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Ver. Yet made himself of no repute,

A mortal likeness wore;
And cloth'd in human nature's fuit,

A fervant's form he bore.
8 Thus ev'n his manhood he depress'd,

Nor made his Godhead shine ;
But vail'd his glory, and abas'd

His majesty divine. ..
To bear our guilt, exceeding grofs,

He stoop'd exceeding low;
Submiss to death, ev'n on the cross,

In all its shame and wo.
9 God therefore hath exalted him,

Above the starry frame;
And giv’n him, on his throne sublime,

A name 'bove ev'ry name :
10 That at his name should ev'ry knee

Bow down, and none rebel;
But own his awful fway to be

O’er heav'n, and earth, and hell. 11 That ev'ry tongue confess and blaze,

That Jesus Christ is Lord :
And thus, to God the Father's praise,
The Son may be ador'd.


Justification by Faith alone in Christ's Rigbteousness.

Phil. iii. 7, 8, 9.
7 LORD, through thy grace, I'll boast no more
I quit the hopes I held before ;

And only trust thy Son.
What was my gain, I for his name,

Do now account my loss :
My former glory is my shame,

I nail it to his cross.
8 Yea, doubtless, I all things esteem

But loss for Jesus' sake,
That so I may, while found in him,

His righteousuels partake.

Ver. The choicest service of
9 Dares not to face thy throne ;
But faith, to answer thy demands,

Can plead what Christ has done.

my hands

15 BOT

Paul's Doxology, or Thanksgiving, for fading Mercy.

1 Tim. i. 15, 16, 17.
OTH true and good, this word of grace

Demands a firm belief,
“ Chrit came to fave a finning race,"

Of whom I am the chief. 16 In me he did a pattern give

Of mercy, rich and rife,
To finners great, that should believe

To everlalting life.
17 Now, unto this eternal One,

The King that never dies,
That is invisible, unknown,

Unseen by mortal eyes.
To God, the only wise, be giv'n

What doth to him pertain,
All glorious praise, in earth and heav'n,

For ever and Amen.

The great Gospel-Mystery. 1 Tim. iii. 16.

THE mystery of Godliness

Is doubtless very great,
God manifested in the flesh,

To bless the humble state.
God in the Spirit justify'd,

To fhew he was involy'd
In justice' score, as bail, instead

Of these he'll have abfoly'd.
God feen of angels, wrapt in flesh,

And wafted up to glore,
To feast their eyes with wonders fresh

In him they all adore.

Ver. God preach'd to Gentiles Heav'n's glad news,

To earth's long banilhi'd race,
Despited Geeks, with fav’rite Jews,

Now equaliz’d by grace.
God-may believ?d on in the world,

Who far from God did roam ;
And grace's conqu’ring chariot hurl'd

Around to bring him home.
God-man received up to glore,

From thence to send the Dive,
To thew and leal the hidden store,
The mysteries of love.

4 Song of Praise to God, as a powerful, immortal,
and invisible Being. 1 Tim. vi. 15, 16.

15 OUR God, the ever-blessed One,

The only Potentate,
Is King of kings, and Lord of lords,

In mightipets and state :
16 Who only, in and of himself,

Hath immortality ;
Who dwells in light to which no man

Is able to come nigh.
['Tis far beyond blind mortal eyes

To see his bright abode ;
Beyond created minds to glance,

A thought half way to God.
Infinite leagues beyond the heay’ns

Th’Eternal reigns alone :
Nor human minds, nor finite wings,

Can mount the topless throne.]
Th’invisible, whom rone has seen,

Nor eyes of felh can fee,
Yet loy'd and much ador'd has been

And fall for ever be.
To him let us and ey'ry tribe

Of saints and angels then,
The highest honour ftill alcribe,
And endless pow'r, Amen.

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S O N G XVII. Paul's departing Song.

2 Tim. iv. 7, 8, 16, 17, 18.

A Saint prepared to die, and assured of Heaven.

; Now, my departure is at hand :



I've wag'd a warfare good;
Finish'd my course ; and to the end,

In Christ, hath faithful stood.
8 Hence, when he comes, there is for me

Laid up a crown of bliss ;
With which, by his donation free,

He then my bead will grace. .
Nor will the righteous Judge alone

To me this praise convey,
But to them all that love and long

For his approaching day.
Sect. II. Experience of divine Aid, improved for
sirengibening Faiib.

Ver. 16, 17, 18. 16 In Itraits all men deserted me,

But Jesus by me stood, 17 Both in my work and war to be

My help and fortitude.
18 And now the Lord shall me fecure

From ev'ry ill design,
And to his heav'nly kingdom sure

Preserve this foul of mine.
God is in Christ my constant aid ;

Hell then thall rage in vain.
To hiin be higheit glory paid,
And endless praise, Amen.

The steady Promise ; or, tbe sure Ground of tbe
Peliever's Fait). Heb. vi. 17, 18, 19.
FT earth, and bell, and sin have strove,

To rend my foul from God;
But everlalting is his love,

Seal'd witli his Darling': blood.

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Ver. The oath and promise of the Lord

Join to confirm his grace;
Eternal pow'r perfornis the word,

And brings the strong fulace.
Amidst temptations, Marp and long,

I to this refuge flee:
Hope is my anchor, firm and strong,

When storms enrage the sea.
The gospel bears my spirit up;

The never-changing God
Lays, for my trip!e ground of hope,
The word, the cath, the blood.

A Song to the God of Peace and Grace. Heb. xiii. 20, 21.

Sect. I. Of Peace and Reconciliation.
'HE God of peace, whose mighty love

To life reltores the dead,
His pow'r to quicken us did prove,

By raising up cair Head;
Our glorious Lord, the Shepherd great

Of all his Father's Theep,
Him brought he victor from the gate

Of death's devouring deep:
Brought thro' the blood, that bought the bliss

Of life, and thus reveal'd
How mercy reigns through righteousness,

How God is reconcil'd.
The blood that satisfaction gave

To justice most condign,
Did from the prison of the grave

Our Surety justly bring:
Whofe blood is by an antient grant,

(That faith might never fail,)
Of th' everlasting covenant,

The everlasting feal.

Sect. II. Of Grace and Sanctification. 21 Now, may the God, that made the peace,

Make us so perfect too,
In ev'ry work of holiness,
That we his will may do.

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