I.C.C. Practitioners' Journal, Volume 30,Masalah 5

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Association of Interstate Commerce Commission Practitioners., 1963

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Halaman 570 - ... from any place in the United States to an adjacent foreign country, or from any place in the United States...
Halaman 629 - To establish for private carriers of property by motor vehicle, if need therefor is found, reasonable requirements to promote safety of operation, and to that end prescribe qualifications and maximum hours of service of employees, and standards of equipment.
Halaman 625 - It is not theory but the impact of the rate order which counts. If the total effect of the rate order cannot be said to be unjust and unreasonable, judicial inquiry under the Act is at an end. The fact that the method employed to reach that result may contain infirmities is not then important.
Halaman 624 - ... approval or authorization of the Commission in the case of a transaction within the scope of paragraph (2) where the only parties to the transaction are motor carriers subject to Part II...
Halaman 562 - Away, away with all these cobweb tissues of rights of discovery, exploration, settlement, contiguity, etc. The American claim is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federative self-government entrusted to us.
Halaman 567 - States, and may make and have a common seal ; and the said corporation is hereby authorized and empowered to lay out, locate, construct, furnish, maintain, and enjoy a continuous railroad and telegraph, with the appurtenances, from a point on the one hundredth meridian of longitude west from Greenwich, between the south margin of the valley of the Republican river and the north margin of the valley of the Platte river, in the Territory of Nebraska, to the western boundary of Nevada Territory...
Halaman 625 - The Constitution does not bind rate-making bodies to the service of any single formula or combination of formulas. Agencies to whom this legislative power has been delegated are free, within the ambit of their statutory authority, to make the pragmatic adjustments which may be called for by particular circumstances.
Halaman 666 - It shall be unlawful for any freight forwarder, in service subject to this part, to make, give, or cause any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to any particular person, port, port district, gateway, transit point, locality, region, district, territory, or description of traffic...
Halaman 633 - Taken together these three provisions lead to the following confusing results: A person who initially gains control of a common carrier can subsequently acquire control of a freight forwarder, but a person cannot first acquire control of a freight forwarder and then acquire control of a common carrier; a person who acquires control of a common carrier and a freight forwarder, in that order, cannot later acquire control of another common carrier, although the common carrier controlled by such person...
Halaman 632 - These amendments, coupled with a substantial increase in the amount of the forfeitures prescribed, would strengthen the Commission's hand considerably in combating the spread of illegal and socalled gray area operations and in obtaining compliance with our safety regulations.

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