear Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.

...monwealth, that they may receive the with you the pleasant reflection that, In everything give thanks; for this is the work of our hands, and approve of it, however you may have differed, politiwill of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 80 far as it deserves their approbation, cally or otherwise, you have disagreed

Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.

and that they may sustain it as elec- in kindness and parted in friendship. Prove all things; hold fast that which is tors and as citizens; that, under this While I bear witness to the faithful

Constitution which has now been ness, industry and zeal with which you
Abstain from all appearance of evil.
And the very God of peace sanctity you4

framed, this State may become more have discharged the responsible duties. wholly; and pray God your whole spirit, and and more prosperous, in all its mate-devolved upon you at this oppressive

vodomer steps to wear association



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