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Ver. To thee, Lord, in the shade of night,

My soul's desire was drawn;
Yea, with my spirit's inward might

I'll seek thee in the dawn;
For when thy judgments just appear

On earth severe and stern,
The world's indwellers wife will fear,

And righteousness will learn.
10 But to the wicked mercy be,

As well as judgment shown;
Yet righteousness nor learn will he,

Nor dash his idols down:
Ev’n in the land where truth's declard,

And justice hath abode,
He'll be unjust; nor will regard

The majesty of God.
11 Lord, when thy lifted hand's in fight,

Yet see they won't at all ;
They shut their eyes from clearest light:

But see at length they shall :
And blush, that they, from blind envy,

Did treat thy folk with spite :
The fiery wrath, thy foes defy,

Shall soon devour them quite.

Sect. III. Gop's Favour to bis People.

12 Thou, Lord, wilt peace for us ordain :

For, far above our thought,
Thou all our works of grace and gain,

Hast in and for us wrought.
13 Strange lords instead of thee, O Lord,

Have o'er us domineer'd :
But we'll through grace thy name record

As only to be fear'd.
14 Dead and deceas’d, these tyrants shall

Nor live nor rise to bite ;
Thy visit, killing them, made all
Their mem'ry perish quite.

Ver. Thy nation once thou didit increase

Then Lord they multiply'd :
(In this, was shown thy faithfulness)

And thou art glorify'd.
Yet justly now we captives are

For fin, which thee offends;
Thou hast reinov'd the nation far,

To earth's remotest ends.
16 In trouble, Lord, thy folk distress'd

To visit thee took care ;
And when thy chastning hand them press'd

Pour'd out a fervent pray’r.
[The Ands, in which vain hopes were drown'd,

Set praying ships a-f at;
Nor were they melted till they found

The furnace burning hot.]
'17 As women, pregnant and in pain,

When time of birth draws nigh,
Cry out in pangs; such, Lord, have been

Our case before thine eye.
18 We lab'ring did of child-birth find

The pain, but not the joy ;
We brought forth, as it were, but wind;

No profit, but annoy.
For by us no deliv’rance rose,

Within the land at all ;
Nor was the world of foreign foes

Before us made to fall.
19 Bat, lo! thy dead shall live and spring,

With my dead body well
They shall arise : awake, and sing,

Ye in the dust that dwell.
Spring.dew's the bury'd herbs renew;

Thine just refembles those;
Earth fhall cast out the dead, and thou

Cast down gigantic foes.
Sect. IV. An Exbortation to rely on Gop.

. 20 Come, children, to your Father's arms,

While stormy tempelis chafe;
Take shelter here from threat'ning harmis,

In chambers of my grace.

you faft:


Ver. Your closet-doors, by faith and pray'r,

Be shut about
Hide for a little moment there,

Till wrath be overpast.
21 For, lo! the Lord, the Judge of saints,

Comes from his place betimes,
To punish th' earth's inhabitants

For all their bloody crimes.
The earth shall all her crying bloods,

And secret fins disclose;
Nor cover more her slain with clods,
But all to light expose.

A Song of God's Care over bis Vineyard.

Ifa. xxvii. 2,-6.
SING ye to God, the vineyard fair,

Of choiceft rudy-wine,
Which I the Lord do keep with care,

And cultivate as mine.
3 I'll every moment water it,

To make it fresh and gay ;
And none to hurt it will permit,

But keep it night and day.
4. Nor fury is in me 'gainst it;

Who then, with lifted horns,
'Gainst me in battle-rank would fet

An host of briars and thorns ?
Soon would I, like a flaming fire,

Go thro' and burn them quite ;
[But vengeance is not my desire,

For mercy's my delight].
5 Let then the finner's holding be

My arm of pow'r for all,
That thus he may make peace with me,

And make the peace he shall.
For God will cause the progeny

Of Jacob to take root ;
And blooming Isra'l shall supply
The barren world with fruit.


Ver. HEA


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S O N G X.
The Song of Hezekiah, aben bis Life was lengob-
ened, after a Message of Death.

lla. xxviii. 10,-30. .

EAV'N's sentence to cut off my days,

Thus made me vent my fears ;
To death's black gates I'll go, alas !

Rest of my running years.
11 No more I'll see the Lord, said I,

Here in this lower court;
No mortal more on earth espy,

In friendship there refort.
12 Soon like a shepherd's tent aloof

Gone is this age of mine ;
Quite like a weaver's thrumb cut off

My life I must resigo.
He'll me with pining fickness waste,

Ere nature's Crirse be done :
From day to night purlu'd with halle;

Lord, thou wilt end me foon.
13 Till morn I thought that lion-like,

He all iny bones would break :
Ere night that giing on to strike

An end of me he'd make.
14 As cran or swallow chatt'ring rove,

In fright, so did I moan;
And as a tim'rous lonely dove,

So did I mourn and groan.
With looking up mine eyes distress’d

Did fail, nos help could see :
Then said I, Lord, I am oppress’d;

o undertake for me!
What shall I say? for kindly now

The Lord to me hath spoke;
And done as he had promis'd too,

Death's sentence to revoke.
I'll therefore softly walk the whole

Of my remaining years,
In bitter mournfulness of soul,

För all my sinful fears.

Ver. Lord, by these quick’ning words of thine 16 Men's fouls and bodies live: In these doth stand this life of mine,

So didst thou me revive.
17 Peace fled ; and lo! great bitterness

I had in place of it ;
But thou, my foul, didit love and bless

From black corruption's pit :
Yea, thou hast prov'd that I am lov'd

From death's abyss and wreck;
For all my fins thou hast remov'd,

And cast behind thy back. 18 Mute graves can ne'er thy praise emit;

Death cannot fing thy fame;
Ny pris'ner in the filent pit

Can magnify thy name :
No bury'd dust can speak thy praise,

Nor sleeping ashes show
Thy truth, to ground their hope, and raise

Thy honour here below.
19 The living he, the living shall

Thy praises found remain,
As I this day; fo do shall all

Who do not live in vain.
Fathers shall to their fons make known

Thy faithfulness of grace,
And to convey thy wonders down

Through ev'ry rising race.
20 To save my life the Lord. was bent :

We'll therefore fing his praise ;
And in his house my fongs accent
That shall outlive our days.

Flefh fading, the Word of the Lord abiding.

Ifa. xl. 6, 7, 8. 1 Pet. i. 24, 25.
YRY, said the voice, All flesh is grass,

That fprings, and fades as foon;
Like morning flow'rs, in fairest dress,

That wither quite at noon.

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