Laws, Ordinances, Decrees, and Military Orders Having the Force of Law, Effective in Porto Rico, May 1, 1900: Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting, in Response to the Inquiry of the House of Representatives, Laws and Ordinances of and Military Orders and Decrees Affecting Porto Rico, Bagian 1

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909 - 2531 halaman

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Halaman 132 - In cases of loss, deterioration or improvement of the thing, the provisions relating to debtors, contained in the preceding article, shall be applied to the person obliged to make restitution. With regard to the obligations of doing or not doing, the provisions of the second paragraph of article 1120 shall be observed in so far as the effects of the rescission are concerned. ART. 1124. The right to rescind the obligations is considered as implied in mutual ones, in case one of the obligated persons...
Halaman 158 - Lessee hereby agrees to accept the premises and equipment covered by this lease in the condition in which they are at the time of the execution of this lease, and with the understanding that the Government is under no agreement or promise to decorate, repair, or improve said premises and equipment in any manner.
Halaman 215 - A person who by an act or omission causes damage to another when there is fault or negligence shall be obliged to repair the damage so done.
Halaman 215 - The father, and on his death or incapacity the mother, is liable for the damages caused by the minors who live with them. Guardians are liable for the damages caused by minors or incapacitated persons who are under their authority and live with them. Owners or directors of an establishment or enterprise are equally liable for the damages caused by...
Halaman 128 - ART. 1089. Obligations are created by law, by contracts, by quasicontracts, and by illicit acts and omissions or by those in which any kind of fault or negligence occurs.
Halaman 7 - Spanish possessions must state, within the year following their majority or emancipation, whether they desire to enjoy the citizenship of Spaniards granted them by article 17. Those who are in the Kingdom shall make this declaration before the official in charge of the civil registry of the town in which they reside; those who reside abroad, before one of the consular or diplomatic agents of the Spanish Government, and those who are in a country in which the Government has no agent, addressing the...
Halaman 344 - The searching of the papers and effects shall always be done in the presence of the interested party or of a member of his family, and, in their absence, of two witnesses residing in the same town (pueblo).
Halaman 206 - A compromise is a contract by which each of the parties in interest, by giving, promising, or retaining something, avoids the provocation of a suit, or terminates one that has already been instituted. ART. 1810. A guardian can not compromise with regard to the rights of a person who is subject to guardianship, except in the manner prescribed in No. 12 of article 269 and in article 274 of this code. The father, and the mother in a proper case, may compromise with regard to the property and rights...
Halaman 604 - Its terms and places of sitting shall be fixed by the court at such times and places as may be most convenient for the parties litigant and to insure the expeditious transaction of business. V. The provisional court shall consist of three judges, one of whom shall be known as the law judge, and the other two as associate judges, one United States district attorney, one marshal, one clerk, three deputy clerks, one stenographer and reporter, one interpreter, one bailiff and janitor, and one messenger....
Halaman 223 - The members of the committee shall receive no compensation for their services but shall be entitled to their necessary expenses and disbursements incurred by them in the discharge of their duties.

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