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Ver. Still working in us by his might

That purity alone,
Which is well-pleasing in his fight,

Through Jesus Christ his Son:
To whom be glory evermore,

For peace and grace fo free ;
Let heav'n and earth bis name adore,

Amen; fo let it be.

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A Song of Praise to God for Regeneration to a lively

Hope of eternal Life. 1 Pet. i. 3, 4, 5,

3 BLESSD be th'eternal God of peace,

The Father of our Lord;
Let his abundant mercy, grace

And love, be fill ador'd;
Who from the dead his Son brought up,

And rais'd him to the sky,
To breed in us a lively hope

That we fhauld never die.
Though sin inherent jusly throws

Our bodies to the dust;
Yet, as the Head victorious rose,

So all the members must. 4 To an inheritance divine,

Which, uncorrupt for ay,
And unpolluted, pure, and fine,

Can never fade away.
5 'Tis safe reserv'd in heav'n for all,

Who safe are kept for it,
By pow'r divine, through faith that shall

To grace divine fubmit.
Saints wait by faith this glory vast,

Which waits as well as they,
Prepar'd, and ready for the last,

The revelation-day.

Ver. BE

A Doxology, prefaced with a Precept and Prayer ;

or, the Devil defeated by Fairb, well fixed and

1 Pet. v. 8,II. .


E sober, vigilant, and stout; 8 For ev'ry day and hour, Your foe, the devil, walks about.

Still feeking to devour.
9 Whom, by a steady faith, resilt,

In Christ the Captain's name ;
Knowing your feHow-foldiers blest,

Your warfare is the same.
10 But may the God, and source of all

Your grace and warlike store,
Who did by Jesus Chrift you

To his eternal glore;
After your hort while's fuff'ring now,

May he perfect you all,
Establish, firengthen, settle you,

Firm like a brazen wall.
II To him whose all-sufficiency

Alone can thus fuitain,
All glory and dominion be

For evermore, Amen.


Grostb in Grace, with a Doxology. 2 Pet. iii. 18.

'HAT error and apostały

May have in faints no place,
The heav'nly precept is, that we

Should daily grow in grace.
And therein all that would be stor’d,

And fill with increase blest,
Should grow in knowledge of the Lord,

And Saviour Jesus Christ.
To him, (the more of whom we know,

The more of grace we gain,)
All glory be ascrib’d, both now,

And evermore, Amen.


The World's bree great Temptations.

2 John ii. 15, 16.
AVOID this world's most dangerous three,

Vain pleasures, poinp, and pelf:
Not thefe, but God thy portion be,

Elle thou’lt destroy thyself.
Son, tell them when they court thine ear,

And thine affection woo,
“ I cannot buy your bliss so dear,

“ Nor part with Heav'n for you.”

Tbe Doxology of the Apofile Jude: Or, a Song of

Praise for sbe Ground and Hope of Perseverance

and Perfection. Ver. 24, 25. 24 T him that's able to preserve То

Your feet from falling quite,
When tempted from the truth to swerve

By hellith, guile and spite :
That's able to present you fair

And faultless at his feat,
Before his glorious presence there

With joy exceeding great:
Ev’n unto God, the only wise,

Yea, infinitely so;
And who alone our Saviour is,

And our falvation too:
To him be glory, majesty,

Authority, and pow'r,
So be it, and so mall it be,

Both now and evermore.

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POEMS selected from the ReveLATION.

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The APOCALYPS, or the Book of the Revelation of John the Divine, contains

a discovery of the deep things of God, which no man knows, but the Spiric
of God, and these to whom he reveals them: which things were before hid.
den and secret, and could never have been searched out, by the reasoning of
human minds; but are now maniteited for the common good of the church
of Christ. The matter and scope of this book is a prediction of the most im.
portant events that thould happen till the end of time, relative both to the pre-

fent and future state of the church, the things which are, and shall be hereafter. From the beginning, the church of God has been blessed with Prophecy, and seve.

ral Visions. The glorious prediction of the breaking of the serpent's head, was the support of the patriarchal age : and the many prophecies that were concerning the Messias to come, were the Gospelof the Old Testament. Christ himself, concerning whom all the prophets bear witnefs, prophesied concerning the destruction of Jerusalem ; and, about the time in which it was accomplished, he intrusted the Apostle John with the Book of the Revelation, for the support of the faith of his people, and the dire&tion of their hope. Particular Visions were also sometimes made unto some of the Lord's peculiar favourites ; as Ilaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, &c.; and tend mightily to the good and comfort of

the Church The first three chapters of this Book are plain, and the most easily understood of

any part of it ; and, among other things, contain the Epistles to the leven dif. ferent churches of Alia: the other parts of it are more mysterious and difficule to comprehend. We have many Vifions interspersed,' shewn to the Apostle JOHN, who was wafted, as it were, within the vail, and heard and saw great and glorious things : he was favoured with a view not only of the glorious Person of the Son of God, but of the great GOD himself, on his throne ; a display of the heavenly glory, the splendor of the New Jerusalem, and the magnificence of che celestial throne, &c. : and also, to hear what was the employment of the glorious assembly, even their celebrating the high praises of God; and likewise to know what was the subject-matter of these heavenly anthems, viz. the blessed REDEEMER, his glorious excellencies, wonderful works, and great exploits; and the amazing events that should hereafter

take place. That the faints themselves may join in the chorus of these celestial išorinippers,

and attempt to accent the notes of the heavenly anthenis, the song of Moles and ihe Lamb, even while in this cn.budied itate, the following hymns are selected from this book.


. 5
SECT. I. His Redeeming Love.

O him that loved us to death,

And wash'd us in his blood
From sin, that we, the heirs of wrath,

Might ’scape the threat’ning flood: Y
6 To him that made us kings and priells,

Ev’n unto God most high,
His Father; who, at his request,

Admits the rebels nigh :

Song to tbe Redeemer. Rev. ii. 5,-8.

Ver. To

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Ver. To our atoning Priest be praise,

To our exalted King,
Let the redeem'd, with lufty lays,
Immortal honours fing.

SECT. 11. His fecond Coming, and glorious Nusie. 7 Behold, he comes, with flying clouds,

Whom ev'ry eye ihall fee!
A piercing fight, alas! to crouds,

Who now his piercers be.
The wicked world shall weep and wail:

But saints shall bless tlie dav,
Who wait his coming without fail,

And withit without delay.
8 I am, of all the times that pass,

The firit, the last, the sum,
Tl almighty God, which is, and was,

And ever is to come.


G. II.
T'be Song of the Church to ibe LANs, upon the

opening of tbe sealed Book. Rev. V. 1,--IÒ. 1,2 GOT

OD's book of dark and deep designs,

Clos'd with a seven-fold leal, 3, 4 No man could toole, not read the lines,

His counsel to reveal.
5 But David's root, of Judah's tribe

The Lion, has prevail'd;
To take, and open, and describe

The facred volume feal'd.
6,7 Seven seals to loose, the Lamb in view

Enthron’d, as slain before,
Presents leven eyes, feven horns, io fhew

His wisdom and his pow'r.
& The elders, worship at his feet,

The church adores around,
With vials full of odours sweet,

And harps of joyful sound.
Thore odours are the pray’rs of saints;

These harps the hymns they raise:
New to the Lamb they pay their rents,

New is their song of praise:

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