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Ver. Yea, double vengeance on them lies

Who''gainlt the light rebel;
Who God's eternal Sin despise,

Shall have the hottest hell.

Christ present to Faith upon ibe Gospel-Table, and is
the facramental Supper. John vi. 35. Luke xxii. 19.
ESUS is gone above the skies,

Where nuw we see him not;
And carnal objects court our eyes,

To thrust bim from our thought.
He knows what wand'ring hearts we have,

Forgetful of his face ;
And, to refresh our minds, he gave

Memorials of his grace.
He oft the gospel-table spreads

With his own flesh and blood;
Faith on the rich provision feeds,

And tastes the love of God.
While he is absent from our fight,

'Tis to prepare a place,
Where we may dwell in heav'nly light,

For ever near his face.

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S O N G XVI. Christ tbe Way. John xiv. 1,-6. *L

ET net your hearts within you grieve,

Nor greatly troubled be;
Ye trust in God, ev'n so believe,

In, by, and thorough me.
2 Home to my Father's house I go,

Where many mansions are
Of bliss; and if it were not fo,

I would have told you fair.
3 I go before, and in your name
Prepare a place for

I'll come again, and where I am

There take you with me too.

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4 Thus where I'm bound you know; and may

Well understand the road;
6 For I'm the true and living way,
By which you come to God.

Christ's Miracles, wrougbt by bim, to prove bis

Godbead and divine Mision.
Recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
HE miracles divine of old,

Wrought to confirm the law,
Were fuch, as all who did behold

Were struck with dread and awe :
Witness the signs in Egypt shown,

That men with terror fill'd;
Destructive plagues, nay, wrath unknown,

That man and cattle kill'd. *
But now the wonders Jefus wrought,

To show that from above
His peaceful embassy was brought,

Are miracles of love.
Moses turn'd water first to blood,

Of dreadful scenes a sign:
Mir. But Chrift, intending finners good,

Turn'd water into wine.
2 He, doing good, went up and down,

And carry'd, as he past,
His heav'nly gifts from town to town,

And round him blefings cast.
To win th' obdurate Jews in vain

With profer'd bliss he strove:
His future glories they disdain,

And slight his Father's love.
If worldly pomp without annoy,

And empire he had giv’n;
'Twas that they wanted to enjoy,

And not his unseen heav'n.
Yet with good-will, in every place,

Salvation he reveal'd;
3 Dark minds enlighten'd by his grace ;

Diseased bodies heal'd.
See Exodus vii, viii, ix, X, and xii. chapters.

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Mir. Impetuous winds were by him slack’d,
5 And waves his will obey'd;
The stormy tempells, by him check’d,

Aside their fury laid.
He made the raging ocean plain

And smooth at his command;
6 And walked on the liquid main,

As on the folid land.
7 He, with a word, did cure the lame,

8 And quickly heal the fick;
9 10 The lepers cleanse, restore the maim ;

And made the dumb to speak. 12 He dæmons dispusfess'd, who knew

This heav'nly stranger's pow'rs:
They from his awful presence few

Affrighted to their bw'rs.
13 He to the blind gave open eyes,

To see the light that shone : 14 He bad the mould'ring dead arise,

The dead arose anon.
15 He fed the multitudes when faint,

With new-created meat;
And faster did the food augment

Than all the croud could eat.
His care that distributed doles,

To do their bodies good,
16 Was more in feeding precious fouls

With everlasting food.
To feed with manna from above

Was chiefly his employ;
His royal fare, a feast of love,
Of pardon, peace, and joy.

His miracles corporeal

Were but his pawns, in place
Of miracles fpiritual,

And pledges of his grace.
17 With majesty he spoke, whom all

His audience did adore;
No man, (they did aloud propale,)

E'er fpuke like him before.


Mir. The crew, whose swords did him surround,

He could have cruth'd to death,
With equal ease as to tie ground

He threw them with his breath. 19 But ev'n among the bloody band

That seiz'd him did appear
His loving heart, his healing hand,

Restoring Malchus' ear.
20 What was in man he fully knew ;

The heart of friends and foes
He search’d, and pictur'd in their view

The thoughts he would disclose.
21 He shew'd Nathanael's heart, and said,

“ Ere Philip called thee,
" I saw thee underneath the shade,

“ The leaves of yonder tree;
" I all thy holy motions spy'd,

“ In yon retir'd abode :"
On which Nathanael, “ Rabbi, cry'd,

“ Thou art the Son of God.” 22 He to th’amaz'd Samaritan,

Her wicked life reveal'd,
Which from the view of mortal man

She thought had been conceal'd.
Hence, “ O come see a man,” she said,

“ With perfect knowledge bless’d,
“ He told me all that e'er I did;

“ And is not this the Christ?» 23 When Judas base had but his vile

And wicked scheme delign'd;
Then Jesas told him all the guile

And treason of his mind.
What lives and lies within the deep,

Lay open to his view,
24. Who had the filh the tribute keep

Till fought as Cæsar's due.
When nought in fiihing caught had been

Bv toilers all the night;
25 He caus'd the fiony tribe conveen,
And fill their net on fight.

Mir. Nor were his mighty works confin'd

To select friends he chose,
But, like his love to human kind,

Laid open to his foes.
No hidden corner Jesus sought,

Like forgers base of lies,
But in the light his wonders wrought,

Before a thousand eyes.
Nor were his miracles of love

Wrought in a scanty way;
He prov'd his mission from above

By wounders ev'ry day.
Bright at his birth the comet blaz'd,

That straight the wise-men led :
Dark, at his death, the sun, amaz'd,

With blushes vail'd its head.
Of heav'n and earth the Rector bless'd,

Did thus, in signals giv'n,
His miracles on earth atteft,

By miracles in heav'n."

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